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April 20, 2015

DEX8 & DEX410v4 Win Czech Series – Novotny Sets Record Laps


Double Series Champ – Novotny Continues Trophy haul

Czech Indoor Race Series – Series Champion 1/8 Electric Buggy – Kaja Novotny – DEX8

Czech Indoor Race Series – Series Champion 1/10 4WD Electric Buggy – Kaja Novotny – DEX410V4

Young Team Durango racing star, Kaja Novotny, has concluded his long and successful winter indoor race calender with a Championship victory at the Czech Indoor Series in Prague.

Kaja was very excited to power home to an overall series first place with the DEX8 and DEX410v4, securing both classes for Team Durango.

Both title wins also provided new track record lap times for Kaja, allowing him to begin to feel the true potential of the newly launched DEX8 1/8 4WD Electric Buggy on the tight and technical carpet race track.


The new Champions – Kaja with his DEX8 & DEX410v4

The final event in this highly competitive series was also to bring a great success for young rising Team Durango racer, Klara Kalvodovova, who was unfortunately away from the race with an illness.

Klara was crowned Hobby Class Champion. Klara was the youngest racer to compete in this series. She was able to win enough races prior to the final round to lift the champions trophy with her DEX410v4. Get well soon Kate you are a series champion.

We send our congratulations and sincere thanks to Kaja, Karel, Mr Kalvodovova and Klara. We are very proud of their achievements during the winter indoor season.

Explore how the all-new DEX8 can make you faster now:

Learn why the DEX410v4 proves to be so consistent at all ability levels here:

Connect with Team Durango racers in your region now:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:

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April 16, 2015

Team Tech Tips Video Series – Episode 3 – Travis Amezcua


Travis Amezcua Explores the DNX8 Patent Pending Sliding Gear Mesh

In the third installment of our new Team Tech Tips video series, Travis Amezcua and Mark Williams show you how fast and easy the Patent Pending Sliding Gear Mesh is to use.

This innovative all-new Team Durango design allows you to quickly set your Gear mesh, without altering the weight distribution of your vehicle as dramatically as moving the heavy Nitro Engine.

Learn how fast and hassle-free this feature is now:

Stay tuned for more exciting Team Tech Tips very soon.

Learn how the DNX8 will make you faster on your pit table, then faster on the track:

Stay connected with Travis Amezcua and Team Durango racers in your area here:

Find your local Team Durango dealer now:

Watch Jason Ametrine set and adjust the Sliding Gear mesh on the DEX8:

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April 10, 2015

DEX8 – Fast Feature Action Video

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All-New DEX8 Fast Action Video Live

You can watch one of the very first production DEX8 kits hit the track for the first time during our pre-launch final tests now.

Enjoy this short action feature here:

Explore the innovative features and race-winning tuning options of the DEX8 here:

Learn how to get your hands on this all-new Team Durango race machine. Find your local dealer here:

Get connected with TD racers near you now:

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DNX8 – Team Tech Tips – Rear Toe-in Tuning


Travis Amezcua – DNX8 Fast Rear Toe-in Tuning

In the second part of our new series of Team Tech Tip videos, Travis Amezcua and Mark Williams show you how the DNX8 can be easily adjusted, giving you access to custom set-up options in minutes.

The Team Durango Suspension Hanger Insert system provides a wide range of hassle-free composite Inserts, allowing the DNX8 to be adjusted to specific track conditions quickly.

Learn how this tuning option will make you faster in the pits, then even faster on the track:

Stay tuned for the next episode of this all-new series. Travis will continue to explore how the DNX8 1/8 Nitro Buggy can transform your winning potential, straight from the kit box.

