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May 31, 2013

DETC410 Takes Second At Euro Warm Up In Portugal

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Team Durango Touring Car superstar Elliott Harper has returned from the recent warm-up event for the 2013 TC European Championships with a second overall!

Elliott piloted his DETC410 through an impressive series of qualifying rounds that saw him gain two second place finishes as the star studded field battled for pre-Euro supremacy. Elliott worked hard throughout his visit to the Torres Novas venue as his DETC410 quickly found the race pace.

Elliott qualified third for the A main final against world-class Touring Car racers from several established TC manufacturers. Elliott was straight into the action during his three final runs, and he has reported that the racing was close and very fast. The DETC410 provided the perfect match for Elliott and his awesome driving skills as they flew to the finish line for a second overall!

Elliott was very excited to share these inspirational words with us all in the wake of a great result for our upcoming Touring Car platform;

“Testing for 6 days at the Euros warm up went very well and throughout the time in Portugal the car always performed with great lap times. After the race the car was improved further and shows great promise for not only the Euros but also for other coming races!” – Elliott Harper – Team Durango

We are very excited by this wonderful result, and look forward to the DETC410 gaining more high profile race results during the coming months.

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May 20, 2013

Team Durango Ireland Win – Aaron Vance 11 Round Streak

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Dedicated and talented Team Durango Irish racer Aaron Vance has recently returned from his local off-road spring series campaign with plenty to smile about. Aaron piloted his DEX410v3 vehicle to an A final position in every round!

Aaron and his DEX410v3 were dominant throughout this indoor series, with Aaron achieving a win and pole position final place in all 11 rounds. Aaron went on to secure the first overall position against some very experienced competition, once again proving that the DEX410v3 is a formidable platform at all levels of 10th scale off-road racing.

We send our congratulations to Aaron, and look forward to watching him bring Team Durango more great results on the Emerald Isle.

Explore the buggy that helped Aaron win 11 rounds of fast paced race action, click here now:

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May 15, 2013

DEX408 Takes Double Podium In Estonia – Rainer Reigns Supreme

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Rainer Ressar has returned from the recent first round of the  Estonian 8th electric buggy National series victorious. Rainer piloted his DEX408 buggy to a solid first overall with competition fierce as the 8th scale racing season started in full force.

The temporary grass track venue at Tallinna Laulaväljak was not only the first venue Rainer would race on grass, but also one of the first meetings he would run with his new Team Durango car. It seems that the DEX408 was perfectly suited to this high profile meeting, with third overall taken by Tõnu Tooming who was also racing a DEX408. With Viljar Kask backing up these podium finishes with a respectable fifth overall, again DEX408 powered, it was a Team Durango day for our dedicated racers.

We send our congratulations to Rainer, Tõnu and Viljar for a great performance. The DEX408 is clearly setting the pace on all surfaces across the globe.

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May 14, 2013

Novotny Returns With Double Podium – DEX210 & DEX410v3 Clean Sweep


Team Durango young rising star Kaja Novotny has recently taken a double win at the first round of the Mibosport Cup in the Czech Republic. Kaja piloted his DEX210 and DEX410v3 through wet track conditions during qualifying, but found great success by combining his Team Durango vehicles with the engineered racing rubber of dBoots tyres.

Kaja was pleased to see better weather conditions for his finals with dry Astroturf allowing him to dominate every final in both classes. This provided Kaja with an overall TQ and first place in 2WD and 4WD! Kaja put the cherry on his racing cake by also finishing more than one lap ahead of the battling field, again in both 2WD and 4WD buggy classes.

Kaja reported that he was so happy with his Team Durango cars that he found no need to touch his set-up configuration and ran the whole race meeting with exactly what he started with. Testimony to how versatile both the DEX210 and DEX410v3 vehicles are when the weather conditions are in flux.

Kaja continues to reign supreme in his domestic racing calender and we congratulate him for another very powerful performance. We cannot wait to see how he will bring his professional racing skills to the highest level of competition at this year’s European Championships.

Kaja Novotny is clearly ‘Serious About Racing’

To learn more about the cars that Kaja chooses to put him on the podium, click here now:

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May 13, 2013

Dressed To Impress – Team Durango Factory Team Clothing Now Available

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Here at Team Durango we pride ourselves on producing high quality racing products that are engineered to win. We understand that a product that is refined in design and precision manufactured must also look stylish, and why stop with the vehicles and option parts we produce? Enter stage left the official and truly awesome 2013 Team Durango clothing range.

