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September 29, 2011


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2011 has been a great year for Team Durango and in Italy the results have been equally impressive with Team Durango cars winning the top positions in electric off road.

Italian Championships UISP Buggy 1/10 4WD offroad EP Indoor of 13 march 2011

1. Andrea Nerone DEX410 2010 spec.

2. Marco Zambon DEX410 2010 spec.


Italian Championships UISP Buggy 1/10 4WD offroad EP Outdoor of 24 July 2011

1. Davide Tortorici DEX410 2010 spec.

2. Andrea Nerone DEX410 2010 spec.

3. Marco Zambon DEX410 2010 spec.


Italian Championships UISP Buggy 1/8 4WD offroad EP Outdoor of 25 September 2011

1. Andrea Nerone DEX408

2. Marco Zambon DEX408

We use the conversion of but we prefer to say that these is a DEX408!!


Thanks to all our Italian drivers for these great results!

September 28, 2011

DEX410 V3 – Available now & more stock soon

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The DEX410 V3 is out NOW – the first batch of this amazing buggy has sold out already to hobby shops around the world and a second batch of kits is expected soon. Check with your local stockist for availability.

September 27, 2011

DESC410R wins 2011 UK National Short Course Championship

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 6:43 pm

The 6th and final round of the Inaugural UK National Short course Championship was held at the A1 Racing Club. From the results at previous rounds, Stuart Harlow with his DESC410R had an excellent chance to wrap up the series win with a good result. Attending their first SC national of the year were Nathan Waters, Adam Skelding and Andy Wesson driving their DESC410R’s.

Qualifying was a mixed bag for Nathan and Adam, who both suffered timing issues and lost round scores. After 4 rounds it was Adam who took TQ taking the last two rounds of qualifying with Andy Wesson securing 2nd on the grid with Stuart Harlow and Nathan Waters lining up 3rd and 4th respectively. 7 Durango’s lined up in the A main, showing once again that the DESC410R is the truck to have in 4wd.

Waters was determined to make up for his bad luck in qualifying and rushed to the front in the first leg with some fender bending passes off the line. Skelding rolled out of his way in fear of the same treatment and Waters never looked back. Behind, a battle ensued between Skelding, Wesson and Harlow for the with Wesson holding on to take 2nd from Skelding and Harlow. Leg two would be an almost carbon copy start for Waters, but his progress to the front was halted by some panel beating from Wesson, Skelding and Harlow, more paint was traded then in a demolition derby over the next few laps with the four of them separated by only a couple of feet. Eventually, Waters broke free and took the second leg from Harlow and Wesson. Leg three was an altogether different affair as Skelding took an untroubled flag to flag victory, Waters came un stuck on lap one as his do or die first corner tactics finally bit him hard and Harlow retired early. This left the overall meeting result as:

1st: Nathan Waters – DESC410R – Setup

2nd: Adam Skelding- DESC410R – Setup

3rd: Andy Wesson- DESC410R

4th: Stuart Harlow- DESC410R

waters-round-winner Nathan Waters took the win at the final round of the series.

4th place was enough for Stuart Harlow to take the overall title with his Team Durango DESC410R, with none of the people in front of him being in the title race.

Ryan Lutz & DEX408 – 2nd @ Thunder Alley Gas Champs

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:31 pm

Ryan Lutz reports on the Thunder Alley Gas Championships 2011, that took place over the weekend of 24th & 25th September at the Thunder Alley R/C Raceway in Beaumont, California.

The format for this event was different from any that I had been to before. Saturday was day 1 and it began with our one and only round of practice. During this practice your top 3 consecutive laps were used to seat you into the qualifications. However it was seated differently. Say there was enough people in your class for 4 heats. The fastest person in practice would be in heat 1, second fastest in heat 2, 3rd in 3, 4th in 4, and then 5th fastest back in heat 1, 6th in heat 2, and so on. This created what could be considered pretty ‘even’ heats. Now for qualifications there was 3 rounds. Each round was heads up racing with 4 cars wide and 3 rows deep. At the countdown your pit guy put you down and at the tone all the angry buzzing bees went roaring for the mosh pit. (I say this because 20 ft from the start was a set of whoops that were hard enough to get through when you were alone let alone with 12 cars trying to do it all at the same time. Most starts resulted in over 1/2 the field on their lid at this section and the marshals scrambling to clear the wreckage.) Now in each qualifier you were only racing your own heat race. So if you finished 1st in your heat you got 1 point. 2nd you got 2 and so on. At the end of the 3 rounds they took your best 2 point totals and added them together and ranked you in your heat. If you take the example of your class having 4 heats then only 2 people bumped straight to the A from each heat. The rest were left to bump up, with 4 bump-ups through the lower mains. . Still with me?  Oh, and i forgot to mention. All racing was done by laps instead of time. So for each class there was a predetermined number of laps and once the leader crossed then everyone was done after finishing the lap they were on.

