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March 21, 2013

DETC410 – Elliott Harper Has His Hands On The Upcoming Game Changer

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Touring car legend Elliott Harper is shown above grasping what looks to be a DETC410??

With the racing community already clambering to get more information about the hotly anticipated Team Durango touring car, we thought a very exclusive spy shot of Elliot at TDHQ would help you all get closer to this very special project.

Team Durango continue to revolutionise RC racing from the dirt to the Astro….and it appears that we will be gracing the smoother side of track surfaces very soon….stay tuned for more news as it breaks.

Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.


Team Durango Hall Of Fame Begins With A BANG!! – The First Team Durango Fans Are Etched In History


Patrick Vogt from Switzerland - DEX210 & DEX410

We are very excited to share with you just a handful from the influx of the very first entries to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame! With this new concept less than 24 hours old, we have already received an unprecedented amount of entries. Team Durango racers from all over the world have begun to share their wonderful vehicles and amazing stories with our eager team at TDHQ. We are truly grateful for such inspirational efforts so far.


Napoletano Vincenzo from Bangkok - DEX410

We are always amazed by the true variety of specifications that Team Durango fans create with their vehicles, and of course how far the Team Durango fan base stretches across the globe.


Dennis Johansen - DNX408 - Dennis sent us a brilliant story about his relationship with RC racing and Team Durango


John Stolz from Washington State, USA - DESC410

The Team Durango Hall Of Fame is well and truly underway folks, and we are really happy to learn more about how our precision manufactured racing products are cherished all over the world. Stay tuned for more immortalised Team Durango fans very shortly.

Submit your entries to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame at:

Follow us on Twitter by searching for @teamdurango and grab your chance of winning some exclusive Team Durango gear.

March 20, 2013

Team Durango Hall Of Fame – Immortalise Yourself In Racing History


Here at Team Durango we are proud of our rich racing heritage. We are also proud of  every single one of you. Our fans, our supporters, our racers. We are excited by every single race result, we are inspired by every single customised body shell, we are humbled by the positive stories that share your amazing experiences with Team Durango products. You are all ‘serious About Racing’

It is with the utmost pleasure that we announce an extremely unique opportunity. Team Durango need you.

We strongly believe in sharing our respect and gratitude for your tireless support and belief in the Team Durango vision. Its time to set these global efforts in stone. Its time to immortalise you all in the pages of Team Durango racing history.

The Team Durango Hall Of Fame will allow you all to become recognised for your love of our products. Whether you own an early version of our world-class DEX410 4WD buggy, an example of our Race Ready RTR kits, the race winning DEX210 2WD, or indeed any of our precision manufactured 8th and 10th scale vehicles, you can now show the world that you trust and support the brand with racing in their blood.

Our goal is to compile an exhaustive list of every single Team Durango user and immortalise your name, place of origin and Team Durango vehicles of choice in a constantly updated list…the Team Durango Hall Of Fame.

This list will be housed as a dedicated page on and will allow the world to see who is really ‘Serious About Racing’. Watch the list develop, share your fame with friends and fellow RC enthusiasts, but most of all, feel a part of our history. Every single one of you has contributed to who and what we are, and we want to remember you all forever.

Entering the Team Durango Hall Of Fame is very easy. Send us a good quality photograph of your Team Durango racing cars, with your name and place of origin. We will then etch your details into our digital tribute to the people who have traveled with us on this amazing journey so far. The Hall Of Fame will never finish, it will constantly evolve into the world’s first global documentation of racing supporters.

We are constantly amazed by some of the gorgeous examples of our engineered racing products that we spot both on the wealth of RC related forums,websites and message boards, and also when we are doing what we love most, racing. This excitement always drives us to push the boundaries of design and engineering when creating new additions to our already proven Team Durango range. Check out a few of our favourite examples so far, are you part of our history?


DEX410v3 - This example oozes high-impact graphics and cutting-edge design

The DEX410 platform is a major elemnt of our ‘genetic makeup’, and every example we see makes us proud to have created such an enigmatic buggy. Show us your DEX410 vehicle and be added to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame, forever.


