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October 31, 2011

Gilles Bennardo – DEX210 TQ first time out!

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Gilles Bennardo reports on his first time out racing the Team Durango DEX210 buggy;


I finished to build my car Saturday to race on Sunday in Dhuizon. The track was really nice with a great grip and some very interesting technical parts. The car is really easy to drive and for my first time with it, all the qualifying runs were really impressive with constant improvement each pack of batteries. I was really happy with the traction and great handling and I managed to take the overall TQ. During the final, I made some small mistakes and finished 3rd. This first race was great, thanks to the reliability and efficiency of my DEX210.

Hupo wins indoor Motor Show race, Wels Austria

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The race was held on a big Motor Show in Wels / Upper-Austria, it is always a good race, because there are thousands of spactators and the track is very special every year!  Hupo reports:

This year we raced on polished asphalt with 20% carpet and wooden jumps – this means you are close to a touring car setup; the traction was crazy high and cars wanted to flip over everywhere; My car was very good from practise number one – I just fine tuned the setup and concentrated on tires;  We used Diesel to make the tires softer. Number one choice in the end was Proline Holeshot M3 Semi-Slick for most of the drivers. I was quickest in every practise, so I did not change the car for qualifying; In qualifying I had terrible traffic all the time – which cost me a lot of time in every qualifyer; I ended up only 3rd, which was very disappointing!

In my Semi same thing again – my car was fast, but maximum traffic – I had to start from the number 2 spot in the final.

In the final got taken out at the start and had to go through almost the complete field – after a couple of minutes i could catch the leader, overtake him and extended the lead to over a lap in the end.

October 28, 2011

DEX210 TQ & Wins Chadderton Opener with Colin May

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image An early start of 7.30am greeted racers at the first round of the Chadderton Indoors Race Series held by Batley Buggy Club on Sunday 23rd October.

The track is set up in a huge sports hall on a rubberised surface made more interesting with a table top jump and a corkscrew section made out of gym mats.

There were thirteen heats scheduled with eight 2WD, five 4WD including two heats of under thirteens drivers running 2WD cars – this is a very popular winter series.

This was one of the first big meetings where the new Team Durango DEX210 2WD production car was in evidence and the Team Drivers and privateers were getting used to setting the new car up on different tyres for the strangely slippy surface.

After four rounds of qualifying new team driver Colin May put his DEX210 on pole for the 2WD A Final, with privateer Lee Fraser running a consistent set up placing his car 10th overall.  Pole on the B final was Damian Whittle followed by privateer Chris Sutcliffe on 6th and Team driver Richard Coates in 10th place – all running the DEX210.

The 2WD A Final was very close at the front resulting in Colin May winning the A final with the new Durango 210 by a second, holding off the hard charging Tom Cockerill with his Scumacher Cougar.

The B Final was another close affair with Damian Whittle and the Durango DEX210 holding off a range of other makers cars to take the win with Chris Sutcliffe a close 4th with his Durango DEX210.

Overall the drivers were pleased with the new car. You can check out Colin May’s setup for the DEX210 which brought him the TQ & Win by visiting the TD ‘In The Pits’ section or visiting the link below.

Colin May – DEX210 setup – Chadderton 23rd Oct 2011

Colin – “For the first time out with the DEX210, the car was just awesome all day.  It reacted really well to setup changes and would change direction super quick.  I’m already looking forward to the next race meeting with it and also getting my hands on the DEX410v3”

longTDlogoThe 4WD A Final was equally as close with the top four cars running around in close formation for the full five minutes.  In the end it was a healthy 2nd & 3rd place finish for the DEX410V3 – 2nd was Eugene Galley driving his Team Durango 410 V3 and Colin May took 3rd. Graham North qualified 10th and charged up to 5th in a typically heated and fraught indoor A Final.


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The DEX210 has a vast range of setup options and among these is the adjustable caster.  Using the two provided inserts in the kit you can choose between 15°, 20°, 30° &  35°.  Right in the middle of that range is 25° –  which matches the actual kick-up angle of the chassis.  There’s currently no 0° (Zero degree) insert supplied in the kit to achieve this mid-range 25° setting but it’s still possible to achieve with a little modification.


insertscompared The rear toe-in inserts are the same dimensions as the front caster inserts, only longer – and using the 0° rear toe-in inserts cut down, you can get a perfect 25° setting.

Right: Rear Hub toe-in insert compared to front caster insert.

You’ll need a spare set of 0° rear toe-in inserts, if you’re using the ones in your kit already you’ll need the following parts for the 25° caster modification:

Part No: TD330340 “HUB & KNUCKLE INSERT SET” – which includes all the inserts from the DEX210 along with the 0° rear toe-in inserts you’ll need.

