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November 30, 2010


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We have sold out of the first and second batches of DNX408’s.

Sorry, but the ‘408’s that are out there out with distributors and on there way to shops now (1st batch) plus what’s soon to be out there (later in December, 2nd batch) is all that we are likely to be able to get until March.

We tried our best for this not to happen – We got forecasts in advance off all the distributors world wide, which is based on what they expected their market needed from seeing our pre-release photos. In most cases the distributors estimate high to make sure they get what they need and to hold some in stock.

Durango then ordered based on that total, plus some for stock for the first batch – but with the pace the car showed at the WC they were SOLD OUT before even being packed. Before going to Pattaya we gambled on ordering a second batch (same quantity) for holding in stock, that batch is SOLD OUT as well.

The bottom line is that Durango is sold out of the DNX408 until around March, so if you want a DNX408 you’ll have to reserve one of the ones that’s out there or soon to be out there with the shops and distributors that trusted in Team Durango.

Rear diff access on the production DNX408

Picture 1 of 1

November 24, 2010

Team Durango truggy – it’s official DNX408T project is go.

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There has been much speculation if we will make a truggy version of the DNX408, but now it’s official, we will. The demand from the racers out there meant that we had no choice.


November 20, 2010

Durango DNX408 – Fast enough to win the World Title. Shipping now.

Filed under: News — Team Durango @ 10:16 am

On its first major outing as production spec, the DNX408 proved it had the raw pace and toughness to win the world title. Only bad luck with none chassis related issues put the cars out early.


Everyone has reasons why they did not make it to the main final, but few can say they topped the lap times 3 rounds out of 6. (see the quote from RedRC below) Few can say they had this pace when the track was slick and also later when it started to rough up. Few can claim a top two finish for a round at a world champs when taking it easy. Few can claim zero car related DNF’s for the whole week. Ryan Lutz driving the all new Team Durango DNX408 for only the third time, can make that claim.

Many people wrote Lutz off before the event, saying things like “it’s too close to the worlds to change car”, but Ryan’s raw talent and the raw pace of the new Durango car were plain to see. For example – Ryan set the third fastest lap time for the whole finals Sunday, only beaten by Tebo and King, not bad for an early morning run.

Durango would like to congratulate everyone who made the final at the toughest RC race ever and especially Cody for an awesome drive by a true Champion. We hope to be there next  time round.

The DNX408 is leaving the factory now and is expected to be in the shops, around the world, on the 29th of November.

DSC_0272There were seven DNX408’s at the IFMAR worlds, two factory drivers (Ryan and Hupo), Gerd the man behind Durango and four lucky customers. On this car killer track we had ZERO chassis related “did not finish’s” which is something we are very proud of. Everyone loved the way the car handled (safe but quick) and were surprised how much punishment it could take.

Ryan Lutz was always on the pace with the production DNX408, as reported by RedRC – “Having set the fastest lap in both of the qualifiers yesterday, Lutz again was the quickest man over a single lap but this time he backed it up with a good 10-minute pace.” (placing second overall in the round behind Tebo) “….he ran as conservative as he possibly could and that while it goes against his natural driving instinct it is really the only way to post a competitive time around this track.”

November 19, 2010

DESC410R rear bumper

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Our temporary “coming soon” webpage for the DESC410R does not show the standard rear bumper very well, so here’s an extra photo. Its a race spec car so we did not want to add too much weight, the bumper does a good job of protecting the car from nose up landings without throwing you off the racing line.

Finally, the tyres shown in the photos will not be included in the kit, as racers will buy what’s best for their track.


November 16, 2010

Asia EP Buggy Party Selection Race, Round 3, China

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 2:54 pm

We received this race report from our Chinese partners, Esteed Hobby:

“Due to bad weather, the third round of the selection race was postponed to the last week end of October. The race was held in the brand new Hanzhou Indoor Race Track. This is the third different track in as many rounds for this series, a first in the history of EP buggy racing in China!

The track was a decent sized layout which proved to be fun to race on. The track surface was covered by a very fine dirt, and it become very loose and dusty after a several qualifying rounds. This meant that the lap times dropped more then one second inbetween different legs. It proved to be very important to have a good run for the first qualification round. Without a good first run the track changed so much that the chances of getting a fast run were nearly impossible. However, it was the same for every driver.

The series leader for 4WD, Team Durango China Team Manager John,  missed out on the TQ spot by making mistakes on the first qualification round. Although he remained to be the man to beat all day long, TQ was not to be and this time, it went to another Team Durango China Team Member Luo Yong Sheng driving a DEX410R.

