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October 13, 2011

Tresrey test out the DEX210

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:19 pm

Team Durango’s distributor in Japan, Tresrey – have a nice video of some DEX210 testing by one of their team drivers.

In the video the car is being run in rear-motor 3 gear configuration.

DEX210 – build manual online

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:28 pm


The DEX210 manual is now online and available in the ‘In The Pits’ section or the direct link is here:  DEX210 Build Manual

This manual is the most up to date version and already has some small revisions to help the build of this ground breaking new 2WD buggy go even smoother.

October 11, 2011

Team Durango clinch Austrian 2WD & 4WD titles – R5 @ Traiskirchen

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:24 pm

Hupo Hönigl reports from the 5th round of the 2010 Austrian nationals – where Hupo &  Team Durango clinched both 4WD and 2WD titles with one round to go.


The 5th round of the austrian nationals was held on the 2010 european championship track in traiskirchen, which is known to be very difficult – a mixture of clay and carpeted features.
2wd qualifying saw a battle between peter pinisch and me, I managed to get the tq spot in front of peter, 3rd on the grid was Rene Trauner, who just made his first a main at the euros;
Martin Kreil qualified 4th also with the DEX210.

I kept my mind together in A1 and took the win by a pretty big margin. The last 2 finals saw a good battle between me and Rene after i made a couple of mistakes at the start, Rene went on to win both and win the race, I finished 2nd and Martin 3rd.
Second place was already enough to win the championchip overall one race before the end, which means the DEX210 is national champion before it is released (2 races DEX210 prototype and 2 races DEX 210 production car).
In 4wd my car was a rocket, I took tq and wins in the first 2 mains; Martin Kreil finished 2nd with his DEX410; we had 2 more DEX410 in the main: Marcus Prihoda in 5th and Christopher Pfeiffer in 7th on his national a-main debut on the very difficult track here;
This win also fixed the austrian nationals overall win 2011;


Ryan Lutz triple-win, North Carolina Series Finals

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:34 pm

This past weekend saw the Series Finals for the North Carolina State Series held 2 hours deep into South Carolina at the Awesome Badlands R/C track! All the other races were held in North Carolina but they decided to hold the Finals in South Carolina I believe because of the awesome facility we got to race at. This was my first time to South Carolina and just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and Myrtle Beach. For the past couple weeks I just kept hearing how amazing this track was and thus I couldn’t wait to get there and see what all the praise was about.

I was able to bring 3 of my Durango vehicles with me this weekend. My DNX408 Nitro Buggy, DEX408 E-Buggy, and DESC410R 4WD SC truck. The turnout was just over 130 entries which the track crew and series promotor were very happy with. I flew in Red-Eye Friday morning and drove straight to the track from the airport for the day of practice. My first impressions of the track were of how dialed it looked. Full on sod/grass in the infield areas and one of the smoothest layouts i’ve ever seen. Everyone had kept saying how the track was going to get super high bite but it never did fully materialize this time like most thought. On Qualifying day I did go from running Soft tires in the morning to Medium in the afternoon to Super Softs for the main under the lights. I’ve never done that before so it was a change. The track was extremely fun and had an awesome new layout that had just been put in. Here’s how the racing wen down.

4wd SC Open – Ran my Durango DESC410R for the first time in at least a month and it just felt like I hadn’t taken the time off with it at all. It was flying around this track and the on-lookers were amazed at the speed of the Durango. In the first qualifier they had the minimum lap set at 33 seconds and for some reason they were never mentioning my name during the race even as I was passing everyone. Come back to see the race results and every one of my laps that did count was a 62. So I was getting 31 second lap times at least! In the second round when the bite came up I was able to get down into the 29 second lap times on occasion which was just about 1.5 seconds off my Nitro and E-Buggy! I was able to TQ all 3 rounds. In the A-main they were running it for 10 minutes! I’m lucky to make 7:30 with my car if i’m really driving it so I was a bit leery of trying to make 10. I ran the race trying never to pull past 1/4 throttle. Down the straight I let off the gas completely 1/2 way down and just let it cost the rest of the way. (Good thing my Tekin stuff was fast enough to already be flying at that point!)  Anyways I drove it easy and was able to finish the full 10 minutes and win by a couple laps on the field of 15.


