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October 2, 2012

Russian 10th Off Road Championship 2012

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 5:26 pm

The first day of the Russian Championship kicked off on Friday 14th September 2012, with drivers starting to practice on the track from 8am. The official timed practice would seed the drivers for qualifying – so it was essential to perform well to get a chance during qualifying.


The second day of the Russian 10th off road buggy Championship was for 2WD buggies and trucks and began with a quick practice round in qualifying groups. In total, there were 7 groups and 4 qualification rounds planned. Qualifying would be round-by-round with the two best round scores going toward the drivers position.

Overall 2WD day qualifying:

rostrum Buggy 2WD Stock « Final A »
1) Timoshchenko Evgeny
2) Belov Maxim
3) Chernov Oleg – Team Durango DEX210
4) Nikolsky Denis
5) Sadykov Vladislav – Team Durango DEX210
6) Kozlov Roman
7) Bykov Alexander
8.) Okhotsky Alexey
9) Mikhalsky Denis
10) Osokin Roman – Team Durango DEX210

Buggy 2WD Mod   « Final A »
1) Larkin Roman
2) Plakhotnik Ilya
3) Plamodyanov Georgiy
4) Malyshko Dmitry – Team Durango DEX210
5) Beresten Dmitry
6) Pancakes Alexey
7) Mushrooms Dmitry
8.) Timoshchenko Evgenie – Team Durango DEX210
9) Timoshchenko Julia
10) Yudin Roman

The first three in each class:

Buggy 2WD mod
1) Larkin Roman (TQ)
2) Malyshko Dmitry – Team Durango DEX210
3) Plakhotnik Ilya


Buggy 2WD stock
1) Timoschenko Evgeny (TQ)
2) Belov Maxim
3) Sadykov Vladislav – Team Durango DEX210


The final day of the Russian Championship began with a small delay. The strong rain during the previous night had made the track impossible to drive and it wasn’t until 10am that things were finally dry enough to start putting in some laps.

SC-10 4WD « Final A »
1) Medvedev Nikita
2) Belov Maxim
3) Novozhilov Alexey
4) Gerasimov Sergey
5) Starokon Alexey
6) Ershov Andrey
7) Malyshko Dmitry – Team Durango DESC410R
8.) Drenkov Timofey – Team Durango DESC410R

Buggy 4WD Stock « Final A »
1) Yudin Roman (SS)
2) Bykov Alexander
3) Cherkasov Tima – Team Durango DEX410 v3
4) Shatov Alexey – Team Durango DEX410
5) Fadeyev Peter – Team Durango DEX410
6) Jakovlev Anton – Team Durango DEX410

Malyshko Dmitry had a great result from 7th on the grid to take the win in 4WD SC with his DESC410. Team Durango drivers had a great showing in the 4WD buggy classes with podium positions in all three.

Expert SC10 4WD
1) Malyshko Dmitry – Team Durango DESC410R
2) Medvedev Nikita
3) Gerasimov Sergey


Buggy 4WD mod
1) Beresten Dmitry
2) Malyshko Dmitry – Team Durango DEX410 v3
3) Chmigal Georgy – Team Durango DEX410


Buggy 4WD Super Stock
1) Yudin Roman
2) Cherkasov Tima – Team Durango DEX410 v3
3) Bykov Alexander

Buggy 4WD Stock
1) Cherkasov Tima – Team Durango DEX410 v3
2) Bykov Alexander
3) Shatov Alexey – Team Durango DEX410


Congratulations to all Team Durango drivers present!

Team Durango dominate UK Short Course Nationals

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 11:55 am

Following a successful debut year in 2011, the UK short course national series returned for a fresh season. Planned by the organisers as a seven round championship on a mixture of dirt, grass and astro tracks, the wet British weather ensured all six completed meetings took place at all weather astro turf venues.

RD1-Coventry model car club.
After a late switch from the flooded dirt track to the clubs astro track ensured the meeting went ahead and in the 4wd class after dominating the 2011 championship the DESC410R proved again to be the car to have completing a podium lock out with Danny Conway taking the TQ and win.

sc2012ukroundup2 RD 2-Surrey and Hants model car club.
A new venue for the championship and the first sighting of a sole entry of the upcoming DESC210R in the popular 2wd class. Showing the potential of the car Andy Wesson piloted the car to TQ in every round and all three final leg wins, topping of a great day for the Durango squad Danny Conway achieving the same feat in 4wd.

RD 3-Broxtowe model car club.
At the high grip midlands astro track local Durango driver John Brook took the TQ and win in 4wd whilst development of the DESC210R continued with Andy Wesson taking 3rd and netting useful championship points.

RD 4-Coventry model car club.
A second visit to the track after a last minute weather affected venue change. In 2wd the DESC210R in mid motor format excelled on the fast flowing track with another TQ and win for Andy Wesson, whilst in 4wd it was that man again Danny Conway taking his third max score of the season.

sc2012ukroundup7 sc2012ukroundup3
John Brook 2nd overall in 2WD and 4WD series Andy Wesson

RD 5-Holbeach model car club.
Not wanting to be accused of lacking commitment Danny Conway wrapped up the 4wd title the only way he knows by taking the TQ and win ensuring the DESC410R retained its championship for the second year running. Continuing Durangos dominance Andy Wesson drove the newly released DESC210R to 2nd place wrapping up the 2wd title with a round to spare.

sc2012ukroundup5 RD 6-A1 racing club.
With both championships already sorted, it was a chance for some proper no holds barred truck racing at the final round of the 2012 series.

