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December 13, 2010

DNX408 Instruction Manual and Set-up Sheets now available in the ‘In the Pits’ Section

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Set-up sheets from around the world will be collated by Team Durango to make sure you have the set-up, wherever you are racing, giving you an advantage from the moment you hit the track. Team drivers send in their data straight after the events, keeping everyone informed on any improvements in set-up.

Have a new set-up for your local track? Then simply download the editable .pdf file available here, and fill in the sheet. Then click the ‘submit’ button to fire your set-up to TD HQ, we’ll review the set-up and post it on-line ASAP.

If you want to store the set-up for your own records use the useful guide (DEX410 set-up sheet shown) below to save your sheet.

If you just want to print out some blanks for filling in at the trackside, then there’s a print ready version here too.

The DNX408 Manual is also online here should you lose your hard copy.

Also, we have LOTS of new pictures on our updated kit page:

December 9, 2010

DESC410R shipping update

Filed under: News — Team Durango @ 5:03 pm

The DESC410R has passed all the pre-prod tests and has been given the green light for production.

We now just need to check the final packing and sign off the instruction manual, if all goes to plan then the DESC410R will be shipping at the end of January.



Benni Gröschel wins with DEX410 at the fair race in Stuttgart

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 3:25 pm

Gerd Strenge sent us this report from the recent leisure trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany:

“November 20/21 saw RC-Cars- Köngen, Germany, host the yearly great carpet race during a leisure trade fair in Stuttgart. As qualifying started, it was clear that the DEX410/410R was the car to beat. Benjamin Gröschel set the pace in qualifying, and he ended-up winning all five qualifiers.

The Team Durango drivers qualified as follows in the top 6:
1st – Benjamin Gröschel         DEX410
2nd – Christopher Krapp
3rd – Roger Burkhardt             DEX410
4th – Sven Zünd
5th – Markus Streuli                DEX410
6th – Marc Pitsch                    DEX410

Also, the mains were dominated by the Team Durango drivers. The DEX410 jumped very well and was very stable on the high traction track.

The Team Durango drivers finished as follows in the top 6:
1st – Benjamin Gröschel         DEX410
2nd – Christopher Krapp
3rd – Marc Pitsch                     DEX410
4th – Sven Zünd
5th – Stefan Knott
6th – Markus Streuli                DEX410

Benni´s final set-up is here

December 8, 2010

Team Durango Winter Series at Ardent Raceway – Round 2

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Round 2 of the Team Durango Winter Series took place on Sunday 28th November.

The UK had been hit by bitterly cold temperatures and the Ardent Racing crew had been working on keeping the racers warm. The pits had been insulated and the gas burners were fired up to provide warmth. We would like to thank the 110 competitors that attended despite the conditions outside.

The Track

The track for this round of the series featured much less high grip carpet than round 1. The carpet of the touring car track had been rolled away leaving the wooden boarding as the racing surface for the majority of the track. This surface gave a medium level of grip, allowing the cars to slide around a little.

the track

The track from the rostrum

Other surfaces were used, there was a carpet section at the start of the straight and the huge table top jump in front of the rostrum was also carpeted. There was a slippy surfaced hairpin on the corner before the wall ride.

The table top was a new feature this time and saw the cars getting some big air time. As well as this feature there were four smaller jumps around the track.

dBoots tyres have arrived!

This was the first round of the series where the dBoots Terrabyte tyre has been available.

dBoots Terrabyte

dBoots tyres were available to use for the first time

It would be interesting to see how these tyres would compare against the competition.


The format of this meeting was to be the ‘normal’ format for off road meeting in the UK – 4 rounds of round-by-round qualifying with your best 2 scores to count, followed by a single final.

Qualifying was dominated by Team Durango driver Nathan Walters. Nathan took the TQ position for all 4 rounds of qualifying showing that the Team Durango DEX410 and dBoots tyres were the class of the field.

Second and third positions were tied on points and had to be separated on fastest time. This went to Keith Robertson from Team Durango’s Adam Skelding who was also showing the raw speed of the DEX410 and dBoots tyres.

