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January 23, 2013

Lightweight Diff Out-Drives – Trimming Weight With Precision Machining

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Lightweight diff out-drives for 210 gear diff

Team Durango is serious about racing. We are also very serious about innovation.

Our lightweight gear diff out-drives are the perfect way to lower the rotational mass of your gearbox out-drive assembly. This will assist on tracks where every gram counts on the stop watch.

Manufactured from durable high quality steel, these diff out-drives benefit from a precision machined weight reduction window on each out-drive. The lighter out-drives will fit all of our 210 vehicles that are set-up with a gear diff.

  • DEX210
  • DEST210R
  • DESC210R
  • All RTR 210 vehicles

We are continually developing our products to bring the international racing community fresh innovations that will make our cars faster, at all levels of competition.

Investigate the lightweight gear diff out-drives here:


January 22, 2013

Visit Team Durango In The Pits – Information To Transform Your Racing

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Team Durango In The Pits

Here at Team Durango we are strong believers in sharing high quality information. We believe that this will assist as a tool to help us all learn more about our sport. By sharing information with the racing community, Team Durango are confident that your experience with our products will always be of the highest quality.

Our ‘In The Pits’ website tutorials and team driver set-up sheets are a perfect way for you to access a wonderful source of shared information. With direct input from the likes of international Team Durango pro team driver Jörn Neumann, this valuable reference area within the website, is THE place for the very best Team Durango in-depth product information.

  • Pro team driver set-up sheets for our full range of off-road race vehicles.
  • Team Tech Tips to get the very best performance from your vehicle.
  • Instruction manuals for our full range of off-road vehicles.
  • Race Ready RTR Team Tech Tips for our full range of RTR off-road vehicles.

Whether you are looking for a vehicle set-up for a popular race track in your area, or some further insights into what makes Team Durango serious about racing, there is something valuable ‘In The Pits’ for everyone.

Visit our ‘In The Pits’ area here:

Stay tuned to TDTV for more interesting and exciting Team Tech Tips and race winning information:


January 21, 2013

Team Durango Pinion Gears – Limited Edition

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Team Durango Pinion Gears – Grab Them While They Last

Team Durango are experts at creating the very highest quality racing products.

Our extensive range of precision machined pinion gears are manufactured from strong and reliable materials. We stock a wide range of high tensile steel and lightweight aluminium pinion gears in a diverse range of tooth sizes and pitch configuration.

Our range of pinion gears are currently stocked as limited edition items. This means that you should click the following link and investigate how you can carry the full range of pinions for your chosen Team Durango vehicle, before they are sold out.

Grab your Team Durango pinions here:

Team Durango DEX408 – Winter Wonders From 8th Scale Buggy

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Team Durango DEX408 – Ben Cosgroves’ 3rd Podium This Year

Team Durango team driver Ben Cosgrove continued his successful acclimatisation to his new Team Durango DEX408 on the 13th of January. Ben visited a cold and snow covered Deerdale Astroturf track in Nottinghamshire UK to once again campaign his buggy against the nitro vehicles of fellow 8th scale enthusiasts.

After some very enthusiastic snow shovelling, and an impromptu snow ball fight by the brave contingent of winter racers, practice began with Ben reporting a surprisingly good level of grip considering the thermometers had not risen above freezing for days prior to the meeting.

After a shaky start during the first round of qualifying, Ben returned with a 2nd in round two of qualifying and added a 4th in round three to put his DEX408 on 4th for the A final.

As is the trend in these mixed power source races, the drivers who opted to use electric powered vehicles were forced to make a stop in the pit lane to account for their lack of fuel stops compared to the rest of the nitro field.

The main final was set to be a 20 minute battle of both driving skill and the ability to overcome the icy conditions. The challenging Deerdale track has a tight hairpin off the start straight which can cause difficulties even under normal track surface conditions. Consequently, Ben found his DEX408 tangled in a few scrappy laps until he settled into his rhythm. After an intense second half to this bitterly cold but action packed final, Ben made up for previously lost time by taking 3rd position and then holding this hard fought slot until the end of the race.

