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September 29, 2010

Czech Republic National Championships – Round 8, Most (18.09.2010)

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We received this race report from Karel Novotny:

“Last weekend  (18/09/2010) was the eighth and final round of the Czech nationals, held in Most. The track is mainly clay /sand with some carpeted 1/8th scale size jumps. It was the most successful race for Team Durango  in the Czech  Republic so far. Team Durango came first and second in the main and junior races.

Czech National  Championship:

1st    Charlie Novotny     TQ           DEX 410             Lestr Models

2nd    Tomas  Holicky          2nd         DEX410R            RCMAX

Czech National Championship – juniors

1st    Charlie Novotny     TQ           DEX 410             Lestr Models

2nd    Tomas  Holicky      2nd         DEX410R            RCMAX

As this was a last race of the season, the final standings  of the Championship were decided:


2nd    Charlie Novotny                DEX 410

5th       Tomas Holicky                  DEX 410R


1st    Charlie Novotny                DEX 410

3rd    Tomas Holicky                  DEX 410R

On the same day there was also  a  last  race of the OPEN Electric Offroad 1/10  series ( drivers without RCACR licence)  and here were  the same  results as in the Championship race:

1st  Tomas  Hnatek           TQ      DEX 410R              RCMAX

2nd   Nicolas Tetu               3rd      DEX 410                  France

FINAL RESULTS  OF  THE  OPEN Electric Offroad 1/10  series:

1st  Tomas  Hnatek                 DEX 410R

2nd   Nicolas Tetu                   DEX410

It was the first season for Team Durango buggies in Czech Republic and it was very successful.

We would like to thank to the Team – Durango  for  a great  product , which allowed us to have such a performance. Car was great just out of box and it was getting even better and better race by race.”

Další velký úspěch Duranga na závodech mistrovství České republiky.

Minulý týden-18.9.2010 se jel osmý závod MČR RCAČR 2010 – Electric Buggy a OPEN Electric Offroad 1/10  v Mostě.

Byl to zatím pro Durango nejúspěšnější závod v České republice. Závodu se zúčastnily čtyři DEX 410 a dohromady získaly tři první a tři druhá místa.

MČR RCAČR 2010 – Electric Buggy:

1.    Kaja Novotny             TQ           DEX 410             Lestr Models

2.    Tomas  Holicky          2.              DEX410R            RCMAX

MČR RCAČR 2010 – Electric Buggy – junioři

1.    Kaja Novotny          TQ           DEX 410             Lestr Models

2.    Tomas  Holicky        2.             DEX410R          RCMAX

Vzhledem k tomu, že se jednalo o poslední závod sezóny, bylo rozhodnuto o konečném pořadí MČR RCAČR 2010 – Electric Buggy:

2.     Kaja  Novotny                   DEX 410

5.     Tomas Holicky                  DEX 410R
4WD – junioři:

1.    Kaja Novotny                     DEX 410

3.    Tomas Holicky                  DEX 410R

OPEN Electric Offroad 1/10 – Most:

1.  Tomas  Hnatek           TQ      DEX 410R              RCMAX

2.   Nicolas Tetu               3.         DEX 410                  Francie

Celkové výsledky  OPEN Electric Offroad 1/10:

1.  Tomas  Hnatek                 DEX 410R

2.   Nicolas Tetu                    DEX410

Skončila první sezóna pro buggy Durango v České republice a byla velmi úspěšná.

Chtěli bychom poděkovat Team – Durango za fantastický produkt, který nám umožnil tyto výsledky. Auto bylo výborné „ out of  the box“ a během sezóny se stále zlepšovalo.

September 27, 2010

Tresrey off-road race, Round 3 at TRS circuit – September 26, 2010

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Tresrey, Team Durango’s partner in Japan, sent us a race report from this weekend’s off-road race at the TRS circuit:

” The TRESREY Off-Road Race, Round 3, was held on Sunday 26th September at the TRS circuit in Matsusaka-city, Japan. 65 racers joined the event, making it the best attended race again that the TRS circuit ever had for an off-

road event with 60 entrants in the 2WD class and 53 in the 4WD class.

In qualifying Kenji Tsuruta managed to take TQ for both the 2WD and 4WD classes. Unfortunately the final for both classes were cancelled due to heavy rain, so the final result was decided by each racer’s qualifying result.  In 2WD, Tsuruta (Yokomo B4) won the race, with Noriyuki Kawashima (B4) 2nd and Akihiro Yasuda(B4) 3rd. Team Durango Japan team driver Minoru Utsugi (X-Factory X6) was 9th.

