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January 12, 2012

Neumann dominates DHI Cup 2012

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 4:24 pm

The DHI cup 2012 took place from the 6th to the 8th of January, and for the first time off road classes were featured alongside the usual on-road classes.  The organisers prepared both tracks with the drivers stand in the middle, and with 275 total entries, it was going to be a hotly contested event.

track track1

Friday saw 4 rounds of practice and 1 qualifying round. Both of Jörn’s cars were working really well, and just a few small setup adjustments were needed. The next day saw 3 more rounds of qualifying and Jörn was able to TQ both classes. In 2WD Jörn was setting the pace with his Team Durango DEX210.  Jörn used his car in MM4 – Mid Motor and 4-gear configuration for a good balance of traction and steering on the high grip track.  In 4WD Jörn was racing his DEX410V3 buggy.

Jörn took all three legs of the 2WD A-Final to take the title with his DEX210 against a strong field of drivers – with fellow Team Durango racer Kim Nielsen putting his DEX210 into 5th overall.


Final result 2WD:
1.   Jörn Neumann DEX210 (TQ)
5.   Kim Nielsen DEX210

2WD Finals:

2WD A-Final Leg 1

2WD A-Final Leg 2

2WD A-Final Leg 3

Jörn tackled the 4WD 3-leg A final in the same manner as 2WD, and simply dominated – taking all three legs for the decisive win. Kim Neilsen improved on his 2WD performance with 4th overall with his DEX410v3.

4wd jorn4wd

Final result 4WD
1.   Jörn Neumann DEX410v3 (TQ)
4.   Kim Nielsen DEX410v3

4WD Finals:

4WD A-Final Leg 1

4WD A-Final Leg 2

4WD A-Final Leg 3

Another awesome result for Team Durango!

January 9, 2012

Team Durango lockout, Hrotovice-Czech Republic – dBoots for EOS

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 12:56 pm

Hupo reports on his double-victory at the Mibosport cup round 4, with his dBoots equipped DEX210 and DEX410.


The Race was held in Hrotovice, Czech Republic in the Sport-V-Hotel, which is a almost perfect facility for an RC Race; A huge number of rooms, a nice restaurant and a bar, beside a really big hall, where they put down an onroad and an offroad track; The organisers did a really good job, although the offroad track needs a little more work for the EOS, but I´m sure they will fix it for the next time!


I used D-Boots Nanobyte tires and our new dBoots Blockpass 2wd front tires, which will be the controlled tire for the EOS Series, and they worked really-really well; I took TQ and won both classes; It was a clean sweep for Team Durango cars, with this result:

2WD – DEX210:

1st Hupo Hönigl TD
2nd Martin Kreil TD
3rd Kaja Novotny TD
5th Marcus Prihoda TD
8th Vaclav Strupek TD

Hupo and Martin’s DEX210 set-ups can be found in the in the pits section here:


4WD – DEX410

1st Hupo Hönigl TD
2nd Martin Kreil TD
3rd Jiri Mara TD
4th Vaclav Strupek TD
5th Kaja Novotny TD
10th Marcus Prihoda TD

Hupo’s v3 set up can be found here:

Martin’s DEX410 set-up can be found here:

winningcars The winning cars – all Team Durango!

dbootsdBoots have been chosen to be the control tyre supplier for the Euro Offroad Series – EOS – which kicks off at this very track in Hrotovice.

January 6, 2012

DESC410R – Outer Hinge Pin Location

Filed under: News,Tricks and Tips — Tags: — Stuart @ 4:09 pm

The Team Durango DESC410R 4WD short course truck has lots of setup options in its arsenal, to dominate on the race track. Outer hinge-pin height is a setting which can help tune the truck to the track, and both front and rear hubs on the DESC410R have the option to change hinge-pin height in this way.


Moving from a high outer pin height – with the hinge pin in the upper hole – to a low one without changing any other settings would result in the car sitting lower, for example – so adjustments to the spring collars on the dampers might be needed to attain the correct ride height after alterations to the pivot are made.

On the rear of the DESC410R it’s as simple as deciding on low or high pin mounting, and mounting the hub in the desired location. On the front of the car however, the steering will foul the suspension and / or provide inconsistent steering performance due to a change in bump-steer  – so you need to swap the steering knuckles from left to right side of the car when changing the hinge pin height to a different setting.

lowpivot Low pivot – the outer hinge pin sits in the lower hole on the hub carrier highpivot-rear High pivot – the outer hinge pin sits in the upper hole on the hub carrier

The kit default setup is to have the hinge pins in the low position front and rear. The steering knuckles have an off-set ball stud platform for the steering link and when moving from the low to the high hinge pin position you need to swap the knuckles between each side of the car (and swap the ball stud itself to keep it facing upwards).


