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August 19, 2010

Durango success in South Africa

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SA Nationals Rd3 Pic6

Last weekend saw the third round of the South African National series take place. Jaco van Eeden from Team Durango’s South African distributor Hobbyfreaks sent us this report of the event.

‘The third round of the Electric 1/10 South African National Championship was held at Swartkops Model Raceway this past weekend.

We had very good weather the sun was shining all weekend. The track was an old 1/8 scale track with hard packed surface. Being a 1/8 track meant it was a very long and very challenging track with some big jumps. A strong buggy with good handling was required.

The DEX410’s were on top, and dominated qualifying, lining up numbers 1 and 2 on the grid. TQ was held by myself Jaco van Eeden and 2nd place driver was Charles Hollander. There were another two DEX410’s in the A main with Mark van den Berg in 8th and Gary Styger in 9th.

SA Nationals Rd3 Pic4

The track was fast and challenging

The track was a challenge of both a cars strength and handling capability. The Team Durnago DEX410 proved it has both of these attributes and came out on top.

The final results were:

1. Jaco van Eeden (TQ)

5. Charles Hollander (Qualified 2nd)

7.Gary Steiger (Qualified 9th)

8.Mark van der Berg (Qualified 8th)

Four of the top ten cars were DEX410’s, showing that it was the fastest car on the track.’

2010 – BRCA National Round 6 – Stotfold – End of Season Report

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It doesn’t seem long ago that the BRCA National series kicked off at Talywain back in April and now we are at the final round in Stotfold.

The Stotfold track is one of the most demanding on the calendar due to its astro-turf composition and proximity to some large trees. The track never seems to quite dry out fully leaving a greasy section of astro whilst the rest of the track basks in sunshine and drys out quickly to some of the highest grip we encoutner throughout the year. This said, the track and facilities are in tip- top condition and is amongst the drivers favourite tracks to visit.


After the excitement of the finale of the 2wd championship the day before (Well done Tom Cockerill!) the 4wd had somewhat less to live up to. Lee Martin had already walked away with the championship, but the rest of the top ten were far from sorted and there was the all important F1 license grade to be fought for, some nails were certainly going to be bitten to the quick by the end of the day.


Round 1

Elliot Boots (14th) driving his DEX410 got the ball rolling for Team Durango setting the time to beat in heat 7 with Wayne Collinson (31st) competing the ‘R’ version of the car also putting in a healthy time. The end of season form of David Orbell (16th) continued with another good showing in the following heat only just over a second off Elliot’s time.  2009 4wd Champion Neil Cragg returned to the championship for the first time to prepare for the 1/10th Euro’s in Austria. Neil’s pace was there to see from the outset, determined to put away the nightmare of the 2wd event from the day before although Rob ‘Hollywood’ Rasey will never go quiet about the 2wd final result! Adam Skelding (15th), just pipped David Orbell’s time and with Craig Collinson (11th), Team Durango were looking good. Nathan Waters finished the round off for Team Durango with an excellent 6th in round.

David Orbell has turned his season around and will be one to watch at the F2's

David Orbell has turned his season around and will be one to watch at the F2's

Round 2

The round was amost a carbon copy of round one with Nathan (7th), Craig (13th), Adam (15th), Chris Bowater got his meeting started with a 16th followed closely by David (17th) , James Helliwell (19th), Richard Ralph (21st). Graham North backed his 32nd in round one with a 29th looking to secure enough points to attain his F1 license for the first time.


Round 3

In almost another carbon copy of rounds 1 and 2 the  same drivers swapped postions with each other and the Durango boy’s ended up with the same scores for the 3 round. Nathan (6th), Craig (11th), David (16th), Richard (22nd). Wayne Collinson backed up his round 1 score with a 34th in round with his ‘R’ version, closely followed by Stuart Harlow’s ‘full fat’ version in 35th.


Round 4.

