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May 8, 2013

Hall Of Fame – Team Durango Are Global

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The Team Durango Hall Of Fame allows you to join the ever growing ranks of fans who choose the brand who is ‘Serious About Racing’. We have received hundreds of amazing photographs that show how dedicated you all are to representing Team Durango all over the world.

The increasing trend we are noticing is just how many of our fans own multiple Team Durango vehicles. Many of you are already the proud owners of two or more of our precision manufactured racing platforms. Whether you race 10th scale off-road with 2WD and 4WD or 8th scale nitro vehicles, it seems that once you all go Team Durango there really is no going back. This inspires us to continue to create a diverse range of racing products that always gives the racer exactly what they need.


UK Team driver Paul Robinson displays his fleet of Team Durango cars

We thank all the racers who have already secured their position within the heritage of Team Durango. All four corners of the world are joining together to represent the serious side of RC competition.

If you are a fan of Team Durango and would like to be included in the Hall Of Fame listing, email us your images to

Catch all the very best Team Durango tutorial and race videos over at TDTV, click here:


Ryan Lutz Is TQ King – Another Clean Sweep Of Top Qualifying For Team Durango

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Still flying from his recent clean sweep of all TQ positions at the Silver State Nitro Challenge, Team Durango super racer Ryan Lutz has repeated his history making performance at the recently contested Asian Fever event in Taiwan. Ryan was to return with a top qualifier status in every class raced!

Ryan is no stranger to high profile off-road race meetings with a trophy cabinet that would make most racers green with envy and glow with admiration. Ryan piloted his DNX408T, DNX408 and DEX408 vehicles to a solid clean sweep of all fastest qualifying postions at this extremely popular 8th scale race meeting. He then went on to achieve an overall first place in electric pro buggy. Ryan added an impressive second overall in the 8th scale truck class to complete his event in true Team Durango style.

Ryan has recently collected a total of seven class TQ positions across two race meetings and is clearly a real TQ King!

Team Durango congratulate Ryan for another awesome performance. His ability on the track is world-class, this only adds to his super professional racing mentality and humble personality to create a racer who should bring inspiration to us all.

Ryan Lutz is ‘Serious About Racing’

He continues to dominate his domestic racing calendar in the USA whilst bringing Team Durango fans exactly what they love across the globe… world-class race wins.

To see the products that Ryan uses to achieve his TQ King status, click here now:

Ryan contributes exciting set-up and track information for you all to benefit from his tireless commitment, click here to learn more:

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May 7, 2013

Fast Facts – 5 Things To Watch Out For This Summer

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We return for our next installment of our very popular Fast Facts. Five new items, five exciting facts.

This article will give you some exclusive guidance as to what Team Durango action to watch out for this summer. For those who inhabit the Southern hemisphere, well, watch out for these during your winter season. No matter the season, or which part of the world you are in, Team Durango remain ‘Serious About Racing’.

  1. The record breaking DETC410. Hotter than a hot potato and sure to be a welcome addition for all serious Touring Car racers out there.
  2. The formidable DEX408T. A Truggy that will revolutionise electric 8th scale competition racing.
  3. Team Durango pro team drivers. They have big plans this year and are already off to a fast start. Keep your eyes on the upcoming 10th scale buggy European Championships and World Championships.
  4. The release of another new Team Durango platform that will make history as fast as it laps your local race track. What could this be? You will not be disappointed.
  5. The development of our Team Durango International network. We have only just started when it comes to bringing the globe together under one unified racing banner. If we are yet to touch down in your country, then we promise we are on the way this year. Represent where you are from by sending us a picture of your Team Durango vehicles to

Stay very close to all the Team Durango news this year by following us over on Twitter – Follow @teamdurango

Explore the very best pro team driver set-up tips, click here now:

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Our Future Is Bright – Team Durango Young Fans Shine

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The Team Durango Young At Heart project continues to share with us some truly wonderful pictures and stories. The opportunity for us all to welcome new young racers to our exciting sport is definitely a warming experience. As we look forward to the exclusive announcement of one lucky racers opportunity to be the proud owner of a DEX210 pro buggy kit, we invite you all to share with us your inspirational pictures and words.

Team Durango are ‘Serious About Racing’, we are just as serious about building positive future aspirations for young RC fans all over the globe.

