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October 31, 2012

Team Durango win big at EOS RD1 – Poland

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 12:08 pm

It was a near-perfect weekend for Team Durango at the opening round of the Euro Off-Road Series – or EOS – in Poznan, Poland.  The event was taking place in one corner of a huge hall during a busy model and hobby exhibition.  It was a great chance for the public to see some of the worlds best drivers battle it out on the all-carpet track that the organisers had laid out.


dBoots were the control tyre but unlike the previous EOS series – this time there was more choice for the front of the 2WD buggies with the release of the new ‘Block Pass’ tyre. In 2WD practice drivers were trying both with most settling on the more forgiving and therefore easier to push hard, Block Pass on the front.  Hupo however stuck with what he knew and use the Nanobytes up front on his DEX210.

kaja Kaja Novotny hupo2wd Hupo

2WD qualifying saw Team  Durango driver Jörn Neumann at the top – taking three of the four rounds for pole position in the three leg final.


Jörn took the win in both opening legs of the A-main to claim the win, with Hupo coming in 5th and Kaja Novotny 8th – all running the DEX210.


2WD Short Course was a support class but an impressive 1st place for Tom Bujara using the new DESC210R was backed up with Team Durango originator Gerd Strenge in 3rd overall.


4WD buggy was, quite simply a  Team Durango lock-out. Jörn took the overall TQ with Hupo Hönigl second on the grid and German driver Benni Gröschel making qualifying a Team Durango 1-2-3.

4wgrid benni4wd

The racing didn’t disappoint either – with all three Durango drivers pulling away from the field – remaining in their start order to take the top three positions in the opening two legs.  Jörn had to sit out the third leg of the main after securing the result.

4wdpodium 4wdomination

Thanks to all the Team Durango drivers who attended the opening round – and congratulations to all the team on what was a fantastic performance all round.


October 24, 2012

Team Durango DEX410Rv3 takes Norwegian National Title

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:56 pm

The Norwegian 10th off road Championships took place last weekend at the Mustit Raceway, in Moss – Norway.

Team Durango driver Øyvind Rash Olsen took the win in 4WD buggy with his DEX410Rv3 to become Norwegian National Champion!

More information as we get it – but check out the DEX410Rv3 kit page here:


October 23, 2012

Matt Schreffler takes Pro Truggy at Byron Western Cup – first time out!

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:28 pm

New Team Durango driver Matt Schreffler took his brand new DNX408T and DNX408 vehicles to Revelation Raceway this past weekend, to compete at the Byron Fuels Western Cup – where Matt took the win in Pro Truggy and after a bad start took second in Pro Buggy!  A fantastic first-time-out result for Matt and his Team Durango rides.

Last weekend I attended the Byrons Western Cup race located at Revelation Raceway in Ontario, CA. This would be the first race with my new Durango cars and I was looking forward to the race. I had only just finished building my DNX408T for the race weekend, so this would mark the very first time running the truck. My cars seemed to be very good in morning practice and I was ready for the two rounds of qualifying and main events.

Truck qualifying went very well and I was able TQ and start on pole for the main followed by my teammate Carson Wernimont starting second on the grid.


I would go on to put in a solid run in the truck final from the TQ spot and secure the win for the event in Pro Truggy. In the buggy class with my DNX408 I would have to settle for a mid pack starting position due to some poor driving by myself, but going into the main I felt very comfortable with my equipment and was looking to put in a solid finish. The buggy final would get off to a slow start and I would have to make a come back finish in the end after an early flame out which lost me a lot of valuable time. I would go on to finish the final in the second position which I was very happy with after all that had taken place in the final. I was very happy with the results of the first race with my new cars and look forward to the upcoming season with Team Durango products.


October 22, 2012


Filed under: Tricks and Tips — Team Durango @ 4:45 pm

Team Durango has recently released the Durango Injection Moulded Engineering Composite (DIMEC) chassis for the DEX210 buggy.

Here we show some hints and tips that may prove useful when changing from the aluminium chassis to the DIMEC chassis on your DEX210 buggy.