This collection of DEX410 and DEX210 cars look amazing in their matching colour scheme

The more we learn about the racers who choose to dedicate their time to Team Durango, the more we realise that a lot of you are the proud owners of several of our vehicles. Show us your collection of Team Durango products and get carved into our heritage, forever.


DEX210 - With a body shell that seems to have gained a sudden cult status, what a beautiful example of our famous 2WD buggy

At Team Durango we encourage individuality. We promote trend setting. We endorse forward thinking. Show us how you have made your Team Durango vehicle uniquely yours and be emblazoned on the Hall Of Fame, forever.


DNX408 - Aggressive yet refined, we love the orange and black rear of this example

We invite your entries to the Team Durango Hall Of Fame immediately. We will include everybody who is kind enough to share their dedication to our brand with us. You are the reason why we continue to create the highest standard of world-class racing products, and now it is time for you to enter the Team Durango Hall Of Fame.

Send photos and details via email to:

From this day onward we join together to document history, you are all ‘Serious About Racing’

Stay tuned here to learn more about how to access the Team Durango Hall Of Fame list….are you famous yet?

Follow us on Twitter for fast on the move updates, search for @teamdurango


March 19, 2013

DEX410v3 Takes Second Overall At Belgian Winter Trophy – Cedric Nickell Enjoys Team Durango Success

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Cedric and his baby daughter Chloe enjoy podium success

The hotly contested Belgian Winter Trophy has concluded with a very solid result for loyal Team Durango fan Cedric Nickell. Cedric raced his DEX410v3 against the fast paced competition set by many of the country’s super star racers. Returning with a second overall, Cedric has reported that he was very comfortable with his DEX410v3 during this battle for indoor off-road supremacy. Pictured above with his newborn daughter Chloe, Cedric was proud to take his podium position and also give Chloe her first taste of her fathers Team Durango success.

We congratulate Cedric on his racing success and also pass our best wishes onto his new addition to the family.

Team Durango are winning all over the world, do you want to join in the action? click here:

French Nationals 2013 – Team Durango Take Multiple Podium Positions


Team Durango France made a great start to their domestic National campaign last weekend with multiple podium positions that included an overall 2WD win for the DEX210. Antoine Rossetti piloted his DEX210 buggy to a convincing first place finish, with his Team Durango colleague Alexis Dufau-cazenave supporting him in the main pack.

Our French team drivers also gained a strong hold on the start of the seasons 4WD campaign with Antoine Rossetti again returning with a very pleasing performance from his DEX410v3 buggy. Finishing the day with a second overall in 4WD, Antoine has already stamped a very bold Team Durango mark on this high profile 2013 series of events.


Antoine Rossetti flying with his DEX410v3

Team Durango France made a big impression in 4WD with the following results:

French National Series Round 1 -4WD Results
1. Yannick Aigoin
2. Antoine Rossetti -Team Durango DEX 410v3
3. Armand Lantheaume
4. Vincent Heligoin
5. Alexis Dufau-cazenave – Team Durango DEX 410v3)
6. Ludovic Valtier
7. Alexandre Beauquier – Team Durango DEX 410v3)
8. Lorenzo Crolla
9. Sébastien Wartelle
10. Stéphane Deroch
11. Olivier de Montfumat
12. Florent Jadot

Antoine has reported that both his Team Durango cars gave him exactly what he needed on the medium grip carpet track near Paris. A TQ qualification in both classes set Antoine up for a strong A main finals finish for his DEX210 and DEX410v3 vehicles.

Team Durango would like to congratulate Antione and his Team Durango colleagues on a very good start to their 2013 National campaigns. The DEX210 and DEX410v3 continue to win across the globe every week. No matter what level of off-road competition they are engaged in.

Antoine Rossetti is ‘Serious About Racing’

To race the high performing DEX410v3 at your track, click here:

To explore why the DEX210 has spawned a 2WD trend, click here:

March 18, 2013

Team Durango Competition – What Can You Win From The Brand That Is ‘Serious About Racing’?

