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November 12, 2012

Jörn Neumann wins at the Longfield four-days series, Round 2

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2012 Reedy Race of Champions winner, Team Durango Pro driver Jörn Neumann did what he does best this weekend, by winning yet another race!

Nearly 100 drivers made the trip to the second round of the Longfield four-days series. The biggest class was 2WD buggy with 56 drivers. My DEX210 worked perfectly from the first battery pack. I was able to TQ both qualifying rounds and win all thee A-mains. There were many DEX210 cars in the 2WD class, and five of them made it into the A-Main, proving that the Team Durango DEX210 really is the best 2WD off-road buggy.

Team Durango designer Gerd Strenge also competed, this time in the Short Course class. Gerd was able to TQ and win with his DESC210R.

‘RC Fun Zone’ – New indoor track in Portugal

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RC Fun Zone – New Indoor Track in Portugal

Team Durango/dBoots Portugal driver Nuno Roque sent us details of a new and exciting facility for RC racers:

“Portugal is a country that has plenty of RC drivers. Although there are some indoor tracks, we wanted to create a new facility to allow Portuguese RC racers a really great facility for them to practice RC car racing at a new level. This was the dream and now ‘RC Fun Zone’ is here!

Opened one month ago, this project was carried out by four friends, all RC racers, Nuno Roque, Vasco Ramos, José Figueiredo and Carlos Costa. The project was only made possible with the essential help from local fans of the RC racing, some sponsors, and along with others, although not related to the hobby, who believed and felt engaged with the project since day one.

Located in Palmela, only 25 minutes south from Lisbon International Airport (, ‘RC Fun Zone’, allows the practice of several scales, including 1/10TT, 1/10TC, 1/18, 1/24, Drift, Pro 12, etc.

Some highlights about the space:

  • Carpet floor
  • Modular Track (separators allows to change the track in 30 minutes)
  • Bar
  • More than 80 permanent seats for racers (with the to extend it in the future)
  • Parking for more than 100 cars
  • Daylight (no need lamps during day)

The purpose of ‘RC Fun Zone’, is to improve the development of current racers in Portugal, captivating and motivating more people to the practice of RC, and still manage to bring the world’s best competition for Portugal.

Portugal is very well known (among others) by its weather, but now it’s all about RC, so visit RC FUN ZONE, you’ll be more than welcome!

Visit the Track Facebook page and add yourself :!/groups/340035632754660/

EMail Contact:



Portuguese 2012 Off-road series, Round 3

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 4:01 pm

Team Durango Portugal driver Nuno Roque sent us this report from this weekend’s third round of the national off-road series.

“Round 3 of the Portugal Off Road Series took place at the Arpemodel Indoor Track (Indoor RC West). The race witnessed Total Domination for Team Durango (TD for TD). Team Durango won all classes, it was awesome!

In the last Sunday was the 3rd Rnd of Portugal Off Road Series , at Arpemodel Indoor Track (Indoor RC West)

This race included several pilots at various classes, such as 2WD and 4WD buggy, as well as 2WD Short Course and 4WD Short Course.

This race was spectacular, as we had several very interesting contests in all classes.

Buggy 2WD
Great fight for victory in the race, especially in the third round where the fight between Nuno Roque (DEX210) and Rodrigo Luis (DEX210) was to the last seconds, with Nuno Roque eventually winning.

Buggy 4WD

The race was quite interesting especially between Hugo Miguel (current Portuguese Touring Car champion) (DEX410v3), Rodrigo Luis (DEX410v3) and Nuno Roque (DEX410v3). The race was eventually won by Miguel Hugo followed by Nuno Roque and Rodrigo Luis. All pilots were using Team Durango DEX410v3. Team Durango was 1,2,3 :)

2WD Short Course
Dominio’s Jorge Gomes drove his Team Durango DESC210R to victory.

4WD Short Course
Like the 4WD buggy class, all riders present on the podium were using the Team Durango DESC410R; in this José Travassos was victorious.

Final results:

1 – Nuno Roque (DEX210)
2 – Rodrigo Luis (DEX210)
3 – Jorge Augusto

1 – Hugo Miguel (DEX410)
2 – Nuno Roque (DEX410)
3 – Luis Rodrigo (DEX410)

2WD Short Course
1 – Jorge Gomes (DESC210R)
2 – Pedro Albuquerque
3 – Carlos Candido (DESC210R)

4WD Short Course
1 – José Travassos (DESC410R)
2 – Fernando Almeida (DESC410R)
3 – Gaston Franco (DESC410R)

Team Durango won all classes in Portugal! Awesome race!