There are two versions of the DIMEC chassis for the DEX210 model, the original DIMEC chassis and the DIMEC20 chassis. The part numbers are:-

TD320163 DIMEC DEX210 CHASSIS (+8mm)

TD320220 DIMEC20 CHASSIS DEX210 (+8mm)


The DEX210 DIMEC Chassis

These chassis are both moulded from an engineering composite material. The difference between these two chassis is the composition of the material used in the moulding. The DIMEC20 chassis is stiffer than the DIMEC chassis, at the expense of having little more weight.

Which chassis you should choose depends on the surface and/or the climate where you will be racing. For slick, slippery surfaces or for use in cooler environments the more flexible DIMEC chassis may prove to give more overall grip and give more consistent performance, whereas on high grip surfaces or in hotter conditions the DIMEC20 chassis may prove to give more consistent performance and faster lap times.


The DIMEC chassis is both longer and also a little wider than the original chassis on the DEX210 model, so the original DEX210 body will not fit.

Team Durango has bought out a new body specifically designed for the DIMEC chassis. This body also features a forward cab design for more steering, and more stability in the air.


The Cab Forward body is designed to fit the DIMEC Chassis

To use either of the DIMEC chassis on your DEX210 model you will need the TD402012 DEX210 CAB FORWARD BODY.

The TD402012 body uses the same cowling system as the original body, using the same TD402010 Cowling sets to allow the use of all the possible gearbox configurations on the DEX210 model with just one body.


Rear Suspension Arm Spacing

Depending on which anti-squat setting you are using it may be necessary to add shims to the rear hinge pins between the RR suspension hanger and the suspension arm.


Shims may be required here, depending on the anti-squat used

With increased anti-squat you will need more shims to remove any front to rear movement in the suspension arms. It is important that you only add just enough shims to remove the front to rear movement from the suspension arms, please ensure that your suspension arms still drop freely under their own weight.

Rear Suspension Hanger Screws

When swapping from the aluminium to the DIMEC chassis you will need to change the screws that hold on the RF and RR hangers for button head screws.


Swap these screws to button head screws

You will need to use 4 x M3x8mm Button Head screws (TD705002) in this area.


As the DIMEC chassis is longer than the original chassis there is the option to move the battery pack around in the buggy to adjust the weight distribution. Moving the battery forward will move the weight distribution forward and give more steering in general, especially into and through a corner. Moving the battery to the rear position will give more traction.

Team Durango offer a Foam Battery Spacer Set (TD390298) that can be used for spacing the battery packs. The foam spacers can be cut with a hobby knife (please take care when doing this!) to different thicknesses to allow for different battery sizes and for the battery to be placed more to the back or the front of the model to adjust the weight distribution and the handling of the buggy.


Cut the foam battery spacer to suit your battery pack

We recommend fixing the foam pad in front of the battery to the chassis with some double sided tape to ensure that it stays in place when you are running the buggy.

Rear Motor Layout

In rear motor layout you should use the second pair of holes back from the servo for the front battery stop. No battery stop is required for the rear of the battery. You should use a foam pad to take up the excess space, this foam pad can be placed either in front or behind the battery, allowing you to move the weight distribution.


Batteries in the forward position, Rear Motor configuration


Batteries in the rear position, Rear Motor configuration

Mid Motor Layout

In the mid motor layout you should use the holes next to the servo for the front battery mount. The battery should be supported at the back of the model by using a foam pad between the battery and the motor.


Batteries in the forward position, Mid Motor configuration


Batteries in the rear position, Mid Motor configuration

With the batteries in the rear position in mid motor layout you should always have some foam spacer between the battery pack and the motor to absorb any load, vibration or heat.

Team Durango takes THE DIRT – The Lutzinator Effect

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 4:11 pm

THE DIRT track at IBR Padova is one of the most amazing off-road racing facilities in the world. A custom built structure housing a track designed by the well known Joey “The DIRT” Christensen – it all added up to a recipe for amazing racing.