Ben was really pleased to once again not just compete against his rival nitro racers with his DEX408, but also gain a very respectable podium position in extremely difficult conditions. This once again proves that the Team Durango DEX408 benefits from a wonderfully efficient drivetrain and definitely has the durability and poise to tackle even the most challenging of conditions.

This was Ben’s 3rd podium position with his brand new DEX408 in as many meetings. An exciting 2013 8th scale season lays ahead for Ben and his Team Durango colleagues.

The DEX408 is serious about winning.

To learn more about the Team Durango DEX408 click the following link:

To watch our Team Durango DEX408 introduction film, click this link:


January 18, 2013

Vented Slipper Plates – Team Durango Option Parts

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Team Durango option parts are the perfect way to upgrade your Team Durango vehicle.

These vented slipper plates are specially designed to assist with the dissipation of heat that is generated during slipper clutch operation. Precision manufactured from high quality durable material, these Team Durango vented slipper plates are the perfect upgrade for your 2WD off-road buggy or truck.

  • Etched with our Team Durango livery for quality assurance.
  • Compatible with the DEX210, DEST210R and DESC210 ranges of vehicles.
  • Precision machined for super smooth operation under the stresses of any race environment.
  • Tested by our pro team drivers for the perfect balance of strength and performance.

This Team Durango option part is always very popular, so grab your set of high quality vented slipper plates now by clicking the following link:

To learn more about the extensive range of Team Durango option parts, click the following link:

January 17, 2013

Team Durango Beat The Snow At Broxtowe

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Team Durango – DEX210 & DEX410V3 Attack The Snow

Team Durango team drivers were out in force at last weekend’s 4th round of the aptly named ‘Snowman Series’ at Broxtowe’s exciting race venue near Nottingham in the U.K.

The cold and bleak conditions didn’t deter Team Durango U.K Team Manager Adam Skelding. Neither did it drain the enthusiasm from his Team Durango team mates James Ambrose, Ian Mellish, Dan Austin and Andy Wesson who also braved the snow and ice covered conditions to represent Team Durango at this very popular venue.

With the temperature hovering around freezing point, the Team Durango drivers knew that tyre choice was going to be critical when it came to finding the correct amount of grip in the slippery conditions. James Ambrose returned with a 4th in round one and repeated this position in round two with his DEX210 buggy. Ian Mellish took 2nd place in round two with a technically excellent drive in the difficult conditions. Adam Skelding was very happy with his first round of 4WD qualifying, with his DEX410V3 matched with dBoots Multibyte tyres in B compound.

As the slippery Broxtowe track began to thaw with the winter sun making a brief appearance during rounds 3 and 4, Adam pushed his DEX410V3 to an overall TQ position and commented that the car was handling the tracks slippery areas very well teamed with his choice of dBoots tyre. James Ambrose returned with yet another 4th in round with his DEX210 that was also soaking up the winter conditions and performing extremely well against the fast competition that Broxtowe has to offer.

Adam also had a strong success during the day by switching his tyre choice to dBoots Nanobytes in 4WD that created an instant increase in grip for his buggy. All attending drivers agreed that the diverse track conditions were easily attacked by using the great range of tyres that dBoots supply.

With several other drivers running both DEX210’s and DEX410V3 cars, the Broxtowe meeting was drawn to a suitable Team Durango crescendo when Ian Mellish drove a wonderful 2WD A final to take the win and cement his points lead across this closely competed series.

Team Durango drivers lead both classes in the series, with Ian Mellish in 2WD and Adam Skelding in 4wd. James Ambrose currently lies 2nd in 2WD with Dan Austin 3rd in 4WD, round 3 winner Andy Wesson still has some rounds to complete but has strong points from his two meetings so far.