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Team Durango would like to offer all of our readers and fans the first glimpses of a very special event. The image above is a very exclusive ‘spyshot’ that shows some very special people giving their approval to a very special competition. We can promise you all a unique opportunity to win some really great prizes, and also the chance to potentially get closer to your favourite racing brand who strongly believe in sharing knowledge to build stronger futures.

Stay tuned here for more information over the next few days. Team Durango continue to bring you innovation in design, with precision manufactured quality that oozes from every product. Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.

Be the first to hear about how you can win some world-class Team Durango prizes, follow us on Twitter by searching for @teamdurango

Craig Collinson Rules Chadderton Series – TQ And Win In Every Round


Team Durango super star  Craig Collinson has recently re-defined the word ‘DOMINATION’. His recent indoor off-road campaign over at Chadderton in the UK has seen Craig TQ and win every round of the six round series!

This formidable display of off-road racing saw Craig pilot his DEX210 and DEX410v3 to Chadderton Champion status in 2WD and 4WD respectively. Craig has reported that his Team Durango cars have given him the precise set-up changes he has needed with an overall consistency in handling characteristics that has allowed him the chance to concentrate on his favourite discipline, driving at blistering pace.


Craig Collinson - DEX410v3 - 4WD Chadderton Champion

Craig enjoyed great success in both classes by utilising dBoots Terrabyte tyres in A compound in the first five rounds, with a switch to the same tread pattern but in B compound for the final round victory. Craifg found the engineered racing rubber of dBoots to be perfectly suited to the multi-surafce track surface at the Chadderton venue.


Craig Collinson - DEX210 - 2WD Chadderton Champion

We would like to congratulate Craig on his wonderful performance and join him in thanking the Chadderton club for hosting such and enjoyable and professionally organised racing series. Craig Collinson is ‘Serious About Racing’.

To learn more about the winning ways of the DEX210 buggy, click here:

To get your hands on the 4WD buggy that is winning at every track it races at, click here:


Cactus Classic 2013 – Team Durango Further Cement Their Global Position


Second in 4WD buggy for the DEX410v3

The dust is yet to settle after the close of the 27th annual Cactus Classic in Arizona. Team Durango have solidified our position as a world famous racing manufacturer with impressive results in multiple classes against the stiffest competition that 10th off-road has to offer. With eight top ten finishes that included four podium positions, Team Durango pro drivers team are once again the racers to watch when it comes to performing at the very highest level of RC competition.

Jörn Neumann was once again the only European driver to truly rattle the combined forces of Maifield and Cavalieri on their home turf. Jörn returned with a second in 4WD buggy, positioning his DEX410v3 directly between the USA’s best racers. He then went on to gather a second overall in 2WD Stadium Truck with the DEST210R, and also add a third overall in 4WD Short Course with his DESC410v2.

Team Durango did not stop there! Super racer Ryan Lutz returned with a solid third in 2WD Short Course with his DESC210 . Carson Wernimont, Travis Amezcua and Hupo Hönigl all blasted into top ten finishing positions across multiple classes to further stamp Team Durango’s indelible mark on this pretigious 500+ racer attended event.

4WD Mod Buggy Overall Result
1. Ryan Maifield – Associated/Reedy – 200 pts
2. Jörn Neumann – Durango/Speed Passion – 199
3. Ryan Cavalieri – Associated/Orion – 196


Second in 2WD Stadium Truck for the DEST210R

Team Durango made light work of the grueling Cactus Classic race calendar with Travis Amezcua piloting his DEX210 buggy straight into the top ten finishing positions to deny rival manufacturers taking ‘total domination’ rights. Carson Wernimont was battling hard in the middle of his top ten 4WD buggy finish to once again drive a very firm Team Durango flag into the results board at Scottsdale RC Raceway. Hupo Hönigl was clearly travelling at world-class 4WD Short Course pace as he returned with a second from his third leg of the prestigious A main final.

