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January 30, 2012

Team Durango’s Jörn Neumann wins Reedy Race of Champions

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:00 pm

Jörn Neumann wins the prestigeous REEDY International Off Road Race of Champions with the Team Durango DEX210 and DEX410. jorn2wd

Laurel-smallThe greatest off road racers in the world gathered at an event some say is harder to win than the Worlds. There’s only one winner at the Reedy race – with combined 2WD and 4WD scores deciding the overall winner. To win – it was going to take immense talent as well as having the best cars in both classes.

Jörn Neumann came to the race with little dirt track experience – to the backyard of many American pro-drivers, and proved that Team Durango have truly arrived.


Jörn showed his Team Durango buggies have the reliablility and speed to not only compete, but conquer at the highest level. Finally the memories of having to settle for 2nd at the World Championships in 2011 can be forgotten, as Jörn Neumann becomes the first ever european driver to win the Reedy International Off Road Race of Champions.


It was a great effort by all the Team Durango racers – sharing their knowlege and experience throughout the event and coming away with the victory against the best in the world.

hupocar fischer
amezcua jorn

Thanks to for the use of the photos.

January 28, 2012

2012 Reedy race – practice

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:19 am

Just practice for the guys on Thursday at the Reedy invitational race but a chance to get some photos of the team with their cars:

reedy2012-day1-carsonjpg Carson Wernimont reedy2012-day1-travis Travis Amezcua reedy2012-day1-hupo Hupo Honigl
reedy2012-day1-jorn Jorn Neumann reedy2012-day1-randy Randy Pike reedy2012-day1-ryan Ryan Lutz reedy2012-day1-fishdaddy Billy Fischer

Everyone got three runs in all classes to figure out the track before qualifying.

Again – all the drivers have raced the 4wd DEX410 plenty and it’s the DEX210 that the team are working together to get dialled-in. Reports back from the front lines are that everyones super-happy with both cars right now.

reedy2012-day1-babyracer reedy2012-day1-nicecar

January 26, 2012

DEX408 build blog – AREA52

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:37 pm

AREA 52 have a nice live build blog underway at the moment, featuring the newly released DEX408 – our new 8th scale electric buggy.


The blog goes in-depth into the build process with plenty of great high resolution photos showing off the superb engineering we’re famous for – so head on over to for all the latest.

2012 Reedy race – pre report

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:12 pm

The 2012 Reedy off-road race of champions will be taking place over the next few days, at West Coast R/C Raceway in La Mirada, California. Team Durango have some of their best drivers at the event to compete and the guys have been getting together in the preceding days – starting with some practice at the nearby OC/RC raceways since West Coast was closed for practice.

reedy-prereport-ocrc1 reedy-prereport-3

Jörn Neumann, Ryan Lutz, Hupo Hönigl, Carson Wernimont, Billy Fischer and Travis Amezcua have all gathered to share knowlege and get their cars dialled-in before the event takes place.

The guys have mostly been testing the DEX210 – 2WD buggy – with various setups and option parts that will be coming SOON – as especially for the European guys, their practice on the clay is limited by the poor weather in Europe.

reedy-prereport-4 Above: OC/RC raceway was the first stop for a lot of Reedy-bound racers

Ryan Lutz is also concentrating on the 2WD as he’s very little experience of electric racing – but 2WD is a whole new world for the 8th buggy specialist. Still, we’re sure Ryan will get on the pace quickly with his talent.

Jörn couldn’t get much racing gear in his rental car:


The guys went to check our the West Coast R/C Raceway ahead of practice and were greeted with a superb covered clay track that should see some world-class racing in the coming days.

reedy-prereport-wc1 reedy-prereport-wc2

Good luck to all the Team Durango drivers!

January 24, 2012

Chris Doughty TQ & 3rd – Worksop Players 2012

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 12:05 pm

The fourth running of the Worksop ‘Players’ race took place this past weekend at the hugely popular Worksop indoor venue. The race uses a very similar format to the famous ‘Reedy’ race – where every heat is a race in itself and there are no finals.

The top 24 drivers in 2WD and 4WD would qualify into a seperate ‘Elite’ class – where they would only battle against each other for the titles.

In timed practice on the first day of racing, Chris Doughty put in the fastest lap out of all the drivers and was the second quickest on overall time. Three rounds of qualifying would use the fastest three consecutive laps to determine those who’d go onto the elite class and race against the best – so the drivers had three runs to put in their three laps.


