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September 15, 2010

Team Durango at the 1/10 Off Road European Championships

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The week of the 23rd to the 28th of August saw the European 1/10th Scale Off Road Electric Buggy Championships. Our drivers Hupo Hönigl and Martin Kreil sent us these reports of the event:-

Report from Hupo Hönigl:-

‘The Euros 2010 was held in Austria, Traiskirchen. The hosting club was RMC Wien, who already held a perfect Euros in 2006 that time on their own racetrack, which they unfortunately lost because the city built a school on that ground!



DEX210 Prototype

Racing started on Monday 23rd August with 2wd – for me after only a few hours sleep after coming home from the first round of the German 1/8th buggy nationals. The weather was really good and hot on Monday.

My first run of practise was kind of funny – after racing 1/8th buggy for 3 days my 2wd felt really odd to me… It took me some laps to get a feeling for the car again!

As the track started to groove my car felt better and better, and I was very happy with my pace.

On Tuesday the qualifying should have started, but instead the rain came and we had a full day break.

On Wednesday the weather looked better again and the club did a wonderful job with preparing the track for racing. It was a little strange, because the European Championships would be decided in one day only, but we had to live with that.

I knew we only had 3 qualifiers with 2 to count, so I tried to drive as safe as possible which turned out to be the right choice in the end.

Lee Martin took tq in qualifying with me 2nd and Paul Bradby in 3rd.

The first final was very strange – in the first lap all top 3 drives could not clear the quint jump, but still had a huge lead over the field, because of even more crashes behind us.

The lead changed quit often because Lee, Paul and myself crashed pretty often, and there was some nice battles going on!

In the end Lee won the first leg with Paul second and me third.

The second final was a bit more relaxed, with Lee pulling away from me and my gap to third was big as well.

After Lee took the win in legs 1 and 2 he was European Champion and did not start in leg 3.

I won leg 3 with Peter Pinisch finishing 2nd and Jörn Neumann in 3rd.

Overall i´m pretty happy with my second place at the Euros, with a prototype car with which we have had very limited testing time and a very small team to find the perfect setup!


2wd Podium

After finishing second in 2wd I was really confident for 4wd, because I knew the car will be awesome.



DEX410 in action

Practise was a copy of 2wd practise, the track started to groove and then in the end the rain came again and washed all the grip away from the track.

Qualifying started and the track was very slippery – nobody knew how the weather will be and how many qualifiers we would have.

I tried to make a safe run up front, it looked good until the last lap when a marshal stepped on my car and flipped me over :-( This cost one spot in the overall and i finished 4th in round 1.

Very unlucky was Rene Trauner from Austria, who had a very good run with his Team Durango DEX410 which would have been an easy top 3 result, but he broke his car in the end of his run at the big table top.

The second round I knew I had to push harder, and I did. I did the 2 fastest laps in the race, but had 2 little mistakes which cost me tq in round 2.

During the running of the 3rd round it started to rain again very heavy, and racing was stopped for the day.

Saturday was supposed to be the finial qualifying rounds and then finals, but the rain came again. We went direct to the finals with only one round of qualifying out of two to count!

Lee Martin was tq again with Jörn Neumann in 2nd Marc Rheinard in 3rd and me in 4th. Martin Kreil who had a good 2nd round also made it again in the top 10 at the Euros – same as last year! Rene Trauner was again a little unlucky in round 2 – having too much traffic starting last in his heat because of his dnf of round 1 and missed the main by not much.

The finals saw really hard battles again with Lee Martin again as a deserved champion, with Jörn finishing 2nd and Marc in 3rd.

I had 3-3-2 finishes in the finals, I was a little disappointed with finishing 4th. Overall i have to say my car was really quick – doing the fastest lap in practise and qualifying, but i made too many mistakes, which you must not do at a very high level competition such as the Euros.

The Euros were, beside the weather, very good and with a fully booked out field – 150drivers per class very highly competitive!’

Martin Kreil also sent us his report from the event:-


The DEX210 prototype handles well in the practice, the setup we made during testing 2 weeks before the event worked fine on the high grip surface. During the qualifying heats it started slightly to rain and the grip level decreases.  The surface became sandy and I couldn’t get enough corner-speed in these conditions, the set up for these conditions needs to be worked on.

I qualified in 12th position after 3 qualifying rounds, two of them to count, and I had 19 points (11 and 8), same points as Tom Cockerill (10th) and Viktor Wilck (11th).

I won the B final in front of Stefan Mesker, Jiri Mara and Rene Trauner.


On Thursday we had no rain during the practice heats. On Friday evening it started again to rain. On Saturday there were only one practice heat run and then again rain, so only one of two qualifying heats were counted. I had a 7th and 8th in round to count and started 10th in the A final.

In the finals I finished 8th in all three legs, giving me 10th position overall.’

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