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July 29, 2011

DEX210 Specification and Photos

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 5:35 pm

The next generation of 2WD is here – the Team Durango DEX210.  We released a teaser but now we’d like to announce a few details and show some more detailed photos.


– 3 or 4 gear configuration in both rear and mid layouts – with the same gearbox*.

· Aluminium Chassis plate with moulded composite side plates

· Moulded composite shock towers

· Big Bore shocks

· Aluminium FF and RR suspension blocks

· Accepts stick or saddle pack battery in both mid and rear motor configurations

· One body for both mid and rear configurations

· Front end – Adjustable wheelbase, axle trail, caster, camber, toe angle in the kit

· Rear end – Adjustable wheelbase, hub toe angle, camber in the kit

· Dual pad slipper clutch

· Droop screws front and rear

· Captured CVD pins and over-size hub bearings

· Ball Diff as standard. Gear diff will be available as an option

*Pending Patent GB1112236.3

Thanks to Jon Miller from RCS Graphic Worx for the painting.

July 28, 2011

DEX210 – The Next Generation of 2WD

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 12:40 pm

The next generation of 2WD electric off road buggy is coming – the DEX210 is the culmination of years of research and development by a dedicated team of enthusiastic engineers and racers.


Designed to cater for all tracks and driving styles without compromise the DEX210 is going to set the electric off road world alight with its unique and innovative design* – this is the future of off road racing.

*Pending Patent GB1112236.3

July 26, 2011

Jörn Neumann – IFMAR Vice-Champion with DEX410

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 6:05 pm

Team Durango and Jörn Neumann took 2nd place at the 2011 IFMAR 1/10th off road world championships in the hard fought 4WD class with the DEX410 this week to become the IFMAR Vice-Champion.


In its biggest ever test since release – the DEX410 proved it was capable of mixing with the very best in the world and after the dust settles on the race people will remember how close it was for the young German driver. In qualifying for the 4WD event, Jörn Neumann put in the fastest time of anyone at the meeting to take the final round of qualifying and 2nd on the grid for the finals. Hupo Hönigl drove his DEX410 to 6th on the grid for the A. In total there were 6 Team Durango DEX410’s in the top 20, more than any other manufacturer.

worlds-jorn3 Jörn Neumann worlds-hupo2 Hupo Hönigl

1/8th specialist Elliott Boots had never driven electic buggies on dirt before but showed his raw talent by putting in the fastest lap of the meeting and qualifying in the B final after some electrical gremlins really hurt his chances in the early rounds. Joseph Quagraine, Ari Heinonen and Billy Fischer also put their DEX410’s into the B final with some very impressive performances in qualifying.

The A final was spread over 3 legs and the drama up front was breathtaking. Jörn took the lead in leg one and despite an error he kept it and built a 5 second gap back to second place – everything looked like it was over and both Jörn and his DEX410 looked dialled around the clay of Vaasa. It wasn’t to be however as Jörn’s car came to a devastating halt with only a little time left on the clock – a blown motor the cause. Jörn and Team Durango designer Gerd Strenge looked broken but despite the huge setback there was still everything to play for.

worlds-a1 Jörn’s car comes to a stop after building up a 5 second lead and looking to take the win.

Leg two and Jörn again took the lead and looked just as quick and sure-footed as in leg 1. Jörn pushed too hard through the ripples however and a wheelie cost him both time and positions as he dropped down the order slightly. With only a little time left on the clock Jörn took 3rd but it was all over already as Cavalieri who’d taken leg one after Jörn’s unexpected motor failure took the second leg to win the championship.

worlds-hupo worlds-jorn2

In the final leg, Jörn had to prove his speed wasn’t a one-off and after leading both opening legs he chased Ryan Maifield for the whole 5 minutes as the pair went round the track like a train. Jörn held steady and waited for his moment to pounce – but Maifield was just too clean and Jörn had to hold off. A mistake from Jörn in the closing stages allowed Maifield a little breathing room but it was like a switch had been turned in Jörn’s head and he put in the fastest lap of the final on lap 13 as he chased Maifield. As Maifield squared up to the final corner before the line, Jörn saw his chance and pushed his DEX410 to the limit – going on the inside of Maifield and crossing the line just in front of his rival to win leg 3. Jörn’s performance was good enough for 2nd overall and despite being so close to winning the world title it was a fantastic result for both Jörn and Team Durango as all the drivers once again proved the performance and strength of the car.


