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March 23, 2012

DNX408V2 kit page goes live

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:58 pm

The DNX408v2 has arrived – with a host of updates included in the box, adding both strength and performance.  We’ve put together a new kit page for the buggy to give you the full lowdown – check it out HERE on the Team Durango website.


These updates improve the DNX408 platform and are what the team drivers have been using for quite some time to great effect.

408-updatebag Updated parts included in the ‘v2’ kit. 408buggy

DNX408v2 kit page:

March 22, 2012

DEX408 review track test by

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 3:22 pm DEX408 review have done an in-depth build and track-test review of our new 1/8 electric off-road buggy, the DEX408.

With some stunning photography and detailed words, the review is well worth reading.

Area52 seem to be really up-to-date with news and reviews, so if you haven’t done so already, bookmark their site.

March 21, 2012

Team Durango ‘Dual Position C-Hubs’ for the 408

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:52 pm

These new dual position C-Hubs for the 408 line of vehicles offer a quick and simple setup change, that can make a big difference on the track.  The new C-Hubs feature a new lower pivot point beneath the original pivot point, and were used to great effect by Carson Wernimont to out-qualify many big names at the 2012 Dirt Nitro Challenge. The lower pivot reduces chassis roll, keeping the front of the car flatter in the corners. It also sharpens the steering response.


After feedback from the team, these new dual position C-Hubs have been fast-tracked through the R+D process to give racers a great new option.

dualpositionhubs-oncar dualpositionhubs-10deg
dualpositionhubs-12deg dualpositionhubs-14deg

The new Dual-Position C-Hubs will be available in 10°, 12° & 14°. We expect to be shipping in April, ready for the summer season.




March 14, 2012

Team Durango triple-win, EOS round two – Belgium

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 5:56 pm

The second round of the EOS – Euro Offroad Series, for electric off road buggies – took place last weekend in Charleroi, Belgium.  An array of world-class drivers from around Europe and the USA turned up to compete in buggy and Short Course classes.

durango-pits Jorn and Hupo at work in the pits! poulter Dave Poulter from the UK with his TD cars

The track at Charleroi is located inside an unassuming warehouse which is part of a larger sports and recreation complex. The track features a permenent layout, with some spectacular features and testing jumps and bumps.


Free practice got underway on Friday before heat-order practice started for 2WD buggy and SC.  The afternoon saw 4WD take over for the same heat-order practice sessions, and this would be the way the event would run, with qualifying on Saturday and finals on Sunday all having 2WD followed by 4WD classes later in the day.

4WD Buggy
Jorn dominated qualifying with his DEX410v3 buggy – taking the opening four rounds of qualifying before team-mate Hupo took the fifth and final leg – it would be a Team Durango 1-2 on the grid with Jorn in pole and Hupo second on the grid.  In the finals Jorn won the opening two legs to take the overall win – and sat out the third to let the other drivers race for 2nd.  Hupo had a close fight with Lee Martin but had to settle for third overall in the end.

jorn-4wd2 hupo-4wd
gerd-hupo4wd jorn-hupo-4wd

4WD Short Course
The 4WD short course class provided some of the closest racing of the weekend as Jorn and Hupo were unmatched for pace out front – the Team Durango DESC410R being the quickest 4WD SC out there.  Jorn and Hupo went round in all three legs like a train – swapping positions and fighting for the win – with the guys going 1-2 in all three legs, Hupo winning the first and third legs to secure the overall victory.

hupo-metal Hupo gives it some METAL novotny-sc Kája Novotny put in a great performance to finish 5th

2WD Buggy
Jorn and Hupo both qualified well – taking 2nd and 8th on the grid for the mains.  UK Team Durango driver Dave Poulter was unlucky and would end qualifying in B1 – just missing out on the mains with his DEX210.  A solid 3rd place finish for Jorn followed an intense battle between the newly crowned Reedy race champion, and the former Reedy champion Dustin Evans from the USA.

hupo-jorn-2wdfish jorn-2wd Jorn flys over the double on his way to 3rd overall

2WD Short course
The 2WD Short Course class wasn’t contested fully by Team Durango since the DESC210R is still in the testing phase – so instead it was down to Team Durango designer Gerd Strenge to give the new truck a shakedown test at the EOS race.  Gerd managed to get a perfect score in qualifying – taking three rounds of qualifying and winning all three finals.

gerd-racing gerd-scwin2

Team Durango drivers had a great result – taking the TQ and win in three out of the four classes.