Nathan finished an excellent set of qualifying reuslts off with another top ten in round and was safe in the A- Main. With only Chris Bowater and James Helliwell able to improve their scores the nail biting began for those eager to see if they were dropping previous scores.

After qualifying the team were:

7th Nathan Waters

17th Craig Collinson

18th Adam Skelding

20th David Orbell

23rd Chris Bowater

28th James Helliwell

29th Richard Ralph

38th Graham North


Nathan’s A finals went well for once after what seems to be a torrid time of bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time at other events this season.

Leg 1 An excellent drive in leg one from flag to flag saw him take 3rd behind the flying Kev Lee and Simon Moss holding off the 2010 champion Lee Martin in a full on wheel to wheel battle reminiscant of the oOple event earlier in the year.

Leg 2 seemed to be back to normal for Nathan as he collected Lee Martin’s back flipping car off the line, cart wheeling for what seemed like an eternity of the track only to be stopped by the catch fencing. The strength of the 410 showed through though and he was able to continue and still finish a creditable 6th after a disasterous start.

Leg 3

Another epic midfield battle saw Nathan take 5th, giving him 6th overall at the meeting.

Then the nail biting began.

Where would people end up…. Who would get their F1? The cut-off announced by ‘Master of Ceremonies’ Paul Worsley was 41st, and anyone above this would atttain the coveted F1 ranking. The series had also been one of the best attended on record, with 120 drivers completing 4 rounds or more and 160 different drivers competing in the series, making the 1/10th off road section the strongest section in the BRCA.

For the full Championship results the link can be found here:

Team Durango took the following postions:

Nathan Waters 11th

Craig Collinson 12th

Adam Skelding 15th

James Helliwell 18th

David Orbell 22nd

Chris Bowater 23rd

Richard Ralph 26th

Richard Coates 34th

Graham North 39th

James Dixon 47th

Damian Whittle 57th

Wayne Collinson 58th

Stuart Harlow 65th

Chris Stewart 68th

Team Durango drivers also took the following honours.


1st Adam Skelding

2nd David Orbell

5th Richard Coates

Adam Skelding - Top F2

Adam Skelding - Top F2

Richard Coates - 5th 'F2'

Richard Coates - 5th 'F2'

Chris Stewart - Top F5

Chris Stewart - Top F5

With 9 Durango drivers attaining their F1’s, and 8 of these having their best ever 4wd season, it’s been a great debut season for the team and it’s not over yet. The F2  & F3,4,5 Championships still to come along with the fast approaching Euros, there’s plenty of time to add some silverware to the cabinet.

The 'Team' of 2010

The 'Team' of 2010

Back Row (From Left to Right) – David Orbell, Richard Ralph, Nathan Waters

Front Row (From Left to Right) – Craig ‘Hulk’ Collinson, James ‘Ralph’ Helliwell, Adam Skelding, Richard Coates, Graham North, Chris Bowater, Damian Whittle.

Picture courtesy of Jimmy @

August 17, 2010

Durangoland is newest EU member state

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Hupo Hönigl competed at the fourth round of the Austrian national championships this weekend. He sent us this report from the event.

‘Austria is Durango-land!!!

The fourth round of the Austrian nats was held in Litschau, another beautiful track in the north of Austria.

This time there were 75 entries, a little bit less then normal. I think this was due to the very bad weather forecast!

But in the end the weather was different to the forecast, we had blue sky and about 28°C on Sunday.

The track went from very slick to a bluegroove high traction track which was very good fun to drive.

It looks like Team Durango has taken over in Austria already in its first year on the market – it is the most popular car in the field, and the number of cars is still growing from one race to the next.

Qualifying saw Roland Macho, driving a Durango, and me battling most of the time for the win, but the last round was won by Rene Trauner, another fast Durango driver.

I TQ´ed in front of 3 other DEX410s and we had 7!!!! in the top 10!

Finals were really interesting and fast on the bluegroove track.