We look forward to the fourth and final race for the final decision of who will win the Portugal Off Road Series 2012. The race will be held at our new indoor track RC Fun Zone, near Lisbon.”

Great result for Team Durango Portugal; well done team.

November 7, 2012

New Team Durango DESC410Rv2

Filed under: New Products,News — Team Durango @ 5:41 pm

Team Durango are proud to announce the new DESC410Rv2!

Check out the kit page here!


‘MUST HAVE’ option for all 1/8th Buggy and Truggy owners

Filed under: New Products,News — Team Durango @ 10:01 am

TD310334 Team Durango Moulded Inserts and Cross Shaft Set


This TD310334 Team Durango ‘Moulded Inserts and Cross Shaft set’ fits the differentials in all Team Durango 1/8th scale models (DNX408v2, DEX408 and DNX408T).

These parts replace the steel cross shafts and inserts in the differential, offering a huge reduction in weight over the steel parts.

The moulded parts are 80% lighter than the steel parts they replace, giving a total weight saving of 22.2g per vehicle.

They have been extensively tested by our Pro team who found an increase in acceleration and breaking performance due to the reduction in the rotating mass of their cars’ transmission. The testing has shown that there is no detrimental effect in durability when using these moulded parts.

Pro driver Ryan Lutz said, ‘It is unbelievable the difference these parts make. The first time I ran these parts I was amazed by the extra acceleration from my DNX408v2′.


The ‘Moulded Inserts and Cross Shaft set’ is supplied in a set of 3, which is enough to replace the cross shafts and differential inserts in the front, centre and rear differentials in one vehicle.

November 6, 2012

Lestr Cup Series – Round 1 (Czech Republic)

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Team Durango driver Kaja Novotny reports from the first round of the Lestr Cup Series in the Czech Republic:

“On Saturday 3rd November the first race of Lestr Cup Series too place. I drove in three categories – 2WD buggy with my DEX210, 4WD buggy with my DEX410v3 and 1/8 E-buggy with my DEX408.

Qualifications were awesome, I gained TQs in all three categories. The 4WD finals were much more difficult (only 2WD was an easy win). In 1/8 E-buggy I  won the first and third finals; in the second final I had some problems with my transmitter.

4WD was an amazing race! In the first final I finished just two seconds behind Martin, and in the second final I was leading but because of  my mistake I had to retire, leaving Martin to take the win. The third 4 WD final was an easy win for me because Martin had already won the event,  so he didn’t drive the last final. So, my overall results were:

2WD – 1st and TQ (DEX210)

1/8 E-buggy – 1st and TQ (DEX408)

4WD – 2nd and TQ (DEX410v3)

All cars behaved awesome, especially my DEX210; this car behaved really fantastic.

Thanks for great support and best regards


November 5, 2012

RC Pro National Finals at Mike’s Hobby Shop, Texas (1st to 3rd November, 2012)

Filed under: News — Team Durango UK @ 3:27 pm


Team Durango Pro driver Ryan Lutz sent a report from last weekend’s RC Pro Nationals. This year Ryan was attempting to TQ and win five different classes (yes, FIVE, at the same event!), as well as getting some quality track time prior to the IFMAR 1/8 buggy worlds in December. Read on to find out how he did with his DESC410Rv2 Short Course truck, DEX408T prototype electric Truggy, DNX408T nitro truggy, DEX408 electric buggy and his new DNX408 nitro buggy:

“It may only be Saturday (3rd November), but racing has finished at the 2012 rendition of the RC Pro Series Finals held again this year at Gulf Coast Raceway in Porter, Texas. Coming into main day, I really was gunning for that quint-fecta. I knew it would be a challenge in classes like e-buggy with my DEX408, where I was starting 12th, and the nitro classes (with my new DNX408) where in the hour long A-mains are often full of surprises.

First out of the gate was the start of the triple A-mains. I was able to win the first A-main E-Truggy final with my DEX408T as well as the first A-main Short Course race with my DESC410Rv2, before the challenge of the first A-main with my DEX408 E-buggy; in this race I was starting from 12th on the grid. At the tone I had a great first lap and diced my way through the traffic to fifth on the first lap. With a mistake or two by the leaders I had caught the lead pair in less than two minutes, and I proceeded to battle the remainder of the main. I ended-up coming away with the victory! So I was able to win all three A1′s.

Next was A2′s and again in E-truggy (DEX408T) and Short Course (DESC410Rv2) I made handy work of the field. What impressed me most was getting a 29.2 laptime in the Short Course class! My DESC410Rv2 was on rails and flying! The A2 race with my DEX408 the gremlins came back. I had a few more traffic issues at the start this time around, and the leaders got away clean. I was able to work my way up to the lead pair again eventually but I pushed really hard to do it. Near the end the leader and I were pacing ourselves around the track for the last two minutes but with about 30 seconds to go I started to thermal. So I had to stop using brakes and get on the gas a lot smoother for the rest of the race so I could finish out. So I finished in second place for the A2 E-buggy final.