Learn more about the Team Durango Suspension Hanger Insert system here:

Explore the race-winning features of the DNX8 now:

Connect with Travis and other Team Durango racers here:

Get your hands on the DNX8 now:

Enjoy more very detailed Team Tech Tips from TDUK racer Jason Ametrine now:

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March 30, 2015

DESC10 Takes First Win – Novotny Sweeps Lestr Cup


Novotny Pilots DESC10 To Overall Win – Lestr Cup Final

Lestr Cup Sixth Round Final – 4WD Short Course – 1st Place & TQ – Kaja Novotny – DESC10

Lestr Cup Sixth Round Final – 2WD Buggy – 1st Place & TQ – Kaja Novotny – DEX210v2

Lestr Cup Sixth Round Final – 4WD Buggy – 1st Place & TQ – Kaja Novotny – DEX410v4

Czech Team Durango racing star, Kaja Novotny, has returned from the sixth and final round of the Lestr Cup in Prague with a clean sweep of all winning places.

Kaja was really excited to be racing his newly built DESC10 1/10 4WD Short Course Truck, easily overcoming local racers to take the overall win, this being the first race trophy won by the all-new SC platform.

Kaja was even happier to take the overall TQ with the DESC10, having won all three qualifying rounds with the new Team Durango vehicle.


Kaja is working hard to support other young local Team Durango racers

Adding the overall win and TQ in both 2WD and 4WD Buggy classes was to put Kaja straight into clean sweep position, with him locking out all podium top spots at this highly competitive final round of the Lestr race series.

Young local Team Durango racers, Kate Kalvodova, managed to qualify third in the Hobby Class ‘A’ Main, driving the DEX 410v4. She then went on to finish second overall in the final, once again showing consistent form for such a young racer.

We send our congratulations to Kaja, his father Karel, Kate Kalvodova and her father once again. A great triple win, triple TQ and triple fastest lap for Team Durango.

Explore the race-winning features of the DESC10 now:

Learn how the DEX210v2 can make you faster:

Get closer to the global success story here:

Get connected with fellow Team Durango racers easily now:

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March 28, 2015

New Video Series Launched – DNX8 Tech Tips

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Travis Amezcua Explores the DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy

We are proud to announce the launch of a new video series that will allow you to get closer to the innovative features of the DNX8.

Hosted by Travis Amezcua, Team Durango Field Consultant for North America, this new weekly video series will take a deeper look at how the hotly anticipated DNX8 will make you faster.

Travis will showcase all-new tuning and set-up options, fast and easy servicing features, and allow you to visualise why the DNX8 is the perfect Buggy if you want to advance your performances.

Each video will allow you to understand the DNX8 through the hands of a racer who possesses a huge amount of experience.

The series introduction is now available to watch here:

Learn more about the DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy now:

Stay close to Travis and other Team Durango racers all over the globe:

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March 27, 2015

Team Driver Interview – Travis Amezcua Talks DNX8


Get Closer To The DNX8 With Travis Amezcua

With the pending arrival of the all-new Team Durango vehicles, we thought it was the perfect time to catch up with long-serving Team Durango racer and newly appointed Field Consultant for North America, Travis Amezcua, so he could give us an exclusive insight into the hotly anticipated Nitro Buggy platform.

Travis has worked closely with the Team Durango development team in the creation of the DNX8, contributing to track testing of early prototype vehicles, as each feature was analysed prior to going for full production.

Travis has a wealth of RC experience, offering his many years of racing prestige to the project, helping our engineers to create vehicles that can make you faster on the pit table, then faster when you hit the track.

Travis took some time out of his very busy schedule to answer a few questions about how the very early stages of the DNX8′s public launch are going, sharing some very interesting personal preferences that should inspire you all.


Travis Amezcua Interview – DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy – 2015

  •  What is the most exciting feature on the new DNX8 Nitro Buggy?

TravisThere are many great features in the DNX8 platform. But the best one I feel is how easy you are able to remove the front and rear Diff from the car. Super-fast access will make tuning and servicing your car hassle-free.

  •  Explain how you feel the DNX8 can make racers faster, in the pits and on the track?

Travis - First off, the car has many great tuning options built into the kit. The DNX8 has been tested and developed over the past couple of years, allowing us to create a car that is fast to work on and fast around the track. This car will work well for any racer, from beginners to Pros. That is exactly what we wanted, a car that has the potential to make EVERYBODY quicker.

  •  With US Gas Buggy racing being a grueling test of endurance, explain how the DNX8 will help racers finish faster, and most importantly, always finish?