Well done to all Team Durango drivers who attended Broxtowe during this cold winter race meeting. Team Durango’s 2WD and 4WD vehicles, teamed with dBoots tyres, are proving that cold conditions will not stop their rise to podium positions every week at a race venue near you.

To explore the new option parts for the DEX210, click the following link:

To learn more about how you can join some of the fastest racers in the world by getting your own DEX410V3, click the following link:

To explore the amazing range of dBoots tyres and inserts, click the following link:

Team Durango Poland – Orlowski Dominates Mazovia Championships

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Small Racers Make Big Waves

Polish Team Durango team driver Michal Orlowski has continued his domination of Poland’s domestic off-road scene with a complete clean sweep at last weekend’s 2nd round of the Mozovia Championships. Winning all qualifying rounds in both 2WD and 4WD, Michal galvanized his truly epic performance with a win in both A main finals and TQ for both classes. Running the DEX210 and DEX410V3 respectively, Michal lead his fellow Team Durango Poland team mates to a succession of podium positions at this prestigious 10th scale off-road meeting.

Team Durango team mates Pawel Staszewski and Bartek Zambrzycki followed Michal’s strong example. With Pawel running his DEX210 and DEX410V3 in ‘box stock’ set-up, he returned with a 3rd overall in 4WD. Bartek narrowly missed out on the podium positions but piloted his DEX210 to a very solid 4th overall in 2WD.

Team Durango Poland is quickly establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with. Considering that their combined age is a little over the average man’s waist size, it is not difficult to imagine several future world champions behind the sticks as they drive Team Durango cars exactly how we intended when we created them. To win.

Well done Team Durango Poland.  These guys are a real inspiration to young racers all over the world and a shining example of how Team Durango products are fast at all levels of competition.

To discover more about the winning performance of the Team Durango DEX210 and DEX410V3 cars, click the following links:



January 16, 2013

Team Durango DEX410V3 – Further Winter Team Testing

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Team Durango DEX410V3 Takes To The Ice

Team Durango is serious about racing. Our commitment to bringing the very highest quality racing products and team driver feedback is paramount. Our team drivers are bursting with enthusiasm to test our products in the most challenging and diverse racing circumstances.

Team Durango team driver Paul Robinson is no stranger to high profile and challenging race meetings. With his recent success running the Team Durango DEX408 against an 8th scale nitro field of racers, Paul was really keen to get his 10th Team Durango vehicles back to the track for some mid-winter testing.

Paul visited the beautifully constructed Oakland’s Raceway near Newport in Shropshire last Sunday. Armed with his Team Durango DEX410V3 buggy, Paul was keen to test his recent set-up refinements at this increasingly popular West Midlands Astroturf race venue. Upon his arrival, Paul was met with clear and icy conditions. The usually bright green track surface was closer to a winter postcard as the 30 attending racers settled in for a cold but fast paced club race meeting.

Paul was keen to not only test his DEX410V3 in these difficult conditions, but also give his chosen dBoots tyres an intensive work out on icy Astroturf. The conditions would prove to be a challenge. Nothing both Paul and his DEX410V3 likes more than a challenge.

Paul reported that his DEX410V3 only needed very small adjustments to his usual set-up to attack the slippery ice-strewn surface in anger. He also reported that he had recently switched his rear shocks to run at the rear of the tower for added stability on rougher track surfaces. Oakland’s is a fairly new Astroturf surface but can be rutted and bumpy in areas. Paul’s newly tested shock position gave him a very good mix of traction and stability as he battled against the experienced field of local racers.

Paul pushed his competition hard during the 5 rounds of qualifying and was fast enough to qualify 2ND on the grid for the main finals. After an eventful 5 minute A final, Paul came away with very cold thumbs and a very pleasing 3RD place. The DEX410V3 proves to be a top performer when it comes to extreme winter track conditions. Another solid podium position for Team Durango.

Well done Paul.

