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January 31, 2013

Team Durango Spy-Camera At Nuremberg 2013

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We just could not wait to give you all a very quick but exciting look from our Team Durango Spy-Cam at the Nuremberg 2013 Toy Fair.

Stay tuned here and over at TDTV for more exclusive Team Durango Spy-Cam footage very soon. Why not investigate our other cool Team Durango videos straight after this one?

Visit TDTV by clicking this link:

Nuremberg 2013 – Team Durango Exhibition Stand

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We are proud to share with you some more super exclusive images of our Team Durango exhibition stand at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair.

The 2013 Nuremberg show boasts a million products from over 2,700 exhibitors, a large number of this huge selection of products on display are brand new to the global hobby market. A recent interview with Ernst Kick, the CEO of Spielwarenmesse eG who organise this record breaking show, revealed that there are some 800 exhibitors who are not represented at any other industry show in the world. A very exclusive feel has been achieved at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Team Durango are very excited about meeting the attendees of this truly unique exhibition. Our range of precision manufactured RC racing products are displayed on our purpose built product stand. Check out our latest image updates below.




Stay tuned for more exclusive images from Team Durango at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013 very soon.

January 30, 2013

DEX210 & DEX408 Win At The Lestrs Cup Winter Series – Round 4

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Team Durango At The Lestrs Cup Winter Series – Round 4

Team Durango team driver and Czech Republic off-road star Charlie Novotny secured two wins and a third overall as he continued his winter campaign near Prague last weekend. Charlie was the only driver at this well attended race meeting to compete in three classes, and with the worst winter conditions for many years raging outside, the -17C temperatures were never going to slow Charlie down.

Charlie ran his DEX210 in 2WD and was pleased to TQ the class with a convincing win ahead of the experienced field of racers. Charlie then went on to also TQ and win the 8th scale class with his DEX408. Not content with this double victory, Charlie battled his DEX410 against the cold sports hall surface and came away with a very solid third overall beating some national quality competition.

Charlie reported that the track surface was very slippy due to such freezing temperatures outside. His impressive performance was commended by his fellow racers who must recognise his high level of skill at a young age. Charlie won every final leg in both 2WD and 8th 4WD to once again cement his position in the next rounds top seeding.

Our congratulations go to Charlie for another wonderful performance.

Team Durango drivers are serious about racing, Charlie Novotny is no excepetion.

To learn more from our international network of Team Durango team drivers, click here:



Team Durango Land At Nuremberg Toy Fair 2013

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Team Durango at Nuremberg 2013

We are very excited to share with you the first picture of our dedicated Team Durango show stand at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair. With an estimated door count during the coming week of over 80,000 people, the show will further expose Team Durango products to thousands of RC racing fans and traders.

We have a full range of both our professional kit vehicles and our Race Ready RTR  platforms on show. We are also exhibiting our comprehensive range of option parts and chassis upgrades to further inspire the world as to why we are ‘Serious about racing’.

Stay tuned here for more exclusive photos and other interesting media snippets from the biggest and best exhibition in the world of RC racing. Team Durango are very proud to be in attendance with our colleagues from across the globe.

Learn more about the products we are showcasing at Nuremberg 2013 here:

Schumacher UK Indoor Masters Round 4 – Team Durango Dictate The Pace

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A Deeper Look At Team Durango’s Winning Ways

Sunday the 27th of January saw the fourth round of the ever popular Schumacher UK Indoor Masters take place at Worksop. Team Durango team drivers Craig Collinson, Chris Doughty, Nathan Waters and Richard Ralph were attending this fast paced indoor race meeting, and they meant business as per usual.

With the meeting running both 2WD and 4WD classes, a nice collection of Team Durango DEX210 and DEX410V3 vehicles were prepared for another fine example of exactly what they are designed to do, win.