E-Scale Buggy – My Durango DEX408 prototype was loving this track. Everyone kept stopping by my pit area to ask me if they could look at it but unfortunately I’m still having to keep it under wraps. Hopefully it will be out soon because I know there is a lot of interest in this vehicle, and rightfully so!  In Qualifying I was able to take the first two rounds to take the overall TQ for the class. In the main I ran back to back SC and E-Buggy. I didn’t do any practice laps in E-Buggy because I was going to change tires really quick before the main but realized quickly that I didn’t have what I thought I had and thus I just left on the tires I had ran all day. So the first couple laps I struggled trying to find my E-Buggy finger having just babied around the SC truck for 10 minutes. I fell into a battle with the top 3 and we battled for the first couple laps until I got by and they both made a mistake on the back right jump section and I never looked back. I began extending my lead and I think by the end of the 10 minute main I had put a lap on the field! Another win for the Prototype Durango DEX408!

Nitro Buggy – My Durango DNX408 buggy was on rails this weekend. I had some bad luck in qualifying with someone landing on me in Q1 and breaking the ear off my CF rear shock tower. In Q2 I took a commanding TQ by around 7 seconds or so. In Q3 I had two laps of bad traffic and thus finished 2nd for that round. Overall this put me 2nd on the grid. The format was a little different where they took the top 2 qualifiers and put them directly into the A -main. Everyone else had to bump in from the semi’s and 1/4′s IFMAR style format. So thankfully finishing 2nd allowed me to make it straight in. In the main for the first few minutes I had a battle with track local Jason Smith of Losi. It was a great back and forth battle we had where one would make a mistake and then the other but eventually he made one to many mistakes and gave me a little cushion and I got in my groove and sped off. The race was done by laps and it was a 60 lap race which in the end translated into about 32 minutes. My AKA Super Soft Impacts were dialed and my Alpha Plus A852 was rippin the track up and I was able to get a 2 lap victory by the end of the race! So it was a Durango Trifecta for me this weekend. I’m so pleased with my cars as we are making such great progress on them. All my sponsors are working so hard to make their products better and better for everyone and I’m really enjoying seeing the results firsthand!

October 4, 2011

DEX210 kit page is now live!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 5:08 pm


The ground breaking new DEX210 2WD electric off roader from Team Durango is about to start shipping and for those eagerly awaiting their new buggies we’ve released the DEX210 kit page with plenty of high resolution images to help whet the appetite a little.

Click the banner above to visit the DEX210 kit page or point your web browser to:

DNX408 TQ’s and Wins at round 5 of the Slough Summer Series.

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 4:49 pm

Round 5 of the Slough summer series saw 83 competitors arrive for what was going to be a hot days racing! – with temperatures reaching 30 degrees C and little or no cloud cover – not bad for October

Qualification was dominated by Kevin Brunsden TQ’ing all three rounds.  Callum managed 3rd in the first round narrowly missing out on 8 laps by just 0.17 seconds due to a mistake just before the timing loop.  Round 2 saw Callum go 5th which was enough to secure 5th on the grid in the A final.

To cope with the track conditions which were very dusty and bumpy in places, we elected to go for longer top arms on the suspension, moving the pivot balls to the inner holes on the shock towerss.  Additionally we all upped the shock oils by 50CST to 600 in the front and 550 in the rear to cope better with the high temperatures.

In the main final Kevin led from start to finish in a class of his own.  Tommy Chung was forced to retire with a mechanical issue.  Callum put in some clean laps moving up the field slowly and eventually finishing in 3rd place overall and meant he’d TQ’d and won the juniors.

Overall a good turn out and a good days racing.

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