Travis - The development team spent many hours on making sure this car will stand up to the style of tracks that we race on. With main events being so long these days, we wanted a car that will drive the same from start to finish. Durability and consistency are fundamental to the DNX8′s design. We use tough and durable steel and very strong composite materials on our cars.


Travis working on his DNX8 Nitro Buggy, ready for some track testing

  • How fast can you remove the front Diff on your DNX8? Karel Novotny has already posted a fast time. What does the stopwatch say Travis?

Travis - I myself have not yet put a stop watch on it yet. But I’ve been practicing for my battle with Team US Manager Brad Brucker. Stay tuned for the videos very soon.

Learn how the Team Durango quick-access Diff units will make you faster in the pits:

  • Can you describe how the DNX8 Active Front Caster feature will make the car super-consistent?

Travis - Yes this is a great feature that you don’t see on many other cars. It allows you to tune the amount of steering in your car, quickly and easily. This is a win/win set-up change, unlike static caster, you can make a change that gains steering on corner entry AND corner exit (or vice versa). This creates super-consistent steering, resulting in faster cornering.


The DNX8 will provide super-fast build tasks due to our precision pre-assembled parts. You can get into the racing action even quicker

  • Patent Pending Sliding Gear Mesh. How cool is that? Explain why you like this feature?

Travis - It’s a very cool idea. Weight balance has a huge effect on the car. On other cars when you change the gearing, you have to move the Motor in or further out. Which will change the side to side balance. With our system the Motor never moves. Only the centre Diff moves, which is less weight than your Motor and Pipe.

Learn more about this innovative Team Durango feature here:

  • What are you most excited to try with regards DNX8 set-up options?

Travis - I really like the amount of pivot widths we can change. We are able to run a different front to rear pivot width with a really simple Insert change. Many other cars cannot make so many precise set-up changes. This will be a great option to help you ‘dial in’ to your chosen track. Really quick to change and super-flexible.

  • Servicing a Gas Buggy can be a hard job after some punishing races. What features do you think will help racers get this done more efficiently on the DNX8?

Travis - Yes Nitro Buggies do require a great amount of work. But the DNX8 is a very easy and quick car to work on. Your able to remove the front or rear end very quickly. This allows you  to get everything clean. The removable Radio Tray with fixed-point Linkages is also a great design. You can service the DNX8 without losing your Linkage settings.


Travis’ DNX8 Buggy awaiting some new set-up adjustments from the man himself 

  •  If you had the chance to create your own Team Durango Body Shell, what would you call it and why?

Travis - Well I think it would have to come from the look of the body. But a name that is popping into my head is ‘Intruder’ at the moment. 

  • The DNX8 performance features are specially designed to make every racer faster. Can you explain what benefits drivers can expect to feel straight out of the kit box?

Travis - The DNX8 platform was designed for all types of racers. This kit is a very well balanced and easy to drive car. I feel most drivers will be on pace right out of the box.

Learn about how the DNX8 provides hassle-free set-up options and also makes servicing your car easier than ever before:


Stay tuned for the release of our exclusive Team Tech Tips Set-Up cards. Print them and learn exactly what it takes to ‘dial in’ your vehicle

  •  The DNX8 is shipped with a selection of high-quality pre-assembled parts. What advantages will these bring to new owners of the Buggy?

Travis - Yes with the pre-assembled parts new owners will have the cars on the track much faster. After building many different 1/8 scale cars over the years, this by far was the quickest. Less time building more time running.


Ready for action. Sporting his famous Body Shell colour scheme

  •   Which upcoming race do you feel the DNX8 will allow you to really push the new vehicle hard? 

Travis - Silver State in Las Vegas. Not only because the competition should be high, but also this is the host track for the IFMAR Worlds next year. 

  •  Adjustable Rear Toe Inserts. Explain how this will make set-up adjustments quicker for racers under pressure?

Travis - With our Toe Insets you are able to tune the amount of toe-in on the rear of your car. All the different Inserts come in the kit. Where other brands you have to buy different Toe Plates. Which can cost a lot.  A great tuning options in the kit. For super-high- bite tracks you will use less rear toe-in. On those loose tracks your able to add more easily. Very easy and fast to adjust.