In 4WD, local Team Durango hero Craig Collinson showed his grit and determination against stiff competition from the likes of Simon Moss. Craig had already driven very fast qualifying rounds and placed his DEX410V3 second on the grid for what was set to be an action packed final. Nathan Waters was sat back in fifth position, but was confident that a change of tyres would give him the desired pace he had experienced earlier that day. Richard Ralph was placed in seventh, and was very happy to add another A main start to his previous rounds achievement.


With racing underway it was Simon Moss who led the pack round for lap one, only to make an early error that gave Craig Collinson no need to think twice. Craig capitalised on Simon’s error, aggressively taking first position. Simon Moss gave chase and was pushing Craig to the limit throughout the first half of this hotly contested final. Craig put down an epic display of defensive driving that saw him deny any passing opportunities to the trailing pack. Nathan Waters’s earlier decision to change back to a previously worn set of tyres had worked out well, and he was bounding through the pack to close in on the leading two cars.

With a minute or so left Craig Collinson ran a little wide prior to the start finish straight which teased Simon Moss to take his chance of a passing manoeuvre. Simon tapped Craig’s inside wheel as both racers pilled on the throttle down the straight, spinning Simon into a head on collision with the quickly approaching Nathan Waters. The resulting collision forced Simon Moss to retire and gave Craig Collinson the lead and first place podium position. Nathan had managed to drive his DEX410V3 away from the previous collision with no damage and he ramped up his pace to give chase to Craig for the last few laps. At the buzzer it was Team Durango DEX410V3 first and second with less than a second to separate Craig and Nathan.

“A real quality race” was the talk in the pits as his fellow racers congratulated Craig on an awesome display of racing skill. The DEX410V3 was once again in total control.


In 2WD, Nathan Waters was set to give the field of racers another insight into why the DEX210 is so fast with his domination of qualifying. Chris Doughty was to qualify fifth for the A final, with Craig Collinson chomping at the rear wing of his team mate Nathan during qualifying and placed second on the A main grid. The team drivers were eager to point out that all DEX210’s racing at the meeting were running slightly different chassis configurations. This stands as a clear testimony to the high skill level of every driver, and the DEX210’s formidable tuning options.

Nathan Waters was determined to capitalise on his recent form with a comfortable lead at the end of lap one. Craig Collinson was once again holding off the forceful challenges of another Schumacher driver, this time Greg Williams was trying to halt the Team Durango domination train. A small error from Craig saw Greg take second behind Nathan for a short time, but it was short lived as Craig stormed passed Greg after his own error lost him second place. Nathan Waters drove a faultless A final that saw him meet the buzzer in first position. Craig Collinson further stamped Team Durango’s domination by finishing second.


Team Durango had posted a clean sweep to Schumacher Indoor Masters history. First and second in 2WD, and first and second in 4WD.

Nathan Waters and Craig Collinson had not only dominated both classes but had also further established the DEX210 and DEX410 as THE cars to beat.

Fast racers drive fast cars, Team Durango have both.

To learn more about the DEX210 click here:

To learn more about the DEX410 click here:


January 29, 2013

DJoint Drive Shaft System – Increase Your Efficiency

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Team Durango is constantly developing new and exciting products that will not only help you compete, but will also help you win. We are serious about racing, and we are also very serious about precision manufactured option parts to further optimise the performance of your Team Durango vehicle.

The highly decorated DEX410V3 buggy is no stranger to intense competition. In the hands of both professional team racers and the legions of committed club racers worldwide, the DEX410V3 just keeps on winning.

Specially designed for the DEX410 range of vehicles, our DJoint drive shaft system is a product with one valuable racing commodity in mind, efficiency.  The DJoint drive shafts feature a double joint in the coupling of each shaft, meaning that each joint works at half the articulation of the conventional drive shaft, increasing the efficiency in which the drive shaft transmits the drive to the front and rear gearboxes. The resulting increase in drive shaft efficiency will in turn directly translate to more forward momentum down at the wheels.