Team Durango would like to thank all our team drivers for their effort to make this a hugely succesful event and the organisers for a very well run professional meeting.

Hupo Honigl’s set-up can be found here:

More information and setups coming soon!

Machine Cut Diff Ring Gear

Filed under: News — Team Durango @ 10:52 am

Team Durango are pleased to announce the arrival of the Machine Cut Diff Ring Gear for the DEX410, DEX410R and DESC410R models.


As used by Joern Neumann to finish 2nd at the World Championships!

This gear is precision machine cut from high strength steel.

The gear adds strength and at the same time reduces the rotating mass of the transmission.

The gear is 1.2g lighter than the standard gear, giving a 10% reduction in the weight of this component.


Available from your local Team Durango dealer or direct from

July 22, 2011

Team Durango REAR GEAR BOX HOLDER (Aluminium) (TD310208)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 2:25 pm

This aluminium rear gear box holder (Part No: TD310208) adds strength and style to your DEX410, DEX410R or DESC410R.

It is precision machined from high-grade aluminium and then anodized to give it a hard-wearing finish.

This part features a set screw that is used to hold the hinge pin in place for the battery strap.

Available from your local Team Durango dealer or direct from

July 21, 2011

New Team Durango Pit Mats!

Filed under: News — Team Durango @ 3:23 pm

Team Durango Pit Mat now in red and tungsten colours!

The Team Durango pit mat is a large-size  – 620 x 420mm and is suitable for both 1/8 and 1/10 scale cars.

The pit mat features recessed sections to stop items such as tools and parts rolling off your work area.

It is made from a tough rubber material that gives a hard wearing  and easy to clean work surface.

The pit mat features a large magnet in the recessed section at the front of the pit mat that will securely hold on to screws, nuts and other items that you don’t want to roll off your table when working on your car.

Available now in 3 colours:-




TD - Pit Mat_Multi

Please contact your local Team Durango dealer for prices and availability!

July 20, 2011

2WD World Championships: DEX210

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 2:46 pm

Congratulations to Jörn Neumann for placing his prototype Team Durango DEX210 into the A-main of the 2011 2WD World Championships.


Starting from ninth on the grid against the World’s best 1/10 scale racers, Jörn drove well to finish the first leg in sixth place. In the second leg Jörn finished third after an amazingly focussed drive. In the third and final race he finished fifth. With the best two results from three to count towards the final classification, Jörn finished the 2WD World Championships in an impressive fifth position. Well done Jörn, a good result for the prototype DEX210.

Jörn’s DEX210 was one of a few hand-made prototypes at the World Championships (all of which have been built by Mr Durango, Gerd Strenge). While the production DEX210 will use materials typically seen on 2WD buggies (such as composite shock towers), the design is anything but normal.

At Team Durango we pride ourselves on making super-fast, innovative racing machines and the DEX210 is no exception. Based on the final testing at the World Championships, we can now conclude a Patent application for the revolutionary DEX210 (more news to follow soon). This will allow us to complete final sample testing and move into production within the next few weeks. The various DEX210 prototypes that have evolved over the past 18 months have proven our design ideas, and we can now bring those ideas to life in what will be one of the fastest 2WD off-road buggies available.

Team Durango would like to congratulate Ryan Cavalieri on becoming the IFMAR 2WD World Champion for 2011. We wish all racers at the 2011 World Championships successful racing for the 4WD event.

(Thanks to RedRC for use of the photograph of Jörn’s car.)