The DNX8 includes a newly-designed Polycarbonate Cab-Forward Body Shell

  •  If you needed to tune the DNX8 to find more forward traction on medium-low bite clay, what would be the first tuning feature you would attack and why?

Travis - This really depends on your current setup. But a quick set-up change would be the wheel base of the car. Next I would look at your Diff setup. If your running on a super loose track you should look at going lighter in your Diff oils. Team Durango Diffs are so fast to tune, it should encourage us all to make valuable set-up changes more often.

  •  Any final thoughts on the new range of Team Durango vehicles that you would like to share with your fans Travis?

Travis - Yes, I look forward to working with all of our customers across the world. Remember each and every one of you can email me at for any questions you may have about set-up and builds on Team Durango products.

Explore the full list of exciting new DNX8 features now:

Get connected with Travis and other Team Durango racers in your region here:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:


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March 25, 2015

DEX8 Podium – Oeste Dirt Race


Roque Secures Dirt Podium For DEX8

Portuguese Team Durango racer, Nuno Roque, has recently taken second overall at the Oeste Dirt Track with his newly built DEX8 1/8 Electric Buggy .

Nuno was very happy to secure this podium finish during his DEX8′s first race outing, having only built the vehicle a few days prior to the race taking place.

Racing against strong competition at the newly opened Oeste Indoor RC Track, Nuno stated that his DEX8 was ‘Perfectly balanced on the dirt surface‘.


Nuno was really proud to secure this podium finish, on a brand new track, with his freshly built DEX8.

With the recent addition of Carlos Fonseca to Team Durango Portugal, we are very excited to watch the guys continue to enjoy the recently launched range of Team Durango race machines.

With Nuno and Carlos both ready to support customers who want to experience the new vehicles first hand, we expect to see more action-packed race news from Team Durango Portugal this year.

Congratulations go to Nuno for an excellent first race meeting with his DEX8.

Explore how the DEX8 can make you faster on your pit table and faster on the track now:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:

Connect with Team Durango racers all over the globe now:

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March 24, 2015

DEX8 Wins Czech Open Challenge


Novotny Takes Win – DEX8 Has Strong Start

The DEX8 has won the Sixth round of the Czech Open Challenge in the hands of Team Durango racing star, Kaja Novotny.

Driving the newly launched 1/8 4WD Electric race machine, Kaja took the overall TQ, winning all qualifying rounds and two legs of the ‘A’ Main final.

Kaja was extremely happy to have built his box stock DEX8 kit with his father Karel, drop it on the track with very little set-up tuning beyond the kit manual suggestions, then race to victory with the recently launched vehicle.

Kaja was keen to mention that the high-grip carpet surface was easily tamed by the DEX8, with the Buggy bringing consistent lap times as Kaja enjoyed predictable handling, lap after lap.

We send our congratulations to Kaja and Karel for a great first run with the DEX8. We are very excited to see Kaja continue to develop his formidable race reputation with the DEX8 Electric Buggy.

Stay tuned for exclusive Novotny DEX8 set-up sheets very soon.

Learn why Kaja found the DEX8 so consistent on it’s first race outing now:

Find your local Team Durango dealer here:

Connect with Team Durango racers in your region now:

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March 20, 2015

Carlos Fonseca Joins Team Durango

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Fonseca Ready For Track Action With Team Durango

We are very excited to announce that Portuguese off-road racer, Carlos Fonseca, will be driving Team Durango products this coming season.

Carlos will be working closely with long-serving Team Durango driver, Nuno Roque, to bring increased track-side support to racers in Portugal, whilst also providing our fans with set-up tips and vehicle build advice through social media and RC forums.

Racing the DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy, Carlos is ready for a fast-paced season of racing. He is very excited to meet Team Durango fans out at the track.

Stay tuned for more news from Carlos and his DNX8 very soon.

Learn why the new DNX8 1/8 Nitro Buggy can make you faster on the track and provide hassle-free servicing and tuning:

Get connected with Carlos, Nuno and other Team Durango racers in your region here: 

Find your local dealer now:

Check out Carlos’ own RC website here:

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