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June 13, 2012

DNX408T wins second UK Truggy National

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 11:54 am

Kent would host the second round of the BRCA Truggy nationals.  A very wet build-up to the event would lead to concerns over the state of the track but we arrived to a very well prepared track. The weather was warm and the track was pretty dusty.

The format would be 4 rounds of qualifying with 2 to count, and a 24 minute A-main for Truggy.

The Team Durango DNX408T would dominate all of qualifying. TQ’s in Rounds 1, 2 and 4 would go to Chris Doughty, TQ for round 3 would be taken by Richard Cree. This would leave the Team Durango DNX408T’s to line up 1st and 2nd on the grid for the 24 minute main.

By the time the final had started, the rain which had held off all day, had started to fall and the track was starting to get wetter. The final progressed with Chris leading from Richard until about 15 minutes into the final. A suspected blown glo-plug put Chris out of the race after running so strong.  Richard Cree would inherit the lead and never look back, running clean fast laps through to the end of the finals in the challenging conditions.

So with 2 BRCA Truggy nationals complete, at 2 different tracks with 2 different winners…  Both with the DNX408T!

June 12, 2012

‘210 Gear Diff Build

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The optional gear differential TD210034 – for the DEX210 and other ‘210 based vehicles such as the Stadium Truck DEST210 and Short Course DESC210, provides extra tuning possibilities and a longer life between rebuilds.

The gear differential is tuned by varying the oil viscosity used. The oil slows the differential action down, which makes it tunable over a wide range of settings when compared to the ball differential – which needs to be in a very precise range to avoid damage.

The gear differential is, at first sight, quite complex – with lots of gears, shims, seals and other parts. Getting the build right however is relatively simple and straight forward, as long as you take your time and follow the guide below.


The first job is to assemble the spider gears onto the cross shafts and place them into the diff gear itself.  The shafts are recessed in the centre to allow them to sit at the same level when assembled.   Place a gear over either end of the shaft and follow it up with one of the supplied shims. It’s a good idea to put a little diff oil onto the shafts when placing on the gears and shims to keep everything in place and allow easier install.

shafts assembledshaft1

The main gear is sided – so the cross shafts will only insert from one side. Carefully drop the first shaft in taking care not to drop any shims or gears, and line up the shaft so the centre flat faces upward. Drop the second shaft into the diff gear with the flat spot facing down so it engages with the flat spot on the first shaft. Place the gear on your work bench for now whilst you build the sides.

assembledshaft2 Line up the cross shafts and drop them into position assembledshaft3 This is what it should look like!

diffsides The sides of the differential consist of moulded covers which house the outdrives and seals.

Grease the outdrive shaft and insert it into the plastic diff side.

Put a few drops of diff oil onto the shaft from the inside and slip the x-ring seal and thick silver washer over – and push these down until the seal is sat down properly.

diffside1 Grease the shaft well diffside2
diffside3 Put diff oil onto the shaft before adding the seal diffside4 Push the seal into position

An e-clip secures the shaft in place – use a flat bladed screw driver or pliers to click this into place. Put a few more drops of oil over the hexagonal shaft of the outdrive and slip the 14T gear over the end. It should just slide into place – don’t worry if it feels a little loose as this won’t matter once the diff is assembled. Both sides are identical.

eclip Add some more oil before placing the washer and e-clip over the seal addgear Push the 14t gear over the shaft

To fill the differential with oil you first need to attach one side of the assembly – fill with oil and then attach the other side. Gaskets are used to seal between the main gear body and moulded sides. Carefully line up the first gasket over the side the cross shafts and gears were inserted – make sure the tabs on the gasket line up with the indents on the main gear.


gasket1 Line up one of the diff sides with outdrive and 14t gear attached – taking care that the gear doesn’t fall off, place it over the main gear. You may need to spin the outdrive back and forth to move the gears around and let everything settle in place.

Four small countersunk screws attach each side moulding to the main gear. The screws should be tightened in a cross pattern to make sure the side attaches squarely. Screw each one in with finger pressure only. You may find it helps to back each screw off a turn and re-tighten in a cross pattern. Don’t be tempted to crank down on these screws – you could warp the gear or moulded sides and actually cause the differential to leak / perform poorly.

