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January 31, 2011

Team Durango at the 2011 Reedy International Offroad Race of Champions

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The 2011 REEDY International Offroad Race of Champions was held over the weekend of 27th-30th January at the West Coast R/C Raceway in La Mirada, California.  Team Durango drivers Brian Kinwald and Jörn Neumann placed a respectable 7th & 10th overall in the highly competitive invitational class after two days of hard-fought racing in the ‘Reedy’ format.

Jörn was driving the prototype DEX210 in the 2WD buggy class and proved its pace with a win in his round four race. Brian Kinwald did the same in the 4WD class, winning his final race running the DEX410.

More news and setup sheets when we get them.

January 26, 2011

Hello Henrik Hönigl

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Team Durango driver Hupo Hönigl his partner Eva have become the proud parents of Henrik Hönigl.

We wish all three of them the very best for the future. Henrik’s eye-hand co-ordination is already very good, so we expect him to be a future star for Team Durango.


January 21, 2011

Kyle McBride impressed with his DNX408

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Scott McBride sent us these few words following Kyle’s first competitive outing with his new DNX408:

“Kyle’s first race meeting of the year with the DNX 408 was at the Sunshine Coast Summer Series, Round 1, and all I can say is look out world! Kyle hit the track, setting TQ from the first round.

Not content with his first TQ, run Kyle beat his first TQ time by 6 seconds in the second round. Going into the third qualifier, I thought there is no way Kyle can go quicker than his last run. Kyle put down a blistering time to beat his second qualifier by 11 seconds! Kyle was the only person to break into the 12 lap bracket over the 8 minute qualifiers.

In the 30 minute A main final Kyle had lapped the field within the first 10 minutes; he finished the race two and-a-half laps ahead of the second place driver.

Watching the Team Durango DNX408 in action was simply awesome; I’ve never seen a car handle so well. So, look out Australia – here comes an insanely fast Team Durango DNX408, driven by Kyle McBride”

Kyle’s set-up sheet for the race can be found here: Kyle McBride Sunshine Coast Round 1

January 19, 2011

Find your local Team Durango shop

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We’ve received a few requests recently about how you can easily locate your nearest Team Durango shop. Well, we have listened to your feedback and decided to do this:

Team Durango Dealers

If you select the ‘WHERE TO BUY‘ link at the top of our homepage, you will be able to see which Team Durango shop is closest to you.

Also, when you order from us, we will send an automated email with a customer satisfaction survey on it. We would be very grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing the survey so that we can continue to improve our service to you.

Wishing you successful racing,

Team Durango

January 11, 2011

MRCmodels Winter Challenge 2011, Moscow

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 6:00 pm

Our Russian partner MicroRC sent us this race report:

“January 7-9 in Moscow hosted the largest annual indoor event for electric Buggies – the MRCmodels winter Challenge 2011. The competition was organized by hobby shop with the support of the first Russian RC magazine RCracer, RC clubs RCreal and RCgarage713. The competition was held for two days, on a completely new track, with a difficult variety of jumps and a vertical wall. The Buggy 4WD class in Russia has two additional classes with restrictions – Buggy 4WD Stock and Buggy 4WD Super Stock with 17.5 and 10.5 controlled motors.
TOP pilot of Team Durango Russia (Dmitry Malyshko) confidently won the final qualification, and three attempts in the overall 4WD standings. The competitor Alexey Blinov with a Team Durango DEX410R was the only Stock class competitor who was able qualify in the “A” final, and he secured victory in the 4WD Stock Buggy class.

Darin Nikita with his Team Durango DEX410was fighting in Super Stock subclass in the “A” final where he won the third place.

In the overall standings Buggy 4WD in the “A” final, Team Durango had five cars out of a team of 8 Team Durango pilots.

