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May 21, 2012

Hupo Hönigl reports on Austrian Nationals Round 1

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:13 pm

Hupo Hönigl reports on the opening round of the 2012 Austrian 10th off road national series, where he took victories in both 2WD and 4WD with his Team Durango vehicles.


The First round of the Austrian Nationals was held in Steyregg, which is a very unique track with a lot fast corners and really low traction; The weather was beautiful and the club did a good job with preparing the track!

track1 track2

In 2wd it took me a little while to get used to the track; In qualifying local hero Hans-Jürgen Tormann, who was a former European A-Finalst was quickest and got TQ in front of me. In the Final we had a very good battle which I won in the first 2 finals for the overall win with the DEX210. Team Durango had the most cars in the main with me winning, routined Marcus Prihoda in 8th; 2 young locals also made their first A-main with the 210 at the Austrian nats as well – Tristan Hackl and Manuel Hintringer finished 7th and 9th after showing some good speed, but both had some bad luck in the mains.

My 4wd was very good again during the whole race and I took TQ and won the event; Martin Kreil who did the quickest lap of the event with his DEX410v3 finished in an unloved 4th position; Marcus Prihoda finished 5th and Harald Brunner finished in 9th first time out with his 410.

We had again the most cars in the A mains with some more cars possible who should have made it…

May 18, 2012

Team Durango DEX408 video

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 10:43 am

We invite you to take a look under the shell of the impressive new Team Durango 1/8th scale electric buggy – the DEX408.

You can find out more on the DEX408 on the DEX408 kit page

May 17, 2012

Davide Carbone & DEX210 – Italian Champions!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:04 pm

The Italian Championship took place on the 22nd April 2012 in Castiraga Vidardo, at the ‘PIG Arena’ indoor dirt track with a total of 61 drivers present.


Davide Carbone took the TQ and Win with his DEX210 – along with setting the fastest lap of all competitors!  Giuseppe Fermi finished second overall with another Team Durango DEX210 – and a total of 4 DEX210’s sat in the top 10.  Congratulations to our Italian drivers who showed the DEX210 to be the best 2WD out there.


Neumann & DNX408v2 victorious in Germany

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:02 pm

Jörn Neumann reports on the 2nd qualification round in the German Nats west division


The 2nd Round were held in Hürtgenwald on an astroturf track. The weather was great all weekend. On Saturday was first free practice for a couple hours and then 3 Rounds of controlled practice. I tried some different shock setups and a 3mm front swaybar. This made my car much better and faster. I changed nothing for the 1st Round of qualifying. I finnished 2nd, made one mistake and had some traffic. On Sunday were two more Rounds of qualifying. In Round two I was on a good pace, but had a problem after 2 minutes. The last Round worked really good with a TQ. This was also enough for the overall TQ.

jorn For the semi final I changed the front and center diff from 7K to 20K, to get more acceleration out of the corners. This worked out and I won my semi final.

The main final started really badly for me with a problem on the start. I lost more then 10 seconds and had to start from the pit lane. I pushed my DNX408v2 really hard and worked my way back to third after a couple of minutes. I caught up a few tenths every lap to the leaders. We decided to pit safe at 7minutes in the 20 minutes main. Both leaders tried to pit at 10. During the pit stops with some fast laps I was back in the lead and pulled away to have enough gap for my second fuel stop. In the end I won by half a lap over second place!

May 16, 2012

Rhein Main Circuit – Warmup race

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:03 pm

title Hupo Hönigl reports on the ‘warm-up’ race held in Germany at the Rhein Main Circuit.

The Warmup Race in Bischofsheim was the season opener for the outdoor races in Germany, and also the biggest race in the year there; The track is just awesome and the weather was brilliant again, like in the last couple of years!

In Truggy, this was my first time ever with the DNX408T on the track and it felt good from the beginning. It took a little while to get used to the big car – as this is my only race in the year where I race truggy. I qualified 2nd, but from the semi final I found my pace and would win the semi quite easy.
The main final I had under control for most of the time, although it was a really hard battle in the end. I took the win in front of Carsten Keller and Tim Bremicker.


Electric 1/8th Buggy saw a dominance of the Team Durango DEX408; Jörn and I went on to win every qualifier and every single main – so we finished 1st and 2nd;


Nitro Buggy was the class where I struggled a little bit from the beginning – the car was good, I just never found my rhythm. Jörn was very fast already in qualifying and ended up 2nd behind Daniel Reckward; I only qualified 12th after some terrible runs; Jörn won easily his semi, which put him 1st on the grid for the main final. My semi was also better than qualifying and I ran 2nd for a long time and finished 3rd, which put me 6th on the grid. In the final jörn was much quicker then everybody else, although he had to refuel more often then everybody else. Jörn had quite a big lead but an electrical failure forced him to retire.My final was terrible – after the 3rd electric main and truggy main everything in a row – I was not able to run my car properly and only finished 9th.  Without the electrical problems in nitro buggy for Jörn, Team Durango would have won all 3 classes…. Next time!


May 9, 2012

Carson Wernimont, TQ & Win at JBRL Round 3

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 6:37 pm

Carson reports on round three of the Jimmy Babcock Racing League series – held at Rainman’s Hobbies in  this past weekend 5th & 6th May – where he took the TQ and Win in 4WD open buggy.

2WD – DEX210
I had a good weekend with the DEX210 except for some bad luck in the main event. The track was blue groove and high bite,  so I did end up running the DEX210 in the 4-gear Mid-Motor configuration. In qualifying I had some bad luck in the first round followed by some good luck in the 2nd round qualifying me 5th overall. In the main I got off to a good start and was running in second about a straight away ahead of the rest of the field and a straight away behind the TQ Frank Root. Something must have clicked at the 3 minute mark because the turbo came on and I started reeling in Frank fast. I was able to make a move and pass him for the lead, then we went back and fourth quite a bit until the last lap where I started pushing too hard and flew off the track! After I finally got back on the track I was in the 5th position where I would finish.