Currently comprising a super stylish hooded jumper and t-shirt, Team Durango clothing will give you that professional race look as you represent the brand that is ‘Serious About Racing’


A range of sizes are currently available in our famous olive green colour t-shirt

Detailed with distressed chest, back and sleeve Team Durango livery, these t-shirts will make you stand out from the crowd as you race to win.


The Team Durango hooded jumper is perfect for when you are travelling to the track. Equally at home as a casual addition to your Team Durango lifestyle products, this chocolate brown hooded jumper is seriously cool

Grab your Team Durango clothing today, and join us in celebrating our rich racing heritage every time you wear these items.

For more information on sizes available, click here now:

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May 10, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things To Make Your Racing Safe

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At Team Durango we are keen promoters of safe and professional environments to enjoy the sport of RC racing. With the speed of racing cars increasing every season, and the inherent dangers that go with being close to these powerful machines, its time to wise up when it comes to staying safe.

With racing clubs all over the world becoming even more accessible to young and old race fans alike, we wanted to share with you five facts that will help you stay safe when racing for the win with Team Durango.

Fast Facts – Race Safety

  1. Always charge your LiPo battery cells in a fire proof pouch. This will avoid any danger from damaged cells becoming volatile when hooked up to your charger. LiPo cells are not hand grenades, but should be treated with care to maintain long life and safe operation.
  2. When you are marshaling for other racers be hyper aware of your position on each track you visit. Most tracks will have markers that denote where to stand or sit. When you step into the track area to assist a vehicle, make sure you are not in the direct line of fast moving vehicles. You can wear thin fitting gloves to save you fingers when untangling crashed cars. Stay alert and do not watch the race, watch your section of track always.
  3. Never leave your RC race vehicle turned on if you must walk away from it. This sounds obvious but we still see vehicles that are switched on with nobody attending them. A younger racer may not realise the car is powered up and become too close if you plan to drive away. If your vehicle experiences an electrical failure when unattended it could drive off on its own, less likely to happen with the advent of 2.4GHZ radio systems but caution should be used at all times.
  4. Be aware of younger racers and spectators. We should all keep an eye on those who are smaller and more vulnerable, no less when they are next to a fast moving race track. Some of us have first hand experience of being hit by an RC race car and it hurts! Younger racers or spectators may not be aware your car is near them when marshaling. The best rule is that if they are not looking directly at your car then take care, regardless of their age or experience.
  5. Secure your expensive race gear and make sure you know where everything is at all times. Our wonderful sport is one of the rare places where you can often wonder off from your racing gear and feel that all items will be there when you return. We love the community spirit in RC racing. Do not take this overall rule for granted though, there is always a chance you may lose your expensive gear if you are not careful. We all respect each other in RC racing but the risk of theft or loss of your hard-earned kit should make us cautious when in unfamiliar surroundings. Treat other racers as you would expect to be treated.

We are certain that if you follow these five fast facts you will have hundreds of hours of fast paced racing enjoyment. You will always feel safe, and will never miss out on the action due to injury or upset.

Race fast and stay safe. Our sport benefits from an amazing community spirit and would not be what it is without safe and professional attitudes.

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May 9, 2013

Antoine Rossetti – Team Durango France Representing To The Fullest


Team Durango France are part of our International drivers network. Headed up by French National podium driver Antoine Rossetti, our colleagues across the English Channel are Team Durango ambassadors at every opportunity. From their lovingly prepared racing cars to their fast track skills, our French team are supporters of everything we create.

We recently had the chance to catch up with Antoine after his early successes during the opening stages of the French domestic National season. Antoine has been kind enough to share some awesome pictures of his Team Durango cars with us. Antoine spend hundreds of hours working on his racing gear and one glance across these images will show just how much attention to detail he dictates.


Antoine is already famous for his vivid body shell colour scheme. You just cannot miss an Antoine Rossetti racing car. His Team Durango DEX210 and DEX410v3 are beautiful examples of how our precision engineered products are the very best money can buy. Fast on the track and a true work of art on the pit table.


Antoine has set such a high standard with the preparation of his Team Durango cars that we are sure he may have even started his own trend! Many racers we meet are already asking for Antoine Rossetti style items. Antoine is not just a Team Durango racer, he is clearly a big supporter and promoter of our products. His track performance further cements his status as a Team Durango global affiliate.