As for me I ran both Pro Nitro buggy and E-Buggy. In E-Buggy my qualifications went decent. I took 2nd in both my first two rounds behind the ‘Peanut’ Travis Amezcua. There was two heats of E-Buggy and I would end up qualifying 4th on the grid for the A-mains (double A’s) on Sunday. In Nitro Buggy I couldn’t of had a more unlucky, frustrating day. As you can possibly tell by my description of the whoops section above I really despised that section. I could never get it figured out in quals and it was basically more than just my demise. In the first round I crashed going into it, (one of the many times) and went cartwheeling into the brick wall on the outside of the track. I hit so hard on my passenger side that it dented and cut the side of my body and it popped off my throttle linkage! In round number two I again crashed in the whoops, (no surprises there right!  and someone came behind me and clobbered me in that same side of the car and again popped the link off! I’ve never had that happen to me let alone twice in two rounds! The damage to my body is proof enough how bad the hits were.

Now for the mains. They were doing double A-mains with both counting and taking your point totals from your finishes. Mains were also done by laps and not time. So the A-mains in Nitro were 35 laps or about 19 minutes and the E-Buggy main was 20 laps or about 11 minutes. In E-buggy in A1 I got out clean and moved up to 2nd. I stayed right behind Amezcua for the first 10 laps or so. Then I had some trouble in the whoops and fell back about 7 seconds. I cleaned it up though and ran clean the rest of the way and caught up and ended up just a half second back at the end to finish 2nd. In A2 I had a few mistakes near the beginning and got put into 3rd. Amezcua and Cavalieri were out not crashing and I had to settle for 3rd. After the tiebreaker with Cav I won it and took 2nd overall for the class.

In Nitro after my wonderful day of qualifiers I ended up in the last main which was the E-main. I was race number 1 of the day! It turned out to be a good thing as I began to bump up each main and made it all the way to the A-main. It was good because the track time is what I needed and it was invaluable to me. In A1 I had a good first half lap but got caught in traffic in the dip and came out last. I then battled with another driver and we proceeded to get into it for half a lap, much of it unnecessary roughness and it was a bit unfortunate. Anyways I had to work my way up from last but I knew my Durango DNX408 was up for the challenge. It felt the best it had all weekend and I began picking off driver after driver I eventually at the end of the main found myself in 3rd!
In A2 I had a good start and kept it clean I worked on a different pit strategy and was going to try to make it on 1 stop instead of two as it looked like I would have enough fuel to do it. Unfortunately on my pit lap I ran out of gas while running in 3rd. I thus fell back but was able to get back out and work my way into 6th even with probably loosing a full lap. Overall for the two mains I took 5th. Not bad coming from the E-main!

This race finished out my stretch of 7 straight weeks of either a 3, 4, or 5 day race. Glad to finally have a week off to recoup, get my cars back in shape, and spend some much needed time with the family! My little girl is learning new words every day so I look forward to being around for a few of them!

Next up I will be heading to South Carolina in 2 weeks for a Series Finals event at the Badlands! Looking forward to it as I’ve heard so much great stuff about the track!

September 26, 2011


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The end of season finals give the drivers a chance to race against people of similar age/ ability from all over the country who have qualified by racing in their respective regions. The event is split up into 4 categories, F2’s, Under 13’s, Under 16’s and Veteran’s over 2 days, 2wd on Saturday and 4wd on Sunday.

In the 2wd class Callum Niblett and Connor Cocker were given the new Durango DEX210 to run in their respective age groups (U13 and U16). For Callum, it would be a trial by fire, as he had never raced 2wd before. For Connor, it would be just be a completely new Chassis for the event, a car which he hadn’t turned a wheel with before the event.