There were 21 Durango DEX410/Rs in the 4WD class and 7 of them made the Top 10! Tsuruta won the event, with Akira Ema (DEX410) in 2nd and Team Durango Japan team driver Minoru Utsugi (DEX410) was 3rd.

After the award ceremony, we held a big lucky draw prize which included a DEX410 2010 spec kit, Axial kit and Speed Passion ESCs, motors, and new 2.4Ghz transmitter.”

Thanks and well done to Tresrey and Team Durango Japan.

September 24, 2010

Announcing the Team Durango DEX408

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Since the first pictures of the DNX408 buggy were released, we have been asked by many racers from across the world when a conversion kit will be available to convert the car into an electric 1/8 racer.

Rather than releasing a conversion kit for a nitro car, we have studied the 1/8 electric class carefully and concluded that to make the best possible 1/8 electric buggy, we would design a new car.

We are delighted to introduce the Team Durango DEX408.

dex408-5a main

Of course, many of the components on the DEX408 are shared with its German National Championship winning brother the DNX408. This means that 1/8 scale fans can share wishbones, shocks and differential spare parts between their nitro and electric racing buggies.

Team Durango are passionate about engineering the best racing buggies we can. This is why we chose to design a new car, rather than offering a conversion kit with a few simple bits of plastic and velcro.  Some of the features of the DEX408 are:

1. same suspension geometry as dnx408
[09:58:53] Michael: 2. adjustable battery holders for different lipo hights
[09:59:20] Michael: 3. lightweight aluminium pivot ball all around
[09:59:55] Michael: 4. cable-holders for power cables and rx cables
[10:00:29] Michael: 5. universal power capacitor holder for speedo (between the batteries mounted)
[10:01:40] Michael: 6. stainless steel droopscrew downstops
[10:02:05] Michael: 7. superstiff lightweight-chassis
[10:02:30] Michael: 8. body with cooling system, bla, bla, bla..
[10:03:08] Michael: 9. perfect ballanced chassis with lay-down battery configuration
[10:03:31] Michael: 10. carbon fibre shock towers

1. The same suspension geometry as the DNX408
2. Adjustable battery holders for different LiPo heights
3. Cable-holders for power cables and RX cables
4. Universal power capacitor holder for ESC (mounted between the batteries)
5. Stainless steel droopscrew downstops
6. Superstiff lightweight-chassis
7. Ultra-low, super-sleek, bodyshell (that looks like a racing buggy and not a bloated truck)
8. Perfectly balanced chassis with lay-down battery configuration for ideal weight distribution
9. Carbon fibre shock towers
10. Most of today’s popular ESCs fit under the bodyshell on the ESC tray

As with all of our cars, we have paid attention to the smallest of details.  We truly believe that this purpose designed 1/8 electric buggy is the one other manufacturer’s cars will follow.

Price and availability – TBC

Team Durango – Serious About Racing.

Team Durango Australia – N.S.W State Championship in Sydney

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Our Australian distributor Andrew Bolton sent us this race report from last weekend’s N.S.W State championship in Sydney Australia:

“Team Durango Australia driver Darryn Johnson clinched the N.S.W State championship in Sydney, Australia on the weekend, in one of the countries biggest 1/10th electric buggy events. After coming so close last year, shortly after the release of the DEX410, Darryn put his experience with the car to good use by also Top Qualifying in the extremely competitive stock class. Fellow DEX410 driver,  Jason Thornton qualified 3rd – but stormed home, coming in second, completing a 1-2 for Durango. The DEX410 performed flawlessly all weekend for Darryn, and he was always able to take advantage of the superior acceleration of the DEX410 on the high grip St Ives surface. In the modified class the DEX410 took 5 of the 10 available positions in the A final! Another successful appearance for the Durango DEX410 in Australia.”

Thanks Andrew, and well done to Team Durango Australia!

German 4WD 1/10 Electric Nationals 19.09.2010

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We received this report from Martin Achter, Team Durango Germany A team driver, about last weekend’s 4WD German nationals, held in Schenkenhorst, near Berlin.

