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January 29, 2013

Team Durango At The 2013 Reedy Invitational Race Of Champions


Reedy Race 2013 –Neumann and Carson Team Durango Podium Places

Born from the legacy of RC legend Mike Reedy, the annual Reedy Invitational Race of Champions can be considered the crème de la crème of off-road RC racing events. West Coast RC Raceway, in La Mirada California has hosted this prestigious event for the last three years, and once again welcomed a field of the world’s greatest off-road racers for four days of high voltage racing action.

Team Durango superstar and defending Reedy Race champion Jörn Neumann was already billed as a strong favourite when racing started in anger on Thursday the 24th of January. With the Reedy Race pits bursting with some of the greatest off-road racers to ever hold a transmitter, Jörn and his Team Durango team mates Hupo Hönigl, Ryan Lutz, Carson Wernimont and Travis Amezcua were in for an epic battle.

This four day clash of RC titans would see Team Durango taking a third overall podium spot with Jörn Neumann and a further two top ten finishing positions for Team Durango cars. Travis Amezcua finished sixth overall and Atsushi Hara chose to run the Team Durango DEX410V3 in 4WD for a very respectable 10th overall.

Jörn Neumann can be clearly considered as a true racing professional. His strong performance during this year’s 4WD class at the Reedy Race, combined with two seconds and a first in 2WD qualifying heats, gave him the podium position that once again cements him as a world class racer.


Jörn, who was battling the lethargy of a bad cold, returned with three firsts, a second, a third and a fourth in 4WD. Jörn commented that his Team Durango DEX410V3 felt very good on the clay West Coast Raceway track.

Carson Wernimont also flew the Team Durango flag high by winning the 2WD open class and narrowly missing out on the 4WD open class title with a good second place finish. Carson reported that his DEX210 performed extremely well during the weekend’s fast paced action. Winning two A  main finals, after already posting the three fastest consecutive laps during practice, was more than enough to see Carson getting a taste of the post win champagne shower. Carson also reported that his DEX410V3 performed very well during his gallant attempts to take the open class double. Carson went on to drive his DEX410V3 to overall second in the 4WD open class.


Hupo Honigl claimed a solid second in his 4WD round 5 qualifier and was busy in the pits all weekend assisting his team mates with set-up changes and sharing information on the meetings developing results. Ryan Lutz posted a first in his sixth round of 2WD qualifying with his DEX210.

With Atsushi Hara choosing to use the DEX410V3, even though he represents a different manufacturer, speaks volumes for the versatility, speed and handling of the DEX410V3. Travis Amezcua further confirmed the Team Durango presence at the Reedy Race with his very pleasing top ten finish.

Some of the Team Durango achievements at the 2013 Reedy Race Invitational include:

  • Team Durango finished with the second highest number of overall top ten places.
  • Team Durango came home with a grand total of 21 top three qualifying positions from this year’s Reedy Race.
  • The DEX410V3 featured in 12 of the top three qualifying positions at this year’s Reedy Race.
  • The DEX210 featured in nine of the top three qualifying positions at this year’s Reedy Race.
  • Carson Wernimont won the 2WD open class with the DEX210.
  • Jörn Neumann finished third overall across both classes.


Team Durango not only achieved a collection of good results at this year’s Reedy Race, but also further substantiated the world class performance of both the DEX210 and DEX410V3 platforms. Jörn Neumann led his team mates to a very solid performance, in a competition that easily parallels any World Championship racing field.

Our congratulations go out to Jörn and the rest of our Team Durango racers who once again took our passion for racing and winning to the place where it always shines, the podium.

Our thanks go to our friends at NeoBuggy for the wonderful photographs.

To learn more about Team Durango team driver set-up sheets and Team Tech Tips, click here:

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