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May 31, 2011

Boots takes first BRCA national victory for Team Durango @ Slough

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:26 pm

The third round of the 2011 BRCA 8th Nitro Rallycross series was held this past weekend at Slough, Southern England.  The event is the only one in the calendar that’s stretched over two days and runs to a similar format to the EFRA and IFMAR championships with Christmas tree finals.  For this reason it’s the most prestigeous and highly regarded race of the series.


The meeting kicked-off on Sunday the 29th May 2011 with one round of practice in heat-order followed by five qualifiers – with the best three from five results to count toward overall qualifying positions.

Team Durango drivers tried a few things out during qualifying to get the cars ready for the main event with all the guys trying out the rear shock position on the back of the car – a Team Tech Tip for the rear-shock modification will follow soon.

slough2011-5 Team Durango now pit in style! slough2011-8 Daddy-Boots (dBoots) works on Elliott’s DNX408

slough2011-2 Leading the Team Durango charge in qualifying was team leader Chris Doughty who placed 5th overall.  Team mates Kevin Brunsden and Elliott Boots were 7th and 9th overall respectively and this meant all three drivers lined-up in the same semi-final together in positions 2-3-4.

The semi went smoothly for Doughty and Boots but Kevin Brunsden had to fight back from a poor start to bump-up with the other guys into the A-Main.   Elliott Boots meanwhile, after a poor day’s qualifying (by his usual high standards) the previous day, was back on form and sailed past Doughty and Richard Barton to quickly establish a lead and sail through to win the semi.

In the break between Semi’s and the A-Main it started to rain and the weather continuted to be changable throughout the 45 minute final.

Elliott Boots sat in 4th on the grid for the A-Main and quickly passed Simon Willets after a few laps and then John Holmes for 2nd position.  Elliott battled with defending national champion Darren Bloomfield for around seven laps before passing over the back jumps and laying down the fast laps.  Fuel strategies came into play with Neil Cragg having a longer gap which allowed him to catch Boots, but in the end it was Boots that came home first and he was the only driver on 70 laps to give Team Durango their first BRCA National victory, and at the premiere event in the calendar – not bad.

slough2011-10 Kevin Brunsden, Elliott Boots, Chris Doughty.

Chris Doughty finished 4th and Kevin Brunsden 6th to give TD three cars out of the top six – again, a great result that proves the team are working together well and finding their groove with the car more and more each time out.  It was important to have a car that worked well in all levels of traction and as Boots, Doughty and Brunsden showed, the DNX408 dealt with the conditions superbly.

Thanks to neobuggy for the use of the team photo.

Dmitry Malyshko 1st & 3rd @ SNG cup, Ukraine

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:00 pm

The 1st round of the SNG (Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia) off-road Challenge 2011 took place from 20th – 22nd May 2011 at the great Astro track in Odessa, Ukraine.


The weekend started on Friday the 20th of May with  free practice. Saturday was a racing day for qualifying and Sunday was for finals, but the weather made some changes to the schedule. On Saturday  after half round of qualifying,  heavy rain started and the racing closed for the day.

ukrainerace2011-4 The track ukrainerace2011-5 The racers line up

8th Buggy
TD driver Dmitry Malyshko had great results in the first and second round of qualifying to take second place in his first nitro buggy run with DNX408 in this year!  A mistake in the final qualifyer meant Dmitry placed 3rd overall in qualifying, with Rudoy Maxim 6th overall with his DNX408.  The rain came down before the start of the 8th buggy A-Main and it was abandonned so results went on qualifying with Dmitry taking a podium with his 3rd overall.


4WD 10th Buggy
In 4WD electric buggy there were three Team Durango cars in attendance and Dmitry piloted his DEX410 to take the overall TQ.  Gennady Modnev won the B final with the DEX410 and in the 3-leg A-Main Dmitry Malyshko took the opening two legs to secure the victory for Team Durango.


