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June 28, 2011

DEX410 & DEX410R special offer – only whilst supplies last!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 12:48 pm

Team Durango are pleased to announce an incredible special offer on the IFMAR World Championship winning DEX410 & DEX410R buggies – but only whilst supplies last!  With massive reductions from their original prices, these kits are already selling out faster than expected, so be quick if you want to get a great price on one of these highly competitive off road racers.

This offer is available from participating Team Durango stockists or directly from the Team Durango website, whilst supplies last.

Check your local stockist or the Team Durango website for the new prices.

June 27, 2011

Kyle McBride takes the Sunshine Coast ‘Outlaw’ Round 3

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:53 pm

Kyle McBride dominated the third round of the Out Law series with his Team Durango DNX408 at the Valley raceway track in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.


After a heated battle for the first 6 minutes, kyle put the hammer down in the 30 minute A-main to pull a massive lead, lapping up to third place on his way to the win with another dominant performance from the young Aussie racer.

North takes win at Keighley with DEX410

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 11:08 am

Graham North won the fourth round of the North West regional series at Keighley Model Car Club’s grass track venue. The victory was Graham’s second win in two years at the venue.

As the day went on the track cut up badly as it had at Batley earlier in the series.  It was as hot as an oven trackside and the surface was dry and hard with big chunks of dirt coming out as the track cut up.  dBoots Multibite tyres were coping the best as the track deteriorated, getting comparatively faster than other tyre choices as the day progressed.  Well placed TD cars in the ‘A’ final were Graham, Stuart Hurley, Paul Crawford and Damian Whittle – the Durango cars coping well with the tough track conditions.  Driving finesse gave way the ability to cope with the bumps and holes and pick appropriate lines to avoid them.

keighlyregional-1 keighlyregional-2

While he didn’t TQ the event Graham was near the front of the ‘A’ final, taking the lead on lap one as the other higher qualifying drivers succumbed to the track conditions and fell aside.  TQ man Dan Greenwood was the only competition to trouble Graham by applying pressure in the form of some quick laps in an attempt to draw the lead back.  It was to no avail due to multiple errors on track and Graham led from lap one to the finish, keeping a cool head on the rostrum, despite the hot sun!’

keighlyregional-3 Graham on his way for the win

Thanks to Stu Evans for the report and photos.

Ryan Lutz goes 1st & 2nd at Alabama Manufacturers Shootout

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 10:27 am

lutz_ams-2x The Alabama Manufacturers Shootout took place last weekend in Cullman, Alabama. Team Durango’s Ryan Lutz took an impressive victory in the intense heat with his DESC410R Short Course truck and 2nd in pro gas buggy with his DNX408.

After taking the opening round of qualifying with his DESC410R Ryan was unlucky with wiring problems in rounds 2 & 3 to see him miss out on directly qualifying into the A-Main – however with Bump ups, it was still possible and Ryan didn’t disapoint as he dominated the B-main to go 13th on the grid for the A.
After winning the opening leg of the A-main in dominant style, Ryan didn’t hold back in leg 2 – launching his Tekin powered DESC410R from the line to pass 8 cars over the first jump on his way to take another leg win and with it the overall victory and proving to any doubters that the DESC410R is the fastest 4WD Short Course money can buy.

In pro gas buggy the competition was fierce. The track had a lot of flat landings and was low traction – the guys managed to work out a setup to cope with the conditions and with some changed still to try in the A-Main Ryan managed to put his DNX408 in 5th on the grid for the A-Main. Ryan eventually worked his way through the field up to 2nd behind Ryan Maifield and as the time ran out that’s where things finished and another great result to back up his win in Short Course.

Setups for Ryans vehicles are in the setup section of the TD website and linked below for ease:

Ryan’s DNX408 Setup

Ryan’s Winning DESC410R Setup

June 17, 2011

Kyle McBride TQ’s Queensland State Titles

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 9:21 am

Kyle McBride has taken an unassailable TQ after day 2 of the 4-day Queensland state titles which is being held at the ‘Brickyard’ from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th June.  Taking the TQ in all four opening qualifiers on Thursday and Friday with his dialled DNX408 – Kyle now looks forward to the Semis and Final.