July 18, 2011

Ryan Lutz reports from the OS/Futaba Nitro Challenge at St. Louis Dirtburners, USA

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 12:14 pm


Saturday July 16th, 1:00pm CST
Round number one out here at the OS/Futaba Nitro Challenge is in the books. My DNX408 was flying again. My DNX408 feels great and I’m glad to be back smelling nitro fumes and listening to an engine run! :-D I was on TQ pace from start to finish and I was able to take the first round TQ. I am running my Alabama set-up and I don’t think I have changed a thing. I am loving this buggy! :-D There are two more qualifiers today in which they will take best two of three qual-point format. Tomorrow, for the mains, they are doing double 20min A-mains. I think they break tie-breakers by combined laps and times. Should make for some excitement!

Sunday July 17th, 1:30AM CST
Qualifications have come to an end and as you can see by the time it’s late! We didn’t finish until after 11pm and I’ve been up ever since gluing tires and charging batteries to be prepared for Finals day. Here’s how today ended up for me:

In Pro Buggy my DNX408 was feeling great. I basically decided on AKA soft Impacts for the whole weekend. In round number two I decided to try to stand further down on the right of the drivers-stand. This was a bad idea. I did it to try to help my visibility on the top right corner but it just threw me off on the entire track. I had a good start and was on a TQ run but eventually started making tons of mistakes by not being comfortable. The car was fast but the driver was acting slow. I ended up, I think, fourth for the round. In round three it was all down between Taylor James (DNX408) and myself for overall TQ. We both made some mistakes early, but he ended up making a few bigger ones. It was so hard to see with it being so late and there being no wind, the dust was just hanging over the track. I was able to get ahead of him on the track (I started behind him) and I set my sights on Matt Gosh who was in the lead. With about two minutes to go I put my head down and started putting in consistent fast laps and with some bobbles by Matt I took the lead and didn’t look back. I was able to take the overall TQ.

So it turned out to be a great day. I am looking forward to later today and the mains. They are doing two 20 min A-mains and in the morning they are also going to do a dash-for-cash. Should all be fun and I look forward to putting my Team Durango DNX408 on top of the podium again! :-D

Sunday July 17th, 11:00PM CST
The mains have come and gone. It was a long hot day and I know I’m ready for some shuteye. As I mentioned before we were to do two 20min mains. Here’s how my mains went down.

For the first buggy main the first six on the grid were sorted by finishing order from the dash-for-cash. (I finished third in the dash for cash. It was seven laps with an inverted grid. There was lots of crashing and bumping, and I came back from last twice so third was fine with me). Anyway I was third on the grid and at the start I got caught in a bit of traffic half-a-lap in. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I was near the back and quickly on lap two made my way back to third. Then I was able to take over second and I found myself about seven seconds behind Wheeler who got out clean (starting from the pole). I paced him for a while and made-up a little ground and then he flamed out. I thus inherited the lead and he got back out on the track. I stayed clean the rest of the run and came away (I believe) with the win by 11 seconds.

Next was the second main. I chose to run AKA Soft Impacts which is what I had run throughout all of qualifying. They felt dialed and my Team Durango DNX408 felt dialed as well. My Alpha Plus A852 was singing and I was ready for a good main. At the tone I got a good start. I began to build a lead and I was determined to make it stick. I ended up getting out front by over ten seconds and I began to make a few mistakes due to the swarm of bugs on the driver-stand. They were landing on my neck and in my ear and it was a distraction to say the least! However I believe everyone else was dealing with the same thing as everyone was making mistakes. I got back focused again and just knew I had to finish within 11 seconds of Wheeler. I was able to stay out front though and finished with the win. Thus I took to overall victory!

I can’t say enough about the equipment I am running. I’m just so happy with my complete support team that I have behind me. These are companies that I choose to run for and I’m just grateful they allow me to support them!

Next up I’m going ‘home’ to Ohio for a State Pro Series race at my old Hometown track in Medina. Look forward to seeing the family and having some fun!