I won the first 2 mains and therefore the meeting. The last main was really interesting to watch with Rene Trauner and Martin Kreil batteling right until the last corner.

Trauner finished 2nd and Martin Kreil 3rd, meaning Team Durango had the second 1-2-3 sweep in a row! Roland Macho was a little bit unlucky in the finals and finished 4th overall.

The other Durangos in the A final finished:

7th Holicky Thomas

9th Prihoda Marcus

10th Jeschko Robert

With another six DEX410s in the B final the result was nearly perfect for Team Durango!

With only one more round to go i´m already Austrian National Champion 2010.

For the other podium spots in the championship there will be a hard battle between Macho, Kreil and Trauner…’

Congratulations to Hupo from all at Team Durango on winning this round and the overall Austrian National Championship 2010.

August 10, 2010


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亞州杯電越賽-中國選拔賽第二場〔上海站〕上周未在上海聯合越野車場〔SUR〕舉行。SUR是一個非常具有挑戰性的場地. 整個賽道設計除了有大直道之外,亦由很多考技巧的彎角組合而成。當天的天氣非常好而場地可能由於多日沒有下雨, 所以地面變得有點偏硬及有點塵粉, 令抓著力只屬於中等。



賽事是3輪分組賽+3輪決賽,而各賽員亦被限定在全日的賽事中都只能用一套輪胎, 所以在幹、硬的場地上如何控制輪胎的損耗亦是今次比賽能否取勝的一大重點!

今次參賽的Team Durango足有7台之多, 占了4WD組的大多數!經分組賽後, 總共有6台Team Durango打進了A組,而John Ho更以唯一的14圈優異成績同時取得了TQ。三回合決賽中的首兩回合,John的DEX410也一起步都能領放其他選手. 需然輪胎的磨損已頗利害,但憑著其豐富的經驗及DEX410超凡的控操性,令他拿下了首兩輪決賽的冠軍, 順利地也得到本場賽4WD組別的全場總冠軍. 而其Team Durango隊友駱永晟亦以410R取得了全場亜軍。


起跑時的DEX410及DEX410R,6台Team Durango車子打進了A組決賽


这次總共有6台Team Durango打進了A組!


1. John Ho Team Durango DEX410
2. 駱永晟 Team Durango DEX410R
3. Beckham TeamC/TC04
4. 王志傲 Team Durango DEX410R
5. Maruyama AE/B44
6. 梁志峰 Team Durango DEX410R
7. Bini   Team Durango DEX410
8. 劉南   Team Durango DEX410R

TQ-John Ho-Team Durango DEX410

Team Durango很高興看到在賽事裏有這麼多人選用Team Durango車子,同時亦恭喜John及所有Team Durango China的隊友所做出的驕人成績。


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亚州杯电越赛-中国选拔赛第二场〔上海站〕上周未在上海联合越野车场〔SUR〕举行。SUR是一个非常具有挑战性的场地. 整个赛道设计除了有大直道之外,亦由很多考技巧的弯角组合而成。当天的天气非常好而场地可能由于多日没有下雨, 所以地面变得有点偏硬及有点尘粉, 令抓着力只属于中等。



赛事是3轮分组赛+3轮决赛,而各赛员亦被限定在全日的赛事中都只能用一套轮胎, 所以在干、硬的场地上如何控制轮胎的损耗亦是今次比赛能否取胜的一大重点!