In Chris’s own words:
doughty-car-body For the first of the 3 rounds of qualifying I changed to a newer set of tires. I found I was lacking a bit of general pace and found myself getting caught up in other peoples mistakes.  It was a similar story for the second round – always managing to find a crashed car to get stuck under on my 3rd consecutive fastest lap. I eventually got 3 reasonable laps in, and this put me 7th overall.

For the final round of qually, I thought I was pretty safe inside the top 24 to get me through to the elite class, so I put on my old tires from practise and my car just came alive again. Instantly I was much faster – starting near the back on the stagger start I could see I was catching everyone. Half way through the race it was announced I had gone fastest counting my 3 consecutive laps –  I continued this pace until the end of the run and set the fastest 5 minute run of qualifying along with the best 3 consecutive laps to sit at the front of the Elite class qualifiers.


For the head-to-head races it was all about getting a good start, I had a few good starts, I also had quite a few starts where I ended up in the wall.

When the starts were good and my tires were working I was able to convert them into wins, but some bad tire ‘set’ selections in some races and some bad starts meant that I didn’t capitalise on races where it could have been a good win.


I found myself sitting in 5th position going into the last 2WD race, I needed to win the race and set a faster time that the current 3rd place guy.

I had my tire selection right for the last race, instantly on the warm-up lap the car felt completely switched on. I lined up for the start – front row this time and I was able to get the holeshot and put in 2 fast out laps. I made a careless mistake at the end of the straight, luckily it went back onto its wheels and I only lost one position. I fought back up to the lead and didn’t look back – putting in some fast laps all the way to the end of the race.  I took the win, and in a time that was quick enough to take 3rd overall. If it hadn’t been for the silly mistake near the start, I could have taken the fastest time of the meeting – as it was, I wasn’t far off.


I went to the 2012 Players intending to enjoy a bit of 10th scale 2WD as a break from racing 8th Nitro outdoors in the cold and wet winter. I found myself fastest after qualifying and on a pace that was fast enough to race for the win. Even after a couple of bad races  where I was hampered with poor tire selection and bad starts, and still having to count a 4th in my overall scores of 1st, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 4th –  I was still able to finish 3rd overall.

What’s more impressive is that Chris’s car is virtually box-stock – with kit springs. The only change from standard is the new DEX210 gear differential that Chris used all weekend – ending up with 7,000 cst oil.

paul paul-car

In the 2WD open class – Paul Crawford took his DEX210 to an impressive victory – racking up a perfect score with 6 race wins running his DEX210.

January 23, 2012

DEX410v3 – RR Anti-Squat settings

Filed under: News,Tricks and Tips — Tags: , — Stuart @ 1:29 pm

The DEX410V3 came equiped with a new design of RR suspension hanger on the back of the buggy.

The new hanger #TD330307 uses moulded inserts #TD330309 to change anti-squat settings, rather than switching the whole hanger.  This means there’s less expensive parts for the racer to purchase and more settings possible.


Squat is the tendancy of the car to lean back under acceleration – the nose comes up and the rear of the car sits down lower. Anti-Squat as the name suggests is designed to reduce the squatting effect and is achieved by angling the rear suspension arms so the front of the pivot point is higher than the rear.


The further you ‘lean’ the suspension arms back, the more effective anti-squat you’ll get. Unlike the front of the car which could have quite a lot of angle to the suspension, the rear needs far less angle to operate properly and due to the small angles involved  it’s sometimes hard to really see the changes on the bench.  antisquat-angle


The RR hanger from the DEX410V3 uses plastic inserts to off-set the pivot point of the hinge pin. Three different offset inserts are provided in the kit and off-set by different ammounts.

rrbrace-inserts2 rrbrace-inserts3

rrbrace-pinlocation Above: The ‘3’ insert the correct way up inside the RR hanger. This gives the most anti-squat possible – you can see the hole for the pivot ball is offset to the bottom of the insert.

With the RF hanger in -2 ‘Low Roll Centre’ configuration, these inserts used on the RR hanger give 1, 2 and 3 degrees of anti-squat, when the inserts are the correct way round with the number the correct orientation. Running the insers upside down it’s possible to gain extra setup options.

Note: In low roll centre setup, the ‘3’ insert used upside-down actually gives 0.5 degrees of pro-squat.


Using the ‘High Roll Centre’ setup with the RF hanger in +2, the settings are not quite as easy to understand since the 1-2-3 inserts don’t give settings that match the number shown. The chart below shows the actual settings using the inserts in both orientations when using the high roll centre.


