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April 29, 2011

1/10th scale BIG BORE spring charts

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TEAMDURANGO-star180The new big bore dampers for the DEX410, DEX410R and DESC410R are now available in the shops and alongside the shocks we’ve released a range of springs suited to the new larger diameter dampers.

The springs are available in sets for front, hard front and rear. The aptly-named ‘hard front’ spring set is as the name would suggest a harder range of springs than the normal front, and they carry on from that set with 8 new progressively harder spring options.  These ‘hard’ front springs are more suited to the heavier DESC410R for which they were designed – though there’s no reason you can’t fit them to the front of the smaller & lighter buggies, it just wouldn’t be suitable in most conditions.

BigBoreSpringChart-smallBig Bore Spring Chart – Mini Version (PDF)

With so many springs available we’ve created a couple of charts to help racers understand the options – a small chart with just the spring colours and weights, and a more comprehensive version with all the data you’d possibly need.

BigBoreSpringChart-largeBig Bore Spring Chart – Full Version (PDF)

Spring kit part numbers: (all springs are available in pairs also)

#TD230027 – BIG BORE SPRING SET: 45mm LENGTH (8 Pairs)

#TD230028 – BIG BORE SPRING SET: 65mm LENGTH (8 Pairs)

#TD230029 – BIG BORE SPRING SET: HARD 45mm LENGTH (8 Pairs)

April 28, 2011

Team Durango at Neo11

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The 2011 NeoBuggy race took place over the Easter weekend, comprising four days’ racing on one of the best dirt tracks in Europe.  Team Durango shipped-in many of their team drivers from around the world to compete with the DNX408. Many people consider the annual NeoBuggy race to be the ‘indoor’ World Championships, such is the level of competition. Indeed of all the A-main finalists from last year’s 1/8 World Championships in Pattaya, only Reno Savoya was missing from this year’s NeoBuggy event.


US team driver Ryan Lutz put in the first 13-lap run of the meeting to TQ the penultimate round of qualifying. Ryan did another 13 lapper in the sixth and final round of qualifying to become the only driver at the meeting to achieve two 13-lap qualifying rounds. Showing a consistently fast pace throughout qualifying (his DNX408 achieved the fastest lap during qualifying too), Ryan finished second overall behind former World Champion Jared Tebo. All of the Team Durango drivers were super-dialled on the challenging Harper Adams / DXR track. Each member of the team was really happy with how their DNX408s were handling.

Team Durango neo11 photos on flickr


Before the finals day on Sunday, the Neo Junior Championship took place on Saturday evening. 15 year-old Australian team driver, Kyle McBride, battled back from an appalling start and was catching the first placed driver David Ronnefalk as time ran out; Kyle set the fastest laps of the race on his way to second place.  A great result for the youngster at his first NeoBuggy race. Kyle said afterwards that he was really happy with how his DNX408 was performing, and whilst disappointed he couldn’t win the race, he was, on reflection, satisfied with his achievement. He and his father Scott said they couldn’t wait to come back and do even better at NeoBuggy 2012.

Monday was finals day and UK team driver Elliott Boots drove well and was running 8th in his semi-final but he lost out to Adam Drake on time for the fastest eighth-place finisher in the semis which was the last-chance 15th spot bump-up into the A-main. Austrian team mate Hupo Honigl was on target for the A-main too but an excursion into the fence ended his chances early.

tdneo11-5 Ryan Lutz tdneo11-8 Elliott Boots

German team driver Jorn Neumann drove a steady race in the semis and kept his cool to ensure he bumped-up into the A-main, whilst Team Durango 1/8 buggy Team Manager Chris Doughty had engine issues in his quarter-final that prevented him advancing toward the semis.

Kyle lost-out to his US team mate Billy Fischer in the quarter-finals, and just missed the final bump-up spot for the semis.

tdneo11-18 Billy Fischer tdneo11-11 Kyle McBride

Ryan Lutz and Jorn Neumann both qualified for the A-Main with Ryan fifth and Jorn 11th on the grid.  The start of the race was brutal, but Ryan made it up to third on the opening lap before dropping down a couple of places.  Both drivers’ DNX408s were dialled, but neither had much luck on their side this time. Ryan was running in seventh place, lapping at the same pace as the leaders, when an electrical problem forced him to retire with just nine minutes left on the clock.

tdneo11-2 Ryan Lutz in the A-Main tdneo11-3 Jorn Neumann in the A-Main

Jorn finished 11th in the main which reflected neither the performance of the team over the weekend, nor the pace of the DNX408, which all the team drivers were delighted with. Many of the team have less than six months’ experience with the DNX408, so second place overall in qualifying combined with a stellar performance from all the team was a great result, even if the finals didn’t go their way this year.