Take pleasure in reading just a few of the hundreds of cool messages we have recently received:

“My Dad races every week and when I watch him I get really excited, I want to learn more about racing” – Scott Etherington – Leeds – UK

“Fast cars are cool, Team Durango cars are even cooler!” – Cacey Strong – Ohio – USA

“The DEX210 would be real sweet next to my DEX410v3” – Liam Regan – Cork – Ireland

“When I was really little my Dad was always excited about racing RC cars. Now he wants me to learn engineering because I build robots in my spare time. I want to race with the best drivers” – Ben Haslow – Petterborough – UK

“I get so excited when I race, Team Durango buggies are really fast in our country” – Yikov Stressbaurg – Finland

Click this link to learn more about how Team Durango support young racers all over the world:

Explore the class leading technology in the DEX210 here:

DETC410 Wins First Round Of UK TC Nationals – Elliott Harper Storms Ahead


The DETC410, in the hands of Team Durango Touring Car star Elliott Harper, has returned from the first round of the UK National series with a TQ, an overall win, and another record smashed to dust!

Elliott was THE pace setting driver from the early stages of this epic clash of the hottest UK Touring Car talent. The DETC410 made easy work of all other manufacturers offerings as Elliott set a new track record at the Cotswolds venue! The DETC410 powered home with the first ever 20 lap run in the history of the venue!

Elliott dominated qualifying to such a high degree that his overall first position seemed inevitable after he posted a Day 1 TQ with an eight second lead. He was even able to ‘throw away’ an early run because of an electrical issue. The DETC410 gave such blistering pace that Elliott was literally leaving the competition in his trails.

Spectators reported that the DETC410 looked like it was “Glued to the track” as the Touring Car scene watched the new Team Durango vehicle ‘eat up’ lap after lap of apex hugging action.


Elliott and his DETC410 take overall first, smashing records during the process

The meeting was concluded with the following overall results:

The overall results were:

1st – Elliott Harper -Team Durango DETC410

2nd – Andy Moore

3rd – Olly Jefferies

The DETC410 reigns supreme and continues to break records, turning discerning heads in the process.


The car that is already changing the blueprint of 10th Electric TC racing - DETC410

Elliott was very keen to share his inspirational words with you all as he basked in a truly glorious victory for the DETC410’s first high profile showing.

“The first Touring Car National went extremely well for Team Durango, and we can look back on this as a team and be very proud. Over the past few months, everybody at the company has put in countless hours of work to get to this stage and it’s a great testimony to the dedication that Team Durango have for racing. This is only the start of the season, but it is a great start, and it is important to keep pushing hard. We will continue to work hard to produce a car that will put a smile on everyone’s face! After all, Team Durango is “Serious About Racing” – Elliott Harper – Team Durango


Cotswolds Raceway was set to see a record breaking event for the Team Durango DETC410 - A new pace has been set in the hands of Elliott Harper

Not only do we send our congratulations to Elliott for an awesome victory, but we also share our thanks to everybody who has contributed to the DETC410 platform so far. The car continues to bring us inspiration and excitement every time Elliott takes to the rostrum.

Will this be the Touring Car that transforms the scene forever?

We are so excited to watch the DETC410 story unfold, and share this amazing new racing machine with you all very soon.

Follow the DETC410 hype over on Twitter – Follow @teamdurango

Let us know if you are looking forward to owning a DETC410 by emailing your excitement to

May 3, 2013

What Would You Do? – Interact With The Team Durango Design Team

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We are very excited to announce the start of a new Team Durango interactive experience. From the  7th of May 2013 we will be giving a few lucky Team Durango fans the chance to become part of our rich racing heritage.

Have you ever wanted to have hands-on experience with a market leading RC racing manufacturer? Are you bursting with high quality track feedback that you would love to share with the world of off-road racing? Can you visualise cool and innovative Team Durango products that would help transform the future of racing? If so, we want you!

Team Durango will be offering what is set to be an industry first. Imagine the chance to become part of the Team Durango design, development and promotions team. Stay tuned next week for news on how you can get in on the action.

Team Durango is ‘Serious About Racing’

Stay close to the action – Follow @teamdurango over on Twitter now

Do you crave fast paced racing action? Visit TDTV to watch how our team of pro racers win:

Young Racer Revolution – Win A DEX210

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As our Young At Heart entries continue to flood in, we are reminded of some very special points. Seeing the enthusiasm of our young Team Durango fans always inspires us. Seeing the skills that our young racers posses reminds us all of those early days when we first started racing. With one very big exception. The young racers of today are so fast and skilled on the track that it can only mean amazing things for the future of our sport. It can sometimes seem like the advancement of young drivers skills is moving even quicker than the technology they now use. How long will it be before Team Durango see one of our racers become the youngest ever World Champion? We can not wait!