To achieve the setting it’s best to place the insert into a hub carrier so one side is flush with the hub and carefully mark the excess which protrudes.  You can always take more off but you can’t put it back on – so remove the now marked up insert from the hub and cut off the excess with a sharp knife.  Keep test-fitting the insert until you’ve got close to matching the sides, finishing off the job with some fine sand paper or similar to get a perfect fit.

Safety – make sure to take great care when trimming the inserts when using sharp cutting tools.

insertinhub Placing the insert into the front hub carrier and resting it so the insert is flush on one side – you can see how much material needs removing. markinginsert Carfully mark around the exposed insert so you’ll know how much to cut off.
cuttinginsert Cut the insert close to the line you marked out – making sure there’s still room to remove more. roughcutinsert As you can see – still a little work to do – but you can always remove more.
triminsert Using a sharp knife trim the excess and finish with some sand paper or a file – keep testing the fit to ensure its perfect. trimmedinhub Almost done – this insert is cut and shaped to the right size and just needs cleaning up.
sidebyside_0 Here’s our new 0° insert alongside a regular caster insert. insertinuse In use – 25° is now possible!

Now you’ll have a nice mid-range caster setting available!

October 27, 2011

4WD Domination for Team Durango at 2011 FAMS 1/10th Russian Nationals

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The 2011 FAMS 1/10th Scale Electric Russian Nationals took place over the weekend of 14th to 16th October at the RCgarage713 track in Severniy, Moscow region.

rc_garage713 Above: The RCgarage 713 track

Team Durango’s Russian drivers showed great results in all 4wd classes. In 4WD modified 2 team drivers took a total sweep in qualifying and finals!

Denis Zuykov took TQ and the win, Dmitry Malyshko took second place in qualify and again second in the final for a Team Durango 1-2 on the podium.

Total in A-main we have 4 Team Durango drivers!


A-main results 4WD modified
1) Zuykov Denis (TQ) – DEX410 spec 2010
2) Malyshko Dmitry – DEX410 spec 2010
7) Plamodyanov Georgy – DEX410 spec 2010
9) Timoshchenko Evgeny – DEX410 spec 2010

And great Win for Timoshenko Julia in 4WD modified B-main with DEX410 spec 2010.

In a simple class Buggy 4WD Super Stock with 10,5 motors the young and talented pilot Blinov Alexey take overall TQ and win in A-main!

Total in a-main we have 2 Team Durango drivers!


A-main results 4WD Super Stock
1) Blinov Alexey – DEX410 spec 2010
5) Cherkasov Timophey – DEX410 spec 2010

In new national Expert SC-10 4WD class it was a clean sweep for Dmitry Malyshko with the overall TQ and win!


A-main results EXPERT Short Course 4WD
1) Malyshko Dmitry – DESC410R

Team Durango @ 1.WBC Hoheneich, Austrian Nationals RD6

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Martin Kriel reports on the final round of the 2011 Austrian 10th off road national series at “1.WBC Hoheneich”, in the north east of Austria.


The track has a fully flat clay surface with some up-and-down sections in the curves and some carpet over the jumps and after the straight. In contrast to last year they changed the drive direction, so there was now a 180° carpet turn after the straight, which was wet for the whole weekend because of the shadow from the trees near the track.

Hupo already defended his title in both classes, 2wd and 4wd – gaining wins for the Team Durango DEX410 and new DEX210.  Rene Trauner was already Vice-Champion in 2wd, but the other positions were going to be hard-fought.

I started in practice with the set-up I run in Traiskirchen some weeks ago. The car felt good for such a new car, but in some fast corners it handled sometimes different. So I changed the bump steer and the complete steering-linkage, which was better in the next heat. I used the other practice heats to adjust some small things on the linkages and dampers, were the car felt better from run to run.

In the first qualifying I made too many mistakes and I needed to learn how to run on such a low grip dusty surface. I qualified in 3rd position but was very confident for the finals. In the first final I held the pace of Marcus Prihoda who started from pole(won 4 of 4 qualifying rounds), but he made no mistake and went on to win the first one. In the 2nd final I wanted to push more and put some pressure on Marcus, but a too fast acceleration turned my car and Marcus got some breathing room and so he won the 2nd one. Because he already won Marcus decided not to start which gave Stefan Pfeifhofer, who started from 2nd position, extra motivation. Early in the last final we went away from the rest of the field and I know I had to push more because he will not make any mistake, but then I had a crash over a double-jump which cost me to possible 2nd overall position.

