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June 9, 2011

Carson wins ARC Raceway Spring Shootout

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 9:33 pm

durango_winners Left to right:  Eric Tellis, Carson Wernimont, Frankie Romeo.

ARC Raceway in Temecula California, USA, held the final of their 2011 Spring Shootout series with some great prizes on offer from series sponsors Team Durango.   Eric Tellis won the sportsman 2wd Short Course title and took home the fastest Short Course out there – a brand new Team Durango DESC410R. Frankie Romeo won the Sportsman buggy class and got the awesome Team Durango DNX408 for his victory.

Meanwhile, Team Durango driver Carson Wernimont dominated the Expert SC 4WD class with a TQ and win in every round with the DESC410R – and put in a solid 3rd place finish in Pro Buggy with the DNX408 – congratulations Carson!

Danie van Rooyen – 2nd at South African Gas Nats RD2

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The second round of the 2011 South African Gas Nationals ran from the 3rd -5th June.  Friday the 3rd saw practice and Team Durango’s Danie van Rooyen spent the day adjusting setup and in his own words “……I then changed my rollcentre’s and I dropped down to the fastest lap ever on the track , I went out and did a 42,5 second lap” – so things were looking pretty good for the DNX408.

Saturday saw the start of qualifying and a poor tyre choice meant Danie wasn’t happy with his first run which placed him second.  The second round and Danie went back to the previous tyres he’d run in practice and put in the fastest time of the weekend to take the round – but the qualifying format meant he placed 2nd on the grid for the final.

Sunday was finals day and right from the start Danie took the lead but a knock from behind saw him flipped and down to 9th position right away.  Working his way back through the field Danie had terrible luck when a tyre came completely off the wheel which forced a wheel change and early fuel stop – losing 91 seconds which equated to 2 entire laps.

With determination Danie put in some great laps and was able to unlap himself and claw his way back into second position – finishing on the same lap as the race winner and as the clock ran out Danie had to settle for second.  An amazing effort considering the bad luck and surefire proof that the DNX408 is the quickest car out there.

Danie van Rooyen lays in 1st position in the championship and looks to take the win for the Team Durango DNX408 – good luck Danie!

June 8, 2011

Asia 1/10th EP Buggy Party – Thailand final

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:06 pm

The final race of the Asia EP Buggy Party was originally scheduled to run in March, 2011. However, it got pushed back and finally took place June. The turn up was not as expected given the schedule change; however, it does attract a group of locals who were eager to try out their skill compared with the Chinese racer John Ho who was making the trip this time round.

The New-RC Track is located in Bangkok; with a cover it proved to be the race saver due to very wet weather on the Friday and Saturday prior to Sundays race. The drivers were greeted with a brand new layout, which whilst it may not look very hard to drive on at first sight, it proved to be a test for precise line control if you were hoping to challenge for a podium finish.

Once again, in the 4WD class, the race was dominated by the DEX-410, with local hero Wisarut taking the first blood by a convincing TQ spot, edging out the China selection race champion, John Ho.

The A Main however did not go as smooth for the TQ winner Wisarut. In the first leg of the final, John Ho took the hole shot and immediately lead the whole field of 10 cars round the track. With lap record being broken numerous time between John and Wisarut the pair were inseperable until Wisarut met a back marker and allowed John to pull out a lead and take the win. The result was 15 laps 5:23 with Wisarut narrowly missing 15 laps by having a result of 14 laps 5:00.03, ending the tally of Wisarut’s un-bitten record in the New-RC track.

The second final was even more eventful, with Wisarut making a clean start round this time with John in hot pursuit. The lap time of the two were only 0.08 seconds apart and they were nose-to-tail until the three and a half minutes mark, where John made a rare error by colliding with  lapped traffic, and this became the 5 seconds difference when the two cross their lines as Wisarut took the leg with John second this time.

All eyes were on the third final, with both gentlemen grabbing half of the championship crown. This time round, it was the young gun teaching the old school a serious lesson, with John failing to stay cool and Wisarut  not putting a foot wrong on his way to the win and  becoming the first series champion for the 4WD class of the Asia EP buggy Party. Another DEX410 driver in third meant it was a solid 1-2-3 for the Team Durango DEX410 on the podium.