Precision machined from strong and durable material, the DJoint drive shaft system will perform under all racing conditions. The DJoint centre drive shaft set includes all the parts required to build a front and rear centre drive shaft for your DEX410 model.

4WD off-road is a punishing racing class at 10th scale. Team Durango are always researching ways to provide faster, smoother and longer lasting products that will give you more time on the track, and less time on the pit table.

To learn how you can get your own DJoint drive shaft set, click here:

Team Durango At The 2013 Reedy Invitational Race Of Champions


Reedy Race 2013 –Neumann and Carson Team Durango Podium Places

Born from the legacy of RC legend Mike Reedy, the annual Reedy Invitational Race of Champions can be considered the crème de la crème of off-road RC racing events. West Coast RC Raceway, in La Mirada California has hosted this prestigious event for the last three years, and once again welcomed a field of the world’s greatest off-road racers for four days of high voltage racing action.

Team Durango superstar and defending Reedy Race champion Jörn Neumann was already billed as a strong favourite when racing started in anger on Thursday the 24th of January. With the Reedy Race pits bursting with some of the greatest off-road racers to ever hold a transmitter, Jörn and his Team Durango team mates Hupo Hönigl, Ryan Lutz, Carson Wernimont and Travis Amezcua were in for an epic battle.

This four day clash of RC titans would see Team Durango taking a third overall podium spot with Jörn Neumann and a further two top ten finishing positions for Team Durango cars. Travis Amezcua finished sixth overall and Atsushi Hara chose to run the Team Durango DEX410V3 in 4WD for a very respectable 10th overall.

Jörn Neumann can be clearly considered as a true racing professional. His strong performance during this year’s 4WD class at the Reedy Race, combined with two seconds and a first in 2WD qualifying heats, gave him the podium position that once again cements him as a world class racer.


Jörn, who was battling the lethargy of a bad cold, returned with three firsts, a second, a third and a fourth in 4WD. Jörn commented that his Team Durango DEX410V3 felt very good on the clay West Coast Raceway track.

Carson Wernimont also flew the Team Durango flag high by winning the 2WD open class and narrowly missing out on the 4WD open class title with a good second place finish. Carson reported that his DEX210 performed extremely well during the weekend’s fast paced action. Winning two A  main finals, after already posting the three fastest consecutive laps during practice, was more than enough to see Carson getting a taste of the post win champagne shower. Carson also reported that his DEX410V3 performed very well during his gallant attempts to take the open class double. Carson went on to drive his DEX410V3 to overall second in the 4WD open class.


Hupo Honigl claimed a solid second in his 4WD round 5 qualifier and was busy in the pits all weekend assisting his team mates with set-up changes and sharing information on the meetings developing results. Ryan Lutz posted a first in his sixth round of 2WD qualifying with his DEX210.

With Atsushi Hara choosing to use the DEX410V3, even though he represents a different manufacturer, speaks volumes for the versatility, speed and handling of the DEX410V3. Travis Amezcua further confirmed the Team Durango presence at the Reedy Race with his very pleasing top ten finish.

Some of the Team Durango achievements at the 2013 Reedy Race Invitational include:

  • Team Durango finished with the second highest number of overall top ten places.
  • Team Durango came home with a grand total of 21 top three qualifying positions from this year’s Reedy Race.
  • The DEX410V3 featured in 12 of the top three qualifying positions at this year’s Reedy Race.
  • The DEX210 featured in nine of the top three qualifying positions at this year’s Reedy Race.
  • Carson Wernimont won the 2WD open class with the DEX210.
  • Jörn Neumann finished third overall across both classes.


Team Durango not only achieved a collection of good results at this year’s Reedy Race, but also further substantiated the world class performance of both the DEX210 and DEX410V3 platforms. Jörn Neumann led his team mates to a very solid performance, in a competition that easily parallels any World Championship racing field.

Our congratulations go out to Jörn and the rest of our Team Durango racers who once again took our passion for racing and winning to the place where it always shines, the podium.

Our thanks go to our friends at NeoBuggy for the wonderful photographs.

