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July 25, 2012

DESC210R – Kit Page goes LIVE!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 4:19 pm

The DESC210R – two wheel drive short course truck from Team Durango is nearly here and you can read all about it on the new DESC210R Kit Page!


The page has plenty of details on the new truck and high res photos covering all aspects of the vehicle.  Keep checking back at the Team Durango blog for more information on the release of this outstanding new truck.

Check out all the details on the kit page here:

July 23, 2012

Lutz takes two at Flowood R/C

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:26 pm

This past weekend headed down to Flowood Mississippi to the only city owned track in the country. It was a great indoor facility with the best ventilation of any indoor track I have ever been. There was 250 entires over a variety of classes. I raced my standard 4 (Nitro Buggy and Truggy as well as E-Buggy and 4WD SC.)

This indoor clay track is what the Durango 4wd SC is made for. The truck was dialed the entire time on this track and I easily took TQ and victory putting in a lap time in the main that was nearly on par with my other 1/8th cars!


In Truggy I struggled a little on finding that perfect set-up for this semi tight indoor track. By the 3rd qualifier we had it pretty much down and I was able to take the TQ of rd 3 which put me 2nd overall behind Drake. In the main I was having some sort of carb / engine issue where the thing just wouldn’t come down off idle. When I let off the gas it would just keep racing forward so for 45 minutes I drove basically with the brakes and it just didn’t allow me to be competitive to Drake. I still managed a 2nd but about 2.5 laps down. Overall the truck was great thought.In Nitro Buggy I had some electronic issues in Q1. A few to many mistakes in Q2 putting me 3rd and I was able to TQ rd 3. Overall qualified 2nd behind Drake again. In the main my car was dialed. Drake and I pulled from the field and had them about 2 – 3 laps down at the 25 minute mark. For most of that time I had held Drake about 5 seconds back as we put in blistering lap after lap. However my power plug connection would come undone at that time and happen again putting me a few laps behind Drake but still in 2nd. However with 8 minutes to go the rear diff stripped out. The screws on the clam shell had come loose for some reason and it ended the run for me.

In E-buggy my DEX408 worked well. I was able to take TQ and victory with it. At the end of the mains I let a few other people drive the buggy and they were all very impressed with it and I know a couple of them are sold on the Durango now! :-)


Overall I was pleased with all the vehicles. I have a quick turnaround this week heading to Texas Thursday for a R/C Pro event running 4 classes again!


July 14, 2012

Jörn Neumann takes 4WD EFRA Championship Title – Team Durango 1-2!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 8:41 pm

Jörn Neumann has done it again – holding onto his 4WD 10th off road European Championship title after taking a perfect score in qualifying and winning the opening two legs of the A main for the overall win in this years event held in Austria.  Jörn was chased all the way by his Austrian Team Durango team mate, Hupo Hönigl, who took second overall in the prestigeous event for a Team Durango 1-2 domination with the DEX410 V3. There’s no doubt the Team Durango car has something special with not just one of our cars at the very top – but claiming the first two places along with the TQ and even the fastest lap of the A finals.

jorn1 jorn2
hupo hupo3

Congratulations to Jörn, Hupo and all the Team Durango racers and support guys at this years EFRA championships.


Above:  Hupo 2nd – Gerd Strenge (Team Durango designer) – Jörn TQ & 1st

Thanks to for the photos – please check out their extensive galleries from this years event at RCDEVIL.GR – also thanks to EFRA.WS for the trophy photos.

Kim Nielsen Interview

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 8:20 pm

Danish racer Kim Nielsen took an impressive second place at last weekends Belgian GP race at Kampenhout with his Team Durango DEX210 buggy and we got a few sage words from the cool and calm Danish guy to find out a little more about him.


o0p_1590 How long have you been racing the Durango cars?
I have been racing the cars for almost a year. I didnt have much time to practice with them, so I almost only got to run the race’s there’s been in denmark, but in my opinion I think the durango cars are the best cars on the market at this moment.

Did you attend Belgium GP before or is this your first time:?
If I remember right, I have been at the BGP 6 or 7 years! And the last 3-4 years I have been in the A final – sometimes in the top 3 in both classes.

What is your usual race surface like?
Well the past few years all the tracks in denmark have been made as carpet tracks (not astroturf), my opinion as that it’s a bit boring. I prefer the dirt tracks – if you have good driving skills you really can dominate on dirt.
We only have 1 astro track in denmark, and yeah its the best track in denmark also. The track is in odense, where the nordic championship was held few years ago.

Did you drink as much during the weekend as the other Danish guys?
No! Not even close to it.  I was staying in the ibis hotel, and had to drive the 20km everyday, so i could not drink like the rest of the Danes.  (probably a good thing!)

o0p_2022 How long have you been racing and what was your first car?
I started racing when I was 5 – that’s 19years ago! But yeah, I was just with my father out practising for fun, and first started racing for real when I was 10 years old. I think the car I used there was one of the first Losi 2wd, I can’t remember the name of it, maybe XX.

Which classes do you currently race?
I’m racing 2wd and 4wd 10th scale off road. I haven’t been racing the 2wd for along time before this year. When Team Durango came out with the DEX210, I was like, now I have dominated the 4wd class in denmark so long, so why not try something else!
I still drive 4wd for fun in denmark, but there’s not many racing 4wd in denmark any more, so I focus on 2wd mostly.

Whats your best race result?
Well that must be this last weekend when I put my car 2nd at the BGP.  Or maybe when I finished 2nd at the nordic championship 2011 in 4wd.

o0p_1885 o0p_0927

Best track /meeting ever?
Well this last BGP was a great race for me, finally got the speed to get in the top. And then the meeting earlier this year called DHI-CUP, with a bit more training and car preparation I could have been in top 3 both classes.

Kim also made the A-Final with his DEX410 V3 buggy in stealthy paint colours.

Who are your sponsors?
I only have a local shop here in denmark who sells durango –, and they sponsor me a little, so I really am looking for some more sponsorship.  I know its very hard to get sponsored by any car product company, but I really hope that I can get more sponsorship, so I could find money to go to the worlds and euro’s plus the EOS. I want to show the world that I can drive, because I think I have got what it takes 😉

Thanks to Kim for giving us his time and good luck in the future.

Photos courtesy of

July 6, 2012

Team Durango DEST210R Kit Page LIVE!

Filed under: New Products,News — Team Durango @ 1:43 pm

The 2nd Kit Page in as many days is now LIVE! This time it’s the Team Durango DEST210R. Check out all the details here.

July 4, 2012

Team Durango DESC410v2 Kit Page LIVE!

Filed under: New Products,News — Team Durango @ 4:15 pm

Check out all the info on Team Durango’s latest release, the DESC410 v2

Your local Team Durango distributor
T: 217-398-3630
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Great Planes Model Distributors
1608 Interstate Drive
IL 61822, USA