Team Durango drivers Jörn Neumann and Ryan Lutz showed their pace early in the chaotic practice  and showed they would be a serious threat. In qualifying both Team Durango drivers had the pace to take TQ but bad luck saw Ryan 6th and Jörn 8th overall in qualifying.

track1 track2

Ryan took the lead quickly and didn’t look back in his semi-final.  Jörn was on fast pace but had to retire his semi-final after non-car related issues forced him to retire. Taking the fastest time of the two semi’s, it would be Ryan Lutz with his Team Durango DNX408 that would sit on the front of the grid for the 45 minute final.

lutzcar angledlutz

A line-up of some of the worlds best drivers were behind the Team Durango star and under the pressure Ryan simply drove as only the ‘Lutzinator’ can – dominating the race and taking the win a full lap in front of second place.


Ryan’s dominance and the speed of Jörn are a window into the future developments of the DNX408.


October 12, 2012

Team Durango RTRs now available in Europe.

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 11:08 am


210 RTRs now available in Europe

Team Durango are delighted to announce that our three new Race Ready RTR cars are now available for customers in Europe.

Based on our Championship winning DEX210 platform, each RTR is an out-of-the box racing machine. Team Durango are Serious About Racing and now, after months of development and testing, we are proud to bring you our Race Ready 2WD RTR off-road Buggy, Stadium Truck and Short Course Truck. Each car comes complete with an ESC and 13.5 brushless motor from World Champions ‘Speed Passion’, as well as Team Durango’s 2.4GHz radio system.

Team Durango’s RTRs are ready to race, and win, from the moment you take them out of the box. Team Durango Race Ready RTRs are an ideal introduction into the amazing and exciting hobby of RC car racing. If you think you have what it takes to win, then a Team Durango Race Ready RTR is the car for you!

For more information, including prices and photo galleries, please visit the kit pages on our website:






October 9, 2012

Carson Wernimont 4WD SC Winner – 2012 Reedy Truck Race of Champions

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 7:15 pm

Carson Wernimont reports on his success at the 2012 Reedy Truck Race of Champions, held at the Hotrod Hobbies track in Santa Clarita, California.

2WD Stadium Truck – DEST210
In 2WD ST I pretty much ran the standard truck that I ran at the Nationals a few months ago, but I did make a lowered rear pivot which i feel made the car better even on the high bite track at Hot Rod. I didn’t have the best of luck in the first qualifier by having a speedo blow up in the middle of the race, but i came back swinging in the second qualifier getting 8th for the round. In the last run i made a few small tweaks and was able to pull off a 4th for the round putting me 8th on the grid for the triple A-Mains right in front of Brian Kinwald. In A1 I didn’t have a very good run concluding that I had some tires come unglued. In A2 I was able to put a decent run together and finish 6th, And in A3 I was able to make a nice clean run and finish out in the 4th spot putting me 6th overall.

4WD SC – DESC410
Durango Owned this class at this race! In the first qualifier I was able to get the TQ over Billy Ficher, Mike Truhe and Travis Amezcua by about a second. In the second qualifier I had a bad run and got a 5th for the round but Travis TQed the round. In Q3 I was able to get a decent run again and get a 3rd for the round but Travis took the TQ again resulting in an overall TQ for him and me starting 2nd on the grid right behind him. In A1 Travis lead about half the race with me right on him. I was able to get by, but we both got a little roughed up by the Losi guys, I finished 3rd and he got 4th. In A2 I was able to get a good start and me and Travis started to pull away but on the 3rd or 4th lap he had electronic failure so he was out so it was all up to me. I fell back to second during the race behind Kody Numedahl but I was able to get by him with a minute to go and charge hard to the finish taking the win right in front of a hard charging Mike Truhe. It all came down to A3 since Billy and I had a win. Again Travis and I got a great start and Him, Me and Billy broke away from the field, but Billy made a few mistakes in the beginning of the race giving Travis and I some breathing room. Travis started pulling away but I was able to get back on his rear bumper by the end of the race but wasn’t able to get around but still finishing a straight away and a half ahead of Ficher. With this 2nd I was able to pull off the overall win over Billy Ficher and Mike Truhe! I was so pumped on this win! This was the first time i had ever won a big race. It was truly an amazing feeling! In Conclusion Durango dominated 4WD SC by Tqing all three rounds of qualifying and winning 2 out of 3 A-Mains.