Some statistics from the NeoBuggy demonstrate how well the DNX408 performed at this year’s event:

  • Team Durango had more cars qualify directly into quarter-finals (7) than any other manufacturer – a great result considering the DNX408 was only released six months ago
  • Only six of the 11 different buggy manufacturers at the race made it into the A-main. Of those six, all but Team Durango were well-established brands with much more experience of 1/8 nitro competition
  • The two DNX408’s in the A-main were not only competing against established manufacturers, they were competing with a total of five former and current World Champions
  • Team Durango are very proud of their result at the 2011 NeoBuggy race. After only six months since the launch of the car, the Team Durango DNX408 has proven itself to be amongst the fastest and best handling buggies you can buy.

    Team Durango would like to thank the organisers of the NeoBuggy race. We look forward to supporting next year’s race, which is sure to be just as spectacular as this year’s event. We would also like to thank our team drivers for their outstanding efforts. Finally, we would like to thank all of the Team Durango customers who attended the race with their DNX408s. They were supported throughout the event by the pro team, and we hope to see even more DNX408s at NeoBuggy in 2012.

    Team Durango neo11 photos on flickr

    Thanks to for the juniors race photo

    DNX408 Ackermann link mod

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    The DNX408 ackermann link is made from a pressed alloy plate and uses two steel bushings which the screws pivot inside.


    The bushings and link piece are keyed to stop the bushings from rotating and possibly wearing the link and creating slop prematurely.   The parts generally have a fairly loose feel and the bushing can move inside the ackermann link – which could eventually create slop.  To make things more secure, and stop the bushing from moving, our team drivers threadlock the bushing in place.

    ttt-408-ackermann-insertnext ttt-408-ackermann-insertinside

    Using threadlock means you’ll be able to heat the parts up to disassemble them if needed – rather than a more permenant fixing which would be hard to disassemble.  The threadlock just needs to stop the insert from moving around by filling the small gap around the edge.

    ttt-408-ackermann-threadlock ttt-408-ackermann-insertthreadlock

    ttt-408-ackermann-threadlocked Run a bead of threadlock around the inside edge of the ackermann link and push the insert into place.  Carefully clean up any left over threadlock and leave the ackermann link to dry.

    Doing this procedure will reduce slop and extend the life of the parts.


    April 26, 2011

    Team Durango win first UK Short Course National

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    2011scnat-rd1-trophies Scott Faulkner 3rd – Jimmy Storey 1st DESC410R – Stuart Harlow 2nd DESC410R

    Sunday the 24th April 2011 saw the first of the 6-round Short Course national series kick off at the all-weather Astroturf track at Silverstone RCMCC.  In the 4WD class, Team Durango driver Stuart Harlow dominated qualifying – taking all four rounds for the TQ spot and first on the grid.  Jimmy Storey placed 2nd on the grid with the DESC410R, with Terry Atkinson 4th on the grid with yet another DESC410R.


    Grip levels were very high and drivers were trimming tyres to reduce the tendancy for grip roll.  The low CoG of the Team Durango trucks also helped keep the wheels on the ground.   Jimmy: “I was running the centre diff for the first time outdoors – I think it helped on the bumpy track to smooth out the power as well as the braking”

    2011scnat-rd1-pic1 2011scnat-rd1-pic2

    The finals were run over two legs instead of the 3 the drivers had been promised and it was best time to count.  In leg one Jimmy Storey took up the lead after a few laps and took the leg win, but it was still very much to play for in the second leg.  After taking the lead early again, Jimmy made an error passing a backmarker and Stuart re-took the lead for a couple of laps before positions changed again.  Jimmy Storey took the second leg and with it the win – Stuart Harlow came in second overall for a Team Durango 1-2.

    2011scnat-rd1-pic4 Stuart Harlow’s DESC410R 2011scnat-rd1-pic5 Stuart ran Tekin power for TQ and 2nd

    Setups will be online soon!

    April 21, 2011

    10th Off Road Austrian Nationals – Round 1

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    The firsr round of the Austrian 1/10th off road nationals was held last weekend in Simmering, Vienna.  The track was home to the 2003 Austrian European Championships – a large and slippery dirt track.

    Hupo took his DEX210 Prototype to a comprehensive victory. “I took my DEX210 Prototype straight from the EOS race in Schweden, just mounted the controlled tires, and throw it on the track – the car felt great from the beginning.”

    Hupo took all four qualifiers to secure overall TQ and set about the finals in the same manner – taking both opening legs of the A-Main to take the win.


    Hupo took 3 out of the 4 qualifiers in the 4WD class with his DEX410 for the TQ position and #1 for the finals.  An amazing series of finals which saw battles with fellow Team Durango star Martin Kriel for the lead.  Hupo needed to take the last leg of the A final to take the win and lead by 4-5 seconds until close to the end when a bearing failure cost him the win.  Team Durango DEX410’s finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

    2011austriannationalsrd1-2 2WD A final – Martin Kriel, Hupo Honigl, Peter Pinisch

    Thanks to Lukas Stadler for the use of the photos.

