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April 19, 2011

Team Durango DEX410 dominates in Greece

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Our Team Durango distributor in Greece sent us this report on the first of this years national races that happened on the 3rd April:-

‘Sunday 3rd April saw the first National race held at 2FAST4U track located in Spata. Team Durango was present with 7 buggies with great expectations from Amaxa George and Foteino Jim.

Track is very big and fast but wasn’t very hard on cars if you were careful.

Qualifying started and Nikolakopoulos Nick driving on this track for the very first time managed to do a superb run without serious mistakes and did 11 laps!!  Foteinos was right behind this run but had he managed the best lap of the day with 38.649!!

The second run was not as good as team had either some bad luck or were trying different setups and failed to improve.

Third run George managed to do a safe run and placed him 4th overall while Nick and Jim tested some other setup option which wasn’t enough to improve their runs.

The qualifying positions for the A main were:-

1. Nikolakopoulo Nick (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

2. Papagianakopoulos Argiris

3. Foteinos Jim (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

4. Amaxas George (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

5. Likaris Bill

6. Chiras Spyros (TEAM DURANGO DEX410R)

7. Mantikas Pantelis

8. Drivelas Alex (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

9. Nikolopoulos Vaggelis

10. Ventouris Mat(TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

The finals didn’t start well for Nick as at the warmup a dog bone came loose and he requested time to fix it and so he had to start from 11th position.  He put pressure but made many mistakes resulting in 5th position at the end of the race. Jim had some battles with George for first position but he made a mistake and George flew past to take the win, while Jim made another mistake that Bill took advantage of and claimed 2nd position leaving Jim 3rd.

Second final was better for Nick although Argyris did a very nice move on him and overtook him, he stayed calm this time and soon was 2nd behind George who once again drove steadily and kept his calm under Nick’s pressure. On a move to overtake George, Nick make a mistake and then trying to catch up with him made another mistake (lost around 10 seconds in total!) which gave the opportunity  to Bill to finish 2nd with Nick 3rd.

George after his two wins he secured the overall win but the rest of the positions where not known and the third final would be the deciding one. Nick was leading most of it and on last lap he was just cruising to avoid any mistakes while Jim and Bill battling for 2nd and 3rd but just before the finish line Nick’s right rear wheel came loose and Jim finished over Nick’s car for just 0.63s to take round’s win and 2nd overall leaving Nick 4th overall.

The final standing of the race were:

1. Amaxas George (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

2. Foteinos Jim (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

3. Likaris Bill

4. Nikolakopoulo Nick (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

5. Mantikas Pantelis

6. Drivelas Alex (TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

7. Chiras Spyros (TEAM DURANGO DEX4100R)

8. Nikolopoulos Vaggelis

9. Ventouris Mat(TEAM DURANGO DEX410)

10.Papagianakopoulos Argiris

The race meeting was a Team Durango domination having TQ, best lap, win, second and most cars on A final!!’

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