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January 30, 2013

Schumacher UK Indoor Masters Round 4 – Team Durango Dictate The Pace

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A Deeper Look At Team Durango’s Winning Ways

Sunday the 27th of January saw the fourth round of the ever popular Schumacher UK Indoor Masters take place at Worksop. Team Durango team drivers Craig Collinson, Chris Doughty, Nathan Waters and Richard Ralph were attending this fast paced indoor race meeting, and they meant business as per usual.

With the meeting running both 2WD and 4WD classes, a nice collection of Team Durango DEX210 and DEX410V3 vehicles were prepared for another fine example of exactly what they are designed to do, win.

In 4WD, local Team Durango hero Craig Collinson showed his grit and determination against stiff competition from the likes of Simon Moss. Craig had already driven very fast qualifying rounds and placed his DEX410V3 second on the grid for what was set to be an action packed final. Nathan Waters was sat back in fifth position, but was confident that a change of tyres would give him the desired pace he had experienced earlier that day. Richard Ralph was placed in seventh, and was very happy to add another A main start to his previous rounds achievement.


With racing underway it was Simon Moss who led the pack round for lap one, only to make an early error that gave Craig Collinson no need to think twice. Craig capitalised on Simon’s error, aggressively taking first position. Simon Moss gave chase and was pushing Craig to the limit throughout the first half of this hotly contested final. Craig put down an epic display of defensive driving that saw him deny any passing opportunities to the trailing pack. Nathan Waters’s earlier decision to change back to a previously worn set of tyres had worked out well, and he was bounding through the pack to close in on the leading two cars.

With a minute or so left Craig Collinson ran a little wide prior to the start finish straight which teased Simon Moss to take his chance of a passing manoeuvre. Simon tapped Craig’s inside wheel as both racers pilled on the throttle down the straight, spinning Simon into a head on collision with the quickly approaching Nathan Waters. The resulting collision forced Simon Moss to retire and gave Craig Collinson the lead and first place podium position. Nathan had managed to drive his DEX410V3 away from the previous collision with no damage and he ramped up his pace to give chase to Craig for the last few laps. At the buzzer it was Team Durango DEX410V3 first and second with less than a second to separate Craig and Nathan.

“A real quality race” was the talk in the pits as his fellow racers congratulated Craig on an awesome display of racing skill. The DEX410V3 was once again in total control.


In 2WD, Nathan Waters was set to give the field of racers another insight into why the DEX210 is so fast with his domination of qualifying. Chris Doughty was to qualify fifth for the A final, with Craig Collinson chomping at the rear wing of his team mate Nathan during qualifying and placed second on the A main grid. The team drivers were eager to point out that all DEX210’s racing at the meeting were running slightly different chassis configurations. This stands as a clear testimony to the high skill level of every driver, and the DEX210’s formidable tuning options.

Nathan Waters was determined to capitalise on his recent form with a comfortable lead at the end of lap one. Craig Collinson was once again holding off the forceful challenges of another Schumacher driver, this time Greg Williams was trying to halt the Team Durango domination train. A small error from Craig saw Greg take second behind Nathan for a short time, but it was short lived as Craig stormed passed Greg after his own error lost him second place. Nathan Waters drove a faultless A final that saw him meet the buzzer in first position. Craig Collinson further stamped Team Durango’s domination by finishing second.


Team Durango had posted a clean sweep to Schumacher Indoor Masters history. First and second in 2WD, and first and second in 4WD.

Nathan Waters and Craig Collinson had not only dominated both classes but had also further established the DEX210 and DEX410 as THE cars to beat.

Fast racers drive fast cars, Team Durango have both.

To learn more about the DEX210 click here:

To learn more about the DEX410 click here:


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