4wdsc Carson took a well-earned victory in 4WD SC

2WD SC – DESC210
I struggled quite a bit with this car when I showed up. This race was the first race with the “Production” car and I completely guessed on set-up. Between all the qualifiers I had a 7th in Q1, a 5th in Q2 and another 7th in Q3 putting me 9th on the grid. I did stay that night and run my car after qualifying and worked on my set up a lot. The front was dumping a lot. To try to solve this we played with camber links, ball stud location, and shock location and got the car pretty good. A1 came around the next morning and I had a very bad run, but my car was good. In A2 I was able to put my head down and go and finish in the 3rd spot. In A3 I had a really good run(2nd). My car was really good and I was one of the fastest on the track and was able to reel in Truhe all the way from the 9th position and almost pass him for the win! He only beat me by thousandths. At the end of the race I was on average 3-5 tenths a lap faster then him! With a 2nd and a 3rd I was able to get a 3rd overall!

team Team Durango’s Travis Amezcua and Carson Wernimont

The cars were awesome the whole week! I would just like to thank everyone for all there help to get me to the top of the podium like this.

Ryan Lutz – Double Win at Southern Nationals

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 6:42 pm

It all started with aspirations of greatness. The opportunity to push myself and mechanic further than ever to try to claim the glory that is the quintfecta! Let me squash that dream right there as to be quite blunt, it didn’t happen. What started out promising with the makings of a successful weekend turned bleak by the end of Sunday with those types of things that go wrong that just make you shake your head in a left to right motion. The goal going into the weekend was of course of perfection and going 5 for 5 in TQ and W’s. What transpired was 3 TQ’s and 2 W’s. Not a total wash but i’m just at that point in my career where sometimes I expect so much more. I don’t like to have to settle for what couldaben, shouldaben, wouldaben. Anyways here is how it breaks down in my first attempt of the year at a quintfecta. (I’ll have one more shot at it at the R/C Pro Finals in a little less than a month.)

4WD SC – On Friday during my first practice packs on the track I made it 3 laps before I broke the rear aluminum diff hoop. Of course this being a part I wouldn’t expect to break I didn’t have any spares and so luckily I was able to have someone next day air me the part so that I could compete come race days. Come Satruday the part arrived around 11AM. To late to make the first qualifier so I had just the last two left and needed to make them count. Having only had a couple laps on the track and when it was much smoother I wasn’t sure how I was going to fare. Luckily my Durango DESC410RV2 was up to the task and was absolutely blistering on this track. I ran some soft cityblock kicks and the truck was just money everywhere. Down the long front straight my Tekin 4600 4-pole and ProTek batteries supplied all the power I needed and it was smooth sailing those last two qualifiers. I was able to take commanding TQ’s of both rounds and secure the overall.

Come Sunday it was time for Triple A’s. In A1 the first race of the morning and starting on pole I just took off and did what I did during the quals. I built a stronger lead lap after lap and went on to win by quite a margin. In A2 it was much the same. The track had dried out a bit and a groove had actually formed in some areas making the track a little faster. I was able to put in a few 41 second laptimes with my SC truck which was only just a little over a second slower than my 1/8th scales! My car was dialed and went on to compliment the TQ with the Win.


1/8th Electric Truggy – My prototype e-truggy for some reason had me struggling on this track this weekend. This vehicle probably received the least amount of TLC of any of my cars and unfortunately in my eyes it showed a bit on the track. I was only able to qualify 2nd in the light field of vehicles and in the main also finished 2nd overall. I just couldn’t keep the rear behind the truck. Not sure what it really was but will be looking forward to the high bite track in Porter Texas for the R/C Pro Finals. I did have a good time with the truck though because my Tekin 2250 was just ballistic allowing me to have some fun and pull of some front and back flips as well as some straight-away wheelies. So all was not lost! Fun was had!