Final standings 2wd:

  1. Marcus Prihoda (1+1)
  2. Stefan Pfeifhofer  (1+3)
  3. Martin Kreil (DEX210) (2+2)

Overall 2wd:

  1. Hupo Hönigl (DEX210)
  2. Rene Trauner
  3. Roland Hauleitner
  4. Martin Kreil (DEX210)

In practice the DEX410 felt very good and I could find my rhythm early in the practice. I tested some different front damper options (Springs and Positions) with my differential setup I was very happy (front + rear: 7000 with 2 planets).

With new tires the car was very fast but it was very difficult to make no traction role. It was very important to stay on the line and don’t push too much. After Qualifying I was also in 3rd position.

In the first final I early felt back after a hard fight. I had to work through the hole field but It was not enough for the first 2 positions, so I finished 3rd. In the 2nd final I had a clean start and was in the lead after 2 laps, then a damper-screw popped out of the front arm after a long left corner which was the end of the final for me. In the 3rd final I had a bad start where my car went to the outside of the track, I started to push very hard but this cost me some positions due to too many mistakes.

Final standings 4wd:

  1. Roland Macho (DEX410)
  2. Stefan Pfeifhofer
  3. Marcus Prihoda (DEX410)

Overall 4wd:

  1. Hupo Hönigl (DEX410)
  2. Roland Macho (DEX410)
  3. Rene Trauner
  4. Martin Kreil (DEX410)

We had 4 DEX410 in the A-Final (all were in the top 5). Tomas Holicky won the junior national 4wd title with the DEX410. The B Final were won by Christopher Pfeiffer also with the DEX410.


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The DEX210 has many setup options available from the moulded inserts included in the kit.  Rear toe-in along with front caster and axle-position settings can be adjusted by using different inserts or orienting them in different ways.  The manual isn’t in-depth with these settings and understanding them just by looking at numbers on the moulded insert doesn’t always give the clearest explanation, so this guide is to help explain the possible settings and how to achieve them.


The rear of the car has 3° of negative toe, or toe-in, as standard. This is set by the inner hinge pins and can’t be changed.  3° is widely regarded as a good base setting for off-road racing.150wideTTTThe DEX210 kit comes supplied with four different inserts which push into the rear hubs and change the outer hinge pin angle relative to the hub which will either point the hub further inward (more negative toe, or toe-in) or closer to parallel (less negative toe).  The inserts aren’t sided – meaning you can use them on either side of the car, though their settings need to be read properly.

The four inserts supplied in the kit give a range of adjustment from 1.5° toe-in to 4.5° of toe-in, in 0.5° steps.


The inserts need to be read relative to the side of the car you’re placing them on.  For the left side of the car, you’ll read the value of the ‘L’ designation as it faces upwards – or the top of the insert.  Whilst it doesn’t make a difference which way round the insert is pointing it’s easier to read and understand if you always orient the insert so the setting you’re using is facing toward the front of the car.


Bearing in mind the 3 degrees of toe-in on the car already, using the ‘L+1’  insert as shown below adds 1° of negative toe (toe-in) and will result in 4° overall of toe-in.  Flipping that same insert over you’ll see the setting ‘L-1’ designation can be used on the left of the car. When used in the same way, with the ‘L’ designation facing forward, the insert will now take away 1°of toe-in from the car to give a setting of 2° of overall toe-in.InsertExample

In the above example with the L+1 facing upwards the insert will ADD 1° of toe-in to the left of the car, or REDUCE toe-in by 1° on the right of the car.  The pin runs through the insert at different angles depending on which insert is being used – this is what changes the angle of the hub.


The example above shows how the hub is effected by the L+1 insert – the +1 adds 1° of toe-in. Flipping the inserts over gives the opposite effect, plus becomes minus and vice versa.


Running more toe-in on the rear of the car will provide more traction coming out of corners and help stabilise the rear and keep it tracking straight.  The down side is that it will also reduce steering and scrub speed on the straights.

Running less toe-in will be less stable and the rear of the car will feel less planted. The car will have more steering and be faster in a straight line.


The caster angle of the front hubs effects the straight line stability of the car and the way it reacts to different track conditions.150wideTTT

caster-insert1 caster-insert2

The chassis kick-up on the DEX210 (angle of the front of the chassis plate to which the steering is attached) is 25° and the hub insert either adds or subtracts caster from this default 25° angle.  Two inserts are provided and are similar in design to the rear toe-in inserts – so flipping them over gives an equal but opposite effect to the angle.  The inserts come in 5° and 10° angles so the possible caster angles are 15°, 20°, 30° &  35°.


