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February 19, 2013

2013 Cactus Classic – Team Durango Prepare For The Wild West

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March the 15th 2013 will see the 27th annual Cactus Classic off-road championship begin at Scottsdale RC Speedway, Arizona, USA. Up to 375 racers from all over the globe will compete in this prestigious multi-class off-road competition that is often billed as one of the top five race meetings in the world today. Team Durango are currently preparing to attend with a full strength team of our very top pro drivers from across the world. With the likes of Jörn Neumann and Hupo Hönigl travelling from Europe to join their Team Durango colleagues Travis Amezcua, Carson Wernimont and seasoned American off-road star Ryan Lutz, Team Durango are planning on landing at the Scottsdale venue in full force.


The Cactus Classic is synonymous with fast paced, dirt throwing, high flying off-road racing action. Team Durango pro team drivers will be driving in many of the 12 classes raced at this high profile annual event, which is known to attract the very highest quality of RC super stars that the scene has to offer. You can expect to see the full range of Team Durango 10th scale vehicles getting into the track action across this six day racing calendar.

The DEX410V3 and DEX210 will be battling for 2WD and 4WD championship crowns in their respective buggy classes. The DESC410 will be getting well and truly down and dirty in the 4WD Short Course class, and several pro drivers may even stretch the tyres of the DEST210 for some Stadium Truck action.

You will be able to catch all the unfolding Team Durango action during this truly epic off-road championship here. Stay tuned to watch the Team Durango pro team drivers show the Cactus Classic crowd that we are ‘Serious About Racing’.


Stay up to date with all of our pro team driver set-up sheets here:


Michal Orlowski Takes Double Team Durango Win In Warsaw – Polish Star Dominates


Team Durango continue to enjoy massive success with both the DEX210 and DEX410V3 racing platforms. Our Polish team are once again up to their ‘old tricks’ with a performance at the recent Mazovia Championships that confirms their strangle hold on this prestigious series. Round 3 of the series was held in the village of Nowa Wies near Warsaw, and was as close to a perfect performance for double winner Michal Orlowski as you can get.

Michal piloted his DEX210 to an overall first position, with his 2WD TQ being very secure as he dominated the day from start to finish. Michal led his Team Durango team mates through a near perfect series of qualifying rounds, that also saw Bartek Zambrzycki qualify second for the A main and finish in the winners circle with a third overall. Pawel Staszewski qualified third in the A final to complete the Team Durango domination of 2WD.


Orlowski pushes his DEX210 to a convincing victory in 2WD modified

Michal and Bartek were not content with just ruling the finishing table in 2WD with their DEX210’s so they set about driving their DEX410V3’s to a first and second podium finish in 4WD as well. Michal drove his DEX410V3 to a solid win at the largest indoor off-road race in Poland. Also not daunted by the scale of this event, Bartek found his performance was his strongest to date with a second in 4WD added to his previous podium position in 2WD.

The final results tables looked like this:


1st Michal Orlowski – Team Durango DEX210

2nd Mateusz Ogonowski

3rd Bartek Zambrzycki – Team Durango DEX210


1st Michal Orlowski – Team Durango DEX410V3

2nd Bartek Zambrzycki – Team Durango DEX410V3

3rd Artur Kramza

Team Durango Poland continue to solidify their position as one of the top-flight off-road teams in Europe. Performances such as this will also further confirm the flexibility and world class performance of both the DEX210 and DEX410V3 cars. Four podium finishes from a possible six available at the Mazovia Championships. Michal Orlowski and Team Durango Poland are ‘Serious About Racing’.

To explore the platform that just keeps winning, the DEX410V3, click here:

To own a DEX210 vehicle, click here:


Team Durango Poland are 'Serious About Racing'


Ben Cosgrove Wins At West Bridgeford – DEX410V3 Takes Top Spots

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Team Durango racing star Ben Cosgrove was busy doing what he does best last weekend at West Bridgeford indoor off-road club in the UK. Ben has seen recent success with both the DEX210 and DEX410V3 vehicles and was booked in to race both classes at this busy weekend meeting. With a field of local talent and a strong contingent from other manufacturers off-road teams, Ben was in for a battle as he prepared to build on his recently proven fast paced 2WD and 4WD performances.

