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September 20, 2011

Team Durango double TQ & Win @ NSW Titles

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Team Durango had a good showing at this year’s New South Wales State titles which was on the 16th to 18th of September 2011, this track is about a 2hr drive from our office in Alexandria. The track is pretty high speed with a bunch of technical jumps which can’t all be seen properly from the photograph. However you can gauge its size as I have taken this shot whilst the track is being dusted. Check out the guy in the back right of the part they call Daytona as it is high speed and banked. This track is used for both 1/8 nitro and 1/10 electric.


We took a group shot of the NSW division to display the growth of the Team Durango presence at the track, unfortunately two drivers were missing from this shot. We are working hard at growing the team across all States in Australia, and hope that Team Durango continue working hard in helping and supporting us to make this happen. A big thanks goes to Alex Yapp our Perth driver for helping with the Artwork for the T-shirts.


Back row left to right; Shane Clarke, Sean Chapel, Dallas Gardiner, Jim Koimanis, Mat Primmer, Darryn Johnson, Jarred King and Matthew Cocks
Front row left to right; Luke Olding, Tom Clifford, Jason Thornton and Manuel Correia
Missing in action; Michael Harlow and Dave Warner

The Results

4wd Stock A-Main


In 4wd stock Shane Clarke drove a very consistant and clean race amongst some chaotic events to clinch the title. Jason Thornton, Darryn Johnson and Jim Koimanis also drove well in there finals.


Shane Clarke (TQ) and 1ST place position, centre in picture below

4wd Modified A-Main


In 4wd Modified Jarred King’s raw speed, aggresive but clean driving was a pleasure to watch he was really attacking the apex with great corner speed and his jumping was faultless with little margin for error amongst some extreme pressure from fellow competitor and Interantional driver Andrew Gillott.
Mat Primmer did really well to get third place amongst some battles with Dave Warner and Ben Panic.

primmercar2 Matt Primmer kingcar2 Jarred King

Mat Primmer 3rd position on the left, Jarred King (TQ) and 1st place centre of picture


Photos and report by Manuel Correia.

September 19, 2011

Jörn Neumann takes 2WD & 4WD @ ‘Ansmann Racing Day’, Germany.

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The first ‘Ansmann racing days’ took place at the EMC Wehrheim track, near Frankfurt, Germany, Over the weekend of 17th & 18th September.


Team Durango drivers Jörn Neumann and Marc Pitsch attend this race both with the DEX410 and new DEX210. Saturday was open practice until 12 o´clock. The track was low grip dirt surface but all Team Durango cars worked really well. After that we had 4 Rounds of qualifying. The weather stayed nice.

For Sunday the forecast was not very good. Over the night we had a little bit rain and the rain stayed in the morning, too, but we were able to run the 5th qualifier. The track had now way more grip and laptimes were much faster. Jörn Neumann was TQ in both 4WD and 2WD. Marc Pitsch was 3rd in 4WD and 4th in 2WD. After the lunchbreak the first A-Mains got underway. Then the rain come back and the organizers called a 1 hour break. After the break we raced the 2nd and 3rd A-Main. Jörn Neumann took control in 2WD and 4WD and won both. Marc Pitsch had some very bad luck in the finals and finished 6th in 2WD and 4th in 4WD.  Another good weekend for Team Durango.

Lutz Double TQ and Win at the R/C Pro race

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Ryan Lutz took the TQ & Win with both his DNX408 and prototype DEX408 1/8th scale electric buggy at the 15th round of the 2011 R/C Pro series – held at the Henry County R/C Racing (HCRCR) track in Georgia, USA.


Ryan took all 4 rounds of qualifying in both nitro buggy and 8th electric with the prototype ‘coming soon’ DEX408 electric buggy – going on to win both classes!   Ryan reports on his race:

Saturday 17th September 2011:
I wish this track was closer to me! What I wouldn’t give to have a track facility like this to be able to practice at. This is my first journey to HCRCR and I already can’t wait to make a return trip. This has to be one of the top tracks I have ever been to and has one of the nicest driver stands I have ever seen! If your ever in the Atlanta area you have to stop on out or plan a trip to race here!

This weeks event is my second qualification round for the R/C Pro Series for this year. So far it is going great after qualifications. I was able to TQ all 4 rounds of both Nitro Buggy with my Durango DNX408 and E-Scale with my Durango DEX408. Tomorrow for the mains there is a 45 min A for Nitro and triple 10min mains for E-Scale.

Lutz in qualifying with his DNX408:

Sunday 18th September 2011:
The track started to blow out a little in a few sections and it just made picking your lines that much more critical. The morning was cold with what seemed to be a ‘marine layer’ type of clouds keeping the temps down but after noon the sun broke through and the temps heated up.

In E-Scale we did triple A-mains. In A number 1 I got out to a quick lead but made a mistake and fell into 2nd. I got the lead back and crashed again and gave the lead up. This time I took it back and gapped out to around 8 seconds with a lap to go. Well I decided to make it interesting and I crashed and it was a slower marshal job and 2nd got within a second of me but I held on for a final clean lap and took the victory.
In A2 I decided to just put all my crashes at the beginning of the run. I fell back to 2nd and even 3rd a couple times. With about 7 minutes to go though I cleaned it up and set out to dwindle down my 10 second deficit. The leader was staying clean but I was able to put in laps about .5 – 1 second quicker and began to catch up. Then with like 3 minutes to go I was within a second and crashed! Now on the last couple laps I worked my way back up and it was looking like it was going to be a battle at the end but a lapped car got me bobbled a bit and on the last few corners I just let it hang out but fell just short getting 2nd by just over 1 second.
In A3 I made sure there was no reoccurrence of the last two runs. The sun had come out and heated up the track a bit and it’s just what my car needed. I took off and never looked back. I ran a nearly clean run and put over a lap on the field and thus took the victory!
My Tekin 1900 with RX-8 was again flawless. My AKA Soft gridirons lasted me well for all 3 A-mains, and my Speed Power batteries provided me with all the runtime I needed for the 10 minute runs and some practice laps!
Not to mention my ‘Prototype’ DEX408 was again on rails and flying!