2WD Stadium Truck Overall Result
1. Ryan Maifield – Associated/Reedy – 200 pts
2. Jörn Neumann – Durango/Speed Passion – 198
3. Ryan Cavalieri – Associated/Orion – 198


Team Durango with their world-class paced vehicles - The world are fully aware of their collective power

Team Durango fielded a full range of professional race kit vehicles, bringing our precision engineered off-road products directly into world focus once again. It is impossible to deny the powerful qualities of our products, and the pro team drivers we entrust with racing them at events such as the Cactus Classic.

2WD Short Course Overall Result
1. Ryan Cavalieri – Associated/Orion – 200 pts
2. Ryan Maifield – Associated/Reedy – 199
3. Ryan Lutz – Durango/Tekin – 196


Many colours - One world-class team - Team Durango representing innovation in its finest form

The Cactus Classic is a unique off-road event. The massive volume of entrants creates an intense racing schedule that demands as much endurance as it does speed, both from the vehicles and the racers who pilot them. With high ambient temperatures and the pit time between some rounds being nearly seven hours, it can be a truly exhausting experience for even the most experienced race teams. Combine this epic test of strength and stamina with the fastest racers from all four corners of the globe and you have a powder keg of action that seems to ignite on an hourly basis throughout the weeks racing calendar.

4WD Short Course Overall Result
1. Dakotah Phend – TLR/Orion – 200 pts
2. Billy Fischer – TLR/Novak – 198
3. Jörn Neumann – Durango/Speed Passion – 198


Neumann was completely exhausted after a straight 15 hours at the track - To win at this level sleep is as important as racing when your working day can be this long

Our pro team drivers found that the enormous gap between some race class qualifying rounds gave them chance to work on their vehicles in finer detail. No detail is left unchecked at this level of competition, with some drivers even deciding to rebuild cars after each round. Imagine the unique demands that are placed on sporting professionals who only have five minute opportunities to perform, and that could possibly be five minutes every seven hours for a lot of the top-flight field. Consistency is very difficult to master when your ‘operating window’ is so critically balanced.


Hupo Hönigl - Cactus Classic team racing colours - Stylish on the track and just the same in the pits

A race meeting of this style can be seen as the perfect testing ground for the best RC race manufacturers to battle their products against each other. The parallels with full-scale motor sport are very apparent for any of you who have been fortunate enough to attend a race of such scale. Team Durango never stop working on the development of our products, and the Cactus Classic was no exception.


The Team Durango 'monument' - Testimony to the quantity of vehicles that we fielded at Cactus Classic

When Team Durango attend large-scale International race meetings it is a real company effort. As well as the pro team racers engaged in the track action, there is a dedicated crew of administration and support staff who make all the elements of our International racing tours run smoothly. Just imagine the intense organisation that can go into making every vehicle perform at such a high level. Let alone the hundreds of hours of promotions, product support, customer liaison, prototype development, logistical organisations and human resources that are required to move everybody in the direction of the winners podium.


What do Team Durango pro racers do during those rare moments that they have away from racing? They watch racing of course - Hupo catches up on the F1 action during his 'sleep break'

Events that allow Team Durango to visit venues all over the world are always such a great inspiration to us all. We are truly humbled by the amazing support that the world-wide racing community show our brand. It is always so exciting to meet our customers in person. It is also such a wonderful feeling to stumble upon one of the millions of lovingly created model shops across the globe and find such a strong representation of Team Durango products.


This model store is obviously 'Serious About Racing' - Fully loaded with Team Durango

The 27th annual Cactus Classic has provided our pro team drivers with some wonderful racing results. It has also further cemented Team Durango in the ‘premier league’ of off-road RC competition. We are very proud of our rich racing heritage, and the Cactus Classic has allowed us to share our philosophy with the world from the pit table to the winners podium. We congratulate our drivers, pit crew, support staff, International partners, retailers, family members, production staff and supporters for their dedicated hard work. Team Durango is ‘Serious About Racing’

Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.


