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February 20, 2013

Team Durango Top Picks For 2013 – Team Driver Top Picks To Improve Your Racing

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arrma-and-td-video-logos-06With competition never getting any slower, we realise that you will all be looking for that added ‘edge’ when it comes to racing your Team Durango vehicle to win. We are a manufacturer who believes in sharing information. We believe that every time we discover a new set-up configuration or option part that increases our performance, sharing these tricks and tips with you all will make the sport stronger as a whole. We are very excited to share with all our loyal fans a few of the option parts that our UK team drivers are currently using, with a brief description of the benefits that you will experience if you choose to adopt our advice.

Team Durango benefit from a strong network on team drivers who provide us with the valuable information that helps us create world class products. Add to this a combined racing experience of just over 100 years here at Team Durango HQ, and you can be sure that every tip we pass on has been tested and proven to do one thing, increase performance for all drivers.


Available in 15g and 30g

Adding weight ballast to your DEX210 is one way to tune the handling characteristics of your car. Our precision machined brass inserts are a great way to add between 15g and 30g directly under your servo. The DEX210 benefits from a purpose cut aperture in the aluminium chassis plate that will alow you to add or subtract this weight quickly and easily. Adding weight ballast in this area can reduce front end steering response and also be used as a counter-balance for those who choose to run their battery cells in the rear position but still want the option of creating a more forgiving front end handling characteristic. We have used this Team Durango brass weight with great results when the track surface required a ‘softer’ initial turn into corners. We also experienced a benefit to jump handling and straight line stability on bumpy track sections.

To grab your brass insert weights, click here:


Precision machined and etched with Team Durango race livery - Nice

Our Flex Control System is an option part for the ever successful DEX410 platform. It directly replaces the kit composite or carbon rear brace, and provides a really useful tuning aid for your buggy. With the Flex Control System installed you can alter the amount of rear chassis plate torsional flex by adjusting the number of shims placed between the screw heads and rubber inserts. It is generally accepted that more flexibility in your chassis will provide more grip when the track surface is loose. A stiffer chassis configuration is generally better when the track surface provides higher grip levels. We have experienced great results with this option part when the grip levels are prone to change during outdoor race meeting. A wet Astroturf surface that dries during the day is a prime example. The added bonus of our Flex Brace System is that we anodised the machined aluminium in our signature olive colour, your DEX410 will look cool as you enjoy the tuning options that this brace provides.

To buy your own Flex Brace System, click here:


Team Durango gear grease is supplied in a handy screw top tube

To build the perfect gear box you will always want to protect your internal gear assembly with a good quality grease. The Team Durango gear grease will protect against abrasion wear, and also provide a high tolerance to heat when your gear box is used under race conditions. We also use this grease to assist in the building of slipper clutch constructions by adding a dab to the rear of the slipper pads. This help them stay seated when constructing the assembly. This grease is also excellent for lubricating the threads of your freshly built turnbuckles to assist with later set-up adjustments. Every Team Durango team driver will agree that a high quality gear grease is a really valuable addition to your pit box.

To get your Team Durango gear grease, click here:

Stay tuned for more Top Picks that our team drivers use every week.

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