“Last weekend the 1/10 offroad 4wd nationals were held at the racetrack of Roadrunners-Berlin. It is a nice 1/8 scale style track with 80% of the underground made of grassbars because of the soft dirt. In the week before there was heavy rain, but the club prepared the track well and the weather was sunny nearly all the weekend. It was expected to be a tough race because the touring car aces Marc Rheinard and Yannic Prümper joined the offroad class.

For Team Durango it was a successful weekend.

– Ebi Beck retained his National Champion status in stock class
– Benni Gröschel took the German vice title in modified class
– Martin Achter got 4th in modified
– Marc Pitch got 5th in modified
– Gerd Strenge ‘Mr Durango’ won the 40+ title in modified

Of the 68 drivers at the race, 27 chose the DEX410 / DEX410R, which made Team Durango the most popular manufacturer with a team of 40%.
In the modified A final 40% of the cars were DEX410 / DEX410R and the same was true in the stock class A final – 40% Team Durango DEX410 / DEX410R.
We can really say Team Durango is, ‘Serious About Racing’!”

Thanks for a great report Martin, and well done to all of the German Team Durango racers.

September 20, 2010

Team Durango Winter Race Series – 2010

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Team Durango Winter Series 2010

Team Durango are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our inaugural indoor, off-road winter race series at the Ardent Raceway, Donington, England.


Ardent Raceway are already one of the UKs premier indoor on-road racing venues.  The facilities and professionalism of the staff are excellent, which is why Team Durango have chosen the venue for our first ever off-road series.  Ardent Raceway have also been chosen as the hosts for next year’s prestigious PetitRC race on the 15th and 16th January, which will see many World-class drivers competing in an always well attended, high-class, event.

The dates for the Team Durango Winter series:

Round 1 – October 31st 2010

Round 2 – November 28th 2010

Round 3 – December 19th 2010

Round 4 – February 27th 2011

Round 5 – March 20th 2011

(The best three rounds will count towards the Title. Each round will consist of three qualifying rounds and three finals, with the best two finals added together to determine overall positions.)

For each of the five rounds the Ardent Raceway team will be converting the Raceway into a off-road multi-surface buggy track. They will paint a track layout on the wooden floor and mix-in grit to give a bit of grip in areas, then lay a combination of astroturf and carpet with smooth wooden jumps to simulate jumps seen on outdoor tracks, which means four different types of surface on one track. This will be a real test of drivers’ skill.

The track will be available from 14:00 on the Saturday before each round for practice and will cost £5 for four hours, and the track will remain open until 22:00.

Who is racing?

Adam Skelding (UK Team Manager for Team Durango), Nathan Waters (Winner of the 4WD 2010 oOple Invernational) and other Team Durango UK drivers will be racing at this series. They will all be available to help and answer any set-up questions you may have about your Team Durango DEX410 or DEX410R.


Controlled Tyres:

The controlled Tyres for the event will be dBoots Terrabyte and Schumacher Mini Pin.  Both types of tyre will be available to buy from the on-site Ardent Raceway shop.


Single class entry (2WD, 4WD or Sort Course):

Click Here

Multiple class entry (2WD / 4WD / Short Course):

Click Here

End of series raffle:

For each round you enter you will be given a raffle ticket for an end-of-series grand prize draw.

Prizes include: High speed passenger rides in the Kick Energy Rally Cars, free drinks, VIP access to the Kick Energy Rally Show at Chatsworth 2011, Hot air balloon rides (Weather Permitting), dBoots tyres and a Team Durango DEX410R kit!

Team Durango DEX410R

Winners of all formulas get VIP tickets to the Kick Energy Rally Show at Chatsworth 2011.


There will also be extra raffle tickets for Fastest Laps, Winners, Best Marshals. Concourse Prizes and more!!

It’s going to be an awesome event, so book early to avoid disappointment.

September 17, 2010

First official images of the Team Durango DESC410R

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Central weight distribution and low centre of gravity – even more important with the high bodies of SC trucks. Super stiff chassis assembly, big bore shocks, captive CVD’s, optimised gear ratio, 550 motor compatible.

In the shops middle of December.


Picture 1 of 4

Team Durango in Greece

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Over the past few months three electric off road races were held in Greece. Team Durango was present on all three with good results.

Track we raced was ARENA Electric Off Road a small but technical track with excellent traction.

arena-track-picARENA Track

First race was Greek National. Team Durango was present with 3 cars. All 3 Team Durango cars managed qualify for the A main.

