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October 24, 2011

Lutzinator + Team Durango = Domination!

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 8:48 pm

Well, Team Durango pro driver Ryan Lutz did it again!

Lutzinator Domination Southern Nats 2011 2

Following his TQ and win at the Byron Western Cup at the Revelation Raceway last weekend (which saw him beat Adam Drake and current 1/8 World Champion Cody King), the Lutzinator took his DESC410R, DNX408 and DEX408 to the Southern Nationals in West Monroe, Louisiana, where the managed to Top Qualify two classes and win in all three classes.

“Short Course (DESC410R)

My Team Durango DESC410R was flying with the Tekin 4 pole 4600 on this track. Truth be told, I actually had way too much power, and certainly more than I could ever use on this track, but it really was fun to have it at hand. Also, with it being so smooth, it was still very drivable. My DESC410R was pretty loose on this dusty, rutty track. I still had my heavy diff fluids in and so, after the first qualifier, I went and started putting lighter oils in it. I ended up with 7-10-4 but I would have gone down even further in the center had I had the time to do it. This really seemed to help the truck on this track. All in all, I TQd all three qualifiers and started from pole in the A-main.

In A1 and A2 I got out front and pulled away. I just tried not to crash and to find some smooth lines. I was able to win both mains pretty handily and take the overall victory. In my DESC410R I ran SS AKA Gridirons, Tekin 4600 4 pole, and SpeedPower 5300 batteries; a winning combination!

E-Buggy (DEX408)

The “Do you still have to keep the body on it?” machine.  This class was an up-and-down weekend for me. In Q1 I was on a good run but I got into some traffic and made a couple mistakes on my own and would get 2nd place. In Q2 I had a battery wire come unsoldered. In Q3 I broke a rear aluminum turnbuckle. So I ended up fourth in the B-main. Luckily they were doing bump-ups even for electric, so that night as the last race of the night I ran and won the B-main to take a spot into the A-main.

In A1 I moved up quickly from my 13th spot on the grid and was in fifth on the first lap. I would continue to work my way up until I was second and closing in on the leader. He would make a couple of mistakes and I would get by and cruise on to a nice victory. In A2 I got a good start again. About four laps in I was in third and went over the back ski jump and my battery wire came undone again. This put all the pressure on A3. In A3 I was able to have another good start. Quickly moving up. Pettit had a rough early lap and I got by him about two laps in and moved up to second behind Ruona. I drove within inches of his bumper for a lap and he eventually made a mistake and I got by and cruised on to a nice victory and overall win!

My DEX408 was pretty good all weekend. I worked hard on figuring out the shock package I wanted to run on the Nitro car and basically just piggy-backed my shock set-up onto my DEX408. In the end it felt decent and I am again pleased with another victory with the soon-to-be-released DEX408.

Nitro Buggy (DNX408)

As always this is the class I really care about with my Team Durango DNX408. This class had the most competition as all of the South and South East’s best racers were here! I had found a shock package that I liked at Rev last week, and I was hoping it would work here as well. As it turns out it was fairly good but it did need some tweeking. There weren’t the same big jumps with flat landings here, and it was much rougher, so a softer oil was needed. Also, I felt that the rear was packing a little too fast and so instead of running A pistons with 3 holes I went to B pistons with 3 holes and it delayed the pack just enough to go over the rough stuff a little better. In Q1 I would put in a solid run and take the TQ. In round number two I had some traffic holding me back and I settled for second place behind Branham. Thus in round three I really wanted a win and four laps in I held a half-second lead over Wheeler, when I made a mistake and crashed over the big double and the marshall tapped my flywheel. Luckily though Branham wasn’t able to capitalize on my mistake and I took the overall TQ.

Team Durango DNX408 Pro Buggy Win

Before the A main I went down a little further with my PT RC Racing oils in the shocks. Thanks to the small increments I was able to go from 325cst to 300cst and not feel like I was having to make a huge change. The main was a 45 minute concentration fest, as finding smooth lines was the name of the game. I started from the pole and my car felt great with the changes I had made. It was easy for me to pull away from the pack but then I kept making mistakes, allowing them to keep up with me. I was searching left and searching right trying the jumps in multiple spots until I finally found some smooth lines a couple of inches off of the pipe in most cases. I started to extend my lead still making some mistakes every once in a while but overall putting in some fast solid laps. My Alpha Plus A852 engine was flying again and my Byrons Fuel 30% kept my tune locked-in where I wanted it! I came away in the end with a 20+ second victory over Jason Branham in second place on my AKA Soft Gridirons which were dialed for me all weekend.

Team Durango Trifecta @ Southern Nationals. Overall it was a great event. The crew that put it on really did an awesome job and the facility is top notch! I want to thank them for having me out as I had a great time and hope to be back again next year. Next up is the R/C Pro Finals in Texas in 2 weeks. In the meantime it’s time to carve some Pumpkins and spend some time with the family!”

So, it’s pretty simple. If you want to win, and keep winning like the Lutzinator, get a Team Durango buggy and SC truck.

Lutzinator Domination Southern Nats 2011 1


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