Our French colleagues are already making a big impression across Europe. After a recent discussion with Antoine we are very excited to confirm that he will be racing for Team Durango at the upcoming 10th scale off-road European Championships and the World Championships later this year in California.


We look forward to seeing Antoine and his Team Durango colleagues taking these competitions by storm. Team Durango France and Antoine Rossetti are ‘Serious About Racing’

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Team Durango Is Young At Heart – Our Community Is Global

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Team Durango are blessed with a diverse and multi-talented crew of dedicated employees. Our staff are experts in RC racing and all posses the skills that contribute to not just a successful RC brand, but a philosophy that embraces all walks of life. We race every week, we enjoy our work and we strive to bring the sport we love to as many people as possible every day. The products we design and manufacture are always geared towards our fans.

Many of you will be aware that we are very keen on the support and promotion of the younger racing fans of this world. Our recent Young At Heart campaign has seen racers from all over the globe sharing their keen interest in Team Durango, and also giving us a better understanding of how the future of RC racing, and of course Team Durango, will be in very good hands.

We like to feel as if we give you all a feeling of belonging to the Team Durango team. If you own and race one of our vehicles then we consider you as close to the work we do as we are. With this in mind, we encourage you all to carry our philosophy with you when you race. Race to win and always provide support and mentoring for the younger generations. They will be responsible for helping our sport grow.

Who knows, you may be helping a future racing champion to develop new skills on their journey to RC fame.

To learn more about how Team Durango support younger racing fans, click here now:

If you have an interesting story of how you already support young racers at club level and beyond then get in touch as we would love to here about the work you do. Email us at

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DETC410 – Record Breaking Dream Machine

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Imagine our recent delight at the first few high profile outings for our brand new racing platform. The DETC410 Touring Car is already a record breaking vehicle.

Team Durango pro driver Elliott Harper has piloted our early prototype car to gain several new track records, including a TQ and overall win at the first round of the prestigious UK National Touring Car series.

Although our new platform is already bringing Team Durango a great deal of inspiration, we are constantly working on making our products faster, stronger and leaner. The DETC410 is of course our first venture into the world of International Touring Car racing, the results so far qualify this car as a real ‘Dream Machine’.


Elliott Harper recently posted the only 20 lap TC run in the history of the Cotswolds UK Nationals venue - DETC410

Elliott Harper is of course a world-class driver, but then we would all agree, every fast driver needs a fast car to really shine. The DETC410 is already proving itself as a platform that will allow Elliott the opportunity to set the pace. His recent 8 second TQ qualifying lead over other manufacturers has given us all further inspiration for the vehicles future.


Still a prototype, yet already breaking track records

As we continue with our final development plans for the DETC410, it strikes us as the perfect time to share our excitement with you. Team Durango have a rich racing heritage in all off-road classes and scales, the DETC410 has already etched itself in Team Durango history. Our first ever Touring Car has helped us take our dreams and engineer them into a winning vehicle. The vehicle that will introduce the world of on-road RC racing to the brand that is ‘Serious About Racing’.


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Catch the newest DETC410 testing film now, click here:

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May 8, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things That Make The DESC410v2 Great

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If you are serious about winning with the ever popular Short Course racing class, then look no further than the already well established DESC410v2. Recently victorious at the EOS race final in the hands of Team Durango super star Jörn Neumann, the DESC410v2 is the truck you will need to set the pace on any surface.

Our latest addition of Fast Facts will allow you the opportunity to learn more about how this precision manufactured racing truck can help put you on the winners podium straight away.

Five Fast Facts About The DESC410v2 Short Course Truck

  1. Proven race winning geometry from the same motor sport design engineers that gave us the DEX410 buggy platform
  2. Hard anodised aluminium chassis plate for optimum strength and durability
  3. Optional pro spec centre diff assembly as standard in the kit. Smooth and trouble-free drive train operation with super durable components
  4. Ultra low centre of gravity chassis postion for optimum race handling in all weather conditions
  5. The ability to run a larger scale 550 – 4 pole brushless motor for extra power when the competition gets hot

The DESC410v2 is not just a Short Course truck. It is a top class racing machine that performs beyond the previous truck class constraints. If you want to win when the action gets fast, the DESC410v2 is the Short Course Truck to choose.

Explore the other class changing features on the truck that wins across the globe, click here:

See how Ryan Lutz and Carson Wernimont set-up their DESC410v2 when faced with various track conditions. Explore the science now:

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