It’s a good idea to mark up this side of the differential at this point. This will help identify which side gives you access to the gears. Knowing which side is which is helpful when it comes to maintenance, since opening up the other side means you’ll not have to worry about the gears moving or falling out, and you can just place it upside down to allow the oil to drain before re-filling with your chosen viscosity.

cross-pattern Tighten the screws gently filling-oil2 Fill the diff slowly

Before you can attach the other side you need to fill the differential with oil. Fill the oil until the cross shafts are covered. Don’t fill it to the top, as the 14T gear still needs to sit down in the differential. Attach the gasket and tighten the remaining side of the differential just like the first one.  You’ll probably find a small amount of leakage if the differential was over-filled. Remember not to crank on these screws and damage the mouldings.

filling-oi3 You can help the oil settle by gently turning the gears filling-oil Probably a little too much oil, but you can always adjust the level

Once the differential is together, check for any leaks that might have occured whilst tightening. If you’ve put a couple of drops of oil too much into the diff then it’s natural for this to escape whilst tightening – just clean it off with a rag. If the gears feel notchy, they should soon bed-in when the vehicle is driven.

The gear differential for the 210 buggies and trucks is a great tuning aid and lasts longer between rebuilds.


Ryan Lutz takes double win at Alabama Manufacturers Shootout

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 12:24 pm

Ryan Lutz took his Team Durango vehicles to last weekends Alabama Manufacturers Shootout – it was going to be a tiring weekend for Ryan as he was racing four classes,  4WD Short Course, 1/8th Electric Buggy, 1/8th Nitro Buggy and lastly Nitro Truggy.

In 4wd SC I would TQ and take the victory – proving the DESC410R is still at the top.


In Truggy my DNX408T was pretty dialed, I just had some bad luck. In Q1 I didn’t get to start the race because my starter box motor moved and we couldn’t start the truck.  Q2 and Q3 I would just make to many mistakes. Some in the heavy traffic (17 cars on a 24 second a lap track!) and a couple on my own. I qualified last in the A, in 12th. The truck was way better than that though. After a tough start in the main I battled back to move up to 4th with a couple minute battle with Cavalieri for position with about 8 minutes to go. However I would hold the position solidly in the end.

In Nitro buggy I started great and tapered off. In Q1 I qualified 2nd behind Maifield. In Q2 made mistakes and was 10th. In Q3 tried new tires and it was the wrong choice. I qualified 7th overall. On the first lap of the main I went cautiously through the back section and came out in about 6th. But two laps in I slightly overshot the back ‘roller’ and thus missed the subsequent double and flipped on my lid between the jumps. The marshal had to wait for all the cars to go by and I ended up flaming out upside down. My luck didn’t get any better and with about 8 minutes to go the engine ended up coming loose and moving, ending my run. The buggy was actually very solid and I felt if I could have had a good start and stayed out there I could have finished top 3 or 4. It felt really good and my engine was running awesome. So it was a disappointment for what transpired. I believe I finished 12th.

In E-Buggy this ended up being my best class of the weekend. I would TQ rounds 1 and 3 and thus garner the overall TQ. There were 2 A-mains, same as in SC. I would start from the pole and never look back. I won both A-mains without ever relinquishing the lead. The DEX408 felt very good on this track and I was able to put in clean laps to just stay ahead of the competition. (Drake, Kortz, Lopez, Taylor James, Barry Pettit, and many other pretty fast drivers.)


Armand Lantheaume wins French Nationals RD4

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 10:47 am

Armand Lantheaume takes another win in the French 10th off road national series, at round 4.

This week end, on a really difficult track with grass quickly turning into dirt as the race was going on, Armand managed to get the 4WD buggy TQ and went on to take victory in the two first runs, for the overall win.

In 2WD buggy qualifing was difficult on the worn track and Armand put his DEX210 8th on the A main grid. With a great victory in the last final, Armand took 2nd place overall.

With two rounds still to go, Armand and his Team Durango buggies sit at the top of the series in both 4WD and 2WD.

