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November 26, 2012

Czech National Indoor Championship, 2012

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 7:03 pm

Team Durango’s young driver Kaja Novotny sent us this report from this weekend’s Czech Republic National Indoor Championship for 1/10 buggies:

“On Saturday, 24th November, the Czech National Indoor Championship took place. I hoped that I would be able to finish in the same positions (or better) as I did at the Summer Czech National Championship (when I came first in 2WD and second in 4WD).


From the beginning it was clear that it was going to be an awesome race for the first place with Jiri Mara and Tomas Holicky (DEX210). After qualification I was first, just 0.3 seconds in front of Jiri. I knew that finals would not be easy and a single mistake would decide who the winner was.

In the first A-main, Jiri and I were racing within half-a-second of each other until the third minute when Jiri tried to overtake me and fell out of the track. So I won the first A-main. In the second A-main Tomas pushed hard from the beginning and passed Jiri a few corners after the start and then tried to overtake me. It was a great race with Tomas, but same as Jiri, Tomas made some small mistakes and then one huge one, which caused him second position. So I upheld the 2WD Czech national title from the Summer Czech National Championship. This means I gained four titles with my Team Durango DEX210 this year: Summer series National Champion and Junior National Champion, as well as the Winter series National Champion and Junior National Champion). For third A-main I wanted to try some tuning parts so I chose to drive the race even though I had won the event. I am happy to say I won the third A-main too! There were also two very young guys driving Team Durango DEX210 buggies, Jakub Zapletal and Radim Hruska. They both made the A-main for the first time. I think that they will fight for the title soon. So overall results of A-main were:
1st Kaja Novotny – DEX210 ( +1st Junior)
2nd Jiri Mara
3rd Tomas Holicky – DEX210 (+2nd Junior)
4th Roman Pudich
5th Roman Bilek – DEX210
6th Jakub Zapletal – DEX210 (+3rd junior)
7th Josef Novacek
8th Jan Hubr – DEX210
9th Radim Hruska – DEX210
10th Dusan Bayer

As you can see, six of the ten cars in the A-main were Team Durango DEX210. The 210 really is the best 2WD car!


In 4WD, there was the same group ( Jiri Mara – DEX410v3, Tomas Holicky – DEX410v3 and me – DEX410v3), that raced for the 2WD title, plus one more driver – Martin Bayer. All of us could be win the Championship, but small mistakes showed who was the best driver on the day. Jiri was the only one who was able to overtake Martin in qualifications but it wasn’t enough to gain TQ. So, after qualifications the top three qualifiers were: 1st Martin Bayer, 2nd Jiri Mara (DEX410v3), 3rd Kaja Novotny (DEX410v3).

For  the A-main finals I tried dBoots tires. They were so good it felt like I I was racing with different car, but it took  me some time to get used to the new tires, so I finished fourth. The second A-main was awesome; I was driving second behind Martin to the last lap. In the last lap Martin had safe lead, but behind our group (me, Tomas and Jiri) raced until the last lap. Five corners before the finish I was second, Tomas third and Jiri fourth. And then something happened that I didn’t expect. Tomas and Jiri tried to overtake me in the same corner. That caused two drivers to fall out of the track – me and Tomas, so Jiri finished second again. In the third final Jiri showed that he is able to beat Martin with his DEX410v3 and fought with Martin until the last lap, where he made mistake. That was a chance for me and I overtook Jiri a few corners before the finish. Overall results of A-main were:

1st Martin Bayer
2nd Jiri Mara – DEX410v3
3rd Kaja Novotny – DEX410v3 ( +1st junior)
4th Tomas Holicky – DEX410v3 (+2nd junior)
5th Ondrej Vicha
6th Martin Novak (+3rd junior)
7th Miroslav Jurenka – DEX410v3
8th Marcel Dostal
9th Jakub Zapletal – DEX410v3
10th Kamil Recinsky – DEX410v3

As you can see, Team Durango cars were again the most used and most successful cars in the A-main; six of the ten finalists used a DEX410v3. Big thanks to Team Durango for a great support and fantastic cars.”

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