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October 26, 2010

DEX410 Dominates in Belgium

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We have received news from Team Durango new signing Raphael Robert about last weekends meeting at the Black Country Arena in Belgium.

‘Last weekend saw the first round of the ‘Challenge Indoor Winter Trophy’ of Belgium. Present at the meeting were all the top drivers from Belgium and also some Dutch and German drivers had made the trip to race.

With my new Durango DEX410 I set TQ in 2 of the 3 qualifiers giving me overall TQ. From that position I was able to win all the finals.

TQ – Win – Track Record .

Perfect week end for the first race with the Durango DEX410′

Congratulations for Raphael from Team Durango!


Team Durango Winter Series – only a few places left!

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Team Durango Winter Series 2010 ardent-racewaylogo

With less than 5 days to go until the first round of the Team Durango off-road Winter series begins, there are only a handful of places left.  If you want to race, make sure you enter as soon as possible!

We can confirm that the DESC410R will be making its worldwide racing debut in the hands of Team Durango UK Team Manager, Adam Skelding.

Single class entry (2WD, 4WD or Sort Course):

Click Here

Multiple class entry (2WD / 4WD / Short Course):

Click Here

As you can see from these pictures, the track is coming along very nicely.

The track will be open for practice on Saturday 30th October. For further information visit the Ardent Racing website or call 0845 519 1019

October 13, 2010

Korean Durango Race Round 1

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Tresrey, our distributor in Japan, sent us details of the Team Durango race series in Korea.

‘Our friend, Hobby Culture (Team Durango/Tresrey Korean distributor) held their first race event called “Durango Race Round 1” at Unique Indoor Off-Road Circuit in Pusan, Korea. There were 25 entrants at this event including 17 DEX410/Rs.

Race result:




Hobby Culture held a draw prize draw which included Durango kits and Tresrey option parts.  Also the winner of this race, LEE GYUHYEON will be supported next 12months by Hobby Culture and Tresrey and racing in many races in Korea with his DEX410.’

October 12, 2010

Ryan Lutz for Durango

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Team Durango would  like to officially welcome Ryan Lutz to the team for the 2010 IFMAR worlds – yes its taken a while to get this news up officially, but we have all been busy getting cars and parts ready for the practice in Pattaya.


The timing was perfect for Durango to pick up Ryan, who as everyone knows is the fastest turn marshal in US history, but also a top racer and all round nice guy. We are very pleased and honoured to have him in our small team, we are confident he can showcase Team Durango products at the world champs and when he gets back home in the USA.

We’d love to have Ryan as part of Team Durango for years to come, but time was too tight to thrash out a long term deal, so we simply promised Ryan that we will make the best cars we can (and keep the development moving as fast as possible); and his promise to us, is to rip up the track try to win everything he attends. Once we’ve got going then we can talk about longer term deals.

Ryan will not stick only to nitro, he will give our electric cars a thrash too – this should be fun to see.

October 8, 2010

Team Durango and

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web logo-base-flame5_250

Team Durango are proud to announce that we have been confirmed as co-main partners of the prestigious Petit RCcultural race for 2011.

The race will be held at the Ardent raceway, the same venue as the Team Durango Winter Series.

The Petit RCcultural race is always well attended by some of the very best drivers in the world which is why we are supporting this event.

We urge all serious races to book early for this exciting race.

TEAM DURANGO FRANCE had a very good weekend in Aytré

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Our friend Gilles Bernnardo sent us this race report from France:

“We discovered for the very first time this nice and technical Track in Aytré. Hervé LEFORESTIER and is MCA club member had made an impressive work to organize the French Cup.


From the first run of the cars our DEX 410 were really fast with five cars in the top 10.

Qualifying heat 1 :
Two Pilots where really fast, Armand LANTHEAUME and Cyril BALDINI, both of them really close to 15 laps. Behind them, Vincent HELIGOIN and Mickaël LENOUAILLE managed 14 laps 5’11 and 5’20. Gilles BENNARDO was fifth with the second DEX410.