In Nitro Buggy there was a 45 minute main to content with. There was a lot of attrition and flame outs in some of the other mains and we had 14 guys in the A-main so I knew the track was going to be crowded and the potential of a lot of casualties. Well I got the holeshot I needed from my TQ position and took an early lead. I did however make a mistake or two and fell back to 2nd for a couple of laps early on. I worked on cleaning up my act and getting into a groove and I retook the lead and just set out to extend it! About half way through the race I was making my way around to put a lap on the field. My Alpha Plus powered Durango was coming into it’s own and I was feeling more comfortable. Pablo was giving me some quick pit-stops and that was all I needed. With some flame outs and issues by some of the other top runners I continued to extend my lead and I believe I took the victory by over 2 laps.

It’s Coming!

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September 8, 2011

DEX410 V3 – Official Announcement

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Team Durango are pleased to announce the imminent arrival of the DEX410v3

This new model is an evolution of the previous DEX410 model and features parts that have been tested and proven by our Team Drivers over recent months.

Some of the new features on the DEX410v3 are:

Big bore shocks  – more consistent on rough tracks due to the larger volume of oil.

New ‘Kuhler’ Body – increased space inside the body and improved air flow to the electronics.

New RR suspension holder – allows the rear squat to be altered using composite inserts.

New ‘Fine Tune’ shock towers with finer adjustment for the upper mounting positions, and more rear camber link positions on the rear tower.

New HD Ball Ends used throughout – tighter fitting and less likely to pop-off during a collision.

14mm Hex hubs – new hex hubs and wheels provide stronger and more reliable wheel fitment.

Gold shock shafts as standard – super smooth Ti Ni coated shock shafts.

The MAP of this kit is $369.00, €241.18, £217.83 (excluding VAT)

Expected to be available mid September, please contact your local Team Durango dealer for further details of availability’

September 7, 2011

Jörn Neumann wins Round Two German 8th Buggy Nationals

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The second round of the German 1/8th Buggy Nationals were held from 2-4 September in Welden, Germany.  Jörn Neumann showed his current form once again as the newly crowned 10th off road European Champion took another win.  Jörn reports on his victory:

Friday saw 5 Rounds of controlled practice take place. The track was totally different to normal tracks. You need a lot of power for the long straight. The track surface was 70% concrete and the rest Astroturf – very high traction. In practice I tried different tires to get a good combo for both track parts. Then we put a thicker front sway bar in to make the car easier to drive. After that the car was really good. After the practice Hupo and I could manage the same laptimes as Daniel Reckwardt. On the next day were again 2 controlled practices to reseed the groups for qualifying.

We had 5 Rounds of qualifying. I had problems in the first Round and made only a few laps. Hupo was 2nd place only 0.4 seconds behind TQ. In Round 2 and 3, we finished 2nd and 3rd. The 4th and 5th Round was very good for me with TQ both rounds. In the end we were both in the semi final, starting first and second.

On Sunday were the finals and our semi final was 20 minutes. Hupo and I pulled away from the field. We were both in an easy bump up position, but then Hupo´s throttle servo broke. I won my semi, to start 2nd on the grid for the main final.

The main was 40 minutes. I made a small mistake in the second lap and Martin Bayer took 2nd place. Daniel was 2-3 seconds in 1st place. I pushed very hard to overtake Martin, he made a mistake and I was back in 2nd position. After that I close the gap to Daniel and we both battled for the lead. He made a mistake and I was in the lead. From that point on, I pulled away to a 9 seconds lead. I made no more mistakes and after the 40 minutes I crossed the finish line in 1st place to take the win. Daniel was in 2nd place and Hannes Käufler in 3rd.



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Now available for the DNX408 buggy are the carbon fibre front and rear shock towers.

These shock towers are precision machined from high quality, super strong 5mm thick carbon fibre.

They offer greatly reduced weight over the standard part, if both the front and rear towers are fitted to your buggy they reduce the weight by 24g, at the same time lowering the centre of gravity.

Both the front and rear towers also feature additional shock mounting holes that allow you to mount your shocks further in on the tower. The rear tower also offers more camber link locations for further tuning options.





September 6, 2011

TD510023 WHEEL RIM WHITE (2pcs) – DESC410R

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New white wheels available for the DESC410R short course truck.

Identical to the original kit-supplied DESC410R short course wheels – these high performance wheels use the same 15mm hex for superb power-handling but are now available in white. These are moulded with a strong and durable material for reliable performance whatever you put them through.


TD510023 WHEEL RIM WHITE (2pcs) – DESC410R


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These wheel adaptors fit either the front or rear of the DNX408 and increase the width of the buggy by 2mm on both sides.

Increasing the width of the buggy increases the stability. Use these on the front to increase the stability of the front end of the buggy, or the rear to increase the stability of the rear end of the buggy.

These are supplied in pairs.




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This is a revised fuel tank for the DNX408 buggy.

This fuel tank has an integrated splash and overfill guard, preventing any fuel from spilling over onto the steering servo. The back pressure inlet has been relocated to stop fuel from being aerated during refuelling.

The tank is made from a clear material, allowing great visibility of the fuel level in the tank. It also features an integrated fuel filter to stop and dirt or debris getting passed into the engine.

This fuel tank has been optimised for use with the Team Durango Fuel Gun – TD390082


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