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June 4, 2010

Setting up your Servo Saver

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Setting up your Servo Saver correctly can help you reduce your lap times and protect your servo gears during crashes.

Step 1.

With your Servo Saver partially assembled as on page 29 of the DEX410 manual apply Thread lock (TD39006) to the top few threads of the Servo Saver Shaft (TD713001)


Step 2.

Screw on the Servo Saver Nut (TD708001) and screw down until the nut is 1.4mm below the end of the Servo Saver Shaft (TD713001).

Nut depth

With the nut at this setting it should be just possible to move the arms together in a ‘squeezing’ motion with your fingers.

This setting is only a guide to give you a good starting point for your kit.

Remember that the threadlock will take at least 1 hour to start to set, so ideally your servo saver should be set before you attend a race meeting. Once the threadlock has set, finer adjustments can be made at the meeting.

If your car seems to wander about from left to right and does not hold the trim setting on your transmitter very well, your servo saver may be too loose. Your car may also feel like it has not enough steering in tight and high speed corners. If your car has either of these symptoms, check your servo saver.

If your servo saver is too tight you may risk damaging your servo saver and your servo.

Once you are happy with your setting, measure the distance in step 2 and note it down in your manual. Then when you rebuild your kit you will know the correct setting for your servo and car.


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