The inserts need to be read properly to understand the settings you’ll get and it’s easiest to understand when the writing is upright as read from either side of the car. The setting with the arrow pointing toward the front of the car in this instance is the one you’ll be using. The example below shows all possible caster angles – shown in this example on the right-hand side of the car. caster-illustration2_1

Axle position is another great setup option on the DEX210 and using the three inserts provided you can go from an inline axle to 4mm trailing in 1mm increments.

The setting is read with the arrow pointing toward the front of the car as in the illustration below.


axlepositioninserts2The DEX210 as per kit set-up comes with the front axles in maximum trailing. This gives the front of the car the most feel and is the easiest to drive. The further forward you put the front axle to more aggressive the car becomes on initial turn in, this can help you to make the car ‘pivot’ more on entry to a corner when grip is low and steering is at a premium. When you move the axle forward in the block by use of the inserts, remember to move the 4 wishbone inserts which space the c-hub in the wishbone.

The Rule of thumb is however much trail you have you must have the same number of 1mm spacers behind the C-hub. 

The example above-right shows the spacers required for 3mm trailing – three 1mm spacers behind the hub carrier and one 1mm spacer in front.

October 24, 2011

Lutzinator + Team Durango = Domination!

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Well, Team Durango pro driver Ryan Lutz did it again!

Lutzinator Domination Southern Nats 2011 2

Following his TQ and win at the Byron Western Cup at the Revelation Raceway last weekend (which saw him beat Adam Drake and current 1/8 World Champion Cody King), the Lutzinator took his DESC410R, DNX408 and DEX408 to the Southern Nationals in West Monroe, Louisiana, where the managed to Top Qualify two classes and win in all three classes.

“Short Course (DESC410R)

My Team Durango DESC410R was flying with the Tekin 4 pole 4600 on this track. Truth be told, I actually had way too much power, and certainly more than I could ever use on this track, but it really was fun to have it at hand. Also, with it being so smooth, it was still very drivable. My DESC410R was pretty loose on this dusty, rutty track. I still had my heavy diff fluids in and so, after the first qualifier, I went and started putting lighter oils in it. I ended up with 7-10-4 but I would have gone down even further in the center had I had the time to do it. This really seemed to help the truck on this track. All in all, I TQd all three qualifiers and started from pole in the A-main.

In A1 and A2 I got out front and pulled away. I just tried not to crash and to find some smooth lines. I was able to win both mains pretty handily and take the overall victory. In my DESC410R I ran SS AKA Gridirons, Tekin 4600 4 pole, and SpeedPower 5300 batteries; a winning combination!

E-Buggy (DEX408)

The “Do you still have to keep the body on it?” machine.  This class was an up-and-down weekend for me. In Q1 I was on a good run but I got into some traffic and made a couple mistakes on my own and would get 2nd place. In Q2 I had a battery wire come unsoldered. In Q3 I broke a rear aluminum turnbuckle. So I ended up fourth in the B-main. Luckily they were doing bump-ups even for electric, so that night as the last race of the night I ran and won the B-main to take a spot into the A-main.

In A1 I moved up quickly from my 13th spot on the grid and was in fifth on the first lap. I would continue to work my way up until I was second and closing in on the leader. He would make a couple of mistakes and I would get by and cruise on to a nice victory. In A2 I got a good start again. About four laps in I was in third and went over the back ski jump and my battery wire came undone again. This put all the pressure on A3. In A3 I was able to have another good start. Quickly moving up. Pettit had a rough early lap and I got by him about two laps in and moved up to second behind Ruona. I drove within inches of his bumper for a lap and he eventually made a mistake and I got by and cruised on to a nice victory and overall win!

My DEX408 was pretty good all weekend. I worked hard on figuring out the shock package I wanted to run on the Nitro car and basically just piggy-backed my shock set-up onto my DEX408. In the end it felt decent and I am again pleased with another victory with the soon-to-be-released DEX408.

Nitro Buggy (DNX408)

As always this is the class I really care about with my Team Durango DNX408. This class had the most competition as all of the South and South East’s best racers were here! I had found a shock package that I liked at Rev last week, and I was hoping it would work here as well. As it turns out it was fairly good but it did need some tweeking. There weren’t the same big jumps with flat landings here, and it was much rougher, so a softer oil was needed. Also, I felt that the rear was packing a little too fast and so instead of running A pistons with 3 holes I went to B pistons with 3 holes and it delayed the pack just enough to go over the rough stuff a little better. In Q1 I would put in a solid run and take the TQ. In round number two I had some traffic holding me back and I settled for second place behind Branham. Thus in round three I really wanted a win and four laps in I held a half-second lead over Wheeler, when I made a mistake and crashed over the big double and the marshall tapped my flywheel. Luckily though Branham wasn’t able to capitalize on my mistake and I took the overall TQ.