Qualifying heat 2 :

Once again Cyril was the fastest, even though a little rain slowed-down all the pilots. Vincent was second, with Gilles and Armand not too far behind.

After Qualifying heat 3 :

Five DEX 410 qualified for the A main! The DEX410 was very reliable on the very demanding and difficult track.


Throughout the meeting TEAM DURANGO FRANCE were working all together to improve the DEX410 even more. At the end of qualifying heat five of our DEX410 were in the top 10. Once again Cyril BALDINI took TQ.

Final A1 :
After a small mistake at the start of the race by Cyril, Vincent HELIGOIN took the lead on the fourth lap. He then made a big mistake, leaving Cyril coming back to first place, with Armand third and Gilles fourth. On the very last lap, Cyril was a little off line out of a corner, with Vincent punching with his car … and jumping to the finish line. This action was not appreciated by the referee, so the decision was to give back the victory to Cyril once the referee had reviewed the video of the race.


Final A2 :
Unlucky Vincent broke his car on the fourth lap. Cyril kept cool and his first position to claim the win and with it the French Cup title! Cyril’s car was really fast and easy on big airs, awesome !


Final A3 :
Having already won the title by winning the first two legs of the A final, Cyril decided not to race in the final leg. Following a BIG mistake after the double, Vincent and Armand where passed by Gilles with his DEX410. At the end of the straight line, Gilles  made a mistake putting his Durango on a track marker. Armand took first place, Frédéric PAIN finished second and Vincent finished third.

Cyril BALDINI took the lead from the first heat and never looked back. In doing so he became the French Cup Champion. It is the fifth national victory this season for our great pilot! Well done Cyril! The track became really bumpy as the race was going on. We had to find fine setup to keep improving lap times. It was a great team effort by Team DURANGO FRANCE. Thanks to our DEX 410, the event was a really great weekend.”


October 7, 2010

Team Durango DEX410 – Italian National Champions – again!

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Duccio Sfondrini from RC Supermarket (Team Durango’s partners in Italy), sent us this news about the DEX410 retaining its National Championship winning car title for the second year in a row:

“Team Durango Italian champion again!
Rcsupermarket (Durango official importer in Italy) is proud to announce that in 2010 the Durango DEX410 was confirmed as winner.
After winning all three tests of the Italian Championship (one indoor and two outdoor), team Rcsupemarket took the title Andrea Nerone and second place overall Marco Zambon.
The two drivers directly support split wins (2 for Andrea, one for Marco) and the team result was always excellent. In each A final there have always been at least four DEX410s (there were six at the indoor race of Bologna), and in the final race of Mondovi five Durangos occupied the top five places (with a DEX410R in 5th).

The performance of the car also allowed many non-sponsored customers to get good results. The third place of George Bove in Mondovì is the best example.

Special thanks to Team Durango and all the drivers who chose the DEX410 for allowing us to achieve these excellent results.

Team Rcsupermarket”

“Team Durango ancora campione Italiano!
Rcsupermarket (importatore ufficiale del marchio Durango in italia) è orgoglioso di annunciare che anche nel 2010 la DEX410 si è confermata vincente.
Dopo aver vinto tutte 3 le prove di campionato Italiano (una indoor e 2 outdoor) il team di Rcsupemarket ha portato al titolo Andrea Nerone e al secondo posto assoluto Marco Zambon. I due piloti direttamente supportati si sono divisi le vittorie (2 per Andrea, 1 per Marco) e il risultato di squadra è stato sempre ottimo. In ogni prova di finale A le DEX410 sono sempre state almeno 4 (ben 6 nella prova indoor di Bologna) e nella gara finale di Mondovì addirittura 5 Durango hanno occupato i primi 5 posti della classifica (al 5° posto una DEX410R).