The fortune cookie theme continued all week...perhaps there is some truth in the mystical art of sugar snacks? Team Durango officially love fortune cookie surprises


We eat breathe and sleep RC racing. Our sincere thanks go to our International partners for all their support and tireless hard work

Explore the world-class products that we engineer to win, click here:

Follow us on Twitter by searching @teamdurango – Retweet our Tweets for a chance to win some super special Team Durango prizes very soon.

Keep up with our pro team drivers custom set-ups, click here:



March 15, 2013

Pro Drivers Share The Action – Cactus Classic Is Warming Up


Cactus Classic 2013 - Over 500 racers!

Over in Arizona things are warming up nicely for Team Durango. With Ryan Lutz posting a fastest in practice for 4WD short course with his DESC410v2, and also posting second fastest in 2WD short course with his DESC210, it seems that the pace is well and truly set in the truck classes. Jörn Neumann has posted third fastest in practice in the stadium truck class with his DEST210R to add to his third in practice with the ever potent DEX410v3 in 4WD buggy.


Neumann - DEST210R - Third in his class after practice

Not to be left out of the fortune cookie action, Jörn was also pleasantly shocked to find yet another potential off-road prophecy housed inside his crispy snack. With a silence to deafen the yelps of his enthusiastic team mates, he reflected on the truly epic company he was in for this prestigious event. Team Durango know the feeling of winning, let us hope that the picture below rings true over the next three days.


With such strong team mates - This MAY apply to any of our pro racers

The really exciting practice sessions have given our pro team drivers a perfect opportunity to settle in at Scottsdale RC Raceway. The DEX410v3 is currently seeding four of the top ten places in 4WD and the drivers are reporting that the buggy is performing amazingly well on the sugar coated dirt surface. Travis Amezcua has seeded a top ten place in all his chosen classes during practice to further substantiate his recent shining success in the USA domestic scene. Hold on tight folks as we build up our excitement for what is looking to be an absolutely epic 27th annual Cactus Classic event.

Racing is not just our passion, it is our profession.

To get your hands on the car that is commanding the Scottsdale track in the 4WD buggy class, click here:

Team Durango – Fortune Cookie Action At Cactus Classic 2013


Hupo has received a message from another realm....maybe?

Here at TDHQ we trust science and precision engineering. These are the core tools that provide you all with the worlds best RC racing products. Although Hupo may have caused us to also add to that very well tested formula something of an altogether more ‘mystical’ quality. Evening meals at Scottsdale were brought to a sudden standstill last night as he cracked open a fortune cookie to find the above statement! The folks at Panda Express obviously knew that he was warming up for a truly epic week of high pressure off-road RC action with his Team Durango team mates. A message from the cosmos? perhaps more a perfect motivational statement as our pro racers get ready to attack the 27th annual Cactus Classic RC competition? Either way, it gave the team racers a few smiles as they relaxed after a busy day of preparation.


Hupo had experienced a busy day prior to his fortune cookie news - Team Durango are always working towards new developments

Hupo and his fellow Team Durango racers had earned their few hours of relaxation last night. The team had been very busy all day making final adjustments to their Team Durango vehicles in preparation for this hotly anticipated race meeting. Drivers from the four corners of the globe have traveled to the Arizona based race venue once a year for the last 27 years.

The calibre of racing talent at this years event is a veritable ‘roll call’ of super stars. Team Durango pro racers are very focused on their track performances, but also commit an enormous amount of time to testing and developing the products that become available to you. Keep in mind that when you buy a Team Durango product, it has always passed through the hands of our pro team racers. When we state that an item is ‘pro racer approved’ we mean that sincerely.

This dedication to world-class design, testing and product development, combined with the fun and excitement of our team of professional RC experts, will always bring you the very best we have to offer. Team Durango is ‘Serious About Racing’, and the fortune cookie will hopefully be a forecast of our success at the 2013 Cactus Classic.

Explore our pro driver set-up information, click here:

Learn about the products that are a result of years of pro driver dedication, click here:

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