    April 20, 2011

    Cyril Baldini takes round two of French nationals

    Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:01 pm

    Team Durango driver and reigning French national champion, Cyril Baldini continued his domination of 4WD off road in France taking the second round of the national series held at XtremRace – a dirt track facility in Vic La Gardiolle, south of France.

    2011frenchnationals-rd2-1 2011frenchnationals-rd2-2

    Cyril took the TQ and won both opening legs of the 3-leg A final with his DEX410 to take his second victory in a row and sit comfortably at the top of the leaderboard in the series.

    Thanks to for the use of the photos.

    April 19, 2011

    +2mm Rear Roll Centre – DNX408

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    Raising the roll centre on the rear of the DNX408 is a modification some of our team drivers have been using recently to good effect and it’s a simple and cheap modification to implement using only Team Durango parts.

    Pro Driver Billy Fischer says about the mod: “I feel that it gives the rear end of the car much more support for jumping and landing, as well as allowing the car to take the bumps better without bottoming out nearly as much.”

    As standard the DNX408 can be built with 2 or 3 degrees of anti-squat and these settings are achieved with the various moulded inserts that push into the machined alloy hangers.  The rear-rear hanger inserts all currently use a central hole which is angled to match the off-set hole on the rear-front hanger inserts that set the anti-squat angle.

    Using the RR 3/2 (rear inserts) and RF 3/2 (front) inserts on the back of the standard car gives 3 degrees of toe-in and 2 degrees of anti-squat.   To use this modification those are the inserts and angles you need to be running – the 3/3 items don’t have the same adjustment option.

    TTT-408-RaisedPin-animationBefore and after – the +2mm Roll Centre mod.

    To raise the inner hinge pin 2mm we need to raise up the rear-rear suspension hangers by that ammount as well as the front.  The rear hangers can be spaced up using the 2mm spacers from the DEX410 caster blocks – part number TD709004. You just need one packet of these since there’s 4 in the pack and that’s how many you’ll need.  Place the spacers under the rear-rear blocks and screw them down using longer 3×12 screws, part number TD704022 (the kit screws are 3x10mm).  You could use the kit-supplied 3x10mm screws but it’s sub-optimal and you risk damaging things since there’s less thread going into the blocks, you have been warned.

    ttt-408-raisedpin-spacers1 The anodised spacers and longer 3 x 12mm cap head screws ready to attach the suspension hanger ttt-408-raisedpin-spacers2 Hanger attached and raised up 2mm.

    To raise the leading end of the pin by the same ammount you can’t simply space up the rear-front hanger sine it’s trapped by the rear bulkhead but there’s an even simpler way – just swap the insers around so you’re using the right on the left, and left on the right.

    ttt-408-raisedpin-insert1 The 3/2 rear-front insert has a low front pin hole ttt-408-raisedpin-insert2 Switching sides places the hole 2mm higher to match the rear-rear height

    The inserts should then have the writing upside down – still using the 3/2 inserts. This raises the front end of the pin by 2mm to match the setting from the raised rear-rear hangers – keeping the 3/2 setting but raising the pin height and roll centre.

    ttt-408-raisedpin-insertbrace Putting the left insert on the right and vice versa to raise the front end of the pin ttt-408-raisedpin-insertbrace2 The inserts should end up with the writing upside down

    With the +2mm rear raised roll centre mod complete you can expect the rear end to support itself more and have less roll in the corners – also helping the car over bumpy tracks and prevening it from bottoming out too easily.


    Parts required:

    TD709004  – CASTER BLOCK SPACER 3x8x2.00mm (4pcs)

    TD704022  – CAP HEAD HEX SCREW M3x12mm (10pcs)

    Team Durango DEX410 dominates in Greece

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    Our Team Durango distributor in Greece sent us this report on the first of this years national races that happened on the 3rd April:-

    ‘Sunday 3rd April saw the first National race held at 2FAST4U track located in Spata. Team Durango was present with 7 buggies with great expectations from Amaxa George and Foteino Jim.

    Track is very big and fast but wasn’t very hard on cars if you were careful.

    Qualifying started and Nikolakopoulos Nick driving on this track for the very first time managed to do a superb run without serious mistakes and did 11 laps!!  Foteinos was right behind this run but had he managed the best lap of the day with 38.649!!

    The second run was not as good as team had either some bad luck or were trying different setups and failed to improve.

    Third run George managed to do a safe run and placed him 4th overall while Nick and Jim tested some other setup option which wasn’t enough to improve their runs.