Ben was set to race 2WD first in heat 6, with 4WD to closely follow in heat 8. Ben is not a driver who is fazed by pressure, so the stage was set for another action packed Team Durango day.


The West Bridgeford track is a mixed flavour surface - Challenging and very fast

2WD’s first round of qualifying saw Ben return with a 2nd place position that put him just 3 seconds off the top time. Round two Ben had an unfortunate meeting with a track side marker to see him return with a third place and leave him four seconds off the pace. Ben battled through a tough third round that placed him sixth. His final round of qualifying was halted by his decision to change tyres during the interval, which he found had a negative effect on his cars handling. Ben was happy to place second on the grid for the A final and was really excited about how hard he had been able to push his DEX210 during the tough areas of the multi-surface West Bridgeford track.

The 2WD A final saw Ben attempt to pass pole positioned Lloyd Storey on the first corner. He got snagged on the inside line and had to be marshaled back onto his wheels as the racing pack flew by. Ben was running in last place after this brave attempt at an early pass. Not deterred at all by this collision, Ben stormed back through the A final field and finished a very respectable fourth overall. His DEX210 had proven to be extremely forgiving during the intense battle for the 2WD win.


Signature 'Turbo Orange' body shell on the DEX410V3 of Ben Cosgrove

Ben was also running his DEX410V3 buggy and was making a very early dent in the 4WD qualifying table. He TQ’d his first round and ‘ramped’ up the pace to also TQ his second and third round of qualifying. The DEX410V3 was performing very well and Ben reported that he found the car very easy to drive quickly in all areas of the track. To conclude his great performance in 4WD Ben placed his DEX410V3 in pole position after also TQ’ing his final round of qualifying. Ben dominated his 4WD A final with an awesome performance that included increasing the impact of his buzzer-to-buzzer by lapping the entire field!

The DEX410V3 was also placed second in the A final in the hands of  Daniel Austin, making it a very convincing first and second for Team Durango.

Ben reported that both cars felt safe to drive and fast enough to compete with every other vehicle in attendance. Ben once again showed that not only is he enjoying his off-road drive for Team Durango, but the DEX210 and DEX410V3 continue to add to their already race proven pedigree.

We congratulate Ben on another pleasing set of results and look forward to following his progress during the coming seasons 10th scale race action.

To learn more about the DEX410V3’s winning ways, click here:

To order your own DEX210 buggy, click here:


February 18, 2013

DEX410V3 – Leadership Built From Domination


The DEX410 platform has become synonymous with fast paced action. The DEX410 has also set a new standard for precision engineered 10th scale racing cars. Enjoying success at the very highest level of International competition, the Team Durango DEX410 in V3 specification continues to bring success on a diverse range of track surfaces and in the hands of every ability level. Originally the brainchild of one very talented man, the DEX410 platform has not only developed into one of the world’s most competitive 10th scale 4WD cars, but has brought hours of pleasure to thousands of racing fans all over the globe.

No matter where you chose to enjoy the sport of RC racing, there is a strong chance that at some point you will come into contact with the track performance of the Team Durango DEX410V3. With its slim-line machined aluminium chassis plate and unique saddle battery cell configuration, once you have seen a DEX410 buggy in action you will either be green with envy or smug with satisfaction. That will be determined by whether you already own a DEX410V3 kit. If you don’t, then take a closer look at what has gone into the rocket ship rise to stardom of the Team Durango 4WD super buggy. The DEX410v3 is ‘Serious About Racing’


Aggressive and precision designed from every angle - DEX410V3

Piloted by Team Durango pro team driver Jörn Neumann to second place at the 2011 World Championships, the DEX410V3 is no stranger to high pressure off-road competition. Equipped with a formidable specification of machined aluminium and precision woven carbon fibre, the DEX410V3 looks as good as it drives from every angle.