May 26, 2011

Team Durango @ 2011 IFMAR Worlds Warmup

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:59 pm

The 10th off road IFMAR Worlds warmup event in Vaasa, Finland took place this past weekend – 21st & 22nd May 2011.  With the previous IFMAR Worlds being poorly attended the attendance at the warmup for this years event was impressive with a host of the worlds top talent putting in the laps.

tdworldswarmup From left to right: –  Gerd Strenge, Ari Heinonen, Hupo Honigl, Jorn Neumann, Joseph Quagraine.

The track was little changed from the one seen at the 2007 EFRA European Championships, held at the same venue.  A flat dirt track with carpet-covered features to help them survive the Finnish weather.

In the 4WD class, Team Durango placed the highest number of cars of any manufacturer into the A-Main,  with a total of 4 DEX410 cars.  Top of the pile in qualifying for Team Durango was Hupo Honigl – who took the EFRA title in 2007 on this track.  Jorn Neumann placed just behind Hupo in 6th, with local star Ari Heinonen 8th and long-time Team Durango fan Joseph Quagraine in 9th.  JQ raced the prototype Durango car in 2007 at this same track and his electric off road form has improved even more with the DEX410 – his impressive qualifying and best score of 4th in round gave the Finnish hero some electric respect  JQ was using a car borrowed from Gerd Strenge.

In the 3-leg A finals it was Jorn Neumann who put in the best result for Team Durango with a 4th overall – just missing out on the podium.  Hupo finished 6th, JQ 7th and Ari 9th.

The whole Team Durango team worked well together, TD designer & team manager Adam Skelding went over to race and help the team get dialled in.  The guys were able to find a very good, easy to drive setup which we’ve posted in the online database.

Adam Skelding DEX410 Setup

JQ’s DEX410 Setup

Jorn’s DEX410 Setup

Hupo’s DEX410 Setup

May 25, 2011

Tresrey Off Road race round 5

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The 5th round of the Tresrey Off-Road Race 4WD Challenge took place last Sunday at the TRS circuit in Matsusaka-City, Japan.


The race was also a charity auction for Sendai earthquake, with total 29 items which included all many famous driver’s body shells from Europe and US (like David Spashet, Dustin Evans, Hupo Hönigl, and more …) and Ryan Cavalieri’s pit stand.   Tresrey are sending the total amount of this charity auction (JPY 87,900) with all the entry fee of the race and some other donations to Japan Red Cross.   Special thanks to the drivers and people who gave their items for this charity auction.

td-owners-club Team Durango fans gather to show their love

A total of 73 racers turned up for the race at TRS – the biggest number of off-road racers the circuit had ever seen.  In qualifying round 1, it was TRF  driver Satoshi Maezumi who managed to take top time for this round. In qualifying 2, Maezumi broke his car in warm up run which brings him DNS and Noriyuki Kawashima(ZX5) managed 12laps with 5min4sec in this round who managed to take TQ. Hideki Nakajima(B44) finished 2nd with 12 laps 5 min 5.2 sec, Maezumi(TRF502X) 3rd with 5 min 5.3 seconds

dex410-in-the-air trs-offroad-track-1

Unfortunately the finals was cancelled because of heavy rain and so the final result was decided based on everyone’s qualifying result.

sending-dark-force-to-his-rival-car There were 20 Durango DEX410/Rs in the race and 2 of them made the Top 10 – with Takashi Nobuhara 4th overall and Kenji Masuda 9th overall. Yokomo driver Kenji Tsuruta (Yokomo B-MAX) managed 6th and TRF driver Takayuki Kono managed 7th.

After the award ceremony, Tresrey held a big lucky draw prize which included a DEX410 2010spec kit, Speed Passion RS2 kits, ESCs, and motors.  Special thanks to the Team Durango, Speed Passion and TRS.  The charity auction for Sendai Earthquake also took place during this time.

Cyril Baldini 2nd at Gargenville with Team Durango

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 10:46 am

The third round of the French national series was held at the grass track at Gargenville near Paris over the weekend of 14th & 15th May 2011.


french10thnats-2 In qualifying Team Durango driver Cyril Baldini took 3 of the 4 rounds to go overall TQ and line up 1st on the grid with his championship series leading DEX410.  The track was cutting up badly and the tyres which were suited to grass tracks suddenly weren’t working so well on the patchy broken dirt underneath.  Cyril was caught out with the surface and after a poor result in leg 1, finished 3rd and 1st in legs 2 & 3 of the A Final to take second overall and continue leading the series in a dominant style.