    The qualifying positions for the A main were:-

    1. Nikolakopoulo Nick (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    2. Papagianakopoulos Argiris

    3. Foteinos Jim (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    4. Amaxas George (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    5. Likaris Bill

    6. Chiras Spyros (TEAM DURANGO DEX410R)

    7. Mantikas Pantelis

    8. Drivelas Alex (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    9. Nikolopoulos Vaggelis

    10. Ventouris Mat(TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    The finals didn’t start well for Nick as at the warmup a dog bone came loose and he requested time to fix it and so he had to start from 11th position.  He put pressure but made many mistakes resulting in 5th position at the end of the race. Jim had some battles with George for first position but he made a mistake and George flew past to take the win, while Jim made another mistake that Bill took advantage of and claimed 2nd position leaving Jim 3rd.

    Second final was better for Nick although Argyris did a very nice move on him and overtook him, he stayed calm this time and soon was 2nd behind George who once again drove steadily and kept his calm under Nick’s pressure. On a move to overtake George, Nick make a mistake and then trying to catch up with him made another mistake (lost around 10 seconds in total!) which gave the opportunity  to Bill to finish 2nd with Nick 3rd.

    George after his two wins he secured the overall win but the rest of the positions where not known and the third final would be the deciding one. Nick was leading most of it and on last lap he was just cruising to avoid any mistakes while Jim and Bill battling for 2nd and 3rd but just before the finish line Nick’s right rear wheel came loose and Jim finished over Nick’s car for just 0.63s to take round’s win and 2nd overall leaving Nick 4th overall.

    The final standing of the race were:

    1. Amaxas George (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    2. Foteinos Jim (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    3. Likaris Bill

    4. Nikolakopoulo Nick (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    5. Mantikas Pantelis

    6. Drivelas Alex (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    7. Chiras Spyros (TEAM DURANGO DEX4100R)

    8. Nikolopoulos Vaggelis

    9. Ventouris Mat(TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

    10.Papagianakopoulos Argiris

    The race meeting was a Team Durango domination having TQ, best lap, win, second and most cars on A final!!’

    DNX408 Receiver Fitment

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    150wideTTTThe DNX408 receiver box is tight on space so getting your receiver and wires in there without issues can be tricky.  Taking the approach of simply bundling the wires in without care for how it looks can be counter productive as you run the risk of a stray wire getting trapped or simply not being able to fit everything in!

    Some receivers won’t fit no matter how much you try – but thankfully most modern receivers will go in.  Test fit the receiver for the best orientation and don’t forget to test-fit the lid of the receiver box.

    ttt-408-receiverinstall-stretch ttt-408-receiverinstall-heatshrink

    A tip some of our team drivers use is to bundle the wires and heat-shrink them so they stay together.  You can get heat shrink tubing in various sizes but if you don’t have something big enough to stretch over your bundle of wires you can carefully stretch it using some long nosed pliars – it will still shrink down properly.

    ttt-408-receiverinstall-plugwire ttt-408-receiverinstall-overview

    Lay the receiver and wires in the box and fill any spaces around the receiver with foam – this will help isolate the receiver from vibrations and potentially soak up any water that manages to enter the box.


    April 18, 2011

    Ryan Lutz wins at Nor-Cal

    Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:49 pm

    Ryan Lutz took 8th buggy and Short Course classes in style this weekend at the Nor-Cal Championship series at Nor-Cal Hobbies.

    lutznorcal In Short Course I ran my DESC410R and it felt great! I wasn’t expecting too much as I still haven’t put much time into this class but the truck felt great. I didn’t touch it the entire day, just ran my one practice, two qualifiers, and the A-main. I was able to TQ every round of quals and take the victory in the A-main. For fun in the second qualifier I ran on the 1/8th layout (there was an option lane for the SC guys). I was only 1.4 seconds a lap on the 1/8th layout slower than my 1/8th buggy and truggy. My little DESC410R was flying – running the optional centre diff I was skying the huge hip jump with it and launching it off the back table top. It was a lot of fun and people were very impressed with its performance.

    In Buggy my Team Durango DNX408 was on rails – it just felt awesome! I am so happy with my car right now and just feel so confident with it. What’s great is that I have supreme confidence that it’s not going to break. It’s just such a strong car, and on the track it is a dream to drive. For this track compared to the Silver State track I just lengthened my rear camber link out one hole on the rear hub and thickened up the rear swaybar to a 2.4. This is all it needed to be dialed on yet another track. I was able to take TQ in both qualifiers. In the main I had a great run and even with two lengthy crashes near the end of the run, where the marshall was headed the other way to get another car first, I was still able to come away with a solid win. Many people trackside were very impressed with how the car was handling the track,  and all I could say was “yea, I know, it’s so good right now.”

    Ryans DNX408 setup is now available on the ‘in the pits’ section of the Team Durango website or by clicking here.

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