No slouching for the motor sport engineered DEX410V3

Big Bore shocks, 4mm carbon fibre shock towers and a more than healthy amount of high grade aircraft aluminium, the DEX410V3 oozes quality straight from the box. It is not difficult to begin to understand how legions of Team Durango fans have become dedicated to the further development of this race winning platform. Lets take a closer look at some of the refined items that can be found in the kit box of the DEX410V3 well before you decide to explore our range of team driver approved option parts.


4MM Precision woven carbon fibre shock towers - A multitude of camber link and shock settings with robust construction

Carbon fibre is used for the DEX410V3 shock towers and exhibits strength combined with torsional twist resilience whilst also being light. Complete with 24 camber link settings on the rear tower, the DEX410V3’s shock towers are designed for maximum durability teamed with a multitude of tuning options.


Team Durango Big Bore shocks with titanium coated shafts for silky smooth operation

Team Durango’s Fat Shock Big Bore units are manufactured to provide super reliable shock operation and also provide unparalleled durability. The DEX410V3 will benefit from smooth handling on any track surface whilst also remaining agile and responsive due to the wide selection of spring and shock piston combinations we offer as optional spares.


HD Super durable rod ends for reliable linkage operation and quick adjustments

The DEX410V3 is designed to easily withstand the intense punishment that off-road racing can serve up. Our HD ball ends are manufactured from strong and durable material to allow for secure fitting and precise adjustments.


UK Team Manager Adam Skelding shows the compact and slim-line qualities of the DEX410 platform

Performance, durability, flexible handling configurations and precision manufactured parts all contribute to the wonderful successes of the DEX410 platform. The current V3 model has already cemented itself at the very top of 10th scale competition whilst also proving to be an accessible racing platform for club racers and pleasure users. The incredible value of the kit product also allows racers to gently ‘build’ upon their investment as their confidence and racing ability grows. The DEX410V3 is designed by racers for racers. Serious kit from a manufacturer who is ‘Serious About Racing’.

To purchase your DEX410V3 kit, click here now:

To learn more about how Jörn Neumann creates world class set-up configurations for the DEX410V3, click here:

February 15, 2013

Aluminium Servo Arms – Steering Strength And Durability

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Steering and throttle. The two primary actions of your Team Durango off-road racing vehicle. With the advancements in strength of steering servo units over the last decade, we can now experience fast and reliable steering control as we battle for that race win. Faster and stronger servo units will generally mean that the steering linkage assembly of your vehicle will be put under higher amounts of stress. Combine this with the usual rigors of off-road racing, and a super durable and impact resilient servo arm is a must.

Our high quality aluminium servo arms are precision manufactured to give you confidence every time you apply steering input. Etched with our Team Durango livery for quality assurance, and also bearing the servo tooth size configuration, your steering will be perfectly balanced whatever the track conditions.

We provide several tooth size configurations that will fit many popular servo units. Why have a high quality powerful servo unless your servo arm is of the same high quality?

Discover the range of aluminium Team Durango servo horns here:

Rear Aluminium Gearbox Holder – Strength & Cool Looks From Team Durango

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Team Durango are always developing new and exciting products to enhance your racing experience. Our world famous DEX410 and DESC410 platforms are filling podium positions all over the globe every week.

With the intense and often punishing nature of off-road competition, adding extra strength to your racing vehicle is always a good move. Team Durango provide a wide selection of high quality aluminium option parts that increase strength, and also further add to that cool Team Durango professional race look.

Our rear aluminium gearbox holder is manufactured from high quality durable material. Anodised in our super cool olive finish, this gearbox holder is the perfect item to enhance your Team Durango vehicles strength, and increase the ‘wow factor’ when you pop off the body shell in the pits. This item features a machined set-screw to assist with battery strap hinge pin fixing.

To purchase your own rear aluminium gearbox holder, click here:

February 14, 2013

Fast By Design – Team Durango Aero-Technology


At Team Durango we pride ourselves on bringing you the very highest level of professional design. From our revered 8th scale vehicle styling, to our Race Ready RTR aggressive looks. Team Durango do not just make racing products, we design them.

