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February 28, 2013

Chris Doughty – Hanging In The Team Durango Hall Of Fame


Welcome to the second installment of our special insight into the mind of Team Durango legend Chris Doughty. This article will be another opportunity to delve into the mind of our resident European Champion and one of the driving forces behind our R&D department. Chris is keen to share some really interesting technical tips with you and also expand all of our knowledge when it comes to better understanding exactly what it takes to win at all levels. Chris is a valuable member of the Team Durango team and his contributions both on the track, and beyond, provide his colleagues with a great level of inspiration. Chris Doughty is the first member of our team to hang in our Team Durango Blog Hall of Fame.

Chris is not just serious about RC, he is ‘Serious About Racing’.


Chris Doughty - DEX410v3

This week Chris has offered the following tips to inspire your racing:

  • If you are looking to change the out-put gear ratio of your DEX210 then the Team Durango pinion gears are just perfect. I carry a wide selection to every race and really feel confident in their strength under the pressure of intense racing.
  • When you are building your Team Durango Big Bore shocks, always add some silicone shock oil to the shock shaft and o-rings during the build. This will assist with the shock assembly process being smooth and friction free.
  • A tiny dab of Team Durango thread lock goes a long way. Always remove excess thread lock to avoid your ball studs or chassis screws becoming ‘stuck fast’. It needs to hold the item securely but allow you to disassemble the parts when needed. If you find that a thread sticks due to too much of the securing fluid, very gently heat the screw, being extremely cautious around composite parts. The warmth will aid in the release of the thread.
  • The DEX210 benefits from having a wide selection of option parts that will allow you to upgrade your buggy in many ways. I personally love the precision manufactured aluminium steering plate as this item gives added strength and looks very cool in Team Durango anodised olive.
  • I love racing 8th scale electric with my DEX408 buggy. The Team Durango blank shock pistons are really useful for when you want to achieve your own custom shock set-up. Using the appropriate diameter jewellers drill bit, you can create the exact number and size piston holes to create an even wider selection of tuning options.

Chris is always keen to share his wealth of racing knowledge. This weekly feature will expand over the next few months to include an exclusive article from Chris to cover tips and tricks relating to driving style. Stay tuned for more Chris Doughty wisdom very soon.

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To buy a set of Team Durango blank shock pistons for your 8th scale shocks, click here:

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