Defending National champion Cyril Baldini is running the new Big Bore dampers on his DEX410



Cyril’s setup from the event is HERE

May 23, 2011

Harri Kervola & DEX410 take Finnish Championships Round 1 @ Jyväskylä

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:38 pm

The first round of the Finnish Championships was held in Jyväskylä 13-15.5.2011. The hosting club was RC Club Jyväskylä RccJKL. The weekend started on Friday the 13th of May with a free practice. Saturday was a racing day of 2wd’s and Sunday was for 4wd’s.


finnharri-harri2 Harri:
On the Sunday morning the weather was quite cold, because Finnish summer is short. I passed on my first run of controlled practice, because the weather was so cold. The temperature was rising all the time, so I ran the second round of the controlled practice. The balance of the car felt ok, but the driver (me) was still sleeping. So I did fatal error on big jump and crashed.


In the qualification rounds my car balance felt great and I drove  clean heats. Also my pace was quite fast, so I took easy overall TQ.

I got off clean starts leading the way and won both opening legs of the 3-leg A final for the win at the first round of the Finnish Championships.

Thanks to  for videos and photos: in:

DEX410 TQ’s North East Regional with dBoots!!!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 10:19 am

This weekend saw the first round of the North East regional series held at Stannington. The track was totally different to anything usually raced on here in the UK, which are predominantly astro/grass tacks. The track for the fist round was held on a kind of packed dirt/mud tack, leaving tyre choice a bit of an unknown.

collinsonstannington Qualifying
Round 1 saw Team Durango driver Craig Collinson put in a clean run with his Durango DEX410 to take 1st in round, Greg Williams took the 2nd spot. Round 2 again saw Craig put in another clean run to take 1st in round. The regional series uses a round by round system where your best 2 of 4 are added together giving your overall qualifying position. TQ looked to be in the bag for Craig with two 1st already accomplished, but in round 3 Craig made a few small mistakes allowing Greg Williams to take the top spot. With one more round of qualifying remaining the TQ spot was all to play for. Craig drove an excellent race in round 4 putting in a completely error free run, which resulted in Craig and his DEX410 Being pole in the A-main.

Craig got off to a clean start leading the way round with his DEX410, whilst Greg Williams was in hot pursuit. After around 4 or 5 laps it was clear to see the top spot was going to be a battle between Craig and Greg, as they edged away from the chasing pack. Coming off the large table top in font of the rostrum the front two had a slight collision with Craig coming off better, allowing some breathing room between him and Greg. The result looked set with just over a minute to go but Craig made an error coming onto the tabletop, which needed to be marshalled. Greg was able to take advantage of this and drove past whilst Craig was still on his roof waiting to be attended. With less than a minute to go Craig pushed hard to regain the lead, but with not enough time remaining it was Greg who crossed the line in first. This was a great race to watch and could have gone either way.

Craig’s set-up can be found here:

Although the dBoot tyres were not designed for mud tracks, they proved to be the tyre of choice, as proved by Craig taking TQ in both 2wd and 4wd. Craig also went on to win the A-main in 2wd, also using dBoots on the front and rear.

The next round of the North East regional series will be held at Robin Hood Raceway (RHR), on the 4th and 5th of June. Keep an eye out for the next report!

Kyle McBride takes NSW State Title with DNX408

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 10:18 am

The 2011 New South Wales State titles for 1/8th buggy took place this past weekend at Maitland Off-Road Radio Car Club, and Kyle McBridge brought home the victory for Team Durango.


Kyle’s Durango DNX408 hit the track for the first practice run on Thursday. Running a slightly different setup from the Neo Buggy race he’d attended a few weeks prior, we made a few more tweaks to get Kyle’s Durango dialled.