Thanks to ‘adzqld’ on youtube for uploading this video of Kyle doing his thing at the track this week.

June 16, 2011

Beijing ‘Team C Cup’ report by Lin

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:50 pm

Team Durango’s Chinese superstar racer Lin reports on the ‘Team C Cup’ held over the weekend of 4th & 5th June 2011, in Beijing China. Where he placed his DNX408 an impressive 2nd behind former World Champion 8th buggy racer, Kanai.


The Chinese 2011 race season had officially commenced after the Chinese New Year. It was a brand new experience for me, not only did I join Team Durango, I am also honoured to have new sponsors for both my engines and my tires. For the first race that I had with my DNX-408 I already knew I had a very strong combination on hand and the battle is for me to lose!

Although I made it to the A-main in my first ever race with my DNX in February, I was having some tough luck with my electronics which saw me out of the contention towards the end of the race. I had to wait for another 4 months for another race to prove my points!

teamc-lin-2 The venue this time was the TZ race course in Beijing, the capital of China. A venue that are less then one year old, but already earned it’s reputation of being one of the best off-road racing facilities in China. With a single lap around the 40 sec mark, it’s not only big in size but comes with an assortment of jumps and bumps, which I always enjoy. The race was organize by “Team C”, with a maximum turnout close to 140 drivers who were coming over from Hong Kong, Macau, Japan etc.

Since the last race I attend was hosted on my “home” track, it made me even more eager to prove my skills on a “foreign” track (it took 2 hours fly from Guangzhou to Beijing). Besides all the local veterans, I once again faced former World Champion Mr. Yuji Kanai, who had flown all the way from Japan to race here. It was a great chance for me to learn from a WC caliber racer and I am very thankful for that.

I flew to Beijing nearly one week prior to the race, and started to practice with my DNX. With all other Team Drivers testing data, I was a lot better prepared this time and immediately, I found my groove and was lapping the track exactly the way I like it. My DNX408 got more and more comfortable every time I run around the track and the things that some of our team drivers have been trying also improves the car a great deal. I remember I was smiling all the way for the few days that I spend on the track, and I had the best sleep ever before the qualifying started on Saturday.

As expected, things sometimes do not go your way and qualifying did not go as well as hoped. The TZ track was very dusty with low levels of grip; it was mostly flat butl with big jumps. There are two area on the track that caught a lot of racers out –  first a table top that’s nearly 45 degrees slope at the end of the straight which caused a lot of cars flying out of the track; the other will be the signature 6 jumps which you will have to have a very good control on rhythm in order to make it into a 2+2+2.

We all had 3 qualifiers to run with 10 minutes each. On my first qualification run I made the mistake by setting my ride high too high; front diff oil also was too thick. The shocks oil also felt to be a bit too light for the hot weather. I end up 10th in the round – a disapointing run.

For my second qualifier I had rectified most of my set up problems, and my speed was a lot faster compared to the first round.  However, this is the same case with other drivers too and I was still stuck in the low end of the spectrum on making the mains in 9th position.

On my third qualifier, I knew I had the speed and the car was handling great, so it’s now up to me to concentrate and find the best line around. I manage to put on a great result and finally stand 2nd place after qualifying – 17 seconds adrift of Mr. Yuji Kanai, but more then 7 seconds faster then the 3rd place qualifier, so I was relatively confident for my final pace.

teamc-lin-3 Normally running 45 minutes A-main, the organizer decided to run a huge one hour long main for this race. I was actually more than happy to run a longer main, however, not when I only had a 1400mAh receiver pack… So the race itself was not simply against other racers, but I will also have to battle with amp-draw, I guess a very rare occasion while you are racing nitro 1/8th scale! Trying to stay smooth on my steering and throttle input, it was a race that was thrilling for a very different reason. Mr. Kanai was out in front and for a few laps, I am trying my best to chase him. But with more time down the wire, I realize I have a very safe buffer in front of the third place racer Li, but rather big gaps with Mr. Kanai, I then switch to my “power reserve” mode, keeping my finger crossed and hope that I can make the one hour main. Without too much drama, I maintain my place and finally finish Second to Mr. Kanai.