Practice would be on a very damp track and with only 1 round of practice, the emphasis would be on learning the tricky Silverstone layout.

In the under 13 class, Callum was up against defending double champion Jack Neal, who has ‘much’ more experience than Callum at this type of racing. Callum soon got to grips with the DEX210 chassis and regularly topped the fastest lap times for the class, whilst also giving Jack a run for his money in a couple of the rounds. However, Jack’s experience came through and he took overall TQ for the class, with Callum second on the grid.

The three leg finals would still give Callum the chance to beat Jack and take the title, all it needed was an error from Jack and with Callum’s confidence growing and his lap times dropping this was by no means over. Callum’s luck seemed to be holding and in leg 2 Jack made a couple of costly errors giving Callum the lead, but Jack put down some awesome laps and hauled Callum back in and with a tooth and nail battle to the finish line, Jack took the leg to go with his leg one win and with it the meeting.

Connor’s day got off to a awful start with his personal transponder details being duplicated and the ensuing timing issues meaning he lost out on the TQ for the first round. This would come into play later in the day and would mean that Connor would line up 2nd on the grid when in theory he should have been TQ. This seemed to knock Connor’s confidence, but with the slate wiped clean and 3 legs of finals to come, the chance of victory was still there. Ashley Caunt took the overall TQ and seems to have been one of the most improved drivers over this last year and his confidence with the 2wd chassis would make him hard to beat.
Connor gave it everything he had in all three legs of the final, putting in some excellent driving keeping Ashley honest and really making him work for the title, but in the end he just came up short with Connor having to settle for 2nd place.

Never have I seen two such disappointed faces after finishing 2nd!


Callum and Connor were now both on more familiar grounds with 4wd, Callum has been a regular at Stotfold and Herts, giving the locals a run for their money on club nights, whilst Connor has forced his dad to retire this year after a couple of sound beatings at nationals and regionals!!

Callum and Jack were the class of the field again and resumed where they had left off the day before. Jack again though put in an awesome display taking all 4 rounds of qualifying with Callum hot on his heels in all four rounds.

The finals were another close set of race’s with Jack looking under real pressure from Callum right from the outset of leg 1 and pushing each other to go ever faster. Leg 1 went to Jack, but Callum responded by taking leg 2 and heading Jack for the first time in the weekend. So it was down to the final leg to decide the overall champion. Callum made an early mistake, dropping him to 3rd on the opening lap, but soon settled into a rhythm and started reeling off some of his fastest laps of the meeting in a bid to catch Jack. In the end though time ran out for Callum and he had to settle for 2nd as Jack took the final leg and with it the U13 title. Daniel Town rounded out the podium with his DEX410.


Daniel Town – 3rd DEX410, Jack Neal – 1st, Callum Niblett – 2nd DEX410

Connor was on form right from the outset in 4wd, and took rounds 1 and 2 with times that would have seen him 3rd and 5th overall in the entire meeting!. Rounds 3 and 4 were nail biters for his dad as Ashley Caunt came back and took the last two rounds only missing out on overall TQ by 0.06secs!

With Connor on pole, the task was ‘simple’, keep it clean.. That’s exactly what he did! Driving some of the most mature races of the day he kept his nerve and his car rubber side down on the difficult Silverstone layout. Ashley put in the fastest laps, but with that also came errors and Connor just kept within his comfort zone and gave the track a little bit of respect. Leg’s one and two were soon in the books as wins for Connor who drove without being headed and finally we saw the glimmer of a smile!! With the pressure off Connor went out for leg 3 wanting to keep a perfect score in the finals by racing it out with Ashley in a much closer battle and still coming out on top.


Connor Cocker (Centre) TQ & 1st – DEX410

Durango were well represented throughout the F2 class. Tony Truman was once again the class of the field as was the case in 2wd. He wouldn’t get it all his own way with Adam Mackman taking TQ in round 3 and making Tony fight for overall TQ. Adam would line up 2nd on the grid for the final with Paul Fox 6th.
The Truman-show once again dominated the first two legs, adding the 4wd title to the 2wd title. Adam Mackman couldn’t quite match his qualifying performance in the finals and took 5th, whilst Paul Fox finished 7th.

