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April 6, 2011

DESC410R +1 Degree rear hubs

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ttt_desc410r_toeinhubs_hubs The DESC410R kit comes supplied with some ‘1 degree’ optional rear hubs in the kit, to tune the handling of the truck to suit track conditions and driving style.

The hubs affect TOE-IN values and depending on how you use them, you can gain rear stability or loosen up the rear for more rotation in the corners and greater straight-line speed.

Toe-in on the DESC410R is -3 degrees by default – which is set by the angle of the suspension arms on the inner hinge pin.  -3 degrees is a well established default used on on rear of many manufacturers cars as it’s a good compromise between stability and speed. The optional +1 degree hubs can be confusing as they are marked to ADD degrees the opposite way – in other words, ‘reduce’ toe-in values.


Toe-in is ‘negative’ toe. Using the ‘R +1’ hub on the right hand side of the car will increase the positive toe at the right hand side of the car by one degree, to two degrees negative toe in total. (-3+1=-2).  Using the R+1 on the left hand side of the car will decrease the toe on the left hand side of the car by one degree to four degrees toe in. (-3-1=-4)

The most common use for optional hubs like these is to create more negative toe-in to aid rear-end stability on loose tracks, so this guide is to help inform racers on which way round the hubs should be used to get the desired setting.

More Toe In – R +1 on the Left,  L +1 on the Right = -4 Degrees Total Toe-In::
Lower top speed
Greater stability at rear
Less Steering

Less Toe In – R +1 on the Right,  L +1 on the Left= -2 Degrees Total Toe-In:
Higer top speed
Less stability at rear
More Steering


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