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November 30, 2012

Durango double at Chadderton again! (UK)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 1:07 pm

Team Durango UK driver Craig Collinson, sent us this race report from the second round of the Chadderton Winter Series:

“Last weekend the Batley Buggy Club hosted the second round of their Chadderton winter series, held at Radclyffe Athletics Centre. With over 120 entrants, a full days’ racing was ahead of the drivers as they arrived at 7:30 on Sunday morning.

The multisurface track looked fantastic with a good mix of jumps, bumps, carpet and the usual cork flooring. The track was also laid out to run anti-clockwise just to mix things up a bit.

As qualifying got under way it was clear to see the fast guys were all running dBoots Terrabytes tyres (A compound), as these proved to provide the most grip on the cork flooring and looked super consistent between surfaces. Just like in the first round both 2WD and 4WD classes were run on the same day, so it was all systems go for those competing in both classes. There was some great and close racing throughout the four rounds, but it was Team Durango driver Craig Collinson who was on form again, taking three out of four qualifying rounds with both his DEX410v3 and DEX210, to give him the overall TQ spot with both cars. Steve Lawson qualified second in 2WD and Conor Cocker took the second qualifier spot in 4WD, also driving a Team Durango DEX410v3.

4WD A-main
Everyone got off to a clean start on the first lap, with Craig pulling out a small lead from Conor who unfortunately then made a mistake on lap two. This gave Craig a comfortable lead and  he simply never looked back after that. Craig drove an error-free final and pulled away from the chasing pack lap after lap, cruising over the line to take the win by well over seven seconds. His DEX410v3 really was in a class of its own.

2WD A-main
The 2WD final was very much a mirror of the 4WD final, only this time it was Steve Lawson who made the error after a few laps. Again this allowed Craig to drive away with his DEX210 for another comfortable win. His car looked so easy to drive and was super consistent all day.

The series is looking good for Team Durango and dBoots, taking the TQ spot and win of the opening two rounds!”

November 29, 2012

Argentina and Paraguay International Race (Asunción-Paraguay)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 6:13 pm

Team Durango driver Manuel Enriquez sent us this race report:

“Hello Team Durango. I’m Manuel Enriquez, from Posadas-Misiones, Argentina. I wanted to tell you about a great race result from an International race between Argentina and Paraguay racers that took place in Asunción-Paraguay, on November 25th.

I managed to win both classes with my Team Durango cars! I won the 1/8 buggy nitro class with my DNX408v2 and I also won the 4WD Short Course class with my DESC410v2.

Complete final podiums:

1/8 buggy

1st – Manuel Enriquez (ARG) – Team Durango DNX408v2
2nd – Juan Miguel Altieri (PY)
3rd – Ruben Caballero (ARG)


4WD Short Course

1st – Manuel Enriquez (ARG) – Team Durango DESC410v2
2nd – Francisco González (PY)
3rd – Angie Galeano (PY) – Team Durango DESC410R

I hope to get more and more great results with my Team Durango cars!!!

Best regards from Argentina


Nice work Manuel  😎


Tresrey Off-Road race series, Round 10 (Japan)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 10:20 am

Team Durango Japan distributors ‘Tresrey’ sent us this race report from the tenth round of their annual race series:

“Round 10 of the Tresrey Off-Road race series was held last Sunday at the TRS circuit in Matsusaka-city, Japan with 47 entrants in the 2WD class and 37 in the 4WD class. This race was the tenth memorial race of this series since January 2010, and TRESREY made special T-shirts for all entrants with the words of “NO BUGGY, NO LIFE.” on the front, and a big “10” on the back of the shirt.  😎

In the 2WD class, Noriyuki Kawashima (DEX210) won the race from TQ on the grid with Takashi Nobuhara (DEX210) in second place and Kenji Masuda in third.

In the 4WD class, Kenji Tsuruta (DEX410v3) won the race from TQ on the grid with Noriyuki Kawashima (DEX410v3) in second and Kyoji Minagawa in third.

So Team Durango TQd and won both classes; a great result for the DEX210 and DEX410v3

After the award ceremony, Tresrey held a big draw prize draw which included a DEX410Rv3 racing buggy kit, Speed Passion ESCs/motors and Viper ESCs/motors.