今次参赛的Team Durango足有7台之多, 占了4WD组的大多数!经分组赛后, 总共有6台Team Durango打进了A组,而John Ho更以唯一的14圈优异成绩同时取得了TQ。三回合决赛中的首两回合,John的DEX410也一起步都能领放其它选手. 需然轮胎的磨损已颇利害,但凭着其丰富的经验及DEX410超凡的控操性,令他拿下了首两轮决赛的冠军, 顺利地也得到本场赛4WD组别的全场总冠军. 而其Team Durango队友骆永晟亦以410R取得了全场亜军。


起跑时的DEX410及DEX410R,6台Team Durango车子打进了A组决赛


这次总共有6台Team Durango打进了A组!
1. John Ho Team Durango DEX410
2. 骆永晟 Team Durango DEX410R
3. Beckham TeamC/TC04
4. 王志傲 Team Durango DEX410R
5. Maruyama AE/B44
6. 梁志峰 Team Durango DEX410R
7. Bini   Team Durango DEX410
8. 刘南   Team Durango DEX410R

TQ-John Ho-Team Durango DEX410

Team Durango很高兴看到在赛事里有这么多人选用Team Durango车子,同时亦恭喜John及所有Team Durango China的队友所做出的骄人成绩。

August 5, 2010

DEX410 & DEX410R finish 1st, 2nd & TQ in Asia EP Buggy Championship China Selection Race Round 2!

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Our Chinese distributor sent us this report of a race that took place last weekend.

‘The second round of the Asia EP Buggy Championship China Selection was held last weekend at Shanghai United Raceway (SUR).

The weather was good, the track was big and the layout was very challenging. The track combined plenty of technical turns, a long straight and banked corner. In the days preceding the event Shanghai had a lot of sunshine and warm weather which made the ground very dry and hard. The track condition was dry and dusty with medium grip.


The track at Shanghai United Raceway

The rules stated that all racers were only allowed to use one set of tyres for the entire day! Due to the track conditions the tyre wear was high and having only a single set of tyres for the entire event was a big test to all racers.

The format of the meeting was three rounds of qualifying with best two to count and then three finals. After three rounds of qualifying Team Durango driver and Team Manager John Ho was the only one who was able to achieve 14laps which got him the TQ and pole position for the finals.


Team Durango cars line up first and second on the grid with six cars in total in the A final

In the finals John won two out of the three legs giving him the overall win of the day with his DEX410. Second place went to Luo Yong Sheng driving the DEX410R.

There were a total of 6 Team Durango buggies in the A-Main.

The Round 3 of the series will be again held at Shanghai United Raceway (SUR) in September.
4WD A-Main Final Result:

1-John Ho – Team Durango DEX410
2-Luo Yong Sheng – Team Durango DEX410R
3-Beckham – TeamC TC04
4-Wang Zhi Ao – Team Durango DEX410R
5-Bini – Team Durango DEX410
6-Nelson Leung – Team Durango DEX410R
7-Maruyama – AE B44
8-Liu Nan – Team Durango 410R

TQ-John Ho – Team Durango DEX410′

Well done again to John and all the Team Durango drivers on this fantastic result. It is great to see so many Team Durango cars at the sharp end!

BRCA National Southport (DEX410 – A Year on)

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DEX410 – A Year on.

How time flies, only a year ago the Team Durango DEX410 hit the UK tracks for the first time and made its national appearance at Southport. A year later and we are back at Southport again and this time the DEX410 has a younger sibling – the 410R and it’s the new kid on the block.

The number of Team Durango’s at the meeting has grown from one lonely car at last year’s national to now being one of the most popular chassis in the 4wd class. What has been most impressive to note is after switching to the Team Durango chassis, drivers have improved their racing and their standings at club, regional and national level. The chassis just seems to be able to get that bit extra out of the driver, giving them confidence in their driving and allowing them to push themselves, striving for even better results.

Southport National.

Based on the west coast of England, it is one of the oldest and most popular venues on the BRCA national calendar, where you can almost smell the sea air from the driver’s rostrum.  It’s not just a race meeting, but a ‘good old English trip to the seaside’ as well. With a trip to the English seaside, what else would expect but rain, and lots of it. It wasn’t heavy, just ‘that fine rain that soaks you through’.

The track though was holding up well and only required a little re-jigging and some minor sweeping of puddles during practice. However, the fear was how long the rain would last and would it put an end to the meeting? Practice was a matter of perfecting the waterproofing, and getting your car round; the wet astro-turf track was offering lots of grip as it became saturated with water, in some places it was a matter of avoiding the deep stuff.