The final standings were:-

1.       Zacharopoulos Kostas

2. Amaxas George (Team Durango DEX410) (Qualified 2nd)

3.       Papagianopoulos Argyris

4.       Foteinos Dimitirs

5.       Perogiannakis John

6. Nikolakopoulos Nick (Team Durango DEX410) (Qualified 8th)

7.       Amaxas Jim

8.       Antzoulatos Antonis

9.       Gavriilidis Bill

10. Ventouris Matthaios (Team Durango DEX410) (Qualified 10th)


The second race was the 8th Much More Cup race, held at same track. Again Team Durango was present this time with 2 cars and again both drivers managed to qualify for the A main with George in second spot once more!

1.       Zacharopoulos Kostas

2. Amaxas George (Team Durang DEX410) (Qualified 2nd)

3.       Papanikolaou John

4.       Amaxas Jim

5.       Papagianopoulos Argyris

6. Nikolakopoulos Nick (Team Durango DEX410) (Qualified 6th)

7.       Foteinos Dimitirs

8.       Kondozoglou Gregory

9.       Doucakis John

10.   Tzanakis George


The third race was another round of the National Championships. This time there were 2 Team Durango DEX410 cars in the top 3 overall with Nick Nikolakopoulos in second and George Amaxas in third. The overall standings were.

1.       Zacharopoulos Kostas

2. Nikolakopoulos Nick (Team Durango DEX410) (Qualified 3rd)

3. Amaxas George (Team Durango DEX410) (Qualified 2nd)

4.       Papanikolaou John

5.       Amaxas Jim

6.       Papagianopoulos Argyris

7.       Foteinos Dimitirs

8.       Kondozoglou Gregory

9.       Doucakis John

10.   Tzanakis George


September 15, 2010

Team Durango at the 1/10 Off Road European Championships

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The week of the 23rd to the 28th of August saw the European 1/10th Scale Off Road Electric Buggy Championships. Our drivers Hupo Hönigl and Martin Kreil sent us these reports of the event:-

Report from Hupo Hönigl:-

‘The Euros 2010 was held in Austria, Traiskirchen. The hosting club was RMC Wien, who already held a perfect Euros in 2006 that time on their own racetrack, which they unfortunately lost because the city built a school on that ground!



DEX210 Prototype

Racing started on Monday 23rd August with 2wd – for me after only a few hours sleep after coming home from the first round of the German 1/8th buggy nationals. The weather was really good and hot on Monday.

My first run of practise was kind of funny – after racing 1/8th buggy for 3 days my 2wd felt really odd to me… It took me some laps to get a feeling for the car again!

As the track started to groove my car felt better and better, and I was very happy with my pace.

On Tuesday the qualifying should have started, but instead the rain came and we had a full day break.

On Wednesday the weather looked better again and the club did a wonderful job with preparing the track for racing. It was a little strange, because the European Championships would be decided in one day only, but we had to live with that.

I knew we only had 3 qualifiers with 2 to count, so I tried to drive as safe as possible which turned out to be the right choice in the end.

Lee Martin took tq in qualifying with me 2nd and Paul Bradby in 3rd.

The first final was very strange – in the first lap all top 3 drives could not clear the quint jump, but still had a huge lead over the field, because of even more crashes behind us.

The lead changed quit often because Lee, Paul and myself crashed pretty often, and there was some nice battles going on!

In the end Lee won the first leg with Paul second and me third.

The second final was a bit more relaxed, with Lee pulling away from me and my gap to third was big as well.

After Lee took the win in legs 1 and 2 he was European Champion and did not start in leg 3.

I won leg 3 with Peter Pinisch finishing 2nd and Jörn Neumann in 3rd.

Overall i´m pretty happy with my second place at the Euros, with a prototype car with which we have had very limited testing time and a very small team to find the perfect setup!


2wd Podium

After finishing second in 2wd I was really confident for 4wd, because I knew the car will be awesome.



DEX410 in action

Practise was a copy of 2wd practise, the track started to groove and then in the end the rain came again and washed all the grip away from the track.

Qualifying started and the track was very slippery – nobody knew how the weather will be and how many qualifiers we would have.

I tried to make a safe run up front, it looked good until the last lap when a marshal stepped on my car and flipped me over :-( This cost one spot in the overall and i finished 4th in round 1.

Very unlucky was Rene Trauner from Austria, who had a very good run with his Team Durango DEX410 which would have been an easy top 3 result, but he broke his car in the end of his run at the big table top.