Tomoaki Kato was the only driver who managed to complete all ten rounds of the series from round 1 to round 10, and TRESREY gave him a special aluminum chassis with laser printed message.  😀

Please check more photos of this event on TRESREY website.

Please also check this funny video at TRESREY channel on YouTube.



November 26, 2012

2012 Autumn Indoor 4wd Championship at CVMCC (United Kingdom)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 7:14 pm

Young Team Durango driver Arron Vance sent us these pictures after he won the Autumn Indoor 4wd Championship at CVMCC.

Arron used his Team Durango DEX410v3 to win all of the counting rounds. It would be fair to say that Team Durango dominated the championship with nine DEX410v3 cars in the top 10!



Czech National Indoor Championship, 2012

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 7:03 pm

Team Durango’s young driver Kaja Novotny sent us this report from this weekend’s Czech Republic National Indoor Championship for 1/10 buggies:

“On Saturday, 24th November, the Czech National Indoor Championship took place. I hoped that I would be able to finish in the same positions (or better) as I did at the Summer Czech National Championship (when I came first in 2WD and second in 4WD).


From the beginning it was clear that it was going to be an awesome race for the first place with Jiri Mara and Tomas Holicky (DEX210). After qualification I was first, just 0.3 seconds in front of Jiri. I knew that finals would not be easy and a single mistake would decide who the winner was.

In the first A-main, Jiri and I were racing within half-a-second of each other until the third minute when Jiri tried to overtake me and fell out of the track. So I won the first A-main. In the second A-main Tomas pushed hard from the beginning and passed Jiri a few corners after the start and then tried to overtake me. It was a great race with Tomas, but same as Jiri, Tomas made some small mistakes and then one huge one, which caused him second position. So I upheld the 2WD Czech national title from the Summer Czech National Championship. This means I gained four titles with my Team Durango DEX210 this year: Summer series National Champion and Junior National Champion, as well as the Winter series National Champion and Junior National Champion). For third A-main I wanted to try some tuning parts so I chose to drive the race even though I had won the event. I am happy to say I won the third A-main too! There were also two very young guys driving Team Durango DEX210 buggies, Jakub Zapletal and Radim Hruska. They both made the A-main for the first time. I think that they will fight for the title soon. So overall results of A-main were:
1st Kaja Novotny – DEX210 ( +1st Junior)
2nd Jiri Mara
3rd Tomas Holicky – DEX210 (+2nd Junior)
4th Roman Pudich
5th Roman Bilek – DEX210
6th Jakub Zapletal – DEX210 (+3rd junior)
7th Josef Novacek
8th Jan Hubr – DEX210
9th Radim Hruska – DEX210
10th Dusan Bayer

As you can see, six of the ten cars in the A-main were Team Durango DEX210. The 210 really is the best 2WD car!


In 4WD, there was the same group ( Jiri Mara – DEX410v3, Tomas Holicky – DEX410v3 and me – DEX410v3), that raced for the 2WD title, plus one more driver – Martin Bayer. All of us could be win the Championship, but small mistakes showed who was the best driver on the day. Jiri was the only one who was able to overtake Martin in qualifications but it wasn’t enough to gain TQ. So, after qualifications the top three qualifiers were: 1st Martin Bayer, 2nd Jiri Mara (DEX410v3), 3rd Kaja Novotny (DEX410v3).

For  the A-main finals I tried dBoots tires. They were so good it felt like I I was racing with different car, but it took  me some time to get used to the new tires, so I finished fourth. The second A-main was awesome; I was driving second behind Martin to the last lap. In the last lap Martin had safe lead, but behind our group (me, Tomas and Jiri) raced until the last lap. Five corners before the finish I was second, Tomas third and Jiri fourth. And then something happened that I didn’t expect. Tomas and Jiri tried to overtake me in the same corner. That caused two drivers to fall out of the track – me and Tomas, so Jiri finished second again. In the third final Jiri showed that he is able to beat Martin with his DEX410v3 and fought with Martin until the last lap, where he made mistake. That was a chance for me and I overtook Jiri a few corners before the finish. Overall results of A-main were:

1st Martin Bayer
2nd Jiri Mara – DEX410v3
3rd Kaja Novotny – DEX410v3 ( +1st junior)
4th Tomas Holicky – DEX410v3 (+2nd junior)
5th Ondrej Vicha
6th Martin Novak (+3rd junior)
7th Miroslav Jurenka – DEX410v3
8th Marcel Dostal
9th Jakub Zapletal – DEX410v3
10th Kamil Recinsky – DEX410v3

As you can see, Team Durango cars were again the most used and most successful cars in the A-main; six of the ten finalists used a DEX410v3. Big thanks to Team Durango for a great support and fantastic cars.”