Round 1

Thankfully the rain began to abate and sweeping the puddles off the track kept the racing going. In the earlier heats the number of cars finishing was surprisingly low; people just didn’t seem to get the water-proofing right and the brushless systems’ Achilles’ heel was found. As the heats progressed the number of cars finishing increased and the names atop the timing sheets sounded familiar. ‘Local-ish’ guy Stuart Wood set the early pace driving his new steed followed closely by the Durango’s of David Orbell (14th), James Helliwell (19th), Chris Bowater (28th), Graham North (30th), and Richard Coates (31st). As the final few heats rolled through, the timing sheet got ever tighter (which was surprising considering the conditions). In the final few heats Craig Collinson (12th) and Adam Skelding (10th) got their meetings off to a solid start.

Round 2

David Orbell once again set the early pace for the Durango Team, with another solid drive, putting him 12th in the round.  David’s recent jump in form after finding an issue with his transmitter has been pleasing to watch. His confidence is back and his driving is on the up, pushing his performances into the top 20 at every meeting now. Helliwell and North ended with similar round scores to previous and Nathan Waters (14th) got his meeting started after a water-logged motor stop him on lap one of round 1.

Terry 'Telsshells' Atkinson wondering if he's been beaten by his brother!

Terry 'Telsshells' Atkinson wondering if he's been beaten by his brother!

Round 3.

Orbell stepped it up again putting in a really clean run to put him 9th in the round (I can’t make a joke about Mr D.Orbell knocking on the door of the top ten as he was already through it!). Helliwell (19th) was being a little too consistent for his liking -just a few seconds would have made all the difference. Collinson hit the top 10, just behind Orbell. Waters was having one of those days. His speedo let all the magic blue smoke out as he turned his car on. A quick change of cars to his back-up ‘R’ version saw him get to the grid just in time and start lapping with the front runners, but wait a minute……it’s not counting…..arrrrrgh! No PT in!  Skelding got back in to gear with a 15th, Richard Ralph was getting faster and ended up 16th with Bowater a little further back in 21st and Coates backed up his earlier round 1 score with a 30.

Round 4.

The track was drying fast now and the grip was coming up, giving the Southport track some teeth to bite back at the driver who was pushing just that little bit too hard. Tyres seemed to be the main bone of contention: was it dry enough for a dry set-up yet? Most seemed to stick with what they had on, the odd couple gambled on a dry set-up and the jury stayed out…

The round ended up being a mixed bag of result with Skelding (8th), Waters (12th), Ralph (15th), Helliwell (19th), Bowater (21st), Coates (23rd) and North (27th) improving their points scores. Collinson finished 16th in round but didn’t improve.

Richard Coates is on target to get his F1 for the first time

Richard Coates is on target to get his F1 for the first time

After four very different rounds of qualifying the team were:

Adam Skelding 14th

David Orbell         16th

Craig Collinson   17th

Nathan Waters    20th

Richard Ralph     21st

James Helliwell  26th

Chris Bowater     28th

Richard Coates  36th

Graham North   40th

David Orbell was on a charge a weekend

David Orbell was on a charge all weekend

For only the 2nd time this season we didn’t have a car in the ‘A’ final, but a good representation inside the top 40 was again good to see, with drivers gaining valuable points towards their F1 licences. It was hard to put a finger on why we didn’t have the raw pace, but when we looked back at the timings for each round, this had been one of the closest nationals for a while; 2 seconds was more than 5 places in the top 20 in a couple of rounds. So, the glass was half empty on this occasion. Or was it? For most, a score had been dropped and the main goal of improving your points achieved.

As the National season draws to a close, the overall title is done as dusted. But, there are World’s and Euro’s places to be fought for, along with the coveted F1 licence grade. The season has lots still to offer and we’ll be challenging for the honours.