Ryan Lutz & DEX408 @ ROAR 8th Electic Nationals

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ryantrophy The 2011 ROAR 1/8th Scale Electric Nationals took place over the weekend of 9th to 11th September at the Hobby Town Hobbyplex in Omaha, Nebraska. Ryan Lutz took the ‘soon to be released’ Team Durango DEX408 8th scale electric buggy to compete against some of the best drivers around.

Turnout was fairly low but the quality of competitors was still high at the sharp end of the racing.  Friday the 9th saw the start of qualifying with three 6-minute runs for the drivers.  Ryan took his prototype-DEX408 to a safe 3rd in round one as he was getting used to the car but things got progressively worse in rounds two and three with mistakes causing Ryan to drop positions.

Poor tyre choice along with more mistakes meant Ryan would qualify down in 8th overall for the A-Main – not where he wanted to be but he was feeling optimistic.

Ryan: – After qualifications were over I decided to run a few more packs and try some set-up changes. First thing I did was make the rear camber link longer. [It was a] Bad choice, the car flipped over way easier and was edgy. So went back to short and then went up one hole on the rear camber link. This was awesome! Best my car had felt all weekend. So now that I’ve found a bit of help in the set-up department I hope to put in some solid A-main performances.

Above: Ryan in practice with the DEX408

A-Main 1
I had a decent start and got up to 5th from my 8th starting position. I got into ‘no mans land’ as I call it where the top 4 had a good lead on me and the rest of the pack were a few seconds behind me. I took it easy for most of the main but on the last couple laps I made some mistakes and allowed Truhe to catch up and pass me on the last lap and so I settled for 6th.

A-Main 2
I got an even better start and worked my way up to 4th. I was staying as clean as possible and was able to overtake Cavalieri for 3rd and I held the position until the last lap. On the last lap Truhe once again caught me and passed me with 1/2 a lap to go. I stayed glued to the back of him though and over the left side double he got a little short and went out wide and we both went over the single onto the straight away together but his car rocked a bit and I pulled just barely ahead and in the sweeper at the end before the finish line he got right on my rear end and basically pushed me across the line. So I was able to take 3rd in A2.

A-Main 3
I knew I had a legit shot at Podium. I had an okay start and after a few laps was up to 5th. I worked my way up behind Cavalieri and I knew if I could beat him I could get 3rd overall. We battled close for a few minutes with me having a couple chances but always getting up on 2 wheels or a hard landing or something keeping me just behind. With one lap to go though I was on his bumper and we landed the coming at you double side by side but my car hit the rut that had developed over the weekend and rolled over. This allowed Cav to get away and King to pass me as well. I finished up and took a 5th for the round. Overall this put me 4th place! Not bad for a prototype buggy on my first big race with it! Overall I was pretty pleased with the final result and look forward to more running in the E-Scale class!

Marcel Khorosh – 4WD Stock German Youth Champion with DEX410

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Marcel Khorosh took the 4WD Stock Junior championship title at the recent 4WD Nationals held at Neuffen, near Stuttgart Germany with his Team Durango DEX410.  Marcel qualified 4th on the grid in the 4WD Stock A-Main and took 3rd in the opening two legs – just missing out on a win in leg 3 where he had to settle for 2nd after a small mistake.   The end result was 3rd overall in the 4WD Stock National and 1st in the Youth Championship – a really great result for the young driver as Team Durango

Marcel was racing with the new DEX410 ‘flex brace’ system on his car and had this to say:  “The Chassis Flex Brace was one of the best parts on this event. I was the only driver who had this cool part and it was amazing to adjust it and to race in front of the field.”


September 23, 2011

Niblett takes final 8th Buggy Junior National @ Herts

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Herts is Callums local track and he entered round 9 of the nationals needing a good round score to have any hope of making a podium finish in the Junior National Championship.

We were using our tried and tested set up, which nowadays we seem to use everywhere, often with only small changes to the upper suspension arm positions and shock oils.

nibbo Qualification Round 1 saw Callum go 23rd in the round – a good start to the day,  Qualification 2 was not a good run – a couple of mistakes halfway through then led to more mistakes in trying to make the time up.  Qualification 3 was a better run with a very clean and consistent drive leading to an 8 lap run and 24th in the round.  Overall qualification was 26th so he had made the C final, more importantly than this he had managed to TQ the Junior category giving him an extra point which he desperately needed.