The final clearly saw the advantage of the DEX410 platform when everyone seemed to be running on the moon surface! Being stable yet agile, with explosive acceleration, the DEX410 was the car to beat all day. John Ho managed to clean-up all three legs of the final, all by the margin of one lap, and dominate the final. Luo Yong Sheng continued his good form, and was the only man who actually came close to challenge for the lead. Third place went to a veteran, also driving a Team Durango DEX410R, Nelson Leung, who had just started racing after a long absence. He improved his result from fifth place in the previous race to being third this time round.

The Team Durango DEX410 cleaned-up the rostrum by taking TQ, A1, A2 and A3, congratulations!!

By winning the third race of the series, and on a format of taking the best three out of four, Team Durango China Team Manager John Ho, are crowned as the champion of the series, and will be attending the final race in Thailand next year. Congratulations John!”

November 11, 2010

DEX410 is South African National Champion (again!)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 3:16 pm

Team Durango’s South African partner, Jaco van Eeden (HobbyFreaks), sent us this race report:

“Bushveld model racing, situated in Limpopo, South Africa, hosted the fourth and final leg of the South African Championship on the 30-31 October.  A total of 87 entries made up the field of drivers.  There were 14 drivers participating in 4wd modified of which there were a total of six Dex410 and Dex410R drivers.  In the A main, five of the 10 cars were Team Durango drivers.  There were also two Team Durango drivers in the A main 4wd stock class with Pieter van Eeden qualifying in 3rd and Dirk Badenhorst in 6th.

As the Qualifying started, it was clear that the DEX410/410R was the car to beat.  Jaco van Eeden set the pace in the first qualifier with the fastest time followed by Charles Hollander. These positions remained the same in the second qualifier.  In the second heat, Jaco van Eeden did the only 15 lapper for the weekend with a sub 24 second lap.

The Team Durango drivers qualified as follows:
1st – Jaco van Eeden
2nd – Charles Hollander
4th – Niel Wanvig
6th – Werner Golomobick
10th – Riaan Opperman

Sunday morning saw the start of the A mains with some bad luck on Jaco van Eeden’s side as he had some problems with his lipo batteries as well as tyre problems which resulted him in having the fifth spot overall for the weekend.  Charles Hollander took first place in the second and third A Mains, being very consistent with his Team Durango DEX410.  A new Team Durango driver, Neil Wanvig finished fourth overall. He progressed from a previous B main result to a fourth spot in the A main, a direct result from changing to a Team Durango DEX410R!  Also, Daniel du Toit, new to RC racing and a new Team Durango DEX410R driver, started in the Jurassic class and qualified in fourth position, ending in the third spot overall.

Despite his fifth place at this race, Jaco van Eeden became the overall winner of the SA Championship, with Charles Hollander in overall third position.  We at Team Durango SA have had a very good year and we look forward to a great racing season next year.

Go Team Durango!!!!”

November 5, 2010

Team Durango DNX408 ready for the 1/8 World Championships in Pattaya

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Gerd's DNX408

Even before the 1/8 Team Durango Worlds team went to the World Championship track in Pattaya, Thailand, in October, we knew that the track was HARD.

It is not only a hard track to drive, it is a HARD track on cars.  We knew from seeing how other teams’ cars suffered at the warm-up race that the chassis in particular came in for some real punishment. During our tests in October, Ryan Lutz, Hupo Honigl and Gerd Strenge were able to confirm quite how punishing the Pattaya track surface was.

Since he returned from Pattaya three weeks ago, Gerd has been working night and day on a solution to protect the chassis from the super-hard track surface and mega-high jumps.  The 7075 hardened aluminium chassis, which comes as standard on the DNX408, withstood the punishment the track gave it really well, but Gerd wanted to give the chassis even more resilience.

From these photos you can what Gerd has done. Using his engineering expertise, Gerd has taken a standard DNX408 chassis and steel to make front and rear skid plates. What is special about Gerd’s work is that he has managed to bend the skid-plate around the front kick-up of the chassis and make the rear skid-plate cover the full width of the rear of the chassis.  Gerd milled the underside of the top chassis layer and then, inset skid-plates for the front and rear of the car.  This means that the hardened skid-plates sit perfectly flush to the bottom of the chassis. So, when the Pattaya track eats-away at the skid-plates, Gerd can simply replace them for new skid-plates.