To learn more about Team Durango team driver set-up sheets and Team Tech Tips, click here:

January 28, 2013

Ellis Stafford – The Man, The Racer, The New Team Durango Star

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To the more seasoned of our loyal followers, Ellis Stafford will need no lengthy introduction. For those of you new to the world’s fastest growing sport, who may not be aware of the truly formidable racing C.V of Team Durango’s newest pro team driver, here is the first of a series of super exclusive team driver interviews. Team Durango’s pro team just got even stronger. Welcome Mr Ellis Stafford.

Team Durango – With so many manufacturers providing sponsorship deals for a driver of your experience and capability, can you tell us the main reasons that you found Team Durango the perfect home for 2013 and beyond?

Ellis – I’ve been watching the cars for a while and like the way they are striving to really make the car not only really fast but also a really good product to suit everyone. They seemed to be really pushing forward as a company and when speaking to them it was clear the whole group wanted to progress things and make things better and had lots of ideas. I’m sure Durango are going to become an even bigger player in the model car world over the next few years and I’m really excited to be part of it.

Team Durango – Can you explain the history for your choice of colour scheme for your racing livery and explain if you plan to alter anything about your famous racing colours for your new team drive?

Ellis – Some of it is not really all that old to be honest. I’ve pretty much had the blue rear for a long time but used to have a small amount of white at the front then a peeled back section of purple leading to the blue. Then the roof used to be black with the lightening. About 8 years ago I kind of decided that really it was just too dark and going round the track it just looked like dark blue. So I decided I would brighten it up a little and came up with pretty much how it is now other than the lightening. That came back just over a year ago, I actually found one of my old shells and thought I really should have it back on them. I don’t plan to change it to be honest. People just recognise you by your colours, strange really how it should make a difference on track but it does. Just before I joined I actually had a car to try and just had one of the ready to run shells. I tried the car at Maritime (no one knew at the time and I sneaked the car on track) and everyone just tried to race me, even when I closed up really fast on them. When I’m out with my normal colours people just kind of give you room when you catch up.


Ellis is known for his tidy electrical placement

Team Durango – Can you give us an insight into your racing campaign plans for 2013?

Ellis – I plan to race as often as possible to be honest, I have some considerations like my family and the fact that my real job, which gets in the way of racing, only has a limited amount of holiday. But I will be at all the nationals and hopefully regionals, any big meetings that crop up we will discuss and decide if we will attend but also the euros is on the cards and maybe another couple of away meetings as such. I’d like to do a lot more but like I said my holiday allowance kind of stops a lot of it. As to the worlds, I’d like to go but right now not 100% sure, I feel like I’ve never really had a fair shot at it before but with the tyre rules now, last worlds I attended was 1997, it should be a lot more level, but I will see how the year pans out especially holiday allowance.

Team Durango – What is your favourite element of your new DEX210 buggy?

Ellis – I actually was impressed with the fit etc of it all when I built the car initially. Everything just fits perfectly, everyone always rates the Japanese cars for their build quality, well I have recently had two of them and this is right up there with them. I also like all the inserts that you get with the car, impressive for the price it sells for and even more so when you get it on track, I have a few bling bits on my car, but even from stock the car is a good competent package.

Team Durango – Can we expect some ‘Big E’ custom parts for the loyal Team Durango fans?

Ellis – Not really thought about that actually or even spoken to the guys about it, maybe in the future but right now I have my hands full trying to learn the cars as fast as possible.

Team Durango – Describe the DEX410V3 in 3 words?

Ellis – Quick as “bleep” 😉


Inside the DEX410V3 of Ellis Stafford

Team Durango – From your early testing with your new Team Durango cars, what has been your best experience so far?

