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August 29, 2012

Austrian Nationals RD 3 – Litschau

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:42 pm

Martin Kreil reports on the third round of the Austrian Nationals, where he took the win in 4WD buggy with his DEX410.

Due to bad weather forecast we decided to run three qualifying rounds on Saturday and two on Sunday. The track was very loose in the first few practice heats but it seemed that it became faster from run to run. I tried many different setups in 2wd, my 4wd felt pretty good.

It rained the whole night so we were only able to run one round of qualifying on Sunday.

After qualification the ranking was:


  1. Trauner Rene
  2. Hauleitner Roland
  3. Martin Kreil TD

7. Janda Andreas TD, 8. Prihoda Marcus TD

During the finals it started again to rain and it became very slippery. There wasn’t a great result here with 5th, 8th and 10th – but a good learning experience for this type of track and weather.

martinwin 4wd:

Ranking after qualifying:

  1. Macho Roland TD (had to retire on Sunday)
  2. Martin Kreil TD
  3. Trauner Rene

4. Prihoda Marcus TD, 7. Siller Peter TD, 8. Holicky Thomas TD,

I won the first two finals which gave me the overall win.

Final result:

  1. Martin Kreil TD
  2. Trauner Rene
  3. Pfeifhofer Stefan

4. Holicky Thomas TD, 5. Prihoda Marcus TD, 7. Siller Peter TD, 10. Macho Roland TD

So we had 3 2wd and 5 4wd in the a-Main.


Thanks to Sulc) and Marion Wittner for the pics.

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