Finals were a nervous time, Callum could not afford to finish any lower then second Junior.  It however seemed like lady luck smiled when Luke Lee was the only Junior to bump up into the C final.  This was just as well though, we had been running medium compound Subculture tyres in 3rd qualification which we had elected to stick with for the final.  This decision ultimately was a bad one!  the heavens opened just as we were going out leaving a very slippery track with absolutely the wrong tyres on and no time to do anything about it!.  Predictably Callum was not on the right pace however it was a great spectacle to watch his Durango navigating the track Ken Block style with huge amounts of drift everywhere and a smile on his face!

Luke Lee had some engine issues which despite our tyre issues allowed Callum to finish in front of him meaning Callum had TQ’d and won the Round and more importantly gained maximum points allowing him to take third in the Junior Championship. Callum is competing with drivers up to 16 in the juniors class and at just 11 years old he’s showing great potential for the future with his DNX408.

September 22, 2011

1st & 2nd @ JBRL RD7 for Carson Wernimon

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Last weekend was round number 7 of the Jimmy Babcock Racing League (JBRL) at OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach California. With 200 entries and 30 of them in Mod 2WD Buggy it was certain to be a challenging weekend.

Mod 4WD Buggy:
In 4WD Buggy my DEX410 was great all weekend. In the first qualifier I had an OK run going but with a few bobbles at the end set me back in the 4th position for the first round. In round two I made some adjustments to my car and was able to land my DEX410 on the second spot on the grid behind local hero Steven Heartson. In the main I got off to a good start and was able to break away from the field with Steven but at the end Steven was half a lap ahead, so I had to just settle for a respectable 2nd place finish.

Carson’s DEX410 setup – LINK

4WD Short Course:
This was the class I dominated in! From the results of the first round of qualifying, My hopes were low after getting a 5th, so I made some set up changes to my DESC410R and I came out of the gate swinging for the second round of qualifying clinching the TQ by a few seconds over second place, Aaron Lane. In the main I started first on the grid and never looked back, cruising to the finish with a 3 second lead over second, and quite a bit ahead of the battle for third.

Carson’s DESC410R setup – LINK

Mod 2WD Buggy:
As I said, this was the premier class of the weekend with over 30 entries in Mod Buggy including some heavy hitters like Steven Heartson, Matt Castellano, Frank Root, Etc. My DEX210 was good, but as the higher bite came up I had to change my car to a traditional 3 gear rear motor transition. This made the car a lot faster and easier to drive, because with the 4-gear tranny, the car felt like it had no forward bite. In the qualifiers I didn’t have very good luck, I got caught up with some lap traffic which landed me 5th in the B-Main. On the start I was able to get past 4 cars and get to second right behind Jake Thayer in the lead, which then he made a mistake allowing me to get by and take the win and the bump spot to the A-main. In the A-main I took a gamble and ran treaded tires instead of slicks( which everyone changed too) which I should have done because they were 4-5 tenths a lap faster, But the damage was done – I was still able to climb the ladder a little and finish 8th, my DEX210 was really good all weekend and everyone said that it looked great on the track, but at the end of the day it was about who had the right tires on their car.

Neumann – 2011 4WD German Champion with DEX410

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The German 4WD  electric offroad Nationals were held in Neuffen, near Stuttgart. It was a 2 day event on weekend of 10/11 September. Team Durango’s Jörn Neumann wrote a little report on the event where he took the TQ & Win with his DEX410 buggy.
track2 74 drivers made the trip to Neuffen for the Nationals on what was a very nice Astroturf track. Practice started Saturday morning with 3 Rounds for each driver. The track had crazy grip and the biggest problem was to get less grip.

I put the 2.0mm sway bar in the front and 1.5mm in the rear. This was much better and my DEX410 was dialed. Easy to drive and fast. After practice we had 3 more Rounds of 7 minute qualifying. And 2 more on Sunday morning. I managed to take the TQ spot, followed by another Durango from Markus Metsch in 2nd and 3rd Christopher Krapp. In the finals I pulled away to a good lead and won all three legs to take the 2011 German Championship. 2nd place finished Markus Metsch also with Team Durango DEX410 and 3rd was Christopher Krapp.

In the stock class it was Ebi Beck with his Durango DEX410 who set the pace to TQ and win the stock title.

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