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January 18, 2010

DNX408 spec & price announced, plus more details of pioneering features

Filed under: News,Prototype testing — Team Durango @ 5:32 pm

Some of the STANDARD features of the DNX408 only from Team Durango

  • 5mm thick hard anodised chassis & one of the narrowest, if not the narrowest on the market
  • Hard anodised alloy bulkheads front & rear (colour shown is pre-production; production will be hard anodised)
  • Gearbox cases front & rear are moulded & separate from the load bearing bulkheads; this gives minimal flex, best bearing alignment, best dirt shielding & easy removal of whole diff & CVD, just like the DEX410
  • 15mm bore alloy shocks, PTFE coated ultra smooth & threaded. Alloy caps, alloy cartridge bottom & polished shock shafts; shocks are everything, so these are quality throughout
  • 5mm hard anodised shock towers front & rear, as standard
  • Forward mounted engine (20mm further forward than some leading race buggies) this gives ideal weight distribution & room for everything to be mounted as low as possible. The RX pack goes under the rear CVD, which is another Team Durango first
  • One piece CNC machined engine mount with gold anodised memory plate is standard in the kit & is designed for maximum engine performance & easy maintenance with a marked-up chassis for easier engine alignment
  • Rear of the car has maximum ground clearance for smoothest landings so you can get the power down faster
  • Radio tray is mounted into the chassis to get centre of gravity as low as possible, but still only 5 screws to slide it out for easy maintenance
  • Lowest possible centre of gravity the servos and RX battery are laid down & mounted into the chassis. Engine & tank are also mounted as low as possible
  • Top quality, hard anodised suspension holders as standard front & rear with full range of precision moulded inserts for geometry changes
  • Angled down stop screws ensure maximum solidity & consistency, without adding weight
  • Lightened transmission parts are used throughout as standard
  • In board & out board CVD joints front & rear protected with rubber CVD boots
  • Centre mounted fuel tank inlet for easy access in any pit lane, with dirt guard as standard
  • Super low body to ensure maximum flow over the adjustable rear wing, while the rear wing sits low to again minimise CofG, while oversized end plates (ROAR legal) ensure stability & protect the engine head in crashes
  • We have built & tested all the leading cars & our plastics fit, finish & durability is second to none & better than many
  • Body, air filter, cultch, once piece CNC engine mount & wheels all included in the kit

The public buying price (street price) for this revolutionary & top quality car is US$699 or 457Euros or 417UK pounds (this price excluded local sales taxes).

Considering the spec of the car out-of-the-box; alloy suspension holders, alloy bulkheads, 5mm shock towers & 5mm chassis all hard anodised, plus black/gold alloy CNC engine mount, lightened transmission; this is a very fair price, something we have worked very hard on.

Check out some of the details of the pre-production car below….

The DNX408 CHASSIS is a work of art, 5mm of the finest aircraft alloy hard anodised & machined away to minimise weight, but also to give the DNX408 class-leading centre of gravity, with almost all the hardware sunk down into it. Minimal rear overhand means the smoothest of landings over a wider range of jumps

Close ups of DNX408 BRAKE SYSTEM pioneered by Team Durango in its test mules. Super solid for the best action, feel, consistancy & durability

Details of the STEERING, angled-up at the same angle as the kickup to remove bump steer, while the ackerman link moves under the CVD.

More details over the coming days


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