Le performance della vettura hanno consentito anche ai clienti di ottenere ottimi risultati. Il terzo posto di Giorgio Bove a Mondovì ne è l’esempio migliore.

Un ringraziamento speciale quindi a Team Durango e a tutti i piloti che si sono affidati alla DEX410 per averci permesso di raggiungere questi eccellenti risultati.

Team Rcsupermarket”

This is another awesome result. Molto Grazie to RC Supermarket and all Team Durango fans in Italy.

Team Durango DEX410 dominates in Finland

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Harri Kervola and Team Durango DEX410 wrapped up 1st place overall in the Finnish national Championships after 4 rounds! Harri took fourth place in the last round held at Hyvinkaa´s Racing Club securing his 1st position overall in the nationals. Team Durango drivers took 5 of the top 10 places in the overall rankings after the 4 round series.


Harri Kervola – Finnish National Champion

Finnish Championships overall results top 10:
1. Harri Kervola (Team Durango)
2. Jarno Siltanen (Team Durango)
3. Jani Hovi (Team Durango)
4. Karri Salmela
5. Tomi Mairue (Team Durango)
6. Arto Heinonen
7. Henry Salmen
8. Joseph Quagrane
9. Jussi Rinne (Team Durango)
10. Pauli Helin


5 DEX410’s in the top 10 overall

Congratulations to Harri and all the DEX410 drivers from Team Durango!

October 5, 2010

Finnish National Championships Round 3

Filed under: News — Team Durango @ 3:49 pm

Harri Kervola sent us this report from round 3 of the Finnish National Championships.

‘The third round of the Finnish Championship was held in Vaasa. The hosting club was Vaasa´s UA, who already held a perfect Euros in 2007 and will be hosting 2011 Worlds. The weekend started on Friday the 10th of September with a free practice. Saturday was a racing day of 2wd’s and Sunday was for 4wd’s.


Photo by

On the sunday morning the weather was quite wet, because we had some slight overnight rain. I passed my first run of controlled practise, because the track was very wet and slippery. The weather and the track conditions got better all the time, so I run the second round of the controlled practise. The balance of the car felt great and I was very happy with my pace.

Round 1.

The track was drying and it would probably be the fastest round of the day as the track would get slightly slower, because more rain was coming. I hadn’t enough pace because I took the first round too carefully. I also made one mistake, and due to that I drove to a wet spot and spinned out. There was a tight battle of the first place so Karri Salmela and Jarno Siltanen dropped me to the 3rd place.

Result top 5: Lap Total time Diff. Best time
1 Karri Salmela 12 05:15.3 25.416
2 Jarno Siltanen 12 05:15.4 0.081 25.5
3 Harri Kervola 12 05:15.4 0.136 25.673
4 Jani Hovi 12 05:19.4 4.068 25.93
5 Tomi Mairue 12 05:19.8 4.541 25.905

Round 2.

At the start of the round 2 it started to rain. At first it didn’t really seem to make much difference to the track, but as it kept raining, the track started to become a little slippy. However my car felt great and I drove a clean heat. Also my pace was very fast, so I took the first place of the 2nd round with a big difference compared to the others.

Result top 5: Lap Total time Diff. Best time
1 Harri Kervola 12 05:12.8 25.801
2 Tomi Mairue 12 05:21.8 9.018 26.114
3 Jarno Siltanen 12 05:24.4 11.567 25.804
4 Sami Salmela 12 05:25.6 12.736 26.058
5 Jussi Rinne 11 05:00.4 –1 Lap– 26.325

Round 3.

The track condition was the same as earlier. Once again I took a very fast and clean heat, so I won the second round. My fastest heat result was so fast, that no one could probably beat it. The TQ was very close now. 😉

Result top 5: Lap Total time Diff. Best time
1 Harri Kervola 12 05:12.1 25.673
2 Karri Salmela 12 05:16.7 4.646 25.725
3 Jarno Siltanen 12 05:20.7 8.592 25.746
4 Jani Hovi 12 05:21.1 8.976 25.965
5 Riku Tolonen 12 05:24.7 12.616 26.582

Round 4.