The 4WD Short Course class, although not an official event, was popular enough in Thailand for the organizer to hold a demonstration class. With 12 SC competing in the main, traffic was a problem for everyone.

Again, it was the battle between Wisarut and John that stole the show, with the two clearly lapping in a much faster pace then the others. Racing his DESC-410R for the second time, John was once again failing to upset his biggest threat, the wonder boy from Thailand: Wisarut. By taking the first two finals, Wisarut confirmed his status as the one to beat here, with John taking the third final to take 2nd place for the Team manager of Team Durango China.


This is what John had to say:
“It was always a pleasure racing in Thailand because everyone here is super nice! The track was perfect and fun, the pit areas are very comfortable and the best part is, I always have a bottle of nice cool icy Coca-cola on my table! I am very please with today’s result since I am bitten fair and square, and I enjoy the excitement so much when I am racing so close with Wisarut. Once again, my weapon of choice did not fail me one bit, and I am hoping to return to this wonderful country as soon as I can for some more intense racing, may be with my DNX-408 next time!”

Kyle McBride wins Sunshine Coast ‘Outlaw’ Round 2

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mcbrideoutlaw2 Last Saturday night was the second round of the Sunshine Coast Twilight Outlaw series – Bringing together some of the fastest drivers in South east Queensland for the chance to battle it out under floodlights at the Valley Raceway.

Running a slightly different format to normal, the heats were only 7 minutes long and all rounds to count.  Kyle McBride is now 6 months into driving the DNX408 and his mechanic dad, Scott, commented that this is simply the best he’s ever gone.

Kyle took the first round of qualifying and went 7 seconds quicker on his way to take the second round.  A flameout in round three dashed his chance of taking the #1 spot on the grid as he qualified 4th in the A-Main.

From the start of the 25 minute A-Main, Kyle took up 2nd place and had the leader in his sights.   By the end of just the first lap Kyle was ready for his move and made it past as he over-jumped the leader to take up the #1 spot.

By halfway into the race Kyle had a nice comfortable lead from his closest competitor and with 7 minutes to go put in the fastest lap of the race.   After the 25 minute race way over, Kyle had lapped the entire field up to 2nd place and took a convincing victory.

mcbrideoutlaw1 Kyle making the move as he goes high for the lead

June 6, 2011

DEX410 & DEX410R finish 1st and 4th at RHR!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:33 pm

The 2nd round of the North East Regional was held this weekend at Robin Hood Raceway (RHR). The track is 95% Astroturf with the exception of one long sweeping banked concrete corner with very little traction which takes some skill to get around it quickly.

During drivers briefing the racers were given the option of having 4 rounds of qualifying with the best 2 to count, then having 2 finals, or having 5 rounds of qualifying again with your best 2 to count and having 1 final. The majority opted for the latter so the decision went with the majority vote.

collinsonrhr Qualifying
The 5 rounds of qualifying was a 4 horse race between Craig Collinson, Richard Lowe, Ben Jemison and Craig’s brother Wayne Collinson. Craig went on to dominate 4 of the 5 rounds with his Durango DEX410, taking four 1st and the quickest time of the day! The only round Craig didn’t win was due to losing a tyre just over half way through the race. At the end of qualifying Craig was pole in the A-main, Richard 2nd, Ben 3rd and Wayne 4th with his DEX410R.

Everyone got off to a clean start but after the first couple of laps it was clear to see the battle for the win was between Craig and Richard Lowe, as they broke away from the rest of the field. After just over a minute Richard tried to pull a move on Craig at the end of the straight, but ended up slamming straight into Craig causing them both to flip and needing to be marshalled. Once back on the track Craig was still in front and didn’t look back for the remainder of the race. Richard pushed hard but made some small errors in doing so which gave Craig some breathing room to lead his DEX410 to another great win!

Craig was using dBoots tyres on his DEX410, taking TQ and the win proved just how good the tyres are against some tough competition.

Hupo wins Euros Warmup & Cyril takes French title

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:22 pm

The 2011 10th off road European Championships is being held in Pau, Southern France at the ‘Mini Racing Club Palois’ track.  This years ‘Euros warmup’ event – a chance for competitors to gain some experience before the main event – coincided with the 4th round of the 2011 French National series as both events ran together in Pao over the weekend of 4th & 5th June 2011.