Having already won the E-truggy and Short Course classes, in the A3 round I concentrated on the E-buggy final. I had a terrible start. I kept getting caught-up in traffic. I found myself up in third place at about the five minute mark, about 8 seconds behind the leader. At this point I started putting in some super quick laps including the first 27 second lap with a 27.8, and I began to close the gap. However it wasn’t meant to be as the sensor wire came undone and it was the end of my run.

So overall in the electric classes for the event I won the E-truggy class with my DEX408T, and I also won the Short Course class with my DESC410Rv2. I came second overall in the E-buggy class with my DEX408.

In Nitro there were two 1 hour-long mains on tap, and both would start pretty interesting. In Truggy I would hold the lead over Branham and slowly extended my lead until on my pit-in lap I ran out of gas two turns before pit lane. I had made a mistake by asking my mechanic (Wes) to make my engine just a little richer before the main, but I shouldn’t have made that call as it became too rich for the race. So, I ended up back in fourth or fifth after getting refuelled. My mission was set to catch back up. I quickly caught back up to third and then slowly reeled-in Glancy, and I was able to overtake for second place. My sights were set on Branham. I got my lap back and started to narrow the gap when suddenly he had a problem and had to retire. I thus inherited the lead but I made a few mistakes and Glancy and I would battle pretty close for a good amount of time. Probably 30 or so minutes in and Glancy had a battery wire go bad and had a runaway and had to come off the track for a little to get that fixed. This gave me a huge lead and I just needed to complete the remainder of the race. There were no guarantees as the track had a huge triple and a harsh landing which was causing issues for lots of cars all weekend. However my Alpha powered DNX408T held up to the punishment and came home with the big victory!

Nitro buggy would be the final race of the day. Another hour-long test and I wanted to push 100% the entire time, no matter what, in preparation for the IFMAR Worlds in one months’ time. At the start I had a couple rough laps including jumping off the track in the back right corner. I was quickly down a 1/4 of a lap but my new buggy was on a mission. As the tires came in to the track and I got comfortable with the aggressiveness of my new DNX408 and I started putting in blistering lap times about half-a-second faster than anyone else. By the first pit stop I had caught and passed the leader and came into pits first but a fuel bottle mishap which landed it in pit lane briefly saw second place come into pits and punt the fuel bottle down the lane soaking all the mechanics with fuel. As Wes recovered the bottle and fuelled me up ,I had lost a position and was a bit flustered at that moment, and with my engine just a bit rich out of pit lane, I did the triple and missed right, sending me into a pipe section. I stopped for a second before popping out of the pipe to let a car go by, and with the richness of just exiting the pit lane, I flamed! So now I got re-fired but was down by a lap.

It was now time to turn on the afterburners. I knew with the lap times I was putting down that I could make up that lap, and over the next 10 minutes I put in the fastest lap times of the weekend, even as low as 27.5. My new DNX408 was on rails. I was speeding by guys down the straight with my Alpha Lutz edition, and turning inside many with my new DNX408. The car was just phenomenal and I was giving it all I had. I made-up the time and caught and passed Branham for the lead, and then began extending the lead out to over a lap. Shortly thereafter both second and third place had issues which gave me a large lead. I continued to press hard for the entire hour even with a large lead because to me this was my hour long practice for the Worlds. It amazed me how good my new DNX408  was. I hadn’t changed the set-up since Italy. The diffs had probably six hours’ of running on them, and the shocks probably had five hours’ punishment. I had taken the same set-up from the super slick track in Italy and changed 1 thing, besides tires, for this medium/high bite track in Texas. The pace and feeling of my Team Durango car just made me smile as I pushed the car to its limit. The forgiveness on landing a little sideways was awe-inspiring. The turning-on-a-dime gave me so much confidence in passing as I could turn-under anyone. In the end, I won the hour-long race by four laps. My fastest lap time was over a second faster than the next guy! I was super impressed with my new Futaba servos and my Alpha engine and ProTek battery for surviving the punishment on that big triple as well as, of course, as my DNX408 nitro buggy  😀


I am now so excited for Worlds. A little more testing is on tap for me Sunday and Monday on a different track in Texas, and I am just looking forward to going home to my family and spending some time with them while preparing mentally, physically, and mechanically for the Worlds coming up in less than a month! I am also so stoked with the DNX408 for 2013. I think my breakout year is finally about to arrive. I feel that Team Durango is on to something with this car and it will really give me my chance to show my talent.