November 22, 2012

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Don’t despair, we’ve not disappeared from Facebook!

We’ve updated our Facebook username from TeamDurangoUSA to OfficialTeamDurango.
Find us here:

November 20, 2012

French Champions Cup, November 10/11, 2012

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 5:23 pm

We received this report from Team Durango France driver, Antoine Rossetti:

“The French Champions Cup was held at Merlevenez in western France, on the 10th and 11th of November, 2012.

This was the last national event of the season. The race was important because is was a qualifying race for the selection of the Euro’s and World’s Championships, both of which are to be held in 2013.

The Merlevenez track was new carpet and offered medium grip.

I decided to set my DEX210 up using Jörn Neumann’s indoor setup – his setup is just magic, awesome! So I just changed my motor (8.5 to 7.5) and the ride height.

2WD Qualification:
After three runs, I was in TQ position. I made some mistakes in the fourth and fifth qualifiers, which put me third on the grid for the A-main. I was very happy because this was my best result in qualification in any 2WD race in 2012. My DEX210 was simply amazing.

2WD Finals:
1°) Good start but I made little mistake, I finished fifth.
2°) Very bad start, I finished eighth.
3°) Like the first, good start, I finished fourth

2WD Result:
Overall I finished in sixth place; this made me feel a little disappointed because I had started third on the grid. However, in the end I was happy with my race, especially because I have the perfect set-up for the next indoor race. As a bonus, I achieved the fastest lap of the 2WD class with my DEX210 (19.15s) :)

It was the first time I had driven my DEX410v3 on a carpet track, so I decided to start with my astro-track setup. This was a good idea because on starting, my car was good. Fast and easy to drive. The only changes I made to my setup were to alter the ride height, remove the sway bar and put 10000 CST oil in my front diff.

4WD Qualification:
After five qualifying runs, I qualified in second place. Just behind Alexis Dufau Cazenave, another French racer who has discovered how fast and reliable Team Durango cars are! We were both the fastest drivers on this track.

4WD Finals:
1°) Good start just behind Alexis but he finished first; I finished in second place.
2°) Same result as the first A-main
3°) Alexis didn’t start this final because he had already won. I made a good start and fought with Ludvic Valtier to keep my second place (you can see this final race here :

4WD Result:
I finished in second place behind Alexis. So two Team Durango DEX410v3 cars on the top two steps of the podium. Just like the 2WD class, I managed to get the fastest lap of the 4WD class with my DEX410v3 (18.86s)”

November 12, 2012

2012 Worksop Indoor Winter Series (UK), Round 2.

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Round two of the most popular indoor race series in the UK took place on the 11th of November. Once again drivers from all over the country made the trip to the Worksop venue to pit their wits against each other at the UK’s premier indoor series.

The 2wd class was again in the ascendancy, and proved to be the most popular class. The Team Durango UK team were out to show that the DEX210 was able to keep itself ahead of the competition.

Nathan Waters and Craig Collinson were once again taking the fight to the opposition. Simon Moss would take the first two rounds of qualifying with good runs, whilst Craig and Nathan seemed to make the odd error which would cost them dear. However, roles were reversed in rounds three and four with Nathan taking TQ and the fastest overall time of the meeting to snatch TQ from Simon. Craig backed this up with second in each of rounds three and four to claim third position on the grid for the A main final. With both drivers using the DIMEC20 chassis (, DEX210 cab-forward bodyshell ( and some fine-tuning to their opening round set-ups, they were both full of confidence going into the final. Richard Ralph ran the DEX210 in RM configuration for the entire meeting and was unlucky to miss out on making the A main to team mate Ian Mellish who ran the MM version of his DEX210. Clearly the multiple configuration options of the DEX210, available as standard, allow different drivers to set the DEX210 perfectly for their own driving styles and track conditions.

In the 4wd class, Nathan, driving his DEX410v3, stamped his authority on qualifying from round one by taking thee TQ’s, only to be pipped in round thee by the flying Craig Collinson (DEX410v3). Adam Skelding (DEX410v3) also made the A main, qualifying  in eighth position on the grid.