Team Durango DNX408 Pro Buggy Win

Before the A main I went down a little further with my PT RC Racing oils in the shocks. Thanks to the small increments I was able to go from 325cst to 300cst and not feel like I was having to make a huge change. The main was a 45 minute concentration fest, as finding smooth lines was the name of the game. I started from the pole and my car felt great with the changes I had made. It was easy for me to pull away from the pack but then I kept making mistakes, allowing them to keep up with me. I was searching left and searching right trying the jumps in multiple spots until I finally found some smooth lines a couple of inches off of the pipe in most cases. I started to extend my lead still making some mistakes every once in a while but overall putting in some fast solid laps. My Alpha Plus A852 engine was flying again and my Byrons Fuel 30% kept my tune locked-in where I wanted it! I came away in the end with a 20+ second victory over Jason Branham in second place on my AKA Soft Gridirons which were dialed for me all weekend.

Team Durango Trifecta @ Southern Nationals. Overall it was a great event. The crew that put it on really did an awesome job and the facility is top notch! I want to thank them for having me out as I had a great time and hope to be back again next year. Next up is the R/C Pro Finals in Texas in 2 weeks. In the meantime it’s time to carve some Pumpkins and spend some time with the family!”

So, it’s pretty simple. If you want to win, and keep winning like the Lutzinator, get a Team Durango buggy and SC truck.

Lutzinator Domination Southern Nats 2011 1

October 18, 2011

Ryan Lutz wins at Byron Western Cup

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Ryan Lutz TQ's and Wins at Byron Cup

Ryan Lutz took an impressive TQ and Win at the Byron Fuel Western Cup, held at the Revelation Raceway in Southern California. Ryan fought off stiff competition from Adam Drake and Cody King to take the top step on the podium with his DNX408.

Just completed my 6.5 hour trip to Southern California where I took part in the Byron Fuels Western Cup which was hosted at the World Famous Revelation Raceway. It was just a one day event with two qualifiers and 30 min Pro A-mains.

A few top pros were on hand including Adam Drake and Cody King as well as my Durango team mate Carson Wernimont.

Team Durango drivers Ryan Lutz and Carson Wernimont In Buggy my Durango DNX408 was ready to do work. In the first qualifier Drake and I were running similar laps at the start but he made a mistake and I stayed cleaner for the rest of the race and took the TQ. In round two Drake started on the clock first and I started nearly 3/4 of a lap behind him. The announcer was announcing him as in the lead and on a TQ pace the whole time and announcing me down in like 5th or 6th. I was pretty sure (as I hadn’t crashed) that I was up battling for the lead but I knew that because I started late on the clock that it just wasn’t showing me at the top. So I plugged along and finally after Drake finished and the announcer said he beat my TQ time, then he said, Ryan better make a clean lap, it’s going to be close. I finally crossed the line with a 1.5 second win and the overall TQ.

In the A-main it was another crazy start with no one wanting to lead at first. The sun had gone down and it was a challenge to see your car as there was some dark areas on an already challenging track. Drake, King, and I all took turns leading for the first 2 or 3 laps but eventually I would assume the lead and start throwing down some fast laps. I worked at staying clean and if I made a mistake made sure I put in a couple faster laps right after it to get my cushion back to where I was comfortable. My Alpha A852 engine was screaming fast and my Byrons Fuel was keeping the tune nice and consistent for the whole run. I ended up keeping the pace and taking the victory in the end of the 30 min main. Another victory for my Durango DNX408 Buggy! All day I ran AKA SS Impacts. (must be some kind of conspiracy or something because this is two weeks in a row i’ve ran SS tires!) Either way though they were dialed all day!

Ryan proves the DNX408 can beat the best
1st. 46 laps 30:08.26 RYAN LUTZ – DNX408
2nd. 46 laps 30:20.32 ADAM DRAKE
3rd. 46 laps 30:39.55 CODY KING

October 14, 2011

DEX408 – coming soon

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The new DEX408 is coming. This is no simple conversion – it’s purpose built for electric racing and is race proven.  In the short time Team Durango’s Ryan Lutz has been running the production-spec DEX408 he’s proven the speed and durability of the DEX408 with a string of great results.

Gerd Streng with the DEX408 production spec car

More photos and information will be released soon – check back on the Team Durango website for the latest news.

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