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May 10, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things To Make Your Racing Safe

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At Team Durango we are keen promoters of safe and professional environments to enjoy the sport of RC racing. With the speed of racing cars increasing every season, and the inherent dangers that go with being close to these powerful machines, its time to wise up when it comes to staying safe.

With racing clubs all over the world becoming even more accessible to young and old race fans alike, we wanted to share with you five facts that will help you stay safe when racing for the win with Team Durango.

Fast Facts – Race Safety

  1. Always charge your LiPo battery cells in a fire proof pouch. This will avoid any danger from damaged cells becoming volatile when hooked up to your charger. LiPo cells are not hand grenades, but should be treated with care to maintain long life and safe operation.
  2. When you are marshaling for other racers be hyper aware of your position on each track you visit. Most tracks will have markers that denote where to stand or sit. When you step into the track area to assist a vehicle, make sure you are not in the direct line of fast moving vehicles. You can wear thin fitting gloves to save you fingers when untangling crashed cars. Stay alert and do not watch the race, watch your section of track always.
  3. Never leave your RC race vehicle turned on if you must walk away from it. This sounds obvious but we still see vehicles that are switched on with nobody attending them. A younger racer may not realise the car is powered up and become too close if you plan to drive away. If your vehicle experiences an electrical failure when unattended it could drive off on its own, less likely to happen with the advent of 2.4GHZ radio systems but caution should be used at all times.
  4. Be aware of younger racers and spectators. We should all keep an eye on those who are smaller and more vulnerable, no less when they are next to a fast moving race track. Some of us have first hand experience of being hit by an RC race car and it hurts! Younger racers or spectators may not be aware your car is near them when marshaling. The best rule is that if they are not looking directly at your car then take care, regardless of their age or experience.
  5. Secure your expensive race gear and make sure you know where everything is at all times. Our wonderful sport is one of the rare places where you can often wonder off from your racing gear and feel that all items will be there when you return. We love the community spirit in RC racing. Do not take this overall rule for granted though, there is always a chance you may lose your expensive gear if you are not careful. We all respect each other in RC racing but the risk of theft or loss of your hard-earned kit should make us cautious when in unfamiliar surroundings. Treat other racers as you would expect to be treated.

We are certain that if you follow these five fast facts you will have hundreds of hours of fast paced racing enjoyment. You will always feel safe, and will never miss out on the action due to injury or upset.

Race fast and stay safe. Our sport benefits from an amazing community spirit and would not be what it is without safe and professional attitudes.

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