Wayne Collinson's DEX410R

Wayne Collinson's DEX410R

August 3, 2010

Anti-Roll Bar Installation

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Anti-roll bars are included in the DEX410 and DEX410 2010 Spec kit. Now available from Team Durango are anti-roll bar sets for the DEX410R. These are part numbers:-

TD230012 – Rear Anti-Roll Bar Set

TD230013 – Front Anti-Roll Bar Set

Anti-roll bars are a useful tuning option. They allow you to add stiffness in roll without effecting the stiffness of the shocks over large bumps and jumps where the wheels at the front or rear of the buggy move up and down together. They work by transferring the load from the heavily loaded outer suspension to the lightly loaded inner suspension during cornering. This reduces the roll angle so the buggy corners flatter. In general anti-roll bars are used on smoother, higher grip tracks as they may not work so well on really bumpy or rutted tracks.

A front roll bar will decrease the steering of the buggy, and will make the buggy smoother and more consistent through a turn. It will stop the front end digging-in.

A rear roll bar will increase the rotation of the buggy in the middle of a corner and will help the buggy square-up faster coming out of a turn.

It is important when installing your anti-roll bar to make sure that all the components can move freely with no binding, with the minimum of play.

Here we show you how we recommend installing the TD230012 Anti-Roll Bar Set to the rear of the DEX410R. Fitting the front roll bar is a very similar process, but requires the removal of the front diff cover as this is used to hold the front roll bar in place.

The TD230012 set includes all the metal parts you require.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic1

The TD230012 set includes all the metal parts you require

The plastic parts needed are included with your DEX410R kit. The holders for the roll bars are part of TD330003 parts tree. The rod ends are included on the parts tree TD330001.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic2

The plastic parts are included in your kit

The first step is to build the links for the roll bar. You need to build two of these. The gap between the rod ends should be 18mm. It is important to make sure both the rod ends have the same gap so the roll bar works evenly on left and right hand corners.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic3

Ensure both roll bar links are built to the same length

Now place the pivot balls into one rod end of each of your roll bar links. The pivot balls should pop into place and move freely inside the rod end.

The next part of the process is to put the anti-roll bar pivot balls onto the roll bar. Place thread lock onto the M3x3mm screw and partially screw it into the anti-roll bar pivot ball. Now push the roll bar into the hole in the pivot ball so that the roll bar comes flush with the end of the pivot ball. The set screw should be positioned so that the it is angled slightly upwards when the roll bar is placed flat on the desk. Now repeat this process for the second anti-roll bar pivot ball. It is important for equal roll bar action left and right to ensure that the set screws are both at the same angle as the pivot balls sit off-set on the roll bar.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic4

Make sure the set screws in the anti-roll bar pivot balls sit at the same angle to the roll bar as each other

Now it is time to attach the roll bar to the buggy. The first step is to remove the wheels and the shocks from the buggy. Now place the roll bar onto the buggy and secure with the roll bar holders. The roll bar holders are held in place by the 2 M3x6mm button head screws included in the anti-roll bar set.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic5

Attach the roll bar to the bulkhead of the buggy

When you have installed the roll bar holders you need to fit the M3x4 set screws into the roll bar holders. These set screws are there to reduce the free play in the assembly fixing the roll bar to the buggy. Set screws are used as they allow for adjustment for different thickness roll bars. When screwing in the set screw you need to ensure that it is not too tight so that it stops the roll bar dropping under it’s own weight. You should screw one of the set screws in first until you feel the set screw touch the roll bar. At this point you may need to unscrew the set screw a small amount so that the roll bar will drop under it’s own weight. Repeat this process with the set screw in the other roll bar holder.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic6

Tighten the set screws to remove free play in the roll bar

Now it is time to fit the roll bar links that were assembled earlier to the buggy. These are attached to the wishbone by a M3x8mm button head screw. The screw passes through the wishbone and then screws into the pivot ball. It is a good idea to use thread lock on this screw.You can hold the pivot ball with some needle nose pliers when you are tightening up the pivot ball.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic7