Four wins out of five isn’t a bad weekend’s work. Well done Ryan on such an amazingly successful weekend.

Thanks to RC Pro for the use of their photographs.

1/8th Shock Spring Chart

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Team Durango have released this handy spring chart for 1/8th scale kits.

Click here to download a PDF version


1/10th Big Bore Spring Chart

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Team Durango have released this handy ‘Big Bore’ spring chart for 1/10th scale kits.

Click here to download a PDF version.


November 1, 2012

2012 Team Durango Northeast Indoor Champs race at Maximus R/C raceway

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Team Durango Pro drivers, Carson Wernimont and Travis Amezcua, report from last weekend’s ‘2012 Team Durango Northeast Indoor Champs’ race at Maximus R/C raceway.

The ‘2012 Team Durango Northeast Indoor Champs’ race was supported by Hobbico. Team Durango t-shirts were handed-out to all drivers, and with 153 racers entered for the event, it was going to be a great race.

Thanks must go out to Heath Jackson, who is one of the track owners. Heath helped set the whole event up in just one month. Heath owns two hobby shops within 5 miles of each other, and one of his shops is at the track so it can support racers for their spares.

As well as t-shirts, Team Durango kits were given to winners of the raffle and one lucky racer was chosen by Travis and Carson to join Team Durango as a new team driver.

Both Carson and Travis raced the 2WD buggy class with their DEX210 buggies. Travis also raced 4WD Short Course with his DESC410v2, whilst Carson raced 2WD Short Course with his DESC210R.

2WD Buggy (DEX210)

Travis and Carson had a fairly good showing in this class. In qualifying Carson would set the early TQ in round 1, but then Travis went slightly faster in the following two rounds putting their Team Durango DEX210 buggies in 1st and 2nd positions on the grid. In the main event they both got a good start, but a traction roll by Carson on the second lap would set him way back. Travis then lead for a while, but local fast guy Mike Wilder eventually got by. Carson made a late charge and was able to catch up to Travis again but a few bobbles towards the end of the race would keep him in third position, and that’s how it ended with Travis in 2nd and Carson in 3rd.

Both of their cars were very fast. People were coming up the whole weekend and asking set-up questions and just saying how amazing the Team Durango DEX210 buggies looked on, and off, the track. Both Pro drivers were really happy to help out and answer as many questions as they could.

2WD Short Course (DESC210R)

Carson pretty much dominated this class the whole week. His car set-up was straight off the track from the Reedy Truck Race and from the minute he threw it down he was running lap times that were as fast as the 2WD Modified Buggy class! In qualifying Carson TQ’d all three rounds, so he started on pole for the main event. In the main event he got a good jump and just checked-out early. By the end of the main he had over a lap and-a-half on the entire field.

After the race, a bunch of people went over to speak to Carson. They said how the DESC210R was the best 2WD Short Course they had ever seen go around a track. The truck was a huge hit at this race.

4WD Short Course (DESC410v2 / DESC410Rv2)

Travis dominated this class pretty much the same way that Carson did with 2WD. Travis’s DESC410v2 was ‘dialled’ right out of the gate. He had no issues with anything. Once again, customers with their DESC410v2 and DESC410Rv2 trucks where coming over to Travis to ask set-up questions after watching his races. Travis was more than happy to help.

Both Pro drivers agreed that this race was a really cool deal. Just to see how pumped people were to meet and hang out with two of the Team Durango Pros. Both racers really appreciated the opportunity to give-away the raffle kits supplied by Hobbico, because the winners were all young RC fans, who will undoubtedly become the future generation of R/C racers.

One of the other reasons for Travis and Carson going to the ‘2012 Team Durango Northeast Indoor Champs’ at Maximus R/C raceway was to scout a driver for that region. They found the perfect person. His name is Robbie Lennerd. He is 15 years old and they knew he would be perfect for the Team after the first time they talked to him. Robbie has a great personality that everyone likes, he talks to everyone at the track, and makes sure his cars are all prepped, cleaned and ready to race, and on top of this he is a wheel! He was very excited to start running for Team Durango.

At the end of the race, people said it was an awesome show that the Pros put on, with Travis’s display of the old-school smooth driving and Carson’s new-school way of driving – letting it all ‘hang out’, throwing big whips off of the jumps; everyone said it was just amazing to watch.

It was a really fun event. Travis and Carson had some time after the event to hang-out more with the Team Durango owners at the race. Everyone agreed it should become an annual event.  Thanks to everyone involved for making it a truly memorable race. Roll on 2013!

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