DNX408 wins 2011 FEMCA Championship – Scott McBride’s race report

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 10:15 am

Superstar wonderkid Kyle McBride would be the first person to tell you that without the support and dedication of his dad, Scott, he would not have achieved any of his successes. Scott works tirelessly to support Kyle, and together they make an awesome team. Team Durango are proud to be able to help Kyle and Scott with their racing ambitions, and we are delighted that Scott was able to send his own version of what happened in Malaysia a couple of weeks ago. Over to you Scott …

“Leaving Brisbane temperature (which was around 12 degrees) and hitting the wall of heat at the KL airport, which was around 30 degrees with 100% humidity, it was a very wise idea to get to KL the weekend before the big race so that we could adjust to the heat. Not wanting to waste any time, we went straight from the airport to the track.  During a quick walk of the track to check its condition and see what the best lines were likely to be, we had to down two litres of water to get rehydrated; it was so HOT in Selangor, Malaysia!

Kyle was extremely excited as the track was much like the Pattaya Worlds track, with a high level of technical sections, fast straights and lots of grip. Our first run was to get Kyle’s eye tuned into the track and get the engine tune perfected. With that done it was clear our shock settings were way too soft and certain parts of the track were extremely rough, so we decided to jump down from 1.4 pistons to 1.3 pistons using the same oils (550wt in the front and 700wt in the rear) as before.

Kyle hit the track for the second time and I could see Kyle’s Team Durango DNX408 was immediately far better through the rough sections and more stable through the in-field sections. After breaking the track record on his second run I was confident that we were heading in the right direction. Kyle did the first sub-40 second lap.


The main focus for the rest of the day was to get as many laps in as possible and to chase a car set-up that was easy to drive and could get through the rough sections as the track was slowly getting worse. The side straight was as rough as guts, but it was a crucial part of the track that you had to be fast on.

During the next two days we tried many things, I think the best way to tell you is below:

I’ll break down the car set-up from diffs to front of car and the rear of car, e.g. shock geometry and camber link positions.

I think this will be the best way to explain how we ended-up with set up that we used from the start of qualifying to the A main.


As it was so hot I thought that we may need to go up in diff weight from our standard settings Front: 7000wt, Centre: 10000, Rear: 3000 to Front: 10000, Centre: 15000 Rear: 5000

This was a bad move. It worked in the sense that it was thicker, but through the rough sections Kyle’s DNX408 looked like a Goanna on steroids, wheels ballooning everywhere.

So, for the diff settings we settled on Front: 7000wt, Centre: 10000, Rear: 3000, which are Kyle’s standard diff settings here in OZ.

Front of the car:

I had the same thought process as I did with the diffs. We decided to go up slightly from 500 to 600wt with 1.3 hole pistons.

Kyle was still not happy with the ‘grabby’ feel that the front of the car was giving him, so I decided to go from 10 degree caster blocks to 12 degree blocks, in conjunction with that change we decided to give the car more camber, so we went from two degrees to three degrees. Now the front was looking extremely sweet! To tame the front down just slightly we changed from #6 hole to #7 hole on the tower. These settings did not change from the start of qualifying through to the A main final.

Rear of the car: (the most sensitive part of the car)

One of the biggest changes I have found with Kyle’s DNX408 is short wheel base on the rear hubs and moving the rear arm fully forward. This, for Kyle, has brought his DNX408 alive!

Now the same as the front, we decided to go up from 700wt to 750wt with the 1.3 hole pistons. The car was perfect through all the rough parts of the track.

Kyle was still not happy with the rear of this car as it still needed to ‘flow’ better through the rough parts of the track. So we decided to lay the rear shocks down to the inside hole on the top of rear tower. This was instantly better through the rough parts but was too soft through the infield. So we started increasing the rear spring rate with progressively stiffer springs until we found a good balance. Now in conjunction with four degrees of camber Kyle’s DNX408 was ready for the FEMCA championships.

On the rest day, the day before the timed practice, I though I should give Kyle DNX408 a face-lift to get it ready for the big event. Well, what a day! I ended up building Kyle a brand new car. His old car was destroyed on the extremely rough track, the chassis was hurt beyond belief!

After topping all of the timed practice runs Kyle was extremely confident heading into the first qualifying run.

Heat 1.

Kyle was flying, sitting on a 16 lap run until he started to catch backmarkers. The next four minutes was difficult for Kyle as one driver in particular simply would not let Kyle through. Eventually Kyle got past them and worked his way up to third place, two seconds behind the leader.