1/8th Electric Buggy – My Durango DEX408 was dialed this weekend. The rough track was no match for it as I was able to take some commanding TQ’s in all 3 qualifiers and thus taking the overall TQ. Come main time it was much the same as in 4wd SC. I would start on pole and never look back. Pulling a larger lead each lap coming away with some solid victories in both A1 and A2 and thus the overall W. Tire of choice in Ebuggy was AKA soft Grids.


lutspits 1/8th Nitro Truggy – My DNX408T was dialed yet again on yet another track. This truck is just so easy to drive and forgiving that it made the bumps feel like nothing here at the Southern Nats. I was able to come out of the gate strong and put in a couple of the fastest laps of the weekend, sub 39 seconds with my truggy. The first two qualifiers were solid with me being able to take the TQ’s and thus take the overall TQ. Come main time I was looking to translate that TQ into another W. However for the math majors reading this you will notice that all 3 TQ’s and both W’s are already accounted for. So that must mean the start of my weekends demise starts here, and you would be correct! It started out fine and dandy with me holding on to the lead from the get-go with Wheeler in tow. For the first 9 minutes we were never more than 3 seconds separating us but I was able to constantly hold the lead. After the pit stop I started to get into my groove and began putting a bit of a gap between us. I got it up to 6 seconds a few minutes later when all of a sudden my rear wheel axel pin snapped in half and my wheel went careening off down the track. *cue the head shake left to right*
So that was the end of my A-main run. Quite the dissapointment as I felt I for sure had the truck and mentality for that victory. Guess theres next time.

1/8th Nitro Buggy – It was time for my third race with the new prototype buggy. This being it’s first time on a loose and pretty blown out surface. Set-up changes were in order to help soak up the jumps and make the car more forgiving in the rough. In qualifying I struggled by my standards and just didn’t quite feel comfortable with the car. I was able to TQ rd 1 however and then in rd 3 had the opportunity to take the TQ but had a lap from down under and missed out on the overall TQ by .2ths of a second. Come the A-main a few more changes were made and I felt confident I would be able to have a solid race. However with less than 2 minutes from the sound of the tone I was broke and out. (that tone being referenced was the start tone, I never even got to start the race.) I broke a steering bell crank on a tumble after the start finish line on my first warmup lap and with it being a prototype car I didn’t have the part necessary to fix it and thus was out before it began. Utter heartbreak.

All in all though I enjoyed the event. I think this is one of the must attend events as it’s a great big track that always has a super fun layout and it’s inside and well ventilated. I look forward to it every year now.

Hupo claims both titles at Austrian Nationals RD5

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Hupo reports on the final round of the 2012 Austrian 10th off road national series – where he took the win in both classes and was also crowned double-national champion with his Team Durango cars!

Last weekend was the 5th and final Austrian Nationals round for 1/10th scale buggies, in Traiskirchen – a track which has hosted the European Championships on two occasions, 1999 and 2010. It’s the most difficult and challenging track we have in Austrian, and also my favourite one!


A week before the event the club did an amazing job, by redoing the surface and cleaning everything around the track, this took a lot of effort because the outdoor season will end very soon! In the end all the effort payed off and we had 2 wonderful days of racing, the rain during the night did not hurt the track at all and we had perfect conditions for sunday!

Both of my Team Durango cars worked really well all weekend and I could TQ and win both classes, which gave me the overall win in the Austrian National Series. The last round saw again many durango cars in the A-main:

4WD Results


1st Hupo Hönigl DEX410
4th Martin Kreil DEX 410
5th Roland Macho DEX410
9th Thomas Holicky DEX 410

2WD Results


1st Hupo Hönigl DEX210
4th Martin Kreil DEX210
5th Marcus Prihoda DEX210
9th Andreas Janda DEX210

Overall 2012 Austrian National Championship Results:
In 4wd Durango sweept the overall series results completely, with me winning, Martin Kreil – DEX410 second and Roland Macho – DEX410 finishing 3rd overall.  5th Thomas Holicky and Marcus Prihoda 8th Peter Siller Senior Champion and Thomas Holicky Junior Champion, both DEX410!