The second round I knew I had to push harder, and I did. I did the 2 fastest laps in the race, but had 2 little mistakes which cost me tq in round 2.

During the running of the 3rd round it started to rain again very heavy, and racing was stopped for the day.

Saturday was supposed to be the finial qualifying rounds and then finals, but the rain came again. We went direct to the finals with only one round of qualifying out of two to count!

Lee Martin was tq again with Jörn Neumann in 2nd Marc Rheinard in 3rd and me in 4th. Martin Kreil who had a good 2nd round also made it again in the top 10 at the Euros – same as last year! Rene Trauner was again a little unlucky in round 2 – having too much traffic starting last in his heat because of his dnf of round 1 and missed the main by not much.

The finals saw really hard battles again with Lee Martin again as a deserved champion, with Jörn finishing 2nd and Marc in 3rd.

I had 3-3-2 finishes in the finals, I was a little disappointed with finishing 4th. Overall i have to say my car was really quick – doing the fastest lap in practise and qualifying, but i made too many mistakes, which you must not do at a very high level competition such as the Euros.

The Euros were, beside the weather, very good and with a fully booked out field – 150drivers per class very highly competitive!’

Martin Kreil also sent us his report from the event:-


The DEX210 prototype handles well in the practice, the setup we made during testing 2 weeks before the event worked fine on the high grip surface. During the qualifying heats it started slightly to rain and the grip level decreases.  The surface became sandy and I couldn’t get enough corner-speed in these conditions, the set up for these conditions needs to be worked on.

I qualified in 12th position after 3 qualifying rounds, two of them to count, and I had 19 points (11 and 8), same points as Tom Cockerill (10th) and Viktor Wilck (11th).

I won the B final in front of Stefan Mesker, Jiri Mara and Rene Trauner.


On Thursday we had no rain during the practice heats. On Friday evening it started again to rain. On Saturday there were only one practice heat run and then again rain, so only one of two qualifying heats were counted. I had a 7th and 8th in round to count and started 10th in the A final.

In the finals I finished 8th in all three legs, giving me 10th position overall.’

September 14, 2010

Team Durango take 1st, 2nd and 3rd Overall @ Austrian Nationals

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Martin Kriel sent us this report from Durango-Land Austria.

Last weekend the 5th and final round of the Austrian nationals were held in Steyregg. The track is mainly clay with some carpeted 1/8th scale size jumps.

Steyregg Panorama

Hupo Honigl who had already won both the 2wd Championship with the prototype DEX210 and the 4wd Championship with the DEX410 was not attending the event, he was taking a well earned break away from the R/C scene in Vegas.


My car felt very good during the practice, but I felt it could be improved upon with some fine tuning. I needed a little more smoothness under power so I thinned the rear diff oil. The car now felt much better and I was then able to ‘dial-in’ the shocks as the surface became more bumpy, by softening off the damping all round.

In the first round of qualifying my car was awesome and I took TQ in the round with a clean run. Rene Trauner closely follwed me home also driving a Durango.

The 2nd round of qualifying was held on Sunday morning, this round was won by Roland Macho with his DEX410, with myself  in 2nd and Peter Wirthner in 3rd.

In Round 3, I took TQ from Hauleitner & Macho.

Rene Trauner took round 4 making it a clean sweep for Durango’s in qualifying with each round going to a DEX410. 2nd was  Macho and 3rd Prihoda, both driving the Durango chassis.

Overall qualifying had me on the TQ spot followed by Macho and Trauner. 4 other Durango’s made the A-main, making a total of  7 DEX410’s in the main event.

Finals: Rene Trauner won the first 2 finals and therfore took 1st overall at the meeting,  I won the 3rd final in front of Marcus Prihoda. So the overall result was:

1.    Rene Trauner

2.    Martin Kreil

3.    Marcus Prihoda

All 3 were driving a Durango! Other Durango drivers:

4. Macho Roland

7. Gerd Pazout

8. Thomas Holicky

10. Philipp Stocker.


Sven Rudig won the B final.

The Austrian outdoor season is now over and the overall series result finished like this:

1.    Hupo Honigl     DEX410

2.    Rene Trauner   DEX410

3.    Martin Kreil      DEX410

4.    Roland Macho DEX410

5.    Marcus Prihoda DEX410


Well done from all @ Team Durango to the drivers in Durango-land (Austria)

Martin’s TQ Set-up can be found here:

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