Gerd's 'skid-plate special' chassis

We look forward to seeing how well this works when the World Championships start on November 8th.  At the moment there are no plans to put this ‘skid-plate special’ chassis into production. Of course, if there is enough demand, Team Durango will listen to what our drivers want and we may offer it as an option part in the future.

Team Durango would like to wish all competitors at this year’s World Championships the best of luck.

Team Durango DNX408

November 4, 2010

DEX410 TQ & Win with Collinson at the Wheel.

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 2:50 pm

Team Durango driver Craig Collinson sends us in this report from round 1 of the Chadderton Indoor Series:

The venue

The series is been held at Raddclyffe Athletic Centre in their huge sports hall, with the surface been very similar to that of Worksop. The surface is a kind of cork flooring, which is very smooth giving low to medium grip. The track was laid out on the Saturday to allow for an early start, as there were 12 heats in total. The layout was very large taking full advantage of the huge hall and included man made jumps and lots of fast sweeping corners.

Race format

Round by round qualifying was decided with your best two of four to count. This is probably the fairest way of qualifying as it rewards speed and consistency, even though the venue is indoors the track does become quicker throughout the day as the temperature in the hall rises and rubber from the tyres beds into the track. After qualifying only one final would decide the winner which made your qualifying position all that more important in order get a good start!

Round 1, 2, 3 and 4

Each round saw some very close racing with some fast racers in attendance, but it was Team Durango driver Craig Collinson who had the edge, taking FTQ in each and every round of qualifying to give Craig and his DEX410 pole in the A-main. Second place after qualifying went to Mark Stanley who finished 2nd at Southport National just behind former world champion Neil Cragg! This just proved how quick the DEX410 was going. Damian Whittle and Graham North had a great day with their DEX’s and also made the A-main.


The start of the final didn’t quite go according to plan as Craig’s car spun out to the left on some tape that was used to mark out the grid positions. Craig managed to gain control just in time and only lost one place going into the first corner. Mark Stanley took an early lead with Craig in hot pursuit. This was a great opportunity to showcase just how good the DEX really is as Craig hadn’t been in this position all day so was going to have to push hard to regain 1st place. Craig sat comfortably behind Mark for most of the race but then really started to apply the pressure during the last few minutes. With less than a minute to go the pressure forced a very small error from Mark just before coming onto the main straight. Craig didn’t hesitate to capitalise and as Mark went slightly wide Craig snuck down the inside with a clean move to take the lead entering the straight. With only a few laps to go it was Marks turn to try and apply the pressure which he did, but Craig managed to keep his cool to take a great win for Team Durango!!

Craig’s TQ & Winning Set-up can be found here:

Video of the A main can be found here:

November 2, 2010

Team Durango Winter Series at Ardent Raceway – Round 1

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Last weekend saw the first round of the Team Durango Winter Series at Ardent Raceway.

The Venue

Ardent Raceway is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication by John Dawson and the staff and volunteers who have spent a lot of time making this facility into one of the best indoor racing facilities in the UK.  The venue usually holds on-road meetings on a perfectly flat carpet track. John wanted to return to his racing roots and hold an off-road series at Ardent Raceway, this was the first round of this series and the  first off-road meeting to be held at this venue.

On the Friday before the event the transformation of the track from a flat carpet track to a multi-surface off-road track was started. This was completed on Saturday morning, ready for the arrival of keen off-roaders wanting to practise.

The track consisted of different surfaces including several different types of carpet, hardboard and laminate flooring. There was a table top feature with a hairpin, a wall ride, rumble mats and a tricky double jump.


track left

track right

Sunday – Race Day

116 competitors were booked in, this was split into 6 heat of 2wd, 6 heats of 4wd and one heat of Short Course Trucks.

Several of the countries top off-road racers were booked in and would be fighting it out for overall victory. Also competing in a rare off-road outing was former World and European on-road champion Andy Moore.

The format of the meeting was 3 rounds of FTD qualifying followed by 2 legged finals for everybody. This is a little different to round-by-round qualifying format that has become the norm for off road events. Having 2 finals for everybody would ensure more racing against others rather than racing against the clock.


With the FTD qualifying format that was used it was even more important than usual to get clean, fast runs.