The results of the final “A” Buggy 4WD

1. Malyshko Dmitry (TQ) – Team Durango DEX 410 Spec 2010
2. Kalendgan Andrey
3. Ermakov Dmitry
4. Blinov Alexey – Team Durango DEX 410R
5. Lobachev Alexander
6. Darin Nikata – Team Durango DEX 410 Spec 2010
7. Timoshchenko Julia – Team Durango DEX 410 Spec 2010
8. Chekletsov Kirill – Team Durango DEX 410 Spec 2010″

“7-9 января в Москве прошли самые крупные ежегодные зальные соревнования на электро внедорожниках MRCmodels winter Challenge 2011. Организатором соревнований стал хобби магазин при поддержке первого российского журнала об автомоделизме RCracer, клубов RCreal и RCgarage713. Соревнования проходили в два дня, на совершенно новой трассе, с трудными и разнообразными трамплинами и вертикальной стенкой.

Соревнования в классе моделей Buggy 4WD в России проводятся с двумя подклассами – Buggy 4WD Stock и Buggy 4WD Super Stock. TOP пилот команды Durango Russia Дмитрий Малышко уверенно выиграл квалификацию и три финальные попытки в общем зачете 4WD.

Попав в финал «А», Алексей Блинов обеспечил себе победу в классе Buggy 4WD Stock.

Дарьин Никита, в финале так же боролся в подклассе Buggy 4WD Super Stock где в борьбе завоевал третье место.

В общем зачете Buggy 4WD в финале «А» было 5 представителей команды Durango из 8 возможных.

Результаты финала «А» в Buggy 4WD

1. Малышко Дмитрий (TQ) – Team Durango DEX 410 Spec 2010
2. Календжян Андрей
3. Ермаков Дмитрий
4. Блинов Алексей – Team Durango DEX 410R
5. Лобачев Александр
6. Дарьин Никита – Team Durango DEX 410 Spec 2010
7. Тимощенко Юлия – Team Durango DEX 410 Spec 2010
8. Чеклецов Кирилл – Team Durango DEX 410 Spec 2010”


Jörn Neumann’s DEX210 dominates Longfield race

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 6:49 am

We received this short race report from Jörn Neumann:

“The 4th Round of the Longfield six days were held on 8/9 January. This time it was a tight technical layout. Jörn Neumann with his DEX210 was the man to beat.

Qualifying order:

1st Jörn Neumann DEX210

2nd Wouter Wynen Associated B4

3rd Marcel Guske Associated B4

Jörn could win the first two A-Mains to take the win.

Final order:

1st Jörn Neumann DEX210

2nd Wouter Wynen Associated B4

3rd Stephan Pieper Associated B4”

January 10, 2011

Khorosh German Junior Champion!

Filed under: News — Team Durango @ 4:30 pm

We received the excellent news today that Team Durango and Marcel Khorosh have become the 2010 German Junior Champions in the 4WD Stock class.

Marcel with car and trophy

Congratulations to Marcel from all at Team Durango.

Boots TQ and Ralph Victorious at Kyosho Off Road Winter Cup

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 10:33 am

Team driver Richard Ralph sent us in this report from the Kyosho off-road winter cup, held in the superb Motor Arena indoor facility at Silverstone Circuit.

An exceptionally large multi-surface track with jumps was laid out by meeting runners Silverstone RCMCC on their permanent on-road circuit.


From the first round of qualifying Elliot Boots driving his Durango DEX410 proved to be the man to beat with 8 of the 10 fastest laps and fastest overall time in round one ahead of Kit Jones, the other fastest laps coming from fellow Durango DEX410 driver Richard Ralph and Paul Upton, however they ended the first round further down the top ten.

Round two would also see Durango’s Boots dominate again but this time Durango’s would fill the top 2 spots with Richard Ralph finally putting in a clean run.

Round three would see Boots having a scrappy run which let Ralph take the lead, Boots was gaining fast in the closing stages of the race when Ralph ran wide at the end of the main straight and the two Durango drivers got tangled together allowing Kit Jones to take the round by just a quarter of a second ahead of Ralph in second.

Elliot Boots would take round four comfortably and young Ashley Caunt gave a storming drive, meaning they would line up for the finals in following order:

1. Elliot Boots DEX410

2.      Kit Jones

3. Richard Ralph DEX410

4.      Ben Cosgrove

5.      Alec Springer

6.      Ashley Caunt

7.      Nathan Ralls

8.      Matthew Lewis

9.      Ashley Wiffen

10.  Alex Mortimer

The start of the A final saw Elliot Boots build up a commanding lead while Jones and Ralph would battle for second. Just after Ralph passed Jones for second Jones suffered a broken driveshaft, this took the pressure of Ralph who inherited the lead, a steering problem forced Boots to retire from the race. A few mistakes from Ralph would see him back under pressure, this time from Ashley Wiffen who had worked his way up from the back of the grid, but Ralph withstood this and took the win for Team Durango to add to the T.Q  that Boots had taken with the DEX410.