4WD – DEX410v3
From start to finish my 4wd was awesome! In qualifying I was able to TQ over home-town hero Zack Rogers by 10 seconds! I started first on the grid in the main event and never looked back. When the dust settled I was able to run a perfectly clean 6 minutes and win by a lap over the whole field! This win helped me extend my points lead in the series, so now I have a comfortable cushion between 2nd place.

carson-dex410-1 carson-dex410-2

Setups will be online soon!

Chris Doughty wins BRCA Truggy Nationals series opener with DNX408T

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 6:12 pm

The first round of the 2012 BRCA National Truggy series kicked off on the all-dirt track at Herts Nitro Model Club in Ware, Hertfordshire.  For the first time, Electric 8th Buggy nationals would run alongside the truggys in a seperate class – giving an ideal opportunity for the Team Durango racers to drive the newly released DEX408 electric 8th buggy and DNX408T truggy – which should be available in the shops soon. Chris Doughty put on a fine show to take the win in nitro truggy with the Team Durango DNX408T – and took 4th overall in 1/8th electric buggy with the DEX408.
Chris Doughty reports on his days racing:


I decided to run both classes at this event – with the DEX408 electric buggy and DNX408T nitro truggy – so I had a very busy day!

Through practise and qualifying, my DNX408T felt really good, great on the bumps and with good steering. It felt balanced on power and great in the air. With this being the first time the production DNX408T has ever been run I was taking it easy using this event as a bit of a shake down prior to the cars release.

Reliability from the car in qualifying was great, but Issues with traffic, tripping over other Trucks, hitting crashed cars and even getting turned over by stray wheels from other trucks meant I would line up 4th on the Grid for the main – not bad considering it was my first Truggy race!  I knew my truck was really good and switching to a super-soft tire for the last round of qualifying was going to work well for the final too,  the track never really grooved up and temperature was always very cold, so super-soft tires were the only compound to use.


The final started steady for me, with no warm-up laps being allowed and coming straight from racing the DEX408 electric buggy, it took me a good couple of minutes to find my groove with the Truck.  I dropped down a place early into 5th.  However, just before the first of the pit stops I had worked my way through the field and was running in 2nd place behind Darren Bloomfield.

Mid-way through the race Darren had an issue stopping out on the track, this allowed me past and through for the lead. As the final progressed I continued to stretch my lead over the field. I ended the final a lap clear of the rest for a maiden win for the production version of the DNX408T!

teamguys DNX408T pilots: Chris Doughty – Kevin Brunsden – Richard Cree

chrris Chris with his production DNX408T dnx408t

Straight after the Truggy final was the Electric buggy final, again, no warm-up laps allowed so I’d line up 4th for Electric buggy having just spent 24 minutes racing the Nitro Truggy final!  Straight off the line I knew this was going to be a hard transition in driving styles, because of the instant throttle response of the smaller and more agile electric buggy. I tried to hold my position off the line. Early in the race I got together with Lee Martin in a 50/50 racing incident, I came off worse and this sent me down the pack. Just as I was starting to get into my Electric buggy groove it started raining. The traction dropped way off and some peoples tire tread choices worked better than others for the final. I got back to a respectable 4th place finish, but knew I had so much more potential than the result showed.  Team Durango’s Paul Robinson came home right behind Chris for 5th overall, and with Adam Skelding and Stuard Harlow in 7th and 8th place respectively – there were a total of four DEX408’s in the top 10!

I didn’t really get any time during the day to work on or change setups on either car – after racing and marshalling it was pretty tight on time to get the cars back out on the track again. My DEX408 and production DNX408T were faultless with their reliability. Even though I didn’t have any time to do some detail changes to tweak the cars to the conditions, the cars were really competitive as I put the cars down on the track in the morning.

electric8th Team Durango 8th Electric Buggy team:  Stuart Harlow – Adam Skelding – Chris Doughty – Paul Robinson

Results –

May 8, 2012

Czech Open Offroad Series – DEX408 TQ & Win!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 6:52 pm

The second race of the “Czech open off road series 1/8 nitro and 1/8e” was held on a large and nice track at Horní Jelení on Saturday 28/4/2012.

Saturday was a nice sunny day breaking a temperature records.
It was a first race on the dirt for DEX408 in Czech Republic as well as the first one for Charlie Novotny, who had just two races indoors with DEX408 previously.

It was another great experience. The day did not start as per our expectation. After a great performance in practice we made small changes on the car, which was prepared at home as per Jorn’s setup. In the first qualification, Charlie had to retire when leading, because the car stopped due to overheated speedo.When checked the car, we have learned that the fan is not working and because of extremely warm day, it was clear, that it was too much for the speedo. Vaclav Strupek finished third, next to another DEX408 driven by Pavel Otruba.

novotnydex408 Above: Charlie Novotny’s Team Durango DEX408

We changed the fan and created a hole in a roof and gone to the second qualification. The second run was the usual performance of Team-Durango cars in Czech Republic – Vaclav Strupek was first and Charlie Novotny second. Last qualification was an easy win for Charlie and Vaclav was third.
So TQ for Charlie and second on the grid for Vaclav for the finals. In the finals, Charlie has won all three legs to dominate and take the overall win, with Vaclav Strupek coming in second.
The whole event had a nice and pleasant atmosphere and all Team Durango drivers enjoyed the day very much.

podium novotnywinner


DEX 408 has proved again that it is the best ever build electric powered 1/8 buggy.

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