Full results are available here, on the MYRCM.CH website

Thanks to for the use of the photos – and the EOS organisers.

Hupo reports on Austrian Winterchamps 2012

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 5:20 pm

Last weekend Martin Kreil and I attended the Austrian Winterchamps 2012.  The  Winterchamps were held in Hohenems, Vorarlberg, which is very close to the German and Swiss boarder; The race was fully booked out with 150+ drivers.

The carpet they used to build the track was very special; very thick and super high traction – which was a challenge to get the car right and stop from traction rolling. It was for sure the highest amount of traction I’ve ever raced on!


Martin Kreil tested the DESC210R prototype for the first time ever, and clearly showed the performance of the one and only Mid-Rear-Motor-Hybrid Short Course 2wd; He was testing the car in mid motor 4 gear configuration and it was really good; Martin would win all qualifying rounds and all finals pretty easily, with a distance to second place of up to a full lap. Martin turned in the fastest lap of the race, more then a second faster then everybody else; Some other very good german drivers attended that class and just had no chance against the DESC210R – and this is just early testing.

martin Martin with the winning DESC210R test car.

hupo Hupo won the 4WD Short Course event

In 2wd buggy my DEX210 worked really well from the beginning; after getting the tires setup right I managed to take tq and win the event; martin had some up and downs during the race and finished on a good 4th place;

my 4wd was hard work in practise, because of the crazy high traction it was pretty difficult to get the setup right; after putting a 2mm swaybar in the front my dex410 was more calm to drive and felt a lot better. Again I took TQ and won the event; martin couldn´t find the right tire setup until the last qualifier but finally got it right in the end – his finals were very rough and unlucky and could only finish 10th in the main.


Above:  Martin and Hupo with their Team Durango vehicles and trophies.

March 12, 2012

Carson Wernimont @ JBRL Round One

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:36 pm

Carson Wernimont reports on the JBRL series opener at OCRC Raceway – with over 370 entries this was the biggest JBRL so far;

In 2WD I thought I had an OK weekend. I had a little bit of trouble in qualifying and barley squeaked it in the main event landing 8th on the grid. On the start I was able to get a good jump and everybody but Chris Jarosz and I piled up in the first corner, basically handing us the 1st and 2nd spot on a silver platter. I was running 2nd the whole race until about a minute to go I started to make little mistakes due to my lack of sleep(we raced at 2:00 AM!) These mistakes made me forfeit the 2nd position and I dropped all the way to the 4th position where I was able to hold off the hard charging Mike Truhe and finish 4th overall.

Electric 1/8th
I keep having really bad luck with electronics right now. In the first qualifier I was on a TQ run and I got caught up with traffic and popped off the spring cup on the front. In the second qualifier and shattered the current TQ by 7 seconds putting me on the pole for the main. In the main I got a good start and checked out on the whole field. At about 8 minutes in and 2 to go I was getting ready to lap 2nd place Jake Thayer and my car shut off. Im currently running the new LRP iX8 speed control and Dynamic 8 motor and I wasn’t the only one at the race having this issue but im sending the motor and speed control back so they can get this problem solved ASAP.

This was the class I had the most luck in. In the first qualifier I was trying a new set-up combo which was my chassis set up with Jorns small boar shock set-up which actually worked really well. Personally I think that the small shocks are better then the big boars on certain tracks. In the first round of qualifying was one of the fist run with this test set-up and it was OK but was lacking a little bit of traction. For round 2 I went down 1 step in front and rear spring and used some of Hyato Matsuzaki’s super duper tire sauce and my car stuck to the track like velcro and led me to the 2nd spot on the grid missing Hyato’s TQ by 4 tenths of a second. In the main I got off to a good start and was running second battling back and fourth with Hyato for the lead until I crashed and dropped to 4th. After the crash I got back in my grove and was able to pressure 3rd place Jake Thayer enough that he nicked a pipe and rolled it and then the next corner Hyato and Chris Jarosz got together and crashed handing me the lead on a golden platter with one minute to go. After all this drama I cruised to the line with over a straight away lead on the rest of the field.

March 6, 2012

Team Durango HQ goes 8th Electric racing

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:00 pm

dex408-team Left to right, Adam Skelding, Chris Doughty, Paul Robinson.

The new DEX408 8th electric buggy created quite a stir at the Team Durango HQ – enough that the guys in the office have decided to attend the newly created BRCA national series in the UK with the cars. Adam Skelding, Chris Doughty and Paul Robinson have all signed up to race, and battle to decide who’s making the drinks for the remainder of the year.