The anti-squat settings for both high and low roll centres are shown below – or print the PDF version out for pit box by downloading it HERE


Anti Squat:
Anti Squat helps to keep the mass transfer of  the car in balance under loading. In general, the more anti squat you run on a car, the more it stiffens up the suspension on loading (On Power). This stiffening reduces the energy lost in the suspension as the mass is transferred, which gives more forward traction on power and increases the level of grip under power.

Over bumps, this stiffening has a slight negative effect, in that it makes the car a little worse (for the same oil/piston setup) over bumps.  It is worth keeping this in mind, as there is a compromise.

In Summary:

Increasing Anti Squat

  1. Increases ‘On Power’ rear traction.
  2. Reduces ‘Off Power’ rear traction (Which can help to make the car ‘pivot’)

Decreasing Anti Squat has the opposite effects.

Roll Centre:


Using the -2 block will lower the roll centre height making the car ‘roll’ more at the rear end, which can help to generate grip on low traction surfaces and will make the car change direction slower than in the +2 position.

When changing to the +2 block, remember to re check your droop setting as it will have changed from the block being in the -2 position.

January 18, 2012

Durango Dominant at Petit Race 2012

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 6:05 pm

Team Durango drivers swept the board – taking top three in all classes at the 2012 PetitRC race. The race was held for the second time in as many years at Ardent Arena – an indoor touring car track changed to an off-road track for this event.


In 2WD, Jörn Neumann took control from the start and dominated early qualifying – taking the first four rounds. Qualifying was ‘Fastest Time’ format however so anything was still possible.  Team Durango’s Hupo Hönigl managed to oust Jörn from the top spot in the 5th and final round – taking the win just ahead of Jörn, but in a time that wasn’t quick enough to take the overall TQ away form Jörn.

210-skelding Adam Skelding’s DEX210 in action

In leg one of the A-main Jörn pulled away and didn’t look back.  Kevin Brunsden wheelied off the line and dropped down the order.  Hupo stayed in second but couldn’t match Jörn’s speed – Jörn finished 7 seconds up on Hupo.

Leg two saw some drama as Jörn had to retire early – which gave the other drivers a chance. Hupo took advantage and took the win ahead of his team mate, Kevin Brunsden.

210-jorn 210-hupo

The final leg of 2WD was between Jörn, Hupo and Kevin Brunsden for the win. Hupo made an early mistake which left Jörn and Kevin to battle it out up front.  Jörn made a mistake which Kevin used to his advantage and took the lead – followed by some fantastic close racing between the DEX210’s of both drivers. Jörn managed to regain the lead but with about 30 seconds left on the clock, he made another mistake and Kevin was leading again which he held to the line for the win.


All three drivers took a 1st and 2nd finish which gave all three the same points – it came down to the fastest winning time which was Jörn’s – followed by Hupo and Kevin third.


DEX210 PETIT RC setup – Jörn Neumann

DEX210 PETIT RC setup – Hupo Hönigl


Short Course was dominated by Team Durango, with Hupo taking the overall TQ. In the final however it was Jörn who took the win ahead of Hupo, with Nathan Waters third.

sc-hupo sc-hupo-nathan

Jörn used the new option springs that the team are testing at the moment – this harder range of big-bore springs is specifically designed for the heavy Short Course trucks – more information on these will be posted on the TD blog when they’re available.


DESC410R PETIT RC setup – Jörn Neumann

DESC410R PETIT RC setup – Hupo Hönigl

4WD saw 4 Team Durango drivers in the top 4 positions after qualifying was over.  The qualifying was dominated by Team Durango drivers – with Jorn Neumann, Craig Collinson, Hupo Honigl and Nathan Waters all taking rounds. Jorn Neumann showed he’s the one to beat at this race with another TQ performance and the only driver on 25 laps.

410-jorn 410-hupo

The finals went to Hupo Honigl however as the Austrian driver took legs 1 and 3 of the A-Main for the overall victory, with Jorn having to settle for second and Craig Collinson third. Team Durango had 6 cars in the main final – a fantastic result for the team.


DEX410V3 PETIT RC setup – Jörn Neumann
DEX410V3 PETIT RC setup – Hupo Hönigl


Thank you to Stuart Evans & Vicky oOple from for the photos and videos.

January 16, 2012

Team Durango on top at MRC Models Winter Challenge, Russia

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:56 pm

The first Russian indoor race of the year took place from the 4th to the 6th January 2012, the MRC Models Winter Challenge by at the Severniy club, Moscow.

