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February 21, 2013

DEX210 – The Maths Behind The Machine

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UK Team Manager Adam Skelding - DEX210

The Team Durango DEX210 has established itself as one of the highest performing 2WD off-road platforms in the world. It has been winning at all levels since it was launched both in the hands of seasoned pro team racers and casual club drivers alike. With some of the most flexible set-up configurations available straight from the box kit, the DEX210 is as pleasurable to work on as it can be to drive. The pro kit version of the DEX210 has recently been joined by a Race Ready RTR version that provides an even greater set of winning opportunities for off-road racing fans all over the world.


The DEX210 is at home on a diverse range of track surfaces

With a specification sheet that belies its retail price tag, the pro kit is packed full of pro team driver features. Designed by racers, tested by racers, marketed by racers, sold by racers and driven by racers who all have one common goal that inspires their enjoyment of RC racing, winning. The DEX210 could easily fill many sheets of A4 with the extensive set-up options that it provides to every racer who chooses to drive it.


DEX210 takes to the air

The really interesting thing about how the DEX210 was designed is that at no point during the conception or design of any of the cars features did it leave the eyes of racers. The DEX210 is beyond an RC model, it is a 10th scale professional racing car through and through.

We thought it would be really exciting to share with you some very interesting facts and figures that directly relate to the world class performance of the DEX210, straight from the kit box.

  • The DEX210 has 20 shock position options in total
  • The DEX210’s front steering assembly and camber links boast 16 points of  set-up adjustment
  • The DEX210 aluminium chassis plate can take up to 30g of weight ballast directly under the servo mounting position
  • The DEX210 benefits from 8 gearbox configurations straight from the kit box
  • The DEX210 has 6 rear toe-in adjustment options in o.5 degree increments.
  • The DEX210 front caster angle can be adjusted from 15 degrees to 35 degrees
  • The DEX210 front axles can be configured as in-line or trailing with adjustments from 0mm to 4mm in 1mm increments

The figures clearly can not lie. Straight from the kit box the DEX210 has more set-up options than any other 2WD buggy currently available. Our design engineers not only pride themselves on creating the most precision products, but also relish the opportunity to share this high level of ‘tunability’ with you all.

arrma-and-td-video-logos-06New racers should not be daunted by the DEX210’s professional grade specification and tuning options. With the help of our downloadable pro driver set-up sheets you can find a basic set-up configuration that suits your ability level and style of driving. As your driving and maintenance skills develop, so can the detail of your DEX210’s race set-up. A professional grade race buggy will always allow you to learn whilst being safe and fun to drive. That equals more track time and ultimately better racing results.

The DEX210 is loved by racers all over the globe. We are always humbled by the amazing race results that the car achieves every week. Our team are dedicated to bringing racers exactly what they want with every product we create.

The DEX210 has been mathematically desigend to race, and win.

To learn more about the 2WD buggy platform that embraces all abilities, click here:


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