After 3 rounds of qualifying TQ in 4wd was taken by Team Durango driver Nathan Waters. Second place on the grid was taken by Andy Moore, with Simon Moss rounding up the top three with a fast run in the third round of qualifying. The overall top ten looked like this:-

Position Name Best time
1 Nathan Waters 15 / 304.85
2 Andy Moore 15 / 305.75 DEX410
3 Simon Moss 15 / 307.22
4 Danny McGee 15 / 311.25
5 Paul Robinson 15 / 312.53 DEX410
6 James Helliwell 15 / 312.75 DEX410
7 Kev Lee 15 / 315.95
8 Adam Skelding 15 / 316.17 DEX410
9 David Gibson 15 / 317.38
10 Ashley Caunt 14 / 300.20

With the top two positions in qualifying and 5 places in the top 8 the Team Durango DEX410 definitely showed its speed in qualifying.

In the pits

Spotted in the pits were a few new products.

The first item noticed were the dBoots Terrabyte tyre. This tyre is joint control tyre for the Team Durango winter series and should be available for the next round.

dBoots Terrabyte

The next item seen was a Team Durango rubber pit mat. The Team Durango pit mat incorporates a magnetic strip at the bottom of the mat which helps any loose metal parts stay in place. A lot of drivers liked this feature and were asking when the mats were available to buy. The answer – within the next month 😎

pit mat


The finals would be decided over two legs. The driver with the lowest score when the positions in each leg were added together would be the overall winner.

Nathan DEX410Robbo DEX410

In the first leg of the 4WD A final Andy Moore got a great start and passed Nathan to take the lead. This lasted for a few laps, but then mistakes from Andy let Nathan past into the lead allowing Nathan to win the first leg of the finals.

In the second leg of the 4WD A final Andy Moore once again got an awesome start to take the lead from Nathan. Andy was setting the pace at the front until lap 5, where a mistake cost him the lead. A slow lap from Andy on lap 6 gave Nathan some breathing space, allowing Nathan to win the second final and with it take overall victory for the meeting. Second place in both finals gave Andy second overall for the meeting, and Paul ‘Robbo’ Robinson had two solid finishes to give him third position overall.

Nathan Walters DEX410 in the pits

Nathan’s DEX410

The other Team Durango DEX410 drivers in the A final had good final results, the 5 DEX410’s in the final finishing in the top 5 positions in the final!

Here are the overall results from the 4WD A-final:-

Final Position Name Total Points Leg 1 Leg 2
1 Nathan Waters 2 1 1 DEX410
2 Andy Moore 4 2 2 DEX410
3 Paul Robinson 9 5 4 DEX410
4 James Helliwell 10 7 3 DEX410
5 Adam Skelding 12 6 6 DEX410
6 Simon Moss 13 3 10
7 Kev Lee 13 4 9
8 Ashley Caunt 14 9 5
9 David Gibson 15 8 7
10 Danny McGee 18 10 8

Congratulations to Nathan and all the Team Durango DEX410 drivers in the A final.

Nathan’s winning set-up can be found here:

Top 5

A Final – Top 5

The next round of the series is on the 28th November and we have been promised some ‘Big Air’ by the Ardent crew. See you there!

Position Name Best time
1 Nathan Waters 15 / 304.85 DEX410
2 Andy Moore 15 / 305.75 DEX410
3 Simon Moss 15 / 307.22
4 Danny McGee 15 / 311.25
5 Paul Robinson 15 / 312.53 DEX410
6 James Helliwell 15 / 312.75 DEX410
7 Kev Lee 15 / 315.95
8 Adam Skelding 15 / 316.17 DEX410
9 David Gibson 15 / 317.38
10 Ashley Caunt 14 / 300.20

November 1, 2010

Brian Kinwald wins with DEX410

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New Team Durango signing Brian Kinwald sent us this race report from the Southwest Indoor Grand Prix last weekend:

“The two fastest Team Durango DEX410s were mine and Quaid Simik’s. I was the Top Qualifier and I won the A main.  Our cars were really good, especially over the 22 foot crossover gap that only a 4wd car could manage (yes 22 feet! – the announcer wouldn’t let us not jump the big gap … he had everyone in the building cheering every time we made it). When I say only a 4WD car could jump the gap, I mean only Quaid and I with our DEX410s could clear this monster jump.

A lot of people were really impressed with the car, with its handling and durability. As far as the track was concerned, it went from zero bite to more bite than I have ever seen there.  The set-up I finished with worked pretty well throughout all the changes. My DEX410 jumped really well and was very stable. I am really happy with the car and I can’t wait to run the DESC410R real soon!

My final set-up is here:

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