Team Durango will continue to support the younger racers of our world. We feel privileged to be able to watch the likes of Michal Orlowski and Kaja Novotny, who both race for our Team Durango pro team, get faster by the week. Some of these racers are still at school, yet they seem skilled enough to teach all comers a lesson or two when they hit the track.

Learn how you can share Team Durango’s enthusiasm for developing new talent by clicking here:

Take your passion for Team Durango to the next level by joining our Hall Of Fame today. Send a picture of your Team Durango vehicles to

Visit TDTV to relax and watch the very best in Team Durango short films. You can enjoy race action with the team and also learn new skills. Click here:

Fast Facts – 5 Reasons To Choose Team Durango

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Innovation, extensive prototype testing, and revolutionary design engineering are some of the reasons that Team Durango continue to win across all racing classes. We are always keen to share our hard work with our fans, so what better way than in the form of our next Fast Facts article. The series has been really well received so far. You all seem to like reading five new insights and we love creating them for you.

Five Fast Facts – Choosing Team Durango Products

  1. We often hand build many prototype versions of our products from raw materials. This allows our design engineers to take their conceptual ideas and physically hold them.
  2. Our research and development team will dedicate hundreds of hours of track testing time as we develop the products that win races. This process can often mean we actually test new items to destruction. Experiencing the ‘life cycle’ of a product helps us build the strongest items possible.
  3. Our manufacturing process has many levels of quality control. We are always refining how we test and produce our products with a strong focus on the materials we choose to use.
  4. A combination of several industry standard design packages are used during the creation of every product we offer the world. We do not just make RC vehicles, we design them from the ground up.
  5. We employ racers and RC experts throughout our brand. We believe that giving you all the very highest level of experience in our staff will always result in the strongest support system. Team Durango do not offer products that are not overseen by racers.

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Explore the products that win on all surfaces across the globe every week, click here:


May 2, 2013

Fast Facts – Club Racing Awaits You

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Fast Facts are here to help you all grab quick and exciting information, five per article. In past blog posts we have focused on some of our world-class cars, our pro drivers and performance enhancing upgrades that will see you race like a team driver. For this installment of Fast Facts we are going to share with you five quick things that will help you enjoy racing at your local club or track facility.

With literally thousands of dedicated racing clubs all over the globe, there has never been a better time for you to get into the action. Explore the five facts that make club racing so special.

Five Fast Facts About Club Racing

  1. Most RC racing clubs allow guests to visit their events and pay a small fee to take part in a race meeting. This does not require you to be a fully fledged member of the club. This is such a welcoming and embracing philosophy and we love how small independent racing clubs allow everybody to get involved. You will not find a better policy in competition motor sport, no matter the class and scale.
  2. Racing at a club or local track will always put you directly in touch with like-minded fans of RC racing. The support and camaraderie you will find at small club venues will always make you feel welcome. This will also assist you in learning valuable information from fellow club members.
  3. The level of competition at most clubs is fast enough to be fun, but will also cater for all ability levels. RC racing clubs will often run a special class for either beginners or younger racers. This allows everybody a chance to feel the exhilaration of racing against your friends and family to take the top spot.
  4. Some clubs and local tracks also allow new comers to hire racing equipment. This is of course the perfect way to get new enthusiasts engaged in racing. It will also allow people who are interested in racing, but who are yet to build their confidence up enough to invest in a full race set-up.
  5. When you join a local club or track members list you are often given the opportunity to be a member of the team who help organise each race meeting. This will not only allow you to learn more about what it takes to run a professional race, but will also let your thoughts and opinions be shared with a collection of people who can make positive changes quickly.

Club racing is for many of us the first place we choose to enjoy the sport of RC racing. We can imagine that every person reading this article will at some point have been to an organised RC club. They assist us all, support our sport and provide a valuable point of contact for those who are new to the sport.

Learn why Team Durango are keen to support and endorse young club racers all over the world, click here now:

Drive the vehicles that we design to make you faster, click here to explore our range of products:

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May 1, 2013

Old School Cool – Our History Includes You


Our latest Team Durango mini film is a blast from the past. This short collection of Team Durango video footage includes some super exclusive shots of our first DEX210 prototypes back when we first started testing the chassis configuration. You can also marvel at a wonderful Hupo Hönigl slow-motion jump with his DEX410 buggy.

Watch our film here:

Enjoy and stay tuned for more Team Durango action shortly.

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