The A Final result was as follows:-

1. Richard Ralph DEX410

2.      Ashley Wiffen

3.      Ashley Caunt

4.      Matthew Lewis

5.      Alec Springer

6. Elliot Boots DEX410

7.      Kit Jones

8.      Ben Cosgrove

9.      Nathan Ralls

10.  Alex Mortimer

Richard Ralph Podium

Well done Richard on an excellent win from all @ TD!

Richards’ and Elliotts’ set-up can be found here:

January 7, 2011

DNX408 Throttle Linkages

Filed under: Tricks and Tips — Tags: — Team Durango UK @ 8:05 pm

Setting up the throttle and brake linkages is a very important step when building the DNX408.

The following article will guide you, step-by-step, to ensure you have the throttle linkages set correctly. This will allow you to get the most driveability from your DNX408, with the least strain on your servos.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that your engine is installed correctly and correctly meshed. Any movement that you need to make with your engine will require you to re-set the linkage from the carb to the throttle pivot.

With your engine set in place you should aim to set the carb to open as shown in the pictures below:
The throttle swivel should be set so that when your carb is 50% open the throttle swivel is at 90 degrees as shown above (middle picture). Fully closed and fully open carbs should also be easily achieved without the swivel turning too far.

Have your radio equipment turned on and sub-trims set to 0. Fit the servo horn onto your servo as near vertical as possible; once fitted, use your sub-trim to move the throttle servo position to exactly vertical. Servo reverse should be set so that when you apply throttle on your radio the throttle servo will move the servo arm towards the front of the car.

Attach the linkage between the servo horn and the throttle swivel as shown below:
Adjust the length of the linkage so that when the carb is fully closed, the flat side of the collar is tight-up against the pivot on the servo horn:
Adjust the EPA on your radio so that the carb opens fully and no further than that; any more travel will only result in straining your servo and you will not gain any extra performance.

With the throttle side of the linkages set, install the brake linkage. Adjust the length of this linkage so that the threaded end of the linkage near the servo horn isn’t too far away from the servo horn pivot:
The length of fuel tube you put on here is often driver dependent; more fuel tube will have a more progressive feel to the brakes. Different brands of fuel tube also make a difference. With that in mind it’s important that you have the thread close enough to the servo horn pivot to tighten the loc-nut up enough to take away the dead-zone in the brakes. This can be done by threading the brake ball-joint more or less. The picture below shows a large dead-zone gap to the brakes being applied.

It is typically best to have your radio equipment switched on and the throttle in neutral position. Operate the brake directly on the brake arm by hand where the ball joint attaches and set a gap of around 1mm between the servo horn pivot and the brake washers/fueltube.

Set the EPA so that you don’t strain your servo on brakes, the fuel tubing should be crushed slightly.

The last thing to do is to fit your throttle return spring. With your brakes set, leave the throttle position in neutral and check to see if your throttle return spring is long enough for the length of rod exposed at the end. If it isn’t, gently stretch the spring so that in the neutral throttle position, there is some pre-load on the spring helping to keep the carb closed.

The last thing to check is that when the spring is fitted, and full brakes are applied, the throttle return spring doesn’t become coil-bound, causing excessive strain on the servo. If it does, remove the spring, gently stretch it and re-fit the spring with the loc-nut tightened-up less; again, check the pre-load on the spring to ensure that the carb closes when in neutral throttle position.

Below are pictures of the servo arm working in neutral, full throttle and full brake – make sure that the fuel tube is never crushed too much, neither is the throttle return spring coil-bound on full brakes.

Robert Batlle says thanks, but no thanks to TD

Filed under: News — Team Durango @ 9:43 am

In his words – “we have preferred to go to a team where we will be the number 1” – that’s a shame, but we wish Robert all the best for 2011 all the same.

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