In 2wd Andy Wesson took TQ with John Brook having his first meeting with his DESC210R took the final win with victory in the first legs and topping off his good day guiding his DESC410R to both TQ and the win in the 4wd class, new champ Danny Conway pushing him hard all day to gain second place. A fitting end to this years series that saw Durango drivers taking 1st and 2nd in 2wd and the top 3 spots in the 4wd championship.


2wd championship overall.

1st Andy Wesson, Durango DESC210R

2nd John Brook, Durango DESC210R


4wd championship overall.

1st Danny Conway, Durango DESC410R

2nd John Brook, Durango DESC410R

3rd Jamie Conway, Durango DESC410R

sc2012ukroundup4 Team Durango racers John Brook, who was 2nd in both classes.  Andy Wesson took 1st overall in 2WD.

It was another fantastic result for the Team Durango Short Course trucks – sealing up convincing championship wins in both classes.

October 1, 2012

Jörn Neumann takes German Electric Truggy Nationals

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 2:38 pm

The 1/8th Electric Buggy and Truggy Nationals took place last weekend in Germany. Jörn took along his DEX408 and prototype DEX408T electric truggy to compete.

jorn-etruggychamp2012 Friday saw 4 rounds of practice in each class. Jörn set the fastest times before things wrapped up for the day. Overnight rains carried on throughout Saturday and the day was cancelled – so there would be just 2 rounds of qualifying on the Sunday before finals. The track had changed a lot but Jörn was still able to win both his semi-finals in e-buggy and e-truggy. With 15 minute finals it was hard to last and drivers had to drive controlled so they didn’t dump their cells.

In Buggy Jörn took the lead for most of the race and to ensure he lasted the full 15 minutes he eased up a little – but got out of his rhythm and made several mistakes which saw him lose the lead and finish 4th. The Truggy final saw a dominant performance by Jörn who checked out to win the 1/8 Electric Truggy Nationals with his prototype DEX408T.

Ryan Lutz – Thunder Alley Gas Champs

Filed under: News — Stuart @ 1:36 pm

Ryan Lutz reports from the recent Gas Champs at World famous Thunder Alley R/C Raceway.

The opening day of the meeting was a combination practice in the morning and then qualifiers in the afternoon. Tons of late sign ups boosted the turnout past the cap and to near 200 entries. There are numerous top pros here and the competition is solid. For me it’s a pretty relaxed weekend with just 2 classes. It’s my calm before the storm when I run 5 classes at the upcoming Southern Nats. It’s just Nitro for me with my DNX408T truggy and new prototype buggy as I continue to prepare for the Worlds.

The format is a bit different with heads up racing and quals being 11 laps long. So it’s a dogfight for every position especially on the tight layout with lots of jumps. In Truggy I’ve managed to put in a couple top 5 finishes to qualify 4th into the A main. The truck has been great and had it not been for some ill fated crashes mostly of my own doing I feel I could have been higher.

In buggy I’m having a learning curve with the new car. I had a lucky rd 1 where I took 2nd for the round but my final two runs were plagued with bad setup changes and minor issues. Luckily I still made the A main in 8th. For the mains I have done about 10 changes just trying to find a better baseline.

Gas Champs has come to a close and with double A-mains in the books here is how it ended up for me. In Truggy I would have a solid A1. I was running top 4 for the first half of the race. Then 3rd place had some terrible noise come out of his truck and retired so I moved to 3rd and had a big gap back to 4th. The top two Tessman and Drake were battling it out but after pitstops Drake flamed and fell back so I inherited 2nd and brought it home to take 2nd. Now I had a very good shot at podium with a decent finish in A2. However it wasn’t meant to be as I had a throttle servo go out on me on the warmup bench and thus I wasn’t able to run A2.

In Buggy after all the set-up changes I was hoping for it to all come together. At the start of A1 things weren’t so great. I initially made it up to 5th on the first lap from my 8th place starting position but quickly got in traffic and fell to the back. I struggled for a while but the car started to come around as the track dried out. I began putting in some fast laps including the hot lap of the race. I also had the fastest overall 10 laps as well so my pace was there, it just took me a while to get there. So I ended up moving up through traffic and finishing 5th in the A1.

Come A2 I did a couple more set-up changes and as warmup started I felt I had gone the wrong way on set-up. However come the tone I got off to a solid start and quickly moved to 4th. I just had to drive smooth and the car was fast. I ended up getting past 3rd and set my sights on Truhe in 2nd. I caught up to him and gave a little side tap after a jump and got him out of the way and pulled away from him and set my sights on Tessman who had about a 5 second lead. I was able to start putting in the hotlaps of the main and was able to catch Tessman before the first fuel stop. After the stop I followed him and launched it over the back single and landed on top of him giving me the worst of it. I fell back a bit and started making some careless errors and fell back about 3.5 seconds. I got my groove back though and started clicking off fast laps again with 5 laps to go and on the last lap was able to get within half a second of him and over the back table he monorailed it on the pipe and I semi did the same and I let up as he tried to get off the pipe so as not to collide with him and I ended up not making the subsequent double and casing it which allowed him to take the win. However I was very pleased with catching him twice with a car I have only ran twice now. This bodes very well for the cars speed and I look forward to getting more comfortable with it in the near future!

Overall the 5th and 2nd place finishes put me 3rd on the Podium! I’ll take it with my prototype buggy!


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