Attach the roll bar link to the wishbone

When you have attached the roll bar link to the wishbone you should attach the other end to the anti-roll bar pivot ball. Make sure that the assembly moves freely at this stage. You can rotate the plastic parts of the roll bar links now so that they sit square with the pivot balls. Repleat this process with the other side.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic8

Now the assembly is fitted it is time to check the action is equal

If the assembly all moves freely then it is time to check that the anti-roll bar has a equal effect on both sides of the suspension. This can be done by lifting one side slowly and checking at what point the other side starts to lift up.

2010_07_30_Anti Roll Bar Tutorial Pic9

Lift one side and see at what point the other side moves. You want the effect to be the same on both the left and right hand sides of the suspension

If you find that when you lift one side it has more of an effect than the other side then you need to adjust the length of the roll bar links to equal out the roll bar effect left-to-right.

For example if you find that when you lift the right hand suspension arm the left hand suspension arm moves sooner than the right hand suspension arm moves when you lift the left hand suspension arm then you should slightly shorten the length of the right hand roll bar link. Shorten this in small steps, checking on the effect of the adjustment until the suspension arms lift equally on the left and right hand side of the buggy.

There are a couple of tuning options with roll bars. For fine adjusment of the roll bar stiffness you can move the anti-roll bar pivot ball on the roll bar. Moving the anti-roll bar pivot ball towards the end of the roll bar will have the effect of softening the action of the anti-roll bar.

For a bigger adjustment we offer different thickness roll bars. A thicker roll bar has a greater effect than a thinner roll bar as it will transfer more of the force from one side of the suspension to the other. The roll bar sets come with 1.5mm thick roll bars, we also offer roll bars in 1.3mm and 2.0mm thicknesses for both front and rear. Here are the part numbers for our anti-roll bars.

TD330047 – ANTI ROLL BAR FRONT 1.3mm

TD330048 – ANTI ROLL BAR FRONT 1.5mm

TD330049 – ANTI ROLL BAR REAR 1.3mm

TD330050 – ANTI ROLL BAR REAR 1.5mm

TD330051 – ANTI ROLL BAR FRONT 2.0mm

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August 2, 2010

Collinson & DEX410 Take NE Regional Title.

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Hot on the heels of the previous round, Craig Collinson sent us this report on his domination of the Regional at Batley.

The track

The track is multi-surface made up of Astroturf, grass and a cobbled banked corner with a few man made jumps. Given the fact that this track has been there for over 15 years, its taken quite a bit of abuse causing it to rut up badly in certain areas, which results in both the driver and car been tested to the limit.

Race format

At some of the previous rounds in the series it was decided to run 4 rounds of qualifying with 3 finals (best of 2 to count in each). This meeting started a little later than initially planned due to some computer problems, so due to time restraints a decision was made to go with the traditional 4 rounds of qualifying with 1 final (best two rounds of qualifying to count).

Round 1, 2, 3 and 4

Craig dominated qualifying with his DEX410, taking TQ in all four rounds and was well over 10 seconds quicker than 2nd place in each and every round. Watching the car on the track it looked fantastic and clearly quicker than anything else.

With a perfect score of four 1st in round’s this put the DEX410 on pole for the A-main.


Wayne Collinson driving the ‘R’ version for only his 4th meeting also had a great day taking two 2nd in rounds, putting team Durango 1st and 2nd on the grid.


Craig carried his qualifying performance through to the final, getting off to a clean start then pulling away from the chasing pack after Wayne made a small error on the first lap. With an error free final Craig drove to an excellent win finishing over half a lap in front of second place Greg Williams and ended up lapping most of the field. Wayne clawed his way back after making the error on the first lap to come home in 3rd despite driving most of the race with a blown shock, could well have been Durango 1 and 2 if his car was fully intact.