The steering knuckles are marked for easy identification with small dimples on the outer face – this is to ensure you get the steering knuckles oriented correctly when using either the low (1 dimple at the bottom) or high (2 dimples at the bottom) hinge pin location. See the example below for a clearer explanation of the required setup in either hinge pin position.

dimples pinheightcomparison

In the example above – the outer hinge pins are shown at the same height but the hubs are in their low & high positions. The steering ball studs are relatively the same height as each other due to the off-set steering knuckles.

The rear hubs are a much simpler setup change, having just two holes.  Just like the front end of the car – the change in outer hinge pin height will affect ride height and the shocks will need adjusting to compensate.

rearhub rearhub2

So – what does it do?
Lowering the outer hing pin height reduces chassis roll and the car will react quicker. Raising the outer hinge pin height will allow more chassis roll and slow the reactions of the car.

Richard Cree joins Team Durango

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:16 pm

Multiple Euros A-Finalist and well respected racer, Richard Cree has signed up to race with Team Durango for 2012. Richard, who works as a design engineer for McLaren F1,  transitioned to 1/8th buggy a few years ago from 1/10th off road, and this is where he’ll be concentrating his skills as well as contributing his vast knowlege to the development of the DNX408. Richard will also be wheeling the new DEX210 at some select races between his 1/8th commitments.

Richard had this to say,
“I’m really excited about getting involved with the development of the Team Durango platforms. I feel my blend of professional motorsport experience mixed with my RC experience puts me in a unique position to help the guys in the design team push things forward. My first priority is getting plenty of track time with my new rides to get familiar with the geometry, then we can start working on set ups and future developments.”

Richard’s first race under the Team Durango banner will be this coming weekend at Silverstone and we’re all very excited at Team Durango to have him on board for 2012.

January 2, 2012

Lin takes win with DNX408 @ Fei Teng

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 11:30 pm

Date: 10-11, December, 2011


Being the last nitro race before the year end, this race held in Fei Teng Race Track, situated in the southern part of China attract nearly 60 persons. By living in the southern part of China, we are blessed with a snow-free weather, and we can continue to race throughout the year. Although never reaching below zero, the temperature on the race day went as low as 10 degrees Celsius, and freezing fingers are always a problem!

dsc_7885 After my last race success with the DEX408, where I choose to run with a normal rear suspension config (with the shocks in front of the arms), I decided to give this layout another try on my nitro DNX408. When I first started with the DNX, with the shocks in front, my 408 twitchy and I preferred the shocks mounted on the rear. After nearly one whole year with the chassis, I have learn a lot setting wise and I am eager to see whether this new found set up can improve my previous lap time on this track.


Qualifying is very much a learning process for me. The biggest difference with the shock set-up is mainly on the steering. With my new setting, I was able to attack corners more aggressively up to a point that my line and braking point will be very different with my previous set up. After 3 timed qualifying rounds I was sitting in second place, with a 6 seconds gap towards the TQ position.

Getting use to the new set up, I was very confident on taking a win here but the start was not what I was hoping for. I was locked in a fight with the pole man which lasted a whole 40 minutes! At the same time, the 3rd and 4th qualifier was able to run a much cleaner run than us. After finally pulling from my fight, I was able to catch the top two quickly, within a few minutes, I was able to lead the pack and hold on to the first position to cross the line amd tale the hard-fought win.


Last words:
Although I have been running the DNX-408 ever since it was on the market, this race just proves how much I still have to learn. The car continue to improve and with more tuning and setting I was able to make the car fit my driving style perfectly – it just proves spending time with your car are so essential!

This will be the last race for me before the New Year, and I will like to take this chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2012! Thank you very much for the support TD, and I wish 2012 will be an even better year!

Le Hua Lin’s 2011 achievements:
2011.3.13 Fei Teng Team C Cup
Qualify: 5th
Final: 8th

2011.6.5 Beijing Team C Cup
Qualify: 2nd
Final: 2nd

2011.7.6 FEMCA (Malaysia)
Qualify: 28th
Final: 19th

2011.7.31 RC Passion open Race:
Qualify: 2nd
Final: 1st

2011.8.7 Hobao Zhuha Opening race
Qualify: 5th
Final: 4th

2011.8.14 KRC Opening Race
Qualify: 3rd
Final: 3rd

2011.9.25 RCP Friendship race
Qualify: 3rd
Final: 6th

2011.10.23 KRC Cup
Qualify: TQ
Final: 9th
2011.11.13 KRC Factory Cup
Qualify: TQ
Final: 9th

2011.12.10 Fei Teng Cup
Qualify: 2nd
Final: 1st

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