All in all, a great race to remember. My DNX-408 remained strong and durable all weekend, and the handling of the car is simply amazing. This race also boosts my confident level at the time right before the big one: FEMCA championship at the beginning of February.

Next up it will be a EP race in Guangzhou on the 26th, which I will have the chance to run my DEX-410 in anger on a 1/8 scale track the first time, then I will fly out to Malaysia on the 1st of July, prepare myself for the FEMCA championship. Till then!

June 15, 2011

Team Durango 1-2-3-4 at Euro SC Masters

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:23 pm

The innaugral ‘European Short Course Masters’ took place last weekend at the Mc Welden track near Munich, Germany.  A total of 4 classes were on the cards with 2WD SC & 4WD SC being the main classes along with 2WD ‘RTR’ SC and 1/8th 4WD SC also featuring.

The track is a mix of surfaces with the majority of the track being split between dirt or astroturf.  The track is usually a 1/8th off road track and is large for the 10th scale trucks.

Friday saw open practice and right from the off the Team Durango DESC410R was totally dialled in and the team drivers were very confident.  The track had started moist and slowly dried – in turn the grip levels came up a lot.  The team used the 1.5mm front anti-roll bar which worked well to calm the steering.

Saturday saw the start of qualifying after one last practice run.  There were to be 6 rounds of qualifying in all with 4 Saturday and 2 Sunday.  Team Durango’s Hupo Honigl TQ’d the first two rounds with his DESC410R.  The rain started after round two and some drivers decided not to run in the worsening conditions but double IFMAR world champion Martin Achter braved the weather to take the next two rounds of qualifying.  After qualifying Team Durango held the top three spots with the DESC410R ahead of Robert Hart and Ryan Maifield – who’d been flown over especially as the ‘secret weapon’ of the AE team to win their own event.

euroscmasters-team Top 5 after 6 rounds of qualifying:
1.            Hupo Hönigl DESC410R
2.            Martin Achter DESC410R
3.            Jörn Neumann DESC410R
4.            Robert Hart
5.            Ryan Maifield

In the first 4WD SC A-Main Hupo had the lead after the start. But he had a problem and retired after 2 Laps. Jörn took up the lead followed by Ryan Maifield and Martin Achter. Jörn put some quick laps and had built up a confortable lead. In the last lap Martin Achter overtook Ryan to finish 2nd – the best result the competition would have in the finals as it would turn out as the Team Durango cars stamped their superiority on the meeting.

In the second leg of the A-Main Hupo again had a good start. Jörn overtook Martin Achter and was now in 2nd behind Hupo. Hupo had a small mistake and Jörn closed in behind him. Both drivers had a nice battle for the lead. In the end it was Jörn who took the win, Hupo 2nd and Martin Achter 3rd.

The last leg of the A-Main saw Hupo lead from the start. Jörn tried to overtake Martin. After one lap Jörn went for the inside line on Martin for 2nd. Hupo again had a small mistake and now Jörn was in the lead. 2 laps before the end, Hupo overtook Jörn to take the win, 2nd Jörn and 3rd Martin.

In the end it was a stunning 1-2-3-4 for Team Durango as Gerd Pfifer took the first non-podium position in 4th with Marcel Louis Khorosh in 9th.  It really couldn’t have gone much better for the team as they blitzed the opposition.

euroscmasters-top3 Final order 4WD SC:
1.            Jörn Neumann DESC410R
2.            Hupo Hönigl DESC410R
3.            Martin Achter DESC410R
4.            Gerd Pfeiffer DESC410R
9.      Marcel Louis Khorosh DESC410R

There can now be no doubt which is the fastest and best handling 4WD Short Course out there – the DESC410R proves itself once again against strong competition.