Hupo Honigl and Martin Kriel made the trip over together but had to miss most of Fridays open practice due to their travel arrangements – and this being first time out for Kriel with the prototype 2WD DEX210, it was a steep learning curve.  Hupo Honigl  however  quickly established his dominance in 2WD with the prototype DEX210 2WD buggy – taking every single qualifier and A finals for the win.

pao-warmup-hupo pao-warmup-cyril

In 4WD the Team Durango cars again looked awesome on the dirt track and Hupo Honigl did it again with another victory – this time not quite as dominant as Cyril Baldini took the second leg with his DEX410.  Hupo won the first and third leg however for the overall victory with Cyril Baldini 2nd and Martin Kriel 3rd – a fantastic 1-2-3 victory for Team Durango and the DEX410.

Hupo’s Setup can be found here:

Martin Kreils Setup can be found here:

pao-warmup-lads Hupo Honigl (second from right) took the overall warmup win in 2WD & 4WD.   Cyril Baldini (far right) took the French National win and with it the national title for TD.

Because the event was also a round of the French national series, the events ran together and those who weren’t racing in the French championship were discounted from the results for the French series – which meant Cyril Baldini took the win and gained enough points that no one can now catch him in the series, effectively meaning Cyril Baldini has won the 2011 title for Team Durango with his DEX410!  Congratulation Cyril!

Two winners from one race meant it was a great weekend for Team Durango.

Thanks to and Laurent Calliet for the use of the photos

June 3, 2011

Team Durango DEX410 @ South African National

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 4:05 pm

This past weekend saw the 2nd leg of the South African National, held at Superbowl race club in Germiston Johannesburg. It was almost perfect weekend for Team Durango SA as we had 12 DEX410/R in the field of 21 cars which is more than any other manufacturer – in fact, more than half the field were TD cars!

2ndsanationals-2011-2 2ndsanationals-2011-4

Team Durango had some good results over the weekend with Jaco van Eeden taking TQ in 4wd mod with Neil Wanvig qualified in 3rd. Also in the main were Trevor Trim Q9 and Wimpie van Aswegen Q10. In the B main were the following drivers- Mark van den Berg Christian Fourie, Jay Flinn, Ruald Dennil, Jason Mitchell and Francois Boerstra. In 4wd Stock we had 2 entry’s with Quintin Baker Q in 3rd and Louis Fourie Q6 spot.


The end results for the weekend were as follows:

4wd Mod A Mains:
Neil Wanvig 4th
Jaco van Eeden 5th
Wimpie van Aswegen 7th
Trevor Trim 10th

4wd Mod B Mains:
Christian Fourie 2nd
Mark van den Berg 3rd
Jay Flynn 7th
Ruald Dennill 8th
Jason Mitchell 9th
Francois Boertra 11th

4wd Stock A Mains
Quintin Baker 3rd
Louis Fourie 5th

Overall a good weekend for Team Durango SA.

410 Diff Seal mod

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ttt-410-diffseals-oily The 410 family of vehicles have used the same X-ring diff seals since launch and some users have had less success than others with them.

The washers (TD709001) that sit next to the X-rings and behind the E-clip were updated to a slightly thicker item as a running change to help minimise outdrive movement and keep things nicely sealed but still some users have experienced a slow leak of the diff oils.  The older TD709001 washers were black and the updated items are silver – so you can check to see which you have.

Some of our team drivers have tried other seals to find the best possible performance and some of our drivers have been using DNX408 shock o-ring seals (Part No.TD330099) in the DEX410 differentials for months without problems of leaking.

ttt-410-diffseals-standard Standard X-ring seal ttt-410-diffseals-compared The DNX408 (TD330099) shock seal vs the standard X-ring

The Shock o-rings are smaller than the X-rings but once assembled into the differentials they fill the gaps and seal well. Oil the recess where the o-ring will sit and place the 0-ring in position.

ttt-410-diffseals-assemble1 Lube the recess where the o-ring will sit

ttt-410-diffseals-assemble2 Grease or oil the input shaft

ttt-410-diffseals-assemble4 ttt-410-diffseals-assemble5

If you insert the outdrive / input shaft into position now you’ll probably dislodge the o-ring and getting it fully seated with the outdrive shaft in place can be tricky – you can use the box spanner from the kit, to press down the o-ring whilst the input shaft is in place.

ttt-410-diffseals-install_0 You can use the box driver from the kit to push the o-ring down whilst inserting the outdrive ttt-410-diffseals-oringinstalled2 Done!  –  now for the other side

Reinstall the washer and e-clip and after you’d done both o-rings just follow the rest of the regular differential build – the guides below have some useful tips that relate to building the differentials as well as the gearbox housings.