Races at the indoor Severniy track always attract a big turn out and this was no different – with lots of racers taking part in all classes.


This was the first race for the new Team Durango DEX210 in Russia, and Russian team drivers showed some great performances in both modified and stock classes.

In 2WD modified Denis Zuikov took the overall TQ with his DEX210 but had to settle for 2nd overall after some problems in the final cost him the win on this occasion – but still a great start for the DEX210.

dex210action 2wd-mod

2WD modified results:
2 ) Zuikov Denis – TQ
8 ) Pitcik Roman
9 ) Malyshko Dmitry

In the 2WD stock class Osokin Roman started from 3rd on the grid for the final but turned this around to take a great win with his DEX210 in the stock class.


2WD Stock result:
1) Osokin Roman


The 4WD modified class was owned by Team Durango – with half the field driving the DEX410 cars, there was no chance for other drivers. 2WD TQ  man Denis Zuikov took the TQ here in 4WD but this time kept his position in the finals – winning all three legs of the final for the win.  Dmitry Malyshko backed up the result and stood second on the podium at the end of racing. A really great result for the Team Durango Russian team.


4WD modified results:
1) Zuikov Denis – TQ
2) Malyshko Dmitry
5) Plamodjanov George
6) Timoshchenko Evgeniy
7) Timoshchenko Julja

New TD driver Cherkasov Sergey had some great qualifying to sit on pole for the 4WD Super Stock final – some mistakes in the final saw him drop to 3rd overall but it was still a great result – with 5 more DEX410 buggies in the A-Final.


4WD Super Stock results:
3) Cherkasov Sergey – TQ
4) Ryzanov Sergey
5) Jakovlev Anton
8 ) Sadykov Vladislav
9) Ryazanova Sofija
10) Shishkov Maxim

4WD Short Course

Another class and another TQ for Team Durango as Team Durango importer Dmitry Malyshko took the TQ and win with his DESC410R Short Course truck


1) Malyshko Dmitry – TQ
7) Podsvetov Cyril

Marc Pitsch TQ and WIN DEX210, HK Hürtgenwald

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:54 pm

pitsch The second weekend in January saw the third round of the off road Cup in HK Hürtgenwald, Germany. There were 30 driver registered for the Modified class, racing on what is always an impressing track.

Right: Heinz Lörscher 3rd – Marc Pitsch TQ & 1st

Marc Pitsch was driving the Dex 210 and felt it was just perfect. After an hour practice for all the drivers, qualifying began and Marc put his DEX210 at the top from the start – taking all rounds of qualifying to take the overall TQ and pole on the grid. In the final he took a clean and comfortable victory, with Heinz Lörscher

January 13, 2012

Lin wins big at KRC Cup

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 12:00 pm

The Chinese racing season kicked off early for the 2012, with the first race held on KRC racing track on the 8th of January, 2012. Now known as the “Racer’s choice” racing track. Races on the KRC track always attracts a lot of racers, and this time there was no difference. With nearly 80 people joining the Nitro race, and most of the factory drivers in China attending, this race provideed a very clear picture of who’s in the main game for 2012!


With the recently revised setup of my DNX408, I start my qualifying with genuine confidence. My mind set wassimple, I will love to break the track record and the magic 30 seconds per lap barrier, and I am proud to said I have achieved my target – Taking the TQ position with me on the way to going sub-30’s! I may be the first who dip in the magic 30 seconds lap time, but at this meeting I wasn’t the only one. 4 of my fellow racers achieved the magic 19 laps within a ten minutes qualifyer and I knew the A-main will be a tough one!

Sitting in TQ position, the 30 minutes A-main started off cleanly; I was challenged throughout the race with the 6th place qualifier, Li. Eventually, I was able to pull out a gap and end up finishing the race 15 seconds in front. This race was special, because no one ever had taken the TQ spot plus the win before on this new track. We even believed there was a curse involve with who ever got the TQ position – So I was glad to prove that there are no such things in this track! This is also the first time I was able to secure both TQ and A1 with my DNX, and this, make this race ever more special for me.


For the EP class, this is the first time for me to run the DEX408 on this track, and since we only have a one day race, I will say I do not have time to tune my DEX408 100% to suit my driving style. Starting the double 8 minutes A-main in 3rd position, I was able to capture the first step of the podium by finishing the first main in 1st and the 2nd main in second. And, two races two wins for my DEX408 – I am loving this class!

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