As you would expect to find in any full-scale motor sport manufacturer, Team Durango have resident designers who spend hundreds of hours creating every curve and angle, every sweep and edge we produce. Whether they are sketching concepts for new 10th scale body shells or laying out digital graphics for decal sheets, our team stay focused on optimum performance and Team Durango’s unique look with every project.

Every body shell that we produce is subjected to rigorous testing from our team drivers. We refine, revise and improve every single inch of high quality polycarbonate. This continues until we are totally happy with the ability of our body shells to not just look cool, but also increase performance. Aerodynamically designed and digitally produced, every single body shell is distinctly Team Durango.


Design evolution - Team Durango styling is easy to spot

We enjoy the feedback we get from the loyal Team Durango racers all over the world. We always take any comments we get regarding the styling of our vehicles straight to the design table. Although we can never promise that we will create every request we get, if only we could. The one thing we can promise is that all the feedback we receive, every race result we achieve, every driver who creates a new painted colour scheme, it all directly influences Team Durango’s look.


Paper and pencil - Where it all begins

This means that we consider you all part of the design team. We are so excited to see how each drivers race livery looks on the body shells we design. We are also extremely interested by the enhancements in race performance that users experience. Over the years we have smoothed cab shapes, increased the space under side-pods, cut new fins and air vents to optimise air flow and we still have so many ideas. We are constantly developing our styling to provide you all with the best performance a polycarbonate body shell can offer.


DEX410V3 Body set - Complete with custom decals and window masks

A Team Durango vehicle is very easy to spot in the pits, and even during the heat of track competition. We style our body shells with an aggressive edge. The importance of aerodynamic design is prominent in every sheet of polycarbonate we shape. With increased airflow for the cooling of internal electrical components, our body shells increase air organisation and promote maximum down force throughout your racing experience. We chop the roof lines of our cabs low, we vent our side-pods with forwards facing slots, we pay very close attention to the fit of the body shell against the chassis to minimise dirt and water ingress.


Fins on our cab lines and high airflow side pods - Fast and cool

Every body shell we create goes through the same design and development process that provide the results, both on the track and on your pit table. Team Durango design look cool, perform well and will always make you stand out from the crowd.

To learn more about the incredible DEX410V3 body set, click here:

To view a wide range of Team Durango 10th scale body shells, click here:

To view the range of Team Durango 8th scale body sets, click here:


February 13, 2013

DESC210 Race Ready RTR – Short Course Racing Has Never Been So Flexible

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Short Course racing is a fast and action packed style of off-road competition class. Team Durango can get you into the track action quickly with our DESC210 Race Ready RTR. Competition ready straight from the box with more tuning options that any other RTR truck on the market today. Complete with Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) and 13.5 brushless motor from World Champions ‘Speed Passion’, Team Durango’s RTR DESC210 is ready to race, and win.


DESC210 Race Ready RTR - Designed to win

Team Durango believe that you should all have access to high performance competition vehicles, no matter what your budget. The DESC210 RTR is the perfect platform for you to upgrade from your current kit and progress your racing skills as you begin to challenge fellow racing fans. From weekend club racer to more hardened Short Course fans, the DESC210 RTR has everything you are looking for in one affordable package.


Speed Passion 13.5T Race Ready brushless motor

The DESC210 RTR comes complete with a dedicated 2.4GHZ wheel radio controller, and a heavy duty waterproof steering servo to compliment our high quality Team Durango composite parts. The total package is not only fast on the track, but easy to maintain when you are back on your pit table.

Some may be surprised to discover that the DESC210 RTR Short Course truck also benefits from our Hybrid Technology gearbox unit, as seen on our professional race kits across the Team Durango range. The Hybrid Technology gearbox allows you to choose if you want to run your motor in the mid or rear-motor configuration. This will allow you to tune your truck to a diverse range of track surfaces and racing conditions. Combined with our Big Bore Team Durango shocks and precision manufactured drive shafts, the DESC210 RTR is a truck with winning looks and competition ready features.