The regional series was held over 5 events with your best 3 of 5 to count. With Craig only attending the last 3 rounds he pulled off a perfect score taking TQ and the win in all three of the rounds, giving Craig and Durango the Regional championship.

More success for Team Durango and another fine display of the DEX410 and DEX410R.


Congratulations Craig from all @ Team Durango!

TQ & Win for Collinson @ Robin Hood Raceway

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Craig Collinson sent us in this report from the NE Regional Series…

DEX410 & DEX410R finish 1st and 3rd at RHR!

The 4th round of the North East Regional was held this weekend at Robin Hood Raceway (RHR). The track is 95% Astroturf with the exception of one long sweeping banked concrete corner with very little traction, taking some skill to get around it quickly. The rest of the track is very high traction in the dry, with lots of tight technical corners and many manmade features providing a very challenging yet rewarding track. With the National being held here just a few months earlier, many of the drivers had a good base set up right from the off.

Race format

During drivers briefing the option of having 4 rounds of qualifying with your best 2 to count and 2 finals, or having 5 rounds of qualifying, again your best 2 to count, but only 1 final, was put to the vote, with the majority opting for the latter.

Round 1

Round 1 saw Wayne Collinson put in a great drive with his DEX410R in heat 5 and set the early pace. Craig Collinson was in the final heat of the round and had his sights firmly set on beating his brothers time (nothing better than a bit of brotherly rivalry!). The early part of the race didn’t get off to the best of starts with Craig making a few errors which saw him move down to 3rd place on the track. Hearing the sounds of being down in 3rd place fuelled him up, almost to the extent of him turning to his green bulk alter ego, and quickly started to apply the pressure. After a few angry laps Craig was soon in the groove and started putting some really quick laps. By the end of the heat Craig had done just enough and won the heat and the first round of qualifying. Paul Bradby finished 2nd in the round (Paul TQ’d the RHR National, so to finish ahead of him really showed the cars pace). Wayne Collinson finished 3rd in the round, a really pleasing score given this was only his 2nd meeting with his own 410R.

Round 2

Craig made quite a few set-up changes for round 2 to really see how much quicker the car would go, which seemed to really pay off as Craig took the second round of qualifying, the car was simply awesome!! Wayne had some bad luck in the second round and was unable to finish the round.

Rounds 3, 4 and 5

The next three rounds were much of the same for Craig. Having found the perfect set up in round 2, he decided to keep it this way for the rest of the day and focussed his attention on driving down his quickest laps and overall time. In round 3, Craig finished 2nd with Bradders coming first and setting the quickest time of the day, which seemed to spur Craig on as rounds 4 and 5 saw him pull it together and finish as the top dog. Wayne also managed to pull it together and finished with another 3rd in the later rounds, to go with his 3rd in round 1. Overall, this left Craig with an almost perfect score putting the DEX410 on pole in the A-main, with Wayne qualifying in 4th behind Paul Bradby and Greg Williams.


For the Rango’s, the final couldn’t have gone any better, with Craig getting off to a clean start, whilst Paul Bradby had an incident on the second corner of the first lap which allowed Craig some breathing space. Greg Williams took up 2nd from Bradders but also had an incident which allowed Craig to break from the chasing pack even further. Capitalising on the mistakes from Bradders and Greg, Wayne moved up to 2nd place with the 410R, with Bradders hot in persuit to rectify his earlier incident. Within a few more laps Bradders had caught up with Wayne and started to apply the pressure to force the mistake. Wayne was managing to hold his nerve and keep Bradders at bay, that was until they both hit the straight and Bradders B44 missile rocketed past Wayne as though he was stood still. Whilst all this was going on for 2nd place, Craig had managed to pull out a sizable lead, finishing over half a lap in front of Bradders and Wayne in second and third place respectively.

Yet another great display for the DEX410 and DEX410R!


Craig’s set-up can be found here:

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