Qualifying Position Name Points
1 Nathan Waters 2 DEX410 / dBoots Terrabyte
2 Keith Robertson 4
3 Adam Skelding 4 DEX410 / dBoots Terrabyte
4 James Helliwell 7 DEX410
5 Karl Jackson 8
6 Kev Lee 10
7 Andy Griffiths 10
8 David Gibson 11
9 Greg Williams 13
10 Chris Bowater 14 DEX410 / dBoots Terrabyte


Adam Skeldings car featured dBoots tyres and prototype Team Durango big bore shocks

The Final

The start of the A final saw cars fighting for track position around the first corner. A collision put pole-sitter Nathan back into the pack. Adam Skelding had made an awesome start from third on the grid and took the lead.

Over the first part of the race Adam pulled out a good lead and was able to keep a good gap to the rest of the pack.

Nathan was on a charge and had got into second place. Could he reel in Adam? Following hotly on Nathans heels was Greg Williams from 9th on the grid.

A small error by Adam saw Nathan and Greg reduce the gap.

Then a rare error from Nathan allowed Greg past into second place.

Adam continued in the lead of the race till the end to take the win of round 2 of the Team Durango Winter Series at Ardent Raceway. The final results were:-

Position Car Name Result
1 3 Adam Skelding 14 / 311.88 DEX410 / dBoots Terrabyte
2 9 Greg Williams 14 / 312.37
3 1 Nathan Waters 14 / 313.17 DEX410 / dBoots Terrabyte
4 5 Karl Jackson 13 / 300.12
5 7 Kev Lee 13 / 309.77
6 2 Keith Robertson 13 / 318.24
7 10 Chris Bowater 12 / 306.33 DEX410 / dBoots Terrabyte
8 8 David Gibson 8 / 197.41
9 4 James Helliwell 1 / 33.13 DEX410
10 6 Andy Griffiths 0 / 0.00

A great result for the Team Durango DEX410 and for dBoots Terrabyte tyres.

Adam ran one set of dBoots Terrabyte tyres all day without a drop off in performance, showing that they give excellent performance and have a good wear rate. dBoots tyres will be available at the next round of the series.

ADZ with car

Round 3 of the Team Durango Winter Series will be held on the 19th December 2010. The Ardent crew tell us that the track will be similar to what they have planned for the Petit RC race in January, and will feature an even split of carpet and wooden floor.

To book in for round 3 please see the booking page on the Ardent Racing website here.

December 3, 2010

Team Durango DNX408 available from your local dealer

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 1:35 pm

Team Durango are delighted to announce that the first batch of kits is now available from your local dealer. We have shipped the first batch across the globe and the kits are now with many resellers worldwide.

Sales of the first batch have been amazing and we expect the second batch (currently in production) to be available with resellers towards the end of December. If you want a kit, please speak to your local reseller about reserving a kit.


Wishing you successful racing – Team Durango

December 1, 2010

DNX408 – Clarification

Filed under: News — Team Durango @ 1:53 pm

Yesterdays ‘sold out’ announcement was not clear enough, we would like to clarify.

Only Team Durango has sold out of the DNX408.
The shops and distributors are NOT sold out.

Distributors and shops are now getting the DNX408 kits they ordered from the first batch.
We do not know how long this stock will last, please contact your local hobby shop or distributor.

The next (2nd) batch will arrive at distributors and shops around late December.
We do not know how long this stock will last, please contact your local hobby shop or distributor.

Spares supply for the DNX408 is not affected.

All important spares shipped with the kits and are out there, plus we have plenty in more stock to support the cars.
The none critical spares and most popular options are arriving now, again in big numbers to fully support the cars out there.

In short – we have loads of spares,
its only the kit supply that is effected.

Team Durango is a race company run by racers, we know how important spares supply is, so we made plenty of spares to support the cars.

Future supply
Right now the next batch of kits is due in March (because some items have long lead time), but individual spares can be topped up at much shorter notice, but as mentioned above we have lots in stock already.

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