Items you’ll need for the modification are one pack of TD330099 DNX408 SHOCK SEAL O-RING  – which contains enough to do four differentials.


You can read some useful differential build information in the DESC410R centre diff article here:
DESC410R Centre Diff Option

Information on tightening the differential case properly to ensure it’s sealed well can be found in the Gearbox Build Guide here:
DESC410R/DEX410 Gearbox Pro-Build

DESC410R 2mm Anti-Roll Bar set screw mod

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TTT-410-rollbargrubscrew-1The 2mm anti-roll bar is the hardest anti-roll bar option part for the DEX410/R and DESC410R line of vehicles and whilst it was for the most part too hard for the DEX410 buggies it’s an ideal roll bar on the new DESC410R short course truck.

The 2mm bar fills the hole in the alloy anti-roll bar pivot ball (TD330015) and like the smaller bars it’s held in place by a single set screw.

The design of the M3 set screw has a small ‘cone’ shape at the leading edge and on the smaller anti-roll bars this isn’t a problem since the set screw sits deep inside – using the 2mm anti-roll bar however means that this ‘cone’ sits out into the threads so there’s a little less thread for the screw to hold onto whilst tightening. It’s quite easy to overtighten and strip the threads in the anti-roll bar balls when using the 2mm roll bar and standard set screws.


To get the set screw to have the maximum hold, you can remove the cone by grinding the leading face of the screw so it’s flat – this will allow the set screw to sit further into the alloy ball with more threads engaging.

Above & Below – the ‘flattened’ face set screw allows the threads to contact lower down giving a better hold.


You can use a dremel-style tool with a grinding head to quickly flatten the set screw whilst it’s perched atop an allen key / hex driver.

ttt-410-rollbargrubscrew-ground2 ttt-410-rollbargrubscrew-ground

You still need to use care when tightening the modified set screw and use threadlock to prevent it coming loose – but using this mod should help prevent premature failure when assembling / maintenance.

June 2, 2011

Reno Savoya 3rd @ French National RD3 – Coglin

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 5:04 pm

The 3rd round of the 2011 French 1/8th off road national series took place last weekend  in Cogolin, Southern France.  The challenging dirt track was both grippy and bumpy – a real test.

Renaud Savoya made some changes to combat the hard condition, with a longer front camber link making the running much easier and stable – Renaud’s full setup is online HERE.

In qualifying, Renaud put in some solid performances with 3rd in round one just 4 seconds off the leade.  Another 3rd in round two and a 2nd in the third and final qualifier put Reno 3rd overall in qualifying.


In the semi-final, Reno tried some new tyres and felt dialled – so with a 9-minute pit strategy he won his semi easily.  In the end some bad traffic and a crash which needed marshalling meant Reno lost out on 1st and had to settle for 2nd on the grid for the A-Main.

rdfrenchnats2011-coglin-4 In the main, Reno got off to a poor start with some small errors at the outset but his confidence in the DNX408 and the setup the team had worked together to achieve left him with no doubt he could catch up. A problem in the pits refuelling meant Reno had to switch fuel strategy and come in early – resulting in a flame out mid race.   An exciting battle with Jerome Aigoin for 2nd was sadly cut short when an engine screw worked loose – catching the track in various places and ruining the composure over the jumps and bumps.  Reno couldn’t make the pass in time and had to settle for 3rd, 1 second behind Jerome Aigoin.

Along with the news of Elliott Boots’ victory in the UK National at Slough on the same weekend, Reno’s performance shows how the team are starting to really dial-in the car now after extensive testing and communication between the drivers – the setups are developing as well as the teams confidence.  Setups, as always, will be online as soon as possible.

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