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October 9, 2012

Carson Wernimont 4WD SC Winner – 2012 Reedy Truck Race of Champions

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 7:15 pm

Carson Wernimont reports on his success at the 2012 Reedy Truck Race of Champions, held at the Hotrod Hobbies track in Santa Clarita, California.

2WD Stadium Truck – DEST210
In 2WD ST I pretty much ran the standard truck that I ran at the Nationals a few months ago, but I did make a lowered rear pivot which i feel made the car better even on the high bite track at Hot Rod. I didn’t have the best of luck in the first qualifier by having a speedo blow up in the middle of the race, but i came back swinging in the second qualifier getting 8th for the round. In the last run i made a few small tweaks and was able to pull off a 4th for the round putting me 8th on the grid for the triple A-Mains right in front of Brian Kinwald. In A1 I didn’t have a very good run concluding that I had some tires come unglued. In A2 I was able to put a decent run together and finish 6th, And in A3 I was able to make a nice clean run and finish out in the 4th spot putting me 6th overall.

4WD SC – DESC410
Durango Owned this class at this race! In the first qualifier I was able to get the TQ over Billy Ficher, Mike Truhe and Travis Amezcua by about a second. In the second qualifier I had a bad run and got a 5th for the round but Travis TQed the round. In Q3 I was able to get a decent run again and get a 3rd for the round but Travis took the TQ again resulting in an overall TQ for him and me starting 2nd on the grid right behind him. In A1 Travis lead about half the race with me right on him. I was able to get by, but we both got a little roughed up by the Losi guys, I finished 3rd and he got 4th. In A2 I was able to get a good start and me and Travis started to pull away but on the 3rd or 4th lap he had electronic failure so he was out so it was all up to me. I fell back to second during the race behind Kody Numedahl but I was able to get by him with a minute to go and charge hard to the finish taking the win right in front of a hard charging Mike Truhe. It all came down to A3 since Billy and I had a win. Again Travis and I got a great start and Him, Me and Billy broke away from the field, but Billy made a few mistakes in the beginning of the race giving Travis and I some breathing room. Travis started pulling away but I was able to get back on his rear bumper by the end of the race but wasn’t able to get around but still finishing a straight away and a half ahead of Ficher. With this 2nd I was able to pull off the overall win over Billy Ficher and Mike Truhe! I was so pumped on this win! This was the first time i had ever won a big race. It was truly an amazing feeling! In Conclusion Durango dominated 4WD SC by Tqing all three rounds of qualifying and winning 2 out of 3 A-Mains.

4wdsc Carson took a well-earned victory in 4WD SC

2WD SC – DESC210
I struggled quite a bit with this car when I showed up. This race was the first race with the “Production” car and I completely guessed on set-up. Between all the qualifiers I had a 7th in Q1, a 5th in Q2 and another 7th in Q3 putting me 9th on the grid. I did stay that night and run my car after qualifying and worked on my set up a lot. The front was dumping a lot. To try to solve this we played with camber links, ball stud location, and shock location and got the car pretty good. A1 came around the next morning and I had a very bad run, but my car was good. In A2 I was able to put my head down and go and finish in the 3rd spot. In A3 I had a really good run(2nd). My car was really good and I was one of the fastest on the track and was able to reel in Truhe all the way from the 9th position and almost pass him for the win! He only beat me by thousandths. At the end of the race I was on average 3-5 tenths a lap faster then him! With a 2nd and a 3rd I was able to get a 3rd overall!

team Team Durango’s Travis Amezcua and Carson Wernimont

The cars were awesome the whole week! I would just like to thank everyone for all there help to get me to the top of the podium like this.

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