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February 7, 2012

Broxtowe ‘Snowman’ Round 5 – DESC210R testing

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 6:03 pm

Broxtowe Model Car Club hosted round 5 of their popular Snowman winter series at their excellent outdoor venue. Finally the series lived up to its name ‘almost’ – and we were greeted by a white-over track. Even in open practice the track was providing excellent grip with the dBoots tyre working very well on both the DEX210 and the DESC210R.

Yes, you read that right DESC210R. Chief Team Durango designer, Adam Skelding, was giving the latest offering from Team Durango – the 2wd Short course (DESC210R) its first test run. The truck offers up the same innovations as the ground breaking DEX210 and will be highly tunable straight out of the box.

After throwing down the truck to clear the racing line and get some ‘cold weather’ testing in. The first impressions were excellent, the truck handled well in MM configuration and with a ‘bench TQ’ set-up on it, there didn’t really seem much to change.

The Broxtowe meeting would be a perfect place for the truck to make its debut as there is a ‘core’ field of SC enthusiasts who run to a 10.5T motor limit and the level playing field means that the trucks handling would be tested – that coupled with the freezing temperatures to test the composite mouldings to the limit.


Adam would take TQ in round 1 closely followed by SC regular John Brook. Round 2 was another close run affair with the deciding factor being who got out of the fender bending cleaner than the other driver. Round 3 saw an electrical gremlin put an early end to Adam’s run and in round 4 on a drying track, the lowly 13.5T that Adam was running was just being outclassed by the 10.5T –  leaving him open to ‘attack’. So whilst the DESC210R hadn’t taken TQ it had come through some pretty heavy impacts and hard racing unscathed – all good testing.

In-between Qualifying and finals, John Brook (TQ) took the wheel of the DESC210R for a comparison against his steed, and was instantly impressed by the grip and handling of the DESC210R. Suitably impressed with the truck, John described it as ‘Awesome’!

The final was a close race at the start with John holding off Adam and the pair separated by less than a trucks length for most of the first minute. Finally John left a small gap which Adam was able to squeeze through and from that point on, Adam didn’t look back – putting in laps just short of a second a lap faster than the rest of the field. It was an impressive debut for the DESC210R and a good first public test.  Adam used the new dBoots MultiByte SC tyre to take the win.

The DESC210R is being developed currently and we can’t show any photos of the insides unfortunately – but rest assured our international race team will be testing the truck out

2wd Buggy.
Team Durango drivers, Paul Robinson, Adam Skelding, Chris Bowater, James Ambrose and Andy Wesson all lined up for the A final after some close qualifying which was eventually taken by ‘local hero’ Ian Mellish. Paul, Adam and Chris all had chances to take TQ, but Ian seemed to have a phobia about hitting pipes and didn’t even so much as graze one all day. dBoots MultiByte were once again working well in the ever changing conditions, from frozen to a ‘drying’ track the A and B compound were working well as were the soon to be released ‘BlockPass’ tyre.

The DEX210 showed its popularity with 6 of the A finalists running the chassis.

In the final Ian lead from the tone and was never really challenged, it was rumoured that he grazed a pipe, but this can’t be confirmed. Paul Robinson dropped out early after he chose a ‘different’ tyre set-up for the final. Adam and Chris had a race long battle, with Chris eventually overhauling Adam to take 2nd with Adam 3rd. James Ambrose had a good final, getting upto 4th at one point until a tangle with fellow TD driver Andy Wesson dropped them down the order a little.

Setups from the team can be found here:



February 6, 2012

Russian Off Road Series RD1 – RCRCMoscow

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:05 pm

The 1st round of the Russian Off-road Series took place in Moscow at the ‘RCRCmoscow’ track last weekend. In the 2wd mod class on Saturday, Team Durango Russia driver Dmitry Malyshko, took his first TQ in qualifying with DEX210.


Denis Zuikov and Roman Pitsyk took 4th and 5th place on starting grid with the DEX210.

The finals went to Dmitry as he took all legs of the A-Main for the overall victory, with Roman having to settle for third. Team Durango had 3 cars in the main final!

A-main 2WD mod results:
1) Malyshko Dmitry (TQ)
3) Pitsyk Roman
5) Zuikov Denis

rcrcmoscow_2wdmod Left: Pitsyk Roman 3rd – Centre: Malyshko Dmitry 1st

In 4wd mod class on Sunday, Team Durango Russia driver Denis Zuikov took the overall TQ in qualifying with his Team Durango DEX410v3. Second place on starting grid would be 2WD winner Dmitry Malyshko.

The finals went to Denis, taking legs 1 and 3 of the A-Main for the overall victory, with Dmitry having to settle for second and Alexey Sljunjaev third. Team Durango had 6 cars in the main final – a fantastic result for the team.

A-main 4WD mod results:
1) Zuikov Denis (TQ)
2) Malyshko Dmitry
3) Sljunjaev Alexey
4) Timoshchenko Evgeniy
6) Cherkasov Sergey
7) Timoshchenko Julja

rcrcmoscow_4wdmod Left to right, Sljunjaev Alexey 3rd – Zuikov Denis 1st – Malyshko Dmitry 2nd

In 4WD Stock 17,5 class third place in A-main take Jakovlev Anton. Anton won the first A-main leg, but in next finals had some problem with nerves! Son in the end Anton manaed only 3rd place on podium.

A-main 4WD stock 17,5 results:
3) Jakovlev Anton
4) Ryazanova Sofija

rcrcmoscow_4wd175 Right: Jakovlev Anton 3rd

LESTR CUP Round 4 – Charlie Novotny dominates with Durango

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:21 pm

The 4th round of LESTR CUP indoor off road series took place in Odolena Voda on the 14th of January. The organizers prepared quite a demanding off-road track to test the drivers.

Right from the start of practice it was clear that the race was going to be a TEAM DURANGO day. Both of Charlie´s cars were working very well and Charlie managed to take all the qualifiers with both cars and set best laps in both categories. So Charlie took TQ for DEX410 in 4WD  and for DEX210 in 2WD as well.

Things went the same way in the finals also – with Charlies DEX210 taking the opening two legs of the A Final to secure the victory.  Charlie didn’t run the third leg to allow the other drivers to fight for second position overall.

In 4WD Charlie was leading the first final head but a mistake came and after a heavy crash to the steel barrier, the ball joint gone out. Thanks to the robust construction of DEX 410 nothing else was damaged and after fixing the joint back / which cost him a lot of time / he continued. After a great performance of the DEX410, he finished second behind Marcel Dostal with another DEX410. After the poor start to the 4WD finals, Charlie didn’t make the same mistake again – and he took the next two legs to secure the victory with his DEX410. Marcel Dostal was second with DEX410.

winners Above: Marvel Dostal 2nd 4WD with DEX410 – Charlie Novotny TQ & 1st 2WD and 4WD

In the end Charlie had set TQ and taken the win, along with having the fastest laps all weekend with both cars – Team Durango & Charlie Novotny domination!

Charlie would like to thank to all at Team Durango for producing such a great cars as we had another fantastic day. Both cars performed great all the day and the only think, I had to do, was to clean the dust from the carpet and charge the batteries.

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