DEX210 takes round three of North East BRCA regionals

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 10:43 am

Last weekend Batley Buggy Club hosted the 3rd round of the North East Outdoor Regional series. The weather in the UK has been terrible of late, with severe rain effecting most places. The week leading up to the meeting was no different and it looked as though it was going to be another wet meeting!

On the day of the meeting to our surprise the rain had stopped and even a little sunshine was beginning to appear. The track at Batley is multisurface with a combination of grass, astro and concrete. In the morning the track was still wet for practice and people were trying all sorts of tyres to see which worked best, in case the track didnt dry out, or it started to rain again. I went out in practice with my DEX210 and knew straight away that i was in for a good day, as my car was dialled!

By the time qualifying started the track had just about dried out which made choosing the right tyres less of an issue. After not been able to capitalise on my TQ spot at a previous round in the series, i was determined to take the TQ spot and go for the win! My car was even more dialled in qualifying than it was in practice, and i was able to take all four rounds of qualifying to put my DEX210 pole in the A-Main. Steve Lawson was 2nd and James Mcfadyen took the 3rd spot.

batley-12 batley-7

In the final i got off to a really good start and held onto 1st position going into the first corner. I was then able to get into my groove and try to settle myself into the race. Steve Lawson was in 2nd pushing hard and trying to apply the pressure. After a few minutes i was able to settle down and just drove the track instead of worrying about what was going on behind. This proved to the right thing to do as i started to edge away from the chasing pack. I had an error free race with my DEX210 in the final and crossed the line to take a comfortable win, nearly quarter of a lap ahead of 2nd place Steve Lawson. Arslan Butt had a good race and moved up from his qualifying position of 4th to take 3rd place in the final.

June 11, 2012

Carson wins at inaugural Novak Short Course race

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 11:50 am

Last weekend was the the first annual Novak Short Course race at Thunder Alley in Baumont CA.

In the 2wd SC class I struggled with the loose track conditions. I needed more time with the new car to get it dialled in. Even still, I managed to qualify 3rd and cruise around in the main and finish second.

In 4WD I dominated! My DESC410R was pretty dialed the whole day. I was able to TQ all three rounds of qualifying and win both mains! Everyone was surprised how fast our car was, not only indoors, but outside too!

June 6, 2012

New Team Durango ‘In The Pits’ page

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 10:20 am

We have a new ‘in the pits’ page online now that gathers together all the setups and team tech tips for all our cars in one place and makes them easy to find and share!

Use the various options to refine the setups list to the chassis and type of track or even filter by a Team Durango pro-team driver.  When you select your chassis, the Team Tech Tips listing below will change to list only the tips which apply to the chassis you’ve selected, so you can check out all the latest tips for getting the most out of your Team Durango vehicle.

Check out the new In The Pits section here

June 5, 2012

10th Off Road Austrian Nationals RD2

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The second round of the Austrian 10th off road nationals took place last weekend in Febring – the same venue that will host the 2012 European Championships later in the year.

The track was well prepared for the race and the club organizers changed the corner-table after the straight in contrast to the Euro’s Warm Up some weeks ago. Some days before the race started they had really bad weather and they were not sure to arrange it. So the drivers voted for 2 qualification rounds on Saturday and 3 on Sunday at the drivers meeting.

Hupo Honigl attended a 1/8th buggy race in Germany on the Saturday, so he missed out practice and the first two rounds of qualifying – and the 500 mile drive the night before was also playing a part.  Martin Kriel was on top form however and managed to line up second on the grid in 2WD with his DEX210 as Hupo sat 4th overall after limited practice.

Overall Qualification:

  1. Pfeifhofer
  2. Kreil – Durango DEX210
  3. Stocker
  4. Hupo – Durango DEX210
  5. Prihoda – Durango DEX210
  6. Hintringer – Durango DEX210

In the end Team Durango took 2nd and 3rd place –


  1. Pfeifhofer
  2. Hupo – Durango DEX210
  3. Martin Kriel – Durango DEX210



4wd was in the opposite track direction of 2wd. Martin Kreil took TQ with his DEX410v3, just ahead of Hupo in second overall.