Precision manufactured hardware throughout

All parts are interchangeable from the Pro-spec DESC210R kit, meaning you can choose to gradually add option parts to your truck as your skill level increases or your podium positions become more frequent. The DESC210 Race Ready RTR is already throwing dirt at tracks all over the world. With direct design and test input from our pro team drivers, the DESC210 RTR is THE truck to put you in the winners circle.


To learn more about the class changing specifications of the DESC210 Race Ready RTR, click here:

Watch our DESC210 RTR video on TDTV by clicking :DESC210 Race Ready RTR


Team Durango Spares – Be Prepared This Coming Season

No matter what scale or class of competitive motor sport you research, the one common element that you will find is of optimum importance is spare parts. From state-of- the-art Formula 1 to Club Man grass track racing, every pit crew will agree that a good stock of spare parts will always make your racing more consistent. The rigours of high speed competition will always produce wear and tear on even the most refined car parts. 10th scale off-road is no exception to this rule. Even with the high quality precision engineered materials used by Team Durango, it is inevitable that items will need replacing over time. Simply put, the more you race, the more you need to maintain your racing car.

Not only will carrying a wide range of spares help with track side maintenance, but it will also encourage you to try new set-up configurations such as changing shock oils and altering geometry settings. It will open up a world of flexible handling options that will give you more confidence when racing your Team Durango vehicle to win.

With the 2013 season soon upon us, we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you some of the Team Durango spares and vehicle options that will allow you to visit your next race meeting prepared like a professional.


DEX210 65mm Drive Shafts

Drive shafts are an area of any vehicle that must endure an enormous amount of rotational stress. A drive shaft failure will most definitely bring your day to a premature finish. Carry a spare set of these 65mm drive shafts for your DEX210 buggy.

Buy your spare set of drive shafts here:


Bumper and skid plate set for the DEX410V3

Your vehicles bumper and skid plate protector are designed to give your DEX410V3 the best protection during collisions or badly timed landings on hard surfaces. It is inevitable that over time they may need replacing. This spare set is perfect for your pit box.

Buy your spare bumper and skid plate set here:


Team Durango precision bearings

Your Team Durango racing car will have many moving parts, both within the gearbox construction and the wheel hubs or axle assembly. The ball-raced bearings that you will find in your kit are often subjected to dirt and water during races. Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, at some point you will want to update these essential moving parts to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Team Durango offer a wide selection of precision manufactured ball-bearings. Carry these inexpensive but critical spares to allow for quick pit table changes.

Learn more about the bearings you can carry as spares here:

Stay tuned for further information about how you can be prepared to visit your next race meeting with all the Team Durango products you will need to win.

February 12, 2013

DEX410V3 Dominates EIR2013 – 5 Top 10 Places for Team Durango Super Buggy

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The DEX410V3 has once again shown that it is among the greatest 10th scale 4WD platforms ever created with a resounding dominance at the recent EIR2013 Championship in Charleroi, Belgium. Team Durango were extremely happy to see our team drivers come away with five of the top ten finishing positions in 4WD.

David Poulter led his team mates to a collection of great results by finishing second overall in the hotly contested 4WD class. No other attending manufacturer was able to secure as many top ten finishes as Team Durango. With our team racers reporting that the track was very technical in some areas, this further proves the ability of the DEX410V3 to shine under diverse conditions. Antoine Rossetti reported that there were a high number of collisions due to the tight and technical track layout. Team Durango racers battled a field of International off-road stars to stamp their mark well and truly on the A main final.

1.WARTELLE Sébastien
2.POULTER David (DEX410V3)
3.RALLS Nathan
5.SARTEL Jérôme (DEX410V3)
6.RAU Lucas
7.MOON Kyle (DEX410V3)
8.ROSSETTI Antoine (DEX410V3)
9.BEAUQUIER Alexandre (DEX410V3)
10.LEE Kevin


Antoine Rossetti pushes hard with his DEX410V3

With the DEX410V3 bringing home yet another collection of prestigiuos race results, it is difficult to argue that Team Durango are shaking up the European off-road scene on a weekly basis. We are very proud of our International team drivers network, and we congratulate David Poulter for his podium position and his dedicated team mates for a solid 4WD performance.

To learn more about the world class ability of the DEX410V3, click here:

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