It started to rain more and more. Now the track was muddy and sticky. The balance of my car was totally wrong, there was too much rear traction and the car was slow. There was a tight battle of the first place and Jarno Siltanen dropped me to the 2rd place.

Result top 5: Lap Total time Diff. Best time
1 Jarno Siltanen 12 05:21.1 26.401
2 Harri Kervola 12 05:21.7 0.644 26.26
3 Karri Salmela 12 05:24.9 3.761 26.15
4 Samuli Kesseli 12 05:25.0 3.888 26.617
5 Pauli Helin 12 05:25.5 4.357 26.211

Overall top 3:

Driver Round1 Round2 Round 3 Round4 Overall
1 Harri Kervola 3 0 0 2 0
2 Jarno Siltanen 2 3 3 0 2
3 Karri Salmela 0 DNF 3 3 3

A-Final 1.

The track was very muddy and sticky. When I was starting to get ready to the first A-final I was a bite nervous about my car balance. Couple of the first laps I took too carefully and dropped down to the third place. After that something happened to my car and I lost almost all power, so I had to stop driving. ESC had gone wet, damn! Jarno Siltanen won the A-finals and Karri Salmela took the second place.

In the pit I tried to prepair ESC, because I hadn’t enough time to change a new one. And miracle happened, it worked! So now I had to hope that the ESC would work through the rest of the finals. However now my car balance was good and I was very confident with my pace.


Pos. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap
1 Jarno Siltanen 11 05:03.3 26.042 3
2 Karri Salmela 11 05:03.8 0.493 26.269 8
3 Samuli Kesseli 11 05:12.1 8.822 26.755 4
4 Jani Hovi 11 05:13.5 10.169 26.685 1
5 Jussi Rinne 11 05:22.4 19.141 27.31 11
6 Riku Tolonen 11 05:22.8 19.485 26.986 4
7 Pauli Helin 10 04:46.2 –1 Lap– 26.799 5
8 Harri Kervola 4 02:02.2 –7 Laps– 26.561 1
9 Sami Salmela 3 01:37.3 –8 Laps– 27.297 3
10 Tomi Mairue 2 01:34.3 –9 Laps– 38.332 1

A1-Final video by

A-Final 2.

The Track was heavily wet and muddy. Fingers crossed, work work ESC! Everything worked just fine and I took the win easily. In this final my toughest opponents Jarno Siltanen and Karri Salmela  had the same problems with electric device what I had had in the first final.


Pos. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap
1 Harri Kervola 11 05:03.7 26.15 1
2 Jani Hovi 11 05:06.9 3.214 26.459 10
3 Tomi Mairue 11 05:09.8 6.106 26.2 3
4 Samuli Kesseli 11 05:19.1 15.429 26.591 5
5 Jussi Rinne 10 05:00.0 –1 Lap– 27.587 6
6 Riku Tolonen 10 05:05.0 5.025 27.017 7
7 Pauli Helin 9 04:16.9 –2 Laps– 26.441 5
8 Jarno Siltanen 9 05:21.9 01:05.0 26.197 4
9 Sami Salmela 0 –:–:–.— –:–:–. — –
10 Karri Salmela 0 –:–:–.— –:–:–. — –

A2-Final video by


Photo by Kim Bengs

A-Final 3.