Nathan would again show some racing resemblance to Sebastian Vettel in this final. From the sound of the tone, Nathan made for the hills and was out of DRS detection by the end of lap two, leading an excellent battle between Simon and Craig. Nathan marched on to a faultless race win with a perfectly balanced DEX210. Craig looked like he had settled for third place behind Simon, until a slight error from Simon left the door open for Craig to nip in and take second with a couple of laps remaining. With the pressure on, Craig drove well to hold Simon off to the line to take second and complete a Team Durango DEX210 1,2. Ian Mellish (DEX210) had an excellent race from tenth on the grid to finish sixth, also using the DIMEC20 chassis for the first time.

Nathan made an early error to allow Craig through to the lead, who then quickly re-paid the favour. From then on Nathan never really looked back and soon pulled away from Lloyd Storey and Craig (who had recovered back to third place). As the race came to an end, Nathan was the only one to make it through for the extra lap and decided to put in a storming last last to see how fast he could push his DEX410v3, and in doing so he took the fastest lap of the meeting in true ‘Vettel style’.

Team Durango now leads both championships after two rounds in the hands of Nathan Waters with Craig not far behind in each class.

Thanks again to the Worksop crew for another excellent event.

Nathan’s winning DEX410v3 set-up can be found here & DEX210 setup here


DESC410 Moulded Shock Tower Set

Filed under: New Products,News — Team Durango @ 5:44 pm

Team Durango are pleased to announce the release of the TD330407 Moulded Shock Tower Set for the DESC410 range of vehicles.


This moulded shock tower set contains both front and rear shock towers for your DESC410 vehicle moulded in a high quality engineering composite material.

These moulded shock towers are light, offering a 35% weight saving over the aluminium shock towers on the DESC410R model.

They are optimised for the DESC410 model, and offer different mounting positions for the shocks and inner camber links when compared to the aluminium towers.

The front tower is optimised for the longer 29mm stroke shock and features shock mounting positions that are much closer together, allowing finer tuning of the front suspension.


The rear tower is also optimised for the DESC410 model. The upper shock mounting positions are further from the centre of the model  and there are more inner camber link mounting positions when compared to the aluminium tower previously used on the DESC410R model.


This set will be available soon from all Team Durango outlets.

Team Durango double win at Chadderton (UK)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 5:28 pm

During the weekend of the 21st October, Batley Buggy Club in the UK hosted the first round of the Chadderton winter series, held at Radclyffe Athletics Centre.

The series has grown in popularity over the years, and this year has started off in the same way, with over 120 drivers in attendance. The series is run over six meetings with the best four results to count. Both 2wd and 4wd classes were run on the same day, which gave racers plenty of track time when competing in both classes.


Qualifying couldn’t have gone much better for Team Durango racer Craig Collinson. Both his DEX210 and DEX410v3 were super dialled! In 2wd Craig took the TQ spot in three out of four rounds, only losing out in round two due to clipping a track marker. In 4wd Craig’s DEX410v3 car was so easy to drive, allowing him to take TQ in all four rounds with no mistakes all day. To say Craig was happy with his Team Durango buggies and how qualifying went is an understatement. Craig felt 100% confident going into the A mains, sitting in  pole position for both classes.

2wd final

The start of the A main was perfect, as the driver in second place crashed and caused a pile-up with the rest of the field. This gave Craig plenty of breathing space with nearly a quarter of a lap gap back to second place, after the first couple of laps. Craig didn’t look back after that, and he went into cruise-control mode taking his DEX210 over the finish line for the win.

4wd final

The 4wd final got off to a clean start. After the first couple of laps the first three cars three broke-away from everyone else, making the final a three horse race. Craig knew from qualifying how much pace his DEX410v3 had, so as long as he made no mistakes he felt comfortable holding onto his lead. Gradually Craig pulled-away from second place, giving me just enough room to hold off any challenge. Not pushing the car too hard proved to be the right decision to make, as he crossed the line in first, giving him the perfect start to the series in both classes.


A huge thanks needs to go to RC Disco for sponsoring the event with dBoots tyres. These are not the control tyre for the series, but are the tyre to run. I would say that well over 60% of drivers opted to use dBoots over any other brand. The 60% using them including myself; point proven!


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