Hupo and Jorn’s set-ups are located here:

Team Durango double-domination @ Bushveld, SA

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:04 pm

This past weekend saw the 5th Bushveld model racing club event held in Polokwane South Africa.  The event saw Team Durango Take TQ in 4wd stock, 4wd SC and 4wd Mod – so it was a very good club event for Team Durango. The track was very fast and tight, with the fastest lap being a 16.85 sec in 4wd Mod.

bushveld-3 4WD Short Course top three bushveld-4 4WD Modified top three

Final results for the Team durango drivers were as follows.

bushveld-2 4wd Stock
Q2. Pieter van Eeden (dnf)
Q3. Louie Fourie (3)
Q4. Simon Wells (2)
Q7. Gareth Lambert (4)
Q8. Shaun Dennill (5)
Q9. Francois Boersta (7)

4wd Short Course
Q1. Jaco van Eeden (3)
Q2. Quintin Baker (2)
Q3. Louie Fourie (1)

4wd Modified
Q1. Jaco van Eeden (3)
Q3. Shaun Dennill (1)
Q4. Gerhard van Aswegen (2)

A 1-2-3 in both 4WD Modified and 4WD SC along with a great showing in the 4WD Stock class shows the strength of the TD cars in South Africa.

June 10, 2011

DNX408 Option parts (Carbon Fibre radio tray, Aluminium throttle arm, Gold aluminium wing buttons)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 11:27 am

Team Durango have released several new option parts for their DNX408 nitro off-road buggy.

First up is a carbon fibre radio tray (TD320039). Woven from high-quality carbon fibre, this hop-up part is 43% lighter than the standard kit item. It is also a lot stiffer, offering you the most precise servo operation. It allows less heat flow-through from the chassis allowing greater heat dissipation through the bottom of the chassis plate.

TD320039 DNX408 carbon fibre radio plate

Next we have an aluminium throttle arm (TD310101) to replace the stock plastic item. This high-strength aluminium throttle arm allows you to run a strong carb-return spring on your engine. Weighing in at only 4.3 grams, it also gives you ultra-precise throttle operation.

TD310101 DNX408 Alu throttle arm TD310101 DNX408 Alu throttle arm TD310101 DNX408 Alu throttle arm

Finally, for a bit of rear wing bling, we have these gold-anodised aluminium wing buttons (TD709013). Anodised in Team Durango gold, they are high strength and weigh just 1.0 gram each.

TD709013 DNX408 gold wing buttons TD709013 DNX408 gold wing buttons

Visit to find your local stockist.

June 9, 2011

Martin Kriel – 10th Buggy Euros Warmup report @ Pau

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 9:44 pm

Austrian Team Durango star driver Martin Kriel reports on his experiences at last weekends ‘Euros Warmup’ event in Pau, France.


The track was very big with a clay surface, a wood-table, a carpet quad jump and some up and down sections.

2wd: 48 attended drivers.
I ran this version of the DEX210 prototype for the first time after receiving it in the week before the event. The car felt better and better from run to run. After the two practice rounds the qualification started. In the first two qualification rounds I ran the Caliber M3 and in round 3 and 4 I changed to Caliber M4. I changed also the  linkages to make the car easier to drive over the holes, which came out during the runs. I found myself on 15th overall position after the qualification. In the end of the day I finished 11th.

Hupo was the guy to beat, he dominated from the first practice run, he won all qualifiers and all finals.

4wd: 55 attended drivers
my car felt very good and I tested some different linkages and damper positions. After the qualification I was in 5th position. We had 4 dex410 in the first 5 positions, which showed the domination of that car. The overall standings was:

1st: Hupo (He dominated the same way as in 2wd)
2nd: Cyrille Baldini (French champion)
3rd: myself

We stayed two more days in france to test some things. On Monday we had sunny weather and practiced the whole day. On Tuesday it rained the whole day!

Martin’s DEX410 Setup can be found here:

Many thanks to Laurent Calliet and for the use of the photo

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