4wd-overall-2012 Above: A fantastic 1-2-3 in the series for Team Durango.

In 2wd I also took the Austrian National Championship title with the DEX210; Martin Kreil 4th, Marcus Prihoda 7th and Andreas Janda 10th.

2wd-overall-2012 Hupo took his DEX210 to the series victory in its first full season.

Congratulations to all the Austrian team drivers for their excellent efforts!


October 3, 2012

German Electric 8th Nationals Report

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 3:57 pm

We already posted news of Team Durango driver Jörn Neumann’s impressive win at the inaugural Electric 8th Buggy and Truggy Nationals in Germany – where he took the TQ in buggy with the DEX408, and the win in the Truggy class with his DEX408T prototype. Now have released a nice report from the race:

The first ever 1/8th scale electric buggy and truggy national championships were held at the MRC Senden club in Southern Germany. Being an open championship the race attracted drivers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein. The race weekend started with perfect weather conditions and a track surfaces that started to show signs of blue groove but come Saturday the weather turned to the worst as heavy rain converted the track into a mud puddle. As the weather forecast promised sun and warmer temperatures for Sunday the race director canceled all activities – read: the four qualifying rounds – on Saturday in order for two quick qualifiers on Sunday morning.

joernaction-2 joernrostrum

As promised Sunday morning greeted the drivers with warmer temperatures and a drying track that was perfectly prepared by the Senden club members. In the Buggy class it was Daniel Reckward who made the most of the two rocket rounds and took TQ. In the Truggy class Tim Bremicker outperformed Jörn Neumann who drove a Team Durango DEX408T Truggy prototype. In the semi finals Jörn was able to improve in the Buggy class as he took pole position in front of Daniel Reckward for the 15 minutes final. In Truggy Tim conserved his performance and took pole from Jörn.

gerdaction joernbuggypole
Gerd Strenge wheeling his DEX408T Jörn sits on pole for the buggy final with his DEX408

Come the Buggy final it looked like Jörn would be able to control the race but pressure from Daniel and a driving error around the eight minutes mark cost him dearly as he not only lost his concentration but also second and third place as he finished in fourth position after the 15 minutes race. Daniel was able to cruise to the victory and the German Championship title with Carsten Keller and Patrick Hofer in second and third place.

The following Truggy final was a much closer affair right from the start. First placed Tim Bremicker was hard chased by Jörn and while Gerd Strenge’s Team Durango prototype went up into smoke due to a dying speed controller Jörn made use of the confusion and overtook Tim. The Team Durango pilot then shifted into second gear and controlled the field until the end of the race. Tim was able to retain second place although he had his moments during the closing stages of the race. Carsten Keller took the remaining spot on the podium.

Top 12 results Buggy

1. Daniel Reckward
2. Carsten Keller
3. Patrick Hofer
4. Jörn Neumann – Team Durango/Tekin/Speed Passion/Thunder Power
5. Hannes Käufler
6. Alex Hardt
7. Stefan Scheuenpflug
8. Markus Metsch
9. Tim Bremicker
10. Maik Wiesweg
11. Ralf Dennenmoser
12. Chris Kamman

Top 12 results Truggy

1. Jörn Neumann – Team Durango
2. Tim Bremicker
3. Carsten Keller
4. Frank Lemke
5. Kim Sitensky
6. Stefan Reinartz
7. Dirk Drechsler
8. Edvin Yousefian
9. Uwe Chwalek – Team Durango
10. Dietmar Missel
11. Julien Schmidt
12. Gerd Strenge – Team Durango

top3truggy joerntrophy


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