Overall Qualification:

  1. Kreil Durango -DEX410v3
  2. Hupo Durango -DEX410v3
  3. Hauleitner
  4. Holicky Durango -DEX410v3
  5. Prihoda Durango -DEX410v3


Final 1:  Hupo won the first final with Holicky in 2nd.

Final 2: Martin Kreil had a close battle with Hupo but after some laps made a mistake and Hupo walked away. Hupo looked like he’d take an easy win but made a rare mistake however on the last lap and Martin Kreil would finish 1st.

Final 3: Hupo won the last final and went home with the overall win. Martin Kriel finshed 2nd and Holicky completed the perfect Team Durango podium domination!


  1. Hupo -Durango DEX410v3
  2. Kreil -Durango DEX410v3
  3. Holicky -Durango DEX410v3
  4. Prihoda – Durango DEX410v3




Team Durango dominates in Portugal

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This Sunday was the 4 Round of the Off Road Masters in Portugal –  Arpemodel Indoor Track (Indoor RC Oeste)

This race included drivers running various classes, such as 2WD and 4WD Buggy, as well as SC2WD and SC4WD.

track durango

There was a great racing environment and the finals were a a great racing spectacle, especially in the 2WD Buggy class where the struggle for victory was very interesting with Nuno Roque and Arnaldo Guedes, battling for the first place on the podium.
The DEX210 got 8 seats in the final A, with 12 positions possible….  a truly great performance!

In 4WD buggy,  Tiago Vieira won the race with the DEX410, while in SC4WD the DESC410R managed to position itself in the 2nd and 3rd place podium (with the very young pilot Pedro Gomes, showing that he has a great future ahead of him) .

Arpemodel provided excellent conditions for this race.

2WD buggy
1st Place – Arnaldo Guedes – DEX210
2nd Place – Nuno Roque – DEX210
3rd Place – Jorge Felix

4WD buggy
1st Place – Tiago Vieira – DEX410
2nd Place – Mario Ribeiro
3rd Place – Rui Oliveira – DEX410

1st Place – Arnaldo Guedes
2nd Place – Gaston Franco – DESC410R
3rd Place – Peter Gomes – DESC410R

JBRL Nitro Series RD3 at Hemet Raceway

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title Carson Wernimont reports on the JBRL Nitro Series round 3:

Last weekend was the third round of the JBRL Nitro series at Hemet Raceway. My day went a little like this.

1/8th Nitro Buggy
I was very unlucky in this class, but was really fast!  In the first qualifier, Drake and I were battling the whole race until about 2 minutes to go I had a front shock pin on the arm come out, leaving me no choice to finish the race just in case I broke in the second qualifier. I limped it around for the rest of the race and still qualified 7th. In the second qualifier I added a little more anti-squat to the car which helped a lot especially with all the jumps. I was on a TQ run over Drakes TQ by 2 seconds until about a minute to go I sheared a front arm off.  I got lucky with my first run and was able to squeeze in the main starting 9th on the grid. In the main I got off to a good start and was 4th on the first lap. I was able to get by Amezcua within the first minute and then I set my sights on Hartson in second. I was able to make up around 10 seconds on Hartson before the first fuel stop and we went back and fourth quite a few times. I fell back a little after fuel stops but I was still within striking distance and was about half a lap ahead of Amezcua. On the 2nd and final fuel stop the tank pull broke and got hung up on the body allowing fuel to get on my breaks and the engine to get really lean and eventually run out of gas with 2 minutes to go, at this time I was still ahead of Amezcua but with me flaming out would move him into third and I DNF’ed.

dnx408t dnx4083

In truck I had OK luck. In the first qualifier I had a nice clean run and was able to get the TQ. The second round the motor was a little out of tune and I wasn’t able to better my time, but Drake beat my current TQ by only 4 tenths of a second! I still had a good chance starting 2nd on the grid but I got a rough start and Drake checked out from the field. I was running second the whole race until the end my engine started to act funky and lean bog. I cased a couple jumps and let Amezcua by and  had to settle for third only 1 second behind him.


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