Ellis – Probably the performance of the 2WD to be honest. I knew the 4WD was going to be fast having seen what the likes of Jorn and Hupo have done with it but I will admit I had a big question mark over the 2wd. It has shown good speed but just not all the time, especially over here in the UK. It took me a good day to get a nice base setting on the shocks but from that it’ been really pretty easy so far, although it is early days. It was very pleasing to be running at the top pace at Maritime the other week, I knew my old car inside out and from about 4 runs of the car in there I was right back on that pace, that was encouraging.

Team Durango – Can you give us a better insight into what makes Ellis Stafford tick when you are on the rostrum? Give us some details about your racing mentality?

Ellis – Blimey, not really sure, I don’t think much at the best of times :-). I try to just keep calm, and concentrate on what’s happening and just do my thing, don’t get all worried about what others are doing. I don’t really talk to myself much in the head, other than if I do make a mistake I’ll just calm myself down and I do like to listen I to commentary if there is any to get a feel for what’s happening. I’m not one to be mega precise and really I’m a reactive driver and I don’t have break markers etc, I just seem to somehow know where I can turn in or break etc? I do have to tell myself to slow down often, with how many years I have been racing its funny how things have changed so much. 300 years ago when I first hit the national scene I was just too aggressive and used to struggle with battery power and used to have to slow myself down so as to not go flat. Then it kind of leveled out and I could actually drive as fast as I wanted to or could, now the cars are so fast it’s really very very easy to overdrive them, it feels fast when it’s stepping out off turns and your sideways in to them but it just isn’t fast on the clock so I’m once again slowing myself down but for different reasons.

Team Durango – If you had a chance to create your own Team Durango body shell, what would it be called and why?

Ellis – I have no idea on a name, I have enough trouble remembering people’s names let alone coming up with one for a shell. I do like the angular shells though, I just think they look nice and aggressive yet slightly modern with almost a stealth style.

Team Durango – Have you admired a certain racer for many years but have never had the chance to share that admiration? If yes then who is it?

Ellis – Blimey your making me think. A long long time ago, in another century I did have one idol when I first started racing…..Andy Carter. He always just looked so fast and yet so smooth as well. I’m lucky enough to be really good friends as well with Andy now and we actually live only about a mile apart. When I was reading the magazines as well when I was young there was a certain Jamie Booth who used to win everything, I’ve been friends now with Jamie and Craig Drescher for a long time now and had some really good races with them back in the day. I have been lucky to have been in this game for a long time and to have been competitive for such a long time as well, I’ve met many people over the years and I’ve been lucky enough to have raced, beaten, talked and joked with many of them. I’ve not met a lot of the current USA guys but hopefully I will at some point. I’m not the most outgoing guy though so I don’t always talk to a lot of people.  I do have a good laugh with people once I get talking and I’m always up for a chat with anyone, just they normally have to start the conversation!

Team Durango – Are you looking forward to having a 2WD buggy that has rear motor capabilities? Any RHR Dirt plans this year?

Ellis – Yeah I am, it was one of my main considerations when I was looking to move teams. Mid motor can be really fast even on some dirt tracks, but not all of them, it does struggle a bit in slow corners against rear cars, so to have the option of rear is nice. I have one built up and did try it at Maritime, it felt amazing after nearly 7 years of not having the option, mid was still a little faster but I had so much traction :-). I’ll try and get to RHR dirt for sure and obviously for the euros I will be running the rear car. I plan to run it a bit over here though as well from time to time just to get a feel for it and a mild set up. I will of course need a dirt track to really tune it in.


Inside the DEX210 of Ellis Stafford

Team Durango – Just to settle this on-going debate once and for all. DEX210 cab forward or cab rear?

Ellis – If it was purely on looks, cab rear, I think the stock shell is awesome looking, but for on track I’m afraid the cab forward does just work better, it gives more steering and helps keep the front down, especially on a 2WD.

Team Durango – What would be the ultimate race meeting to win this year for you and why?