Heat 2.

Kyle was determined to win this one no matter what, and he did!

Heat 3.

Was the same – TQ for the round.

Heat 4.

Rained out!!

After all points counted Kyle took the T.Q. position.

In Kyle’s semi, Kyle lead from start to finish looking extremely comfortable pushing his DNX408 to take the win. Kyle won by over a lap from the other semi (which was won by former World Champion Billy Easton).

Time for the Amain:

From the start I told Kyle just to stay out of trouble for the first five minutes and then get into his groove and start pushing. That’s exactly what happened. Billy did the big death move up the inside of Kyle over the triples and Kyle just let him go through. Kyle kept the gap between himself and Billy constant for about four minutes and then started to pull him back in. Now Kyle was all over him, looking to take the lead. Billy made an error and Kyle took the lead; Kyle put down some brutally fast laps breaking away from the rest of the pack.

At this point Kyle was ¾ of a second faster than second place and looking extremely comfortable, his DNX408 looked sweet. There’s not much more I can say other than this is the best I have seen Kyle drive and his Team Durango DNX 408 was the best it has ever been! It’s taken a few months to get familiar with the car, but now that we are, the DNX408 is giving Kyle everything he needs. To prove it he became the 2011 FEMCA Buggy Champion!


Positives for the meeting:

The DNX 408 was brilliant.

Working with our Team Durango friends from the  FEMCA region; the teamwork was great for the whole event (big thanks to John, Clayton and Lin).

Negatives for the meeting:

There weren’t any the car was brilliant.



July 13, 2011

Team Durango & Hupo clean up at IROC race, Germany.

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 4:04 pm

The 4th annual IROC (International Race of Champions) was held by the MAC-Inzell and Hupo Hönigl put on a show as he carried away the top prize in every class with his DESC410R, DEX410 and DEX210 prototype.  The 4WD Short Course class showed once again that the DESC410R is the only 4WD SC worth thinking about as it dominated in the first 6 positions, and 7 cars in the final.  Hupo Honigl reports on the race:-


The crew of the club – a small group of young and motivated RC-enthusiasts – did an awesome job with the track and everything around it, the race is also very famous for the friday night drivers party 😉 About 120 entries showed up in 3 classes – 2wd, 4wd and also a Short Course class, which was run in the famous Reedy-Race racing format.`

My DEX210 prototype was working perfectly, and I won all Qualifying rounds and all Finals; Martin Kreil, who was also using the DEX210 prototype had a good race and finished 2nd. Roland Hauleitner also from Austria finished in 3rd position.


I won 3 Qualifying rounds, but in the rocket round (which was right after the rain, where the track had super high traction and the dirt was sticking to the tires) my fan from the speedo broke and my electronics had a thermal shut down. This round was almost half a second per lap faster then all the others. This round was won by Rene Trauner, who got the overall TQ spot. I was 2nd with Martin Achter in 3rd and Martin Kreil in 4th. In the finals I won the first 2 legs- behind was a really hard battle between Rene Traunerm who finished 2nd overall and Martin Achter (WC & DEX410) in 3rd and Martin Kreil in 4th also with the DEX410.


With that type of racing format and the SC cars itself it was amazingly funny to race. They also let the higher point finishers start from the back of the grid, which made it even better. There were a lot of close battles and a lot to watch for the spectators!


I won 8 of 9 rounds (with one DNF) and won the event; Phillip Stocker, who just got his DESC410R a week before the race had a very good meeting and finished 2nd. 3rd place was a tie between Martin Achter and Martin Kreil with the better finish for Achter who finished 3rd and Kreil finished 4th. 5th was Peter Wirthner and 6th Sven Rudig – so top 6 for the DESC410R!   Overall there were 7 DESC410R trucks in the top 10, with Christopher Pfeifer in 8th place;


It was again a very well organised event with a lot of fun, good food at the track and Inzell itself is just a very nice place in the middle of Bavaria/Germany – defenitly a race which even more drivers from around Europe should join next year!


From left to right: – Phillip Stocker – Martin Kriel – Hupo Honigl – Martin Achter

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