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October 27, 2011

Team Durango @ 1.WBC Hoheneich, Austrian Nationals RD6

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 7:28 pm

Martin Kriel reports on the final round of the 2011 Austrian 10th off road national series at “1.WBC Hoheneich”, in the north east of Austria.


The track has a fully flat clay surface with some up-and-down sections in the curves and some carpet over the jumps and after the straight. In contrast to last year they changed the drive direction, so there was now a 180° carpet turn after the straight, which was wet for the whole weekend because of the shadow from the trees near the track.

Hupo already defended his title in both classes, 2wd and 4wd – gaining wins for the Team Durango DEX410 and new DEX210.  Rene Trauner was already Vice-Champion in 2wd, but the other positions were going to be hard-fought.

I started in practice with the set-up I run in Traiskirchen some weeks ago. The car felt good for such a new car, but in some fast corners it handled sometimes different. So I changed the bump steer and the complete steering-linkage, which was better in the next heat. I used the other practice heats to adjust some small things on the linkages and dampers, were the car felt better from run to run.

In the first qualifying I made too many mistakes and I needed to learn how to run on such a low grip dusty surface. I qualified in 3rd position but was very confident for the finals. In the first final I held the pace of Marcus Prihoda who started from pole(won 4 of 4 qualifying rounds), but he made no mistake and went on to win the first one. In the 2nd final I wanted to push more and put some pressure on Marcus, but a too fast acceleration turned my car and Marcus got some breathing room and so he won the 2nd one. Because he already won Marcus decided not to start which gave Stefan Pfeifhofer, who started from 2nd position, extra motivation. Early in the last final we went away from the rest of the field and I know I had to push more because he will not make any mistake, but then I had a crash over a double-jump which cost me to possible 2nd overall position.

Final standings 2wd:

  1. Marcus Prihoda (1+1)
  2. Stefan Pfeifhofer  (1+3)
  3. Martin Kreil (DEX210) (2+2)

Overall 2wd:

  1. Hupo Hönigl (DEX210)
  2. Rene Trauner
  3. Roland Hauleitner
  4. Martin Kreil (DEX210)

In practice the DEX410 felt very good and I could find my rhythm early in the practice. I tested some different front damper options (Springs and Positions) with my differential setup I was very happy (front + rear: 7000 with 2 planets).

With new tires the car was very fast but it was very difficult to make no traction role. It was very important to stay on the line and don’t push too much. After Qualifying I was also in 3rd position.

In the first final I early felt back after a hard fight. I had to work through the hole field but It was not enough for the first 2 positions, so I finished 3rd. In the 2nd final I had a clean start and was in the lead after 2 laps, then a damper-screw popped out of the front arm after a long left corner which was the end of the final for me. In the 3rd final I had a bad start where my car went to the outside of the track, I started to push very hard but this cost me some positions due to too many mistakes.

Final standings 4wd:

  1. Roland Macho (DEX410)
  2. Stefan Pfeifhofer
  3. Marcus Prihoda (DEX410)

Overall 4wd:

  1. Hupo Hönigl (DEX410)
  2. Roland Macho (DEX410)
  3. Rene Trauner
  4. Martin Kreil (DEX410)

We had 4 DEX410 in the A-Final (all were in the top 5). Tomas Holicky won the junior national 4wd title with the DEX410. The B Final were won by Christopher Pfeiffer also with the DEX410.

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