Ellis – I’d like to win everything to be honest but I know that won’t really happen, for anyone. I have 3 main aims left on my check list, I want to make a worlds A, win a 2WD euros and win the 4WD nationals over here. But any big meeting win to me when all the fast guys are there is a really nice feeling. Most of all though I want to just be competitive and feel that I have given it my best shot but also help bring the cars on as well. I’ve always said I would walk when I felt I wasn’t fast enough anymore, well I’m not planning that to happen for a long time yet….again, I’ve been lucky enough to have been supported and sponsored by some really special people over the years and I do just enjoy the racing so much.

Team Durango – Now you are with a team who provide several short course race trucks can we expect to see you giving this class a try?

Ellis – Yes I will be having a little dabble when I can, I have one at home built and I’m just waiting for my new electric sponsor to bring out their 550 motors etc and ill have it on track. It’s a class that when I watch it, it doesn’t seem that much fun but driving them is awesome fun, it’s just not that big over here. I do plan to try and use it as much as possible and I the meantime I am tinkering with my sons one as he has started to race a little with a DESC410.

Team Durango – What is your favourite dBoots tyre and why?

Ellis – I like the look of the Terabytes to be honest, I think they could be a very good all round tyre and I plan to run dBoots tyres as much as possible this year when the meetings allow but so far I have not had too many options to run them.

Ellis is a true master of his craft. We are very excited here at Team Durango to not only enjoy Ellis winning with our cars, but also to learn from his wealth of professional racing experience. Welcome to the team Ellis.

Our thanks go to Ellis for giving such an inspirational interview.

To learn more about the Team Durango DEX210 click here:

To learn more about the Team Durango DEX410V3 click here:


Ellis Stafford - DEX210 & DEX410V3

January 24, 2013

Gear Differential For 210 range – Tune Your Racing For Faster Results

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Gear Diff For 210 Range – The Team Durango Tuning Option You Must Try

Racing is full of variables. Here at Team Durango we pride ourselves on providing you with a diverse range of vehicle options that will not only see you performing better, but will also help you overcome some of the variables that can make our sport such a challenge at times.

The Team Durango gear diff set for the 210 range of vehicles is a wonderful tuning aid for racers who often grace tracks with high grip levels. Precision machined gear internals and a custom fit diff case make this tuning aid a joy to build and even more of a joy to race.

We supply all the parts that are needed to build the perfect professional specification gear differential, with a range of diff oils also available to provide a multitude of set-up options.

Knowing that our dedicated fans would be as eager as we are to experience the success of using a high quality gear diff, we have also created a super detailed build guide to help you get the very best from your new option parts. Our In The Pits area will give you the opportunity to follow a pro team driver gear diff build and learn the wide range of benefits you will experience from the minute you purchase your 210 gear diff set.

Precision designed to fit all Team Durango 210 vehicles – DEX210, DEST210 and DESC210

Get your own gear diff set for your 210 vehicle here:

Visit the build guide here:

Explore the Team Durango diff oil range here:



January 23, 2013

Vented Shock Caps – Let Your Shocks Breathe For Added Performance

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Vented Shock Caps

Team Durango’s pro team drivers and motor sport engineers are constantly working together to refine our products. These refinements will result in faster lap times and higher levels of performance for you, the dedicated racers.

Our vented shock caps are precision manufactured to fit our 8th scale shock absorbers. These high quality shock caps are designed to allow air to move in and out of the area above the shock diaphragm. This ‘breathing’ action offers increased damper consistency, especially during longer races on rough terrain.

These should be used with TD330301 VOLUME COMPENSATION FOAM which is placed above the diaphragm before installing the shock caps.

Our team drivers have reported great results when using these exciting new shock caps and we would love to hear from any loyal Team Durango racers who also experience their benefit.

With race improving qualities and anodised looks to ‘bling up’ your buggy, these vented shock caps are a must for all 8th scale Team Durango racers.

To learn more about how to change your 8th shock caps to our vented version, click here:

View the Team Durango DEX408 buggy here:

View the Team Durango DNX408V2 buggy here:

View the Team Durango DNX408T truggy here:


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