The series runs alongside the nitro Truggy series and Chris Doughty (Former European champion) will be accompanied by Richard Cree (Almost former European champion) in their assault on the Truggy championship with the upcoming Team Durango DNX408T.

BRCA Truggy / 8th Electric Buggy Nationals

Herts – May 6th
Kent – June 10th
Coventry – July 8th
Deerdale – August 12th

Check out the BRCA.ORG website here – where you can find the entry form.

March 2, 2012

#TD330384 – MACHINED BLANK PISTONS for ‘408 vehicles

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 5:05 pm

These blank pistons are machined from high quality material and feature dimples for easy drilling. These pistons give the racer freedom to try their own piston configurations.

330384-1 330384-2


March 1, 2012

#TD330301 – VOLUME COMPENSATION FOAM for ‘408 vehicles

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 4:18 pm

The Volume Compensator Foam is designed to be fitted above the shock diaphragm inside the shock cap.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with the TD330300 Vented Shock Caps and offers additional support to the diaphragm when used with the vented caps. The compensators can also be used with the stock shock caps for increased rebound characteristics and extra tuning posibilities.

330301-compensationfoams-1 330301-compensationfoams-2

Supplied in packs of 8.


Coventry MAM Series – Robinson wins

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:13 pm

Coventry MAM Series – Race Report.

February 26th saw Coventry’s turn to hold the Midlands Astro Masters Series. I was out with the 4WD again, running dBoots tyres and out for a 2nd test of the V3 big bore shocks.

Round 1.
From the off, I started out quite competitively, pushing the front runners and leading the heat on time. The track had changed immensely from practice, as the early morning dew made the track really slippery. The Sun had now been on the track for a while and the grip shot up out of nowhere and caught us all by surprise with a lot of grip roll. With setup now meaning nothing, it was down to driving, but I came out on top to TQ the round.

Round 2.
Making a mark on the first Round saw me head Round 2 off first, giving me a clear track to focus on and to see how the car responded to the changes made from Round 1 with the dramatic change in track conditions. For this Round I wanted to learn more on how the shocks were working in the grip, so we added quite a lot of camber to the geometry to cope with the grip roll, and sticking with the dBoots Multibyte A Compound tyres which I had been running from practice, as they seemed the best tyre out there learning from how other drivers struggled from the first Round. With the setup proving competitive again, I TQ’d Round 2 also.

Round 3.
Although I was running well so far with the setup from Round 2, I tried improving the performance of the shocks by changing the oil to a softer weight in the rear to help cope with the landing after jumps a bit better and also altering the anti-squat slightly to help the car ride better through the bumps. I was on for a really good run and the car felt improved on the rear end, but felt a little on the edge, now conflicting slightly with the front end. Unfortunately over the last couple of laps I made a few errors which were disappointing after such a good run in the first part of the heat, but fortunately I had built up a comfortable enough lead to still TQ the round.

Round 4.
After playing about with the rear end in the previous round and finding this was the way to go, I then tried to tune in the front end to balance the overall handling of the car out more by softening the oil weight. This was the right way to go as the car was responding well to the setup changes and felt better round after round. This one was a bit more competitive though as an early mistake saw me lose the lead not only on the clock but also on the track with quite a big gap to catch up on. But I knew I had the car and the setup, and I knew what to do. I spent most of the heat chasing, as my closest competitor had obviously learned something themselves throughout the day and got themselves on a good pace, making it more difficult for me to gain on them. When I eventually did, I pressured them into a small error, allowing me to get passed, but they were quickly back on their wheels and still within a chance of leading me on time difference. I knew I had to push hard and I just did enough to take TQ for the final round, making it a clean sweep and securing pole position for the final.


A Final Results.
I had quite a comfortable start from pole to hold the lead for the first 3 or 4 corners until the dreaded double-jump, where hesitation got the best of me and I made an error, hitting the top lip of the 2nd jump. Quickly back on my wheels, I managed to hold onto 3rd and not get pushed further back down the field. This gave me even more determination to get catch the front two. An error from 2nd place allowed me to hunt down the leader and stretch away from the rest of the pack. Catching up and applying the pressure saw first place make an error and I got back into the lead. No more mistakes from me allowed me to stretch out over 11 seconds back to second, and with I held this to the end to take my second win of the series.

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