The track condition was horrible. Now everyone got to the grid and the battle of the win could start. There were a lot happening in the first laps and the positions changed couple of times. It seemed that I or Jarno Siltanen would take the win. We had a tough battle of the win with Jarno Siltanen, but suddenly something happened and he dropped far behind. Now I had to drive without any mistakes and the win would be mine. And I took it! I won the race. =D


Pos. Name Laps Total time Diff Best time In lap
1 Harri Kervola 11 05:11.5 26.477 9
2 Jarno Siltanen 11 05:12.6 1.102 26.661 9
3 Tomi Mairue 11 05:14.1 2.621 26.457 9
4 Jani Hovi 11 05:18.8 7.28 26.34 9
5 Samuli Kesseli 11 05:21.1 9.649 27.063 9
6 Karri Salmela 11 05:26.6 15.075 27.25 10
7 Pauli Helin 11 05:26.9 15.419 26.818 10
8 Riku Tolonen 11 05:29.7 18.16 26.479 6
9 Sami Salmela 10 05:18.9 –1 Lap– 27.375 8
10 Jussi Rinne 5 02:55.2 –6 Laps– 30.443 4

A3-Final video by


Photo by Kim Bengs

Overall result top 10:

Pos. Name Overal Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Car
1 Harri Kervola 2 8 1 1 DEX410
2 Jarno Siltanen 3 1 8 2 DEX410
3 Jani Hovi 6 4 2 4 DEX410
4 Tomi Mairue 6 10 3 3 DEX410
5 Samuli Kesseli 7 3 4 5 B44
6 Karri Salmela 8 2 10 6 TRF511
7 Jussi Rinne 10 5 5 10 DEX410
8 Riku Tolonen 12 6 6 8 FS2
9 Pauli Helin 14 7 7 7 B44
10 Sami Salmela 18 9 10 9 TRF511

Great results for Team Durango. We took the first, the second, the third, the fourth and the seventh places in the race results. =D


Photo by

Finish Championship result after three rounds:

Pos. Driver 1 2 3 4 Overall
1.Harri Kervola 90 76 100 266
2.Jarno Siltanen 82 82 90 254
3.Tomi Mairue 76 60 76 212
4. Jani Hovi 50 69 82 201
5. Joseph Quagraine 100 100 0 200
6. Karri Salmela 63 66 69 198
7. Henry Salmen 54 72 54 180
8. Jussi Rinne 69 38 66 173
9. Harri Nyman 66 63 44 173
10. Arto Heinonen 72 90 0 162

Team Durango holds the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the eight and the ninth places in the overall results when there is only one race left. =D

I want to thank for these videos and photos: in:

Kim Bengs’

Durango Domination at Broxtowe Winter Series Round 1.

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Nathan Waters sent us in this report from the start of the Indoor season.

After a long summer of outdoor racing, the East Midlands indoor season kicked off with the highly popular Broxtowe Model Car Club indoor winter series. The Broxtowe club had once again done an excellent job with the space available and created a tardis of a track which had plenty of features but still left room for racing. The persistent rain outside proving that indoors was definitely the place to be!


With TQ in all four rounds Nathan Waters lined up first on the grid and James Helliwell second with second place in the final three rounds of qualifying. Rob Fox put in a solid performance to put his DEX410R third on the grid.

The DEX410 was clearly the car of choice on a very high grip surface which rubbered in throughout the day. There were no less than six Durangos in the nine car A final including Dan Austin ensuring that Team Durango had both ends of the grid covered with his first run of his new 410R .


1 Nathan Waters DEX410

2 James Helliwell DEX410

3 Rob Fox DEX410R

7 Simon Heath DEX410

8 Richard Ralph DEX410

9 Dan Austin DEX410R

The final was a close fought affair at the front with James staying close enough to capitalise on any mistake Nathan made. It was James that was first to crack though making a mistake in the fast chicane giving Nathan a lead which he kept to the finish. Rob Fox and Dave Gibson had another close battle for third which eventually went Daves’ way after mistakes saw the gap between them close and stretch out throughout the race.


1 Nathan Waters DEX410

2 James Helliwell DEX410

4 Rob Fox DEX410R

7 Richard Ralph DEX410

8 Dan Austin DEX410R

9 Simon Heath DEX410

A video of the A final can be found here

Nathan’s Winning Set-up can be found here

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