To learn more about how to get the very best from your Team Durango DEX410V3 visit our ‘In the Pits’ section here:


January 15, 2013

Jörn Neumann Shines Bright in Denmark – Team Durango Storm DHI-Cup

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DHI-Cup Odense, Denmark

Jörn Neumann has continued his masterful domination of the European off-road 1:10th race scene with a double win at last weekend’s DHI Cup in Denmark.  Jörn piloted his Team Durango DEX210 and DEX410V3 to a pole position in both 2WD and 4WD A finals.

Battling an esteemed off-road field of drivers that included the likes of Tom Cockerill and Martin Bayer,  Jörn once again showed not just his world class ability, but the incredibly high level of performance that can be attained from these Team Durango platforms.

After experiencing a potential event deciding collision with a back marker during his second A main outing, Jörn went on to add to his A1 victory with a convincing A3 win to take the overall win in 2WD with his DEX210.

Jörn added a win in 4WD A main one and two to also take first position in this fast paced field with his DEX410V3. Jörn commented that his Team Durango cars both performed amazingly against what again can be seen as the very highest level of off-road racing talent in the world.

Team Durango would like to congratulate Jörn on another inspiring performance and are very excited to watch Jörn enjoying such great success with both 2WD and 4WD platforms.

Watch this space for more Team Durango pro team driver news. These guys are serious about racing, and winning, week in week out.

To learn more about the Team Durango vehicles that Jörn uses to win click the following links:

DEX210 2WD:

DEX410V3 4WD:

January 8, 2013

Team Durango DEX408 Takes Podium At Nitro Race

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Coventry Nitro MAM Series 2012/13 – Round 4 Sunday the 6th of January

What better way to start 2013 for members of the Team Durango 1:8th Rally Cross team than two podium positions at round four of the Nitro MAM Series at Coventry. This first outing of 2013 for Team Durango representatives Paul Robinson, Stuart Harlow, Malcolm Smith and Ben Cosgrove was set to be double the fun of your average nitro 8th scale meeting as the team would be running the DEX408 buggy against the rest of the field driving nitro vehicles. Nitro versus Team Durango DEX408 Lipo powered cars. The stage was set for a really exciting day.

The team were greeted by greasy track conditions at Coventry’s well-appointed off-road race complex, and they were all aware that despite the added advantage of the super reliable Lipo battery power source, the meeting was going to be a challenge for them all. The race organisers insisted that all drivers who were running electric cars would need to pass through the pit lane to take into account that they would not require the normal fueling stops experienced during 8th scale off-road meetings.

Team Durango decided to opt for dBoots Multibyte tyres, or either angle spike or orbital patterns to give them the most settled and predictable handling on their DEX408 vehicles. With Ben Cosgrove only just completing the build of his DEX408 and Paul Robinson returning to electric powered 8th scale after a long sabbatical, Team Durango were really happy to take first, third and fourth in the A main final with a fourth in the C final added for good measure.

Team Driver Paul Robinson commented “The DEX408 was very quick throughout the meeting and we experienced very efficient battery consumption, with all attending drivers improving their lap times as the day unfolded. I decided to try mounting my rear shocks behind the rear shock tower as I wanted to try and achieve a more planted feel whilst not losing the DEX408’s great steering capabilities. This worked really well and has now become a standard spec for my running set-up on my Team Durango DEX408”

Race Results


1st = Paul Robinson (Team Durango DEX408)

3th = Ben Cosgrove (Team Durango DEX408)

4th = Stuart Harlow (Team Durango DEX408)


4th = Malcolm Smith (Team Durango DEX408)

Team driver and third place on the day Ben Cosgrove commented “The finals were really interesting as it started to get dark during the race. It was more like a night race by the time we finished and we were very happy with how well the DEX408 performed against some stiff local competition”

Congratulations to the members of Team Durango’s 8th scale team who once again proved the versatile and race-winning construction of the DEX408 buggy.

To learn more about Team Durango’s podium winning DEX408 range click here:

Watch this space for more Team Durango DEX408 race news very soon.



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