After the first qualifier Kyle placed his DNX 408 into 2nd place qualifier. A lot of Kyle’s competitors were running Truggy as well, giving them more track time and as this was a brand new lay out it was crucial to get that extra track time.  Despite the slight disadvantage in track time, Kyle was getting quicker and quicker with every run and his Durango was looking sweet for the semi final.

In Kyle’s Semi-final he was simply unstoppable, lapping the field right up to 2nd place and put in the only 39-lap run out of the two 20 minute Semi’s and taking TQ for the A-main.

Kyle had a fantastic start to lead for the first few laps until  an error into some hay bales drooped him to 6th place.  Within just 2 laps Kyle was back into 3rd place chasing down the leaders. Kyle moved up to 2nd place around the 15-20 minute mark and kept his cool, slowly catching the leader and by the 30 minute mark was 6 seconds down.  Kyle’s tyres were shot and he was wrestling the car round the track but with his consistent lapping and the dialled DNX408 he managed to take the lead with 7 minutes remaining before pulling a 20 second lead over his closest rival.

nswtitles2011-1 nswtitles2011-2

May 16, 2011

Broxtowe 2WD Regional & Short Course wins

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:57 pm

Broxtowe MCC held the opening round of the 2wd Mid East Regional Series this past weekend. With good weather forecast for the day the entry topped 90. However, the forecasters got it wrong and to start the day off we had light drizzle! The Broxtowe club had recently spent a lot of time money and effort getting their venue to a more permanent and ‘all weather’ standard. The track coped excellent with the persistent rain and gave an excellent racing surface in both the wet and dry.

With the changeable conditions it would be a matter of having the right tyres on at the right time. Rounds 1 and 2 were held in damp to drying conditions and Nathan Waters (DEX210) took TQ in both rounds using the car in the Mid Motor Configuration. Rounds 3 & 4 were much dryer and with that the grip level shot up catching many a driver out. John Spencer took TQ in these rounds and with a faster TQ time took overall TQ for the meeting.

2WD A-Final.
Nathan and John got off to a clean start and left the rest of the field in their wake. A battle ensued with the DEX210 driven by Nathan coming out on top and taking the A final win.

broxtowerace-1 broxtowerace-2

In Short Course Open class. The DESC410R once again was the most popular truck and took TQ in all four rounds with Adam Skelding taking the first 3 rounds and Nathan Waters taking the last round.

broxtowerace-3 broxtowerace-6

Short Course Open A-Final.
The final was a no holds barred affair between the two DESC410R’s, contact was plenty and some elaborate pursuit style manoeuvring allowed for some close racing with Nathan eventually taking the win from Adam.


The event was also the official shakedown for one of the Team Durango Gazebos which will be present at both 1/8th Scale and 1/10th scale Nationals throughout the season. The Gazebo will be a point of reference for any Team Durango customer or driver to come and seek help with set-ups or just for a chat.

Thanks to Mid East Off Road for the photos!

Andrea Nerone takes 2nd with the Team Durango DNX408

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 11:01 am

italyregionalrace-1 It was an excellent result for the Italian Team Durango distributor, team Rcsupermarket  on the third round of Piemonte regional Championship.

Andrea Nerone sat in fourth place after qualifying for a direct place into the A main.  With a fast and smooth race, Andrea finished in the 30 minutes final after some very exciting overtaking on Fantinel on the final lap that gave him second place. Congratulations to Andrea who is making his debut this year in the Nitro Buggy category. A great result behind the first place for the Italian champion.

Andrea Nerone porta sul podio la Durango DNX408!
Ottimo risultato per il team di Rcsupermarket alla terza prova del campionato regionale.
Andrea dopo aver conquistato il quarto posto dopo le prove di qualificazione e quindi l’accesso diretto alla finale A, con una gara veloce e regolare conclude con un eccellente secondo posto la finale da 30 minuti.

Molto emozionante il sorpasso su Fantinel proprio all’ultimo giro che gli ha regalato il secondo posto.
Complimenti ad Andrea che quest anno è al suo debutto nella categoria Buggy nitro. Ricordiamo che al primo posto si è classificato il campione italiano in carica Fabio Boer.

Andrea’s setup will be online shortly.

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