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April 3, 2012

Durango end Indoor season on a high note.

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 8:11 am

With promised sunshine and the outdoor season rapidly approaching, the indoor events that have kept out thumbs and fingers in trim over the winter draw to a close. Once again the Worskop club have put on an excellent series which has weathered the worst that the winter weather could muster. Still, the series has been attended by 140+ drivers at most meetings and the competition has been as high as ever.

After showing pace right from the early rounds, the DEX210 would end the season on a high with Nathan Waters taking TQ from the already championship favourite Neil Cragg. Adam Mackman with only his 2nd run out with a ‘Box Stock’ DEX210 would qualify 3rd with Eugene Galley 4th with his DEX210. Paul Bradby left himself some work to do in the final if he was to take the series win by qualifying 6th. Whilst Craig Collinson rounded out the top 10 with his DEX210 making it 4 in the final.

The final was one you couldn’t take your eyes off. Nathan lead from the tone with Neil pressuring him at every turn, in turn though Neil was under pressure from Adam Mackman and when Neil made a slight error, Paul Bradby was through the gap followed by Adam. Nathan started to eek out a small lead and the battle was now on for 2nd between Adam, Paul and Neil.  Neil made a few errors trying to close and pass Adam giving him breathing space to chase down Bradders. Adam’s pace soon told and Bradders made the error allowing him to pass to seal the 1,2 for Team Durango with Nathan taking a comfortable victory.


Neil had already sewn up the series with a perfect score, so the race was on for 2nd and 3rd with 6 drivers still in the hunt for the remaining series podium spots.
Qualifying was very close with little room for error as a clean run was required for a top ten finish. Neil and Nathan traded blows, with Neil getting revenge and taking TQ from Nathan in the last round of qualifying. Adam Skelding and Craig Collinson also made the A main in 5th and 6th respectively, with Adam Mackman being in the unlucky BQ spot.
Neil made up for his poor (by his standards) 2wd final with a tone to tone victory, from 5th on the grid Adam Skelding closed the gap down early on after an early tussle between Nathan and Paul Bradby opened up a gap in the field, but Neil was able to keep the gap at a steady distance. Adam would also have a pretty uneventful race with all the action going on behind him in the tussle for 3rd which eventually went to Bradders.

indoormasters-4wd indoormasters-winners


1. Neil Cragg        600
2. Paul Bradby        598
3. Danny McGee    590
4. Nathan Waters    590    DEX210
5. Craig Collinson    590    DEX210
6. James Helliwell    585
7. Richard Lowe        584
8. Eugene Galley    581    DEX210
9. Greg Williams    577
10. Keith Robertson    577

1. Neil Cragg        604
2. Nathan Waters    597    DEX410v3
3. Craig Collinson    590    DEX410v3
4. Paul Bradby        590
5. Greg Williams    589
6. Adam Skelding    588    DEX410v3
7. Richard Lowe        580